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PugHearts of Houston Pug Rescue is a true 501(c)(3) non-profit charity founded in the Houston area by dedicated pug owners and lovers.  Our mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and permanent placement of needy pugs into loving homes.
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OmahaPH ID: #4435
Omaha is a fawn male. He is about 3-4 years old and has been neutered, microchipped and is current on all vaccinations. He is heartworm negative and has no known medical issues. He's just a little on the chunky side and needs a good diet to be fit this summer for the ladies!!! :)

Message from Omaha himself: Hey everyone! My name is Omaha and I currently live with my foster mommy and her other fur baby named Paris. We all get along great and Paris doesn't mind me hanging around her all the time! I've learned a lot from her and I will bring this knowledge with me to my new home. Could that be your place? Let's wait and see! :) I do have typical pug tendencies ... Namely I'm kinda like a stalker.. I watch your every move and want to be next to you at all times. I'm a lovable guy. What can I say? Also, I know my foster mommy said I was a chunky boy but I'm just "big-boned".. I promise!! But yes, I will be honest and say I am ALWAYS hungry. My foster mommy doesn't allow me to eat all 24 hours of the day but maybe you can in my forever home? Yes???

Once you see me in person, you will not tell me no. I am extremely cute and my coat is to die for. I am surely envied my many pugs but it's not my fault that I'm gorgeous right? I weigh about 32 lbs and my mommy currently feeds me Taste of the Wild: Pacific Stream. It's delicious but she only gives me two servings a day.. Not fair!! But she does reward me with treats when I'm a good boy. I love treats!

Okay everyone, what are you waiting for? Go and fill out that application to adopt me! I am the perfect pug!! I'm beautiful, smart, potty trained, I know commands, I'm lovable, I'm protective, I get along with others and simply put, I'm a huge bundle of joy!! I will go quickly. Don't wait too long! :)

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. Can't wait to meet you!

PugHearts of Houston has maintained a Group page on Facebook for the past several years. We encourage past adopters, potential adopters, fosters and all Pug lovers to join us! We love to post and share photos, heartwarming stories and advice on Pugs.

We have always required that potential FB PugHearts Group members submit a request to join our group in an effort to control SPAM and unauthorized posts. Group posts were visible to the public, but only approved group members could post comments or photos.

However, facebook has recently made some changes to their terms of service which made the PugHearts Group an “open” group, allowing anyone to post on our FB page. This resulted in some unfortunate posts which upset many people. It also allows for unauthorized use of images from our Group and opens our members to breaches of their privacy. We have now changed the status of our group back to “Closed” which once again requires any new members to submit a request to join before they can post.

This change does not affect any existing facebook group members in any way.

Cruelty is 24/7/365 - Please HELP!

However, with these new changes our FB Group is now only visible to existing members. None of our posts or images are available to be viewed by anyone not a current member of our Group. This ensures the safety of our members as well as the protection of our content.

To become a member of our FB Group , simply go to our FB Group page and request to join. Our Administrators will take a quick peek at your profile to ensure you are a genuine pug-loving person (and not a SPAM bot) and with one click they will add you as a member. If your FB profile is brand new or you have a very blank profile, they may ask you for additional information to verify you are a genuine requestor. Once you are added you can post and read to your heart’s content. Just remember to play nice and refrain from abusive posts. We want to encourage and educate Pug lovers by making this a welcoming and nurturing environment.

So come on over to our FB Group page and see what’s happening with your fellow Pug lovers!

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