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AikensPH ID: #6522
Sweet Aikens is an 8 year old male that was found wandering all alone. He was taken to a shelter and no one came looking for him. He has lost both eyes due to trauma, but nothing stands in the man's way. He is heartworm positive and will have to go through heartworm treatment.

Aikens is smart and will follow your voice or the other dogs in the house. He has a calm personality and is getting along great with my grumble.

He may not have eyes, but he has my heart already.

Don't wait on this guy.

Pending adoption

AlisaPH ID: #6578
Please welcome to PugHearts. She is one of the magnificent 25 who made their way from China to Houston last night! Alisa will have her intake soon, but as you can see, she clearly needs to put in some weight. She has some skin issues that will be addressed, and from what I can assess, she is sight impaired. However, don’t let that fool you as she’s already mastered the doggie door!

Hi, I’m Alisa. I’m about 2 years old and I am from China. I am underweight currently my FoMo says and I am just under 12 lbs. Not really sure what that is, but I do get extra food. I really love to play with toys. The squeaky ones are really nice. I will soon be looking for my forever home so get your application in.

AllegraPH ID: #6565
Allegra is a 4 year old female and is proud to call herself a China pug! Although we will update her bio as she settles in her personality continues to emerge, she is very sweet and affectionate. She doesn't initiate play with other dogs, but she is starting to play when they initiate it with her. Some of her favorite things are toys with squeakers, meal time, and snuggle time with her humans. She is good with kids. She crates well. We are working on potty training, and while she is already improving after just a couple of weeks, due to her background, we expect it will be several more weeks before she is fully housetrained. She is not yet available due to some medical issues, but she should be medically cleared for adoption in a few more weeks. This little girl is happy, sweet and cute!

AnakinPH ID: #6735
Full Description Coming Soon!

AngelPH ID: #6721
Foster Angel is a beautiful girl! She is about 9 years old and overall fairly healthy! She came into PugHearts when her owner passed away recently. As a result she’s pretty shy and unsure of her surroundings, but coming out of her shell more and more every day! So I have no doubt she will do excellent in a new loving home. Angel will get her nares done and boosters at the beginning of September and then she will be ready for her forever home. Angel is both cat and dog friendly and can even navigate stairs pretty well!

AnniePH ID: #6701
Annie is a 9 year old female that was surrendered by her owner. She is a wonderful, sweet, loving pug. She follows me everywhere and is happy as long as I am there. She doesn’t chew or get into things. She has had zero accidents in the house. She doesn’t have any health issues other than hip arthritis and normal aging. She gets so excited when I get home, she howls and squeals. It is adorable. She is perfect for someone that works from home. She will sleep right next to you all day. She is not dominant and gets along good with other pugs (that’s all I have at my house). I don’t know about big dogs or cats. I also don’t know about children, but I don’t see a problem. She does not bite and is not nippy. If you are looking for a sweet, affectionate lap dog Annie is your girl!

ArniePH ID: #6630
Arnie (under a year of age) comes to us as an owenr surrender after he stopped eating and drinking but not before he looked like a skeleton. Medical bills can sometimes become too much and the rescue is here to help in such cases. However, to wait until Arnie barely clung to life is unforgivable neglect that almost cost him everything.

Arnie had an obstruction in his stomach, a cloth of some sort, and several tears in his intestines which have been leaking into his body. He went through surgery to remove the obstruction and sadly, some of his damaged intestines had to be removed as well. It is an absolute miracle he didn’t become septic and that he lived through the surgery considering how long it’s been and how malnourished he was.

We thought all would hopefully improve but sadly, life threw more hurdle's Arnie's way. He is quite deformed from birth with pigeon chest and kyphosis in his back. He went through short period of seizures that have now gone away but he continued to experience random episodes of lethargy. This led us to look closer at his liver and sure enough, his numbers are off the chart. At this point we suspect a liver shunt but need to get him to be stronger before we continue to explore surgical options. Arnie is currently on medication, finally eating and gaining strength. He will need lots of positive thoughts and donations. No amount is too small!!

Arnie is on medical hold.

AustinPH ID: #6765
Full Description Coming Soon!

BashPH ID: #6520
Bash, age 4, is one half of the dynamic duo Fiona & Bash. He is a sweet guy who loves a good belly rub, runs to his crate when prompted and sits for treats. He loves his mate Fiona and does not mind one bit if she gets most of the attention. He gets a little anxious when Fiona is out of his sight, and being the good mate that he is, will constantly check to make sure she is okay. Bash is neutered, mostly housetrained, and healthy - no medications required. Bash and his mate Fiona 4 are very bonded and must be adopted together, which means double the cuteness for their forever family!

BeansPH ID: #5775
Beans is a 16 year old pug who loves 3 things: eating, sleeping, and eating again. He came to PugHearts a tad overweight at 26 pounds, but he has shed 2 pounds so far. He loves soft toys and is quite the character. Beans has had successful surgery to rid him of bladder stones, so he must stay on a restrictive diet to avoid a re-occurrence. He also has an old injury to his left eye and has no vision in it. Beans is a sedentary fellow who is happy with a low key lifestyle. He is happiest when he knows where you are and will especially follow you if you make your way into the kitchen....his favorite room. Beans sleeps in his own bed and is house trained. He gets along with other dogs and ignores the cat. Mr. Beans, as I refer to him, is a total sweetheart who is looking for a quiet home for his retirement years.

BelindaPH ID: #6527
Belinda is a great senior lady coming in at a young 10 years old. She came from a shelter out of Galveston & loves to be in a home with less commotion. She loves to lounge on the couch, curled up on a warm blanket. She has had her soft palate & nares done to help her breath easier. She still makes some grumbling noises when she sleeps, which can be very cute to listen to. As a senior she does have some arthritis which will require medicine to help her be more comfortable. Belinda can use a dog door & will go outside to do her business.

BlazePH ID: #6623
Meet Foster Blaze. He is an older, very distinguished gentleman. And I mean gentleman. We aged him at nine years old, heartworm negative, freshly neutered, and updated shots. He has not had one single accident in the house, sleeps the deep sleep of safety and rescue, and loves his people. Other dogs don’t impress him but he is amazing in our grumble. Oh, and he had the best cinnamon bun tail.

Blaze goes in early June for his dental and he will be ready for adoption after that. He is a absolute dream of a pug.

BonkersPH ID: #6552
Please give a big PugHearts welcome to itsy-bitsy Bonkers! Bonkers was separated from his Pug family and dropped at a local shelter at only 6 weeks old. His surrender form stated he was failing to thrive, and still had open fontanelles. Specifically, he still has a soft spot on the top of his head, just as infants do when they are born.

Bonkers has been doing great in our home, growing an thriving every day! He even has his very own helmet to keep his head safe! Although I still have to exercise caution as his soft spot has not yet closed, we are hopeful, that it in time, this will correct itself.

Bonkers is tipping the scales at a whopping 2 1/2 lbs! He loves to play in the grass, loves to run zoomies in the kitchen, and loves playing with his foster family.

Bonkers won’t be ready for adoption for a little while as he’s only 10 weeks old, still needs all of his vaccinations, and his big boy surgery. In the meantime we will continue to monitor his soft spot on his head in hopes that it will close as more time passes.

Bonkers, we are so glad you’re here, Cutie Pie!

BrandoPH ID: #6691
Welcome Foster Brando to PugHearts.

I call him Marlon Brando because he's so debonair. I am learning more about him everyday, this is what I know so far:

* 6 years old

*loves to play with mini tennis balls

*currently potty training

*sleeps in crate, does great taking baths

*sweet loving boy. He wants to be close to his family

*knows how to use stairs

*loves dog treats and food

*very vocal if he doesn't see me

*velcro, loves to be held and loves attention

He will have his neuter in August and will need to go though heartworm treatment. After that he'll be ready to find his forever home. Get your applications in for this great boy.

BrunoPH ID: #4933
Bruno is a 9 year-old fawn male who has come back to us after tragically losing his owner. He is heartworm negative and neutered. This sweet boy loves to be as close to his people as possible so when you can’t find him, it’s because he is right behind you or sitting under your chair. He has a back issue and is missing one eye, but is otherwise healthy, and he doesn’t let it slow him down at all. Bruno enjoys wandering the back yard. He is a well-mannered fellow. While he gets along with other dogs, he prefers to hang with his humans. If you are looking for a velcro pug, search no more…Bruno is your guy.

BusterPH ID: #6422
Buster is a little old man pug/chihuahua mix. He’s 16ish, and was surrendered to a shelter. He’s on Rimadyl for arthritis, and is sadly heartworm positive. He’s housebroken, crate trained, or happy to sleep in a big bed too. He’s got a funny, quirky little personality and just wants a loving home to live out the rest of his days!

CallistaPH ID: #6746
Full Description Coming Soon!

CarolinePH ID: #6579
Hi y’all, Caroline here. I came from China. I am 4 years old, totally blind from birth, and weigh around 14 pounds. I do need to gain a pound or 2. Don’t let my being blind fool you, I get around just fine. I follow sound. FoMo claps her hands or calls my name and I follow the sound. I love playing with toys, when I find them. I’m ready for my forever home. I will be reviewing application soon. So get yours in soon.

CarriePH ID: #6716
Carrie 2 is 1 year old and a tiny little girl who weighs in at only 13 pounds. Carrie was abandoned by her owner 4 months after giving birth but we do not know what became of her puppies. Happily, Carrie will be spayed so she never has to go through that again. This resilient little girl has already gained weight and her sweet personality is starting to shine. Carrie loves to play with other dogs and loves to chew bones while sunbathing in the backyard. She's spunky, energetic and up for any adventure. She is house trained and sleeps quietly in a crate but would love it even more if she could snuggle you in the big bed. Carrie has no health issues so, after her spay, we have high hopes for a long and happy life with her forever family!

ChancePH ID: #6696
Please welcome Chance to PugHearts! This 12 week old baby was found laying on the side of the road next to his deceased littermate, An obvious victim of a hit and run. A concerned citizen helped him and a PugHearts volunteer got to him as fast as they could. His second Chance at the life he deserves starts here with PugHearts!

Chance is super tiny, cute, spunky and happy to be loved. At 12 weeks old, he’s all puppy too! He’s a perfect first generation Chug, or Chihuahua/Pug Mix. He reminds me of my previous foster JuneBug, and he is just as smart as she was too. He takes direction from both me and his foster siblings like a champ, and has done all his business outside.

Chance has a little hip pain, but I can assure you that it doesn’t slow him down one bit. He’s being treated for some intestinal parasites, and will be reevaluated in 30 days when he goes in for additional vaccines. At that time we will be scheduling his neuter. Chugs really are my favorite mixes! He’s the perfect combination and chugs make excellent family pets!

ChandlerPH ID: #6645
Please give a warm PugHearts' welcome to foster Chandler. Chandler is one of the "Friends" puppies who was surrendered to PugHearts when his family could no longer take care of him and his sisters. Chandler is a Pug mix, (Pug, Chihuahua, Yorkie). He is also the biggest of the puppies, and has the personality to match! He loves to play and wrestle with all of his sisters just as much as he loves to cuddle with them. Chandler loves exploring his foster home, but will also sit in your lap for hours. He is the sweetest little puppy ever...I mean really, could he BE any cuter?!? Chandler won't be ready for adoption for a couple of months, but he is doing fantastic in his foster home. Welcome to PugHearts Chandler, we are so glad you are here!

Chandler is the largest, but the shyest of the litter. Took him a few days to stop screaming at the sight of me. Now he comes bounding over for cuddles. All his sisters can bully him.

Charlie BrownPH ID: #6769
Full Description Coming Soon!

Cora BellePH ID: #5975
Hi everyone, I’m Cora Belle. I am around 6 years old or so. I'm a little lady. I am very cute, sweet and special. Yep, fell on my head and it causes me to tumble like a cheerleader, but I just get up and keep going. Hardwood and tile floors are hard for me and I look like I’m trying to learn to ice skate and fall a lot. Foster mom has rugs for me to walk to that help me. Don’t worry, it is just a little thing and meds aren’t needed except for the prevention ones. You should see me run the fence when I’m protecting the yard. I’m looking for a forever family that doesn’t mind a girl who stumbles. I love hugs and will be yours forever.


CoralPH ID: #6755
Full Description Coming Soon!

CorrinaPH ID: #6745
Corinna is a 3 year old, spayed female. Sadly, she is heartworm positive and will have to go through heartworm treatment.

She is scheduled to have her nose and palate done to help her breathing.

Corrina is a very chill pug; gets along well with other dogs and cats

Almost potty trained, accidents are becoming less an issue.

She is well mannered and wants to please her people.

Sleeps with us all night in our bed

DaltonPH ID: #6756
Full Description Coming Soon!

DarbyPH ID: #5993
This is bonded pair Darby and Drake. Originally they came into our rescue two years ago and were adopted. They were surrendered back to us recently thru no fault of their own. Volunteers flew to retrieve these babies to get them back to us!

Now they are two years older (10 and 11 yrs old) and Drake has medical issues (collapsing trachea and on meds for life and poop urgency, Darby is healthy).

Now the good stuff! They love their humans and follow us everywhere and will give you their love to the point they will trip you and break your hip from being under foot. They are house trained, but need to be taken out for their potty breaks on a regular basis. They are really cute! They eat everything, even their vegetables. Darby can be alpha at times but easily correctable and she loves chew toys, will collect them in her crate. Drake had the most endearing face, I call him Eeyore. There is a special family out there that may want this pair and that is my hope for them. Until that time, I will love on them, play with them, clean up after them, correct alpha behavior, bask in their adorableness and give them the very best home possible.

DerrickPH ID: #6712
Foster Derrick is an adorable 13lb 9-month old puppy that loves to snuggle in his human's lap. He sleeps in the big bed all night with no issues. His potty training is going great! He has not marked in the house at all. He came into PugHearts extremely sick, emaciated with Hookworms but is on the road to recovery and weight gain. He is sweet, loving, loves to nibble on your ears. He is timid to strangers at first but warms up pretty fast. He is going to make someone a very special companion as he is pretty close to perfection. His neuter should be scheduled some time at the end of August and then he will be ready for his forever home!


DexterPH ID: #6718
I welcomed Senior PH foster Dexter into our home a week ago. I wanted to share some things I have learned about him in that time.

Dexter continues to be the sweet boy I met when he entered our home. He gets along very well with other dogs and doesn’t seem to have a mean or combative bone in his body. There is no resource guarding nor does he retaliate if a dog growls at him to back off, which happened a few times because he was not respecting personal space.

Because he is not yet neutered, the 1st 24 hours were challenging to say the least as his hormones were getting the best of him and was amorously chasing every dog, male or female.

I always say the 1st 24 hours of having a new dog in the house are the most challenging and then I get routines in place and things seems to smooth out and I see the REAL dog I have to work with.

Dex is good little dog. He learned the dog door sooo quickly and enjoys having the choice to go outside. I consider potty training one of my strong areas and he was so helpful in that. He picked up on our potty schedule very quickly and stopped lifting his leg inside. I’ve reduced his time with a belly band to almost never when we are in a certain house space and I am there.

It helps that our 3 dogs are well potty trained and he picked up on what they were doing.

So if it is not a time we would usually go out for potty and he needs to go, Dexter is now going out the dog door to do his business. GOOD DOG!

He is a fairly quiet dog but will bark outside at garbage trucks, mail trucks, and even some cars but is also scared of all of these and will go into FLIGHT MODE. Fortunately we have an enclosed front courtyard and he will throw himself through the dog door to get to the safety of inside. However, on a short walk today a garage door was opening and I was right there to pick him up. He was scared.

On the other hand, he goes with me into the backyard when I am using the leaf blower and it doesn’t phase him.

Otherwise my only big challenge has been that he is a picky eater. And he is a dog who came to us severely under-weight and needs to gain weight to allow us to move on with much needed medical treatments.

I have had many wonderful helpful suggestions from our PugHearts foster families and seem to be making headway in his eating. He is still VERY picky but is slowly gaining.

So there you have it. Dexter is a great little dog who will probably stay at around a 14 lb size and does look like a little deer with his long skinny legs.

He’ll be a wonderful addition to a home when he is healthy and ready.

DrakePH ID: #5994
This is bonded pair Darby and Drake. Originally they came into our rescue two years ago and were adopted. They were surrendered back to us recently thru no fault of their own. Volunteers flew to retrieve these babies to get them back to us!

Now they are two years older (10 and 11 yrs old) and Drake has medical issues (collapsing trachea and on meds for life and poop urgency, Darby is healthy).

Now the good stuff! They love their humans and follow us everywhere and will give you their love to the point they will trip you and break your hip from being under foot. They are house trained, but need to be taken out for their potty breaks on a regular basis. They are really cute! They eat everything, even their vegetables. Darby can be alpha at times but easily correctable and she loves chew toys, will collect them in her crate. Drake had the most endearing face, I call him Eeyore. There is a special family out there that may want this pair and that is my hope for them. Until that time, I will love on them, play with them, clean up after them, correct alpha behavior, bask in their adorableness and give them the very best home possible.

DumplingPH ID: #6692
Dumpling’s update she is 8 years old and the vet check was not what we wanted to hear as she is heartworm positive. All her X-rays were good, but her gait is wobbly and she needs to lose weight. She is already making great improvements on her activity level, and is walking around much better, the weight slowing her down.

Dumpling is a real sweetheart, when she wants to go outside she comes stands in from of you and prances up and down and wiggles her tail. She will use the doggie door to come in the house but not to keen on going out on her own, she much prefer we open the door for her.

She has become tolerant of her vegetables diet which is contributing to her weight loss and energy level.

Dumpling will be spayed soon and available late September once she finishes her heartworm treatment.


DwaynePH ID: #6532
Meet Dwayne! Dwayne is a 10 year old gentleman. He is housebroken, heartworm negative, a great sleeper and loves to play and go for walks. He also does well around children, babies and a cat. He goes outside easily to go potty and does well going into a crate when no one will be home. He is very affectionate and likes company and cuddling. Dwayne has pigmented skin plaques caused by a rare condition that is sometimes seen in pugs and schnauzers. The growths are just an aesthetic issue (he is not bothered by them), but should be monitored for any changes.

Dwayne came to PugHearts after living in a nursing home, providing constant companionship and love. The residents thought Dwayne deserved to be loved in return from a forever family. And we do too!

EdgarPH ID: #6711
Edgar is an active 3-year-old Fawn Male. He is an owner surrender through no fault of his own. (His owner was not allowed to take him to the college dorm.) He came to PugHearts with an injury to his eye. Unfortunately, the eye had to be removed shortly after intake. He will need to be neutered along with other possible procedures to help his breathing but then can be adopted, around Labor Day!

Edgar is house trained and working on kennel training. He wants to play with his foster brother, but cannot play until his eye is healed. I think he will be a rough and tumble playmate for a doggie friend and/or human friend. Come meet this fellow at the PugHearts events and watch for updates on the Facebook Page.

EmmilenePH ID: #6671
Emmilene traveled to Houston from the Rio Grande Valley. Her owner was taken to a hospital and we were told that he would not be returning. Through no fault of her own she found herself homeless. She was running loose in the neighborhood and was relying on neighbors to feed her. Emmilene is obese weighing in at over 25 lbs. She has been put on prescription kibble that will help with weight loss and is not being given people food. She came to us with ear infections, a bladder infection, dermatitis, URI and dental disease….a mess! All of this is being addressed, and she is on antibiotics and steroids. She more than likely has arthritis which is not being helped by being overweight. She is already feeling better and moving around more. At times she is incontinent and does not appear to be totally potty trained, but we are working on that. She is estimated to be 8 years old. She is very sweet and enjoys the occasional lap time along with belly rubs. Right now she sleeps a lot and prefers the floor to a dog bed. She sleeps crated at night and does not make a peep. Emmilene doesn’t pay attention to the resident dogs. I’ve yet to see her play with a toy. She isn’t asking for much. A home that will offer her love, affection, healthy food and a place to sleep is all she needs.

EstellePH ID: #6517
Meet Estelle

Look at this beautiful face! Estelle is a senior pug who is just looking for someone to give her a place to call home. She has a previous back injury. She walks a little slower and a little wonky but she is determined and can still do it. She is on a small dose of Rimadyl to help with mobility but is doing great on it. She is potty trained and will let you know she has to go outside by letting out the cutest little howl. Won’t you consider this beautiful senior lady?

FionaPH ID: #6521
Fiona, age 7, is a tiny ball of cuteness. She loves attention and will hop right onto your lap expecting lots of petting and never-ending adoration. If, for some crazy reason, you decide to pet someone else, she will give a look of indignation, then wiggle her way into being the center of attention again, as it should be (in her eyes). Her favorite place to sleep is on your chest, so long as her brother Bash is close by. Fiona knows the "sit" command and will spin for treats. She is spayed, housetrained, healthy, and does not require any medications. She will have some dental extractions, and will be ready to go after that. Because of her close bond with her mate Bash, they must be adopted together. If you are looking to add some fun and cuteness overload to your household, this dynamic duo are the ones for you!

Flana JubileePH ID: #6749
Full Description Coming Soon!

FrancescaPH ID: #6747
Full Description Coming Soon!

FrazierPH ID: #6729
Frazier is 18 months old and was taken to an ER after being attacked by another dog. This has resulted in him losing his eye. His other eye is scratched as well.

Unfortunately he is also heartworm positive. He is scheduled to have his nares done and palate assessed on September 13th. Frazier is a sweet lovebug and will make a great addition to any family. He is crate trained and can use the doggy door.

Frazier will be ready for his forever home around Thanksgiving, but for now we will love him and get him healthy again. He is the cutest winky around!

GabePH ID: #6762
Full Description Coming Soon!

GabriellaPH ID: #6761
Full Description Coming Soon!

GatlinPH ID: #6513
Please welcome Gatlin to PugHearts, and my goodness, he is as cute as they come! Gatlin came to PugHearts as an owner surrender through no fault of his own. Gatlin is a 6 month old, and is as curious as curious can be! He loves to play with his foster fur family, loves playing chase with my kiddos, and love exploring the back yard! He gets a little shy when he meets new people, and takes a little time to warm up, but as he continues to grow and again more confidence, I’m sure meeting new people won’t be quite as scary for him. Gatlin won’t be ready for adoption until after he is neutered, but don’t let that stop you from getting to know this adorable little guy! Welcome to PugHearts, Gatlin! We are so glad you’re here!


GeorgiaPH ID: #6740
Miss Georgia had her intake exam and she’s a pretty healthy girl! No heart worms, she does have a double ear infection she is being treated for now, and finally she will need a spay at the end of September. Her PCV came back low (anemia) so that will be rechecked before we can spay her. Otherwise she’s just the happiest sweetest little girl. She’s doing excellent on potty training and is playing with her foster siblings perfectly. They estimate her to be about 1 year old. She’s playful and fun but not a wild puppy!

GiavannaPH ID: #6686
Giavanna is 6 yrs old and an owner surrender, through no fault of her own. She is an amazing girl who is loyal and wants nothing more than to be with her people and be loved! Giavanna is house trained, crate trained and loves to watch TV!! She blended very well into our grumble with no conflict. She is good with children and other dogs. Please consider this beautiful girl - she is amazing!!!

GordonPH ID: #6760
Full Description Coming Soon!

GracePH ID: #6652
Gracie was found as a stray and it shows. She is underweight, has patchy fur, obviously has had litters, and is unfortunately heartworm positive. She is 5 years old, petite, and has one ear smaller than the other. We call her Gracie Van Gogh! She is super sweet, gentle, is a great snuggler, and loves her humans. She doesn't pay much attention to the other dogs, but gets along with them just fine. She is not playful, but would make a good tv watching buddy or lap dog for someone. She prefers to go into my husband's music room with him than be with the grumble. She sleeps in our bed, and has slept all night from day one. She seems to mostly understand to go outside to use the restroom, but she has had some accidents. She won't be ready until after her heartworm treatment and spay.

GraysonPH ID: #6397
I first found out about Grayson from a cryptic message at the end of October. All it said was that there is an extremely sick Frenchie in a shelter scheduled for euthanasia today that we were trying to pull him out and whether I would foster to which I said of course. It was exactly 3 days later when I got a call from the director of the rescue. Grayson made it to our vet and his evaluation was not good. He had a left sided failure caused by a genetic heart issue complicated by heartworms, a completely preventable condition, and he was given a week to live. I felt like I couldn’t breathe but I also knew this dog needed to come here.

I didn’t sleep that night. I felt like there had to be more I could do for this dog and then it hit me – Grayson is dying and he never got to experience anything! clearly, we will do a bucket list for him. We took him to the beach where he tried to chase the seagulls even though he could barely walk, to a ranch where he got kissed by a wild pony, on a convertible ride to get a puppachino, we cooked him steak, he met and peed on a giant tortoise, had a professional photoshoot and visited Bayou Bend Gardens. Before we knew it, a week turned into two, then three and before we knew it he had people overseas reaching out about his story. People were asking about heartworms and he was making a difference.

Just as we began hoping Grayson may celebrate New Year with us, an upper respiratory infection hit him with an incredible strength. For two weeks we fought as hard as we could for him hoping his appetite would pick back up knowing well this may be it. Grayson came to us beyond starved and he could barely pick up his tummy filled with fluid caused by his heart failure – if he ever got to the point where he couldn’t walk, we knew it would be unfair to keep it going. And then he finally had a good day, and one after that, he got excited about meal times and I felt like I could breathe again.

As of today, Grayson got to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas both, he celebrated Mother's and Father's day, he has met endless friends and lived a life he should have had from the start. None of this changes the fact that his condition is terminal. When his symptoms become severe enough and he can no longer enjoy his life, we will be there to hold him as he crosses over. But it will not be today.

This is a story of a rescue taking in a dog that will never make it out. A dog that never stood a chance but a dog whose life has been turned around because the rescue stepped in. His story could have ended in that shelter but it did not.

Living with Grayson for the past 2 months has taught us more than I would have ever thought a dog could. Grayson was abused and he will pay the ultimate price yet he is not bitter at all, the opposite in fact. He loves people and wants to be loved on all day long. He has learned his new name within days and runs to us as fast as his body allows him to. Having him here has made us to cherish every single day because we are not promised tomorrow. He taught us to let go of our baggage and live in the now.

Your donations help not only dogs getting ready for adoptions but also dogs like Grayson, dogs that will live out the rest of their days in rescue. We thank you for your support.


GwynethPH ID: #6575
Meet Gwyneth, she is around 3 years old. She is joining PugHearts all the way from China. She is a little thing, coming in at 11 pounds & has plenty of rolls that adds to her extreme cuteness. This little lady is dealing with some skin issues that have caused her to lose some fur so we are working to help her heal and stop scratching so much. She has entropion surgery later in April to help her eyes & we will have to deal with her bilateral luxating patella as they appear bad and could cause pain as she ages. For now, she is a happy girl that gets along with other dogs & loves to explore the yard & snuggle with you whenever possible.

HamletPH ID: #6770
Full Description Coming Soon!

Han SoloPH ID: #6736
Full Description Coming Soon!

HigginsPH ID: #6722
Higgins is a beautiful brindle pug mix that came to PugHearts after tragically losing his family to a car accident. His coloring is absolutely beautiful, down to his white socks and black and white tie nails. Higgins is 2 years old and is full grown at 10 pounds. He has the perfect spring like tail and a just enough of a nose to make breathing in the Texas heat a little more bearable. He gets along with other dogs, and despite being a little jumpy at first, he loves his humans too. Higgins would do great in an active home with other dogs to help work on his puppy energy. He hasn’t met a lap he didn’t like, and if you’re sitting, he will fe in in in no time. Thankfully Higgins is heartworm negative, but will need to be neutered prior to adoption

HunterPH ID: #6768
Full Description Coming Soon!

InezPH ID: #6753
Foster Inez is 3 years old and comes to Pughearts via Laredo. We’re still getting to know her, but so far, she is very Velcro, and she absolutely adores my husband. If he leaves the room or steps outside for a minute, she’s at the gate or in the window searching for him. If I’m the only one at home, she’s perfectly content to sit on the couch with me or relax in her dog bed.

She sleeps in her crate at night, and even though she doesn’t go in willingly, she settles down pretty quickly. I usually use treats to get them to go in their crates, but she’s not your typical food motivated Pug. She just looks at me and runs to the other side of the room. She doesn’t get excited at mealtime like my crew and just picks at her food. I think she would graze all day if I let her, but I have a Boxer and another Pug who eat everything in sight, so that’s not an option!

I don’t have cats, but Inez was transported by another Pughearts foster who does, and she had no issue with them. She’s a very chill little girl and doesn’t really seem to care what’s going on in the house. She doesn’t bark very much, and when she does, it’s more of a chortle. She also doesn’t seem to have any alpha tendencies at all and is perfectly content to let someone else be in charge.

Inez is scheduled for her spay on October 1st, but she’s also heartworm positive, so she won’t be ready to adopt until closer to the Holidays. She’s definitely worth the wait and would love to be home with her new family just in time for Christmas!

IraPH ID: #6752
Ira is 2 years old and healthy. He is easy going and gets along with everyone. He uses the doggy door and is doing great at going potty outside. He is crate trained and sleeps quietly as long as the crate is where he can see you.

He would do well as an only dog, or would be a great addition to your grumble. He will be ready after his neuter on October 4.

IsabelPH ID: #6638
Isabel is 18 months old and a tiny little girl who weighs in at only 16 pounds. Isabel came to us as a former backyard breeder dog and had obviously recently given birth but we do not know what became of her puppies. Sadly, Isabel is underweight, heartworm positive and will need to be spayed so she never has to go through that again. Isabel will undergo treatment for heartworms in the next few months and will be ready for adoption by late summer. This resilient little girl has already gained weight and her sweet personality is starting to shine. Isabel loves to sleep in and won't get you up at the crack of dawn. She is house trained and sleeps quietly in a crate but would love it even more if she could snuggle you in the big bed. Actually, she would love to snuggle 100% of the time and will follow you wherever you go just in case a spontaneous snuggle opportunity presents itself. This happens a lot because she's just so darn hard to resist! Aside from needing heartworm treatment, Isabel has no other health issues so we have high hopes for a long and happy life with her forever family!

IsabellaPH ID: #5629
Isabella is one of PugHearts special needs pugs & needs a very special Adopter that understands and can commit to her special needs. She is 9 years old, has a spine injury that left her with an awkward walk, doesn’t allow her to use stairs or jump up/down furniture. She also has fecal incontinence and requires assistance going potty. Despite all life challenges she has encountered, Isabella is also the most loving girl around, always super happy & just loves being around her people. Isabella is on several medicines to help her quality of life & continues to live life to the fullest.

JanicePH ID: #6647
Please give a warm PugHearts welcome to feisty foster Janice. Janice is one of the "Friends" puppies who was surrendered to PugHearts when her owners could no longer care for her. This little firecracker is so much fun to watch, if she were a Spice Girl, she'd be Mini Spice! Janice is a Pug mix (Pug, Chihuahua, Yorkie). She loves to play, play, play, and she is definitely the bossy one of the bunch. This little cutie is the spunkiest little puppy in the house, and has the prettiest eyes! At only 7 weeks old, Janice won't be ready for adoption for a couple more months. But this little girl is healthy and thriving, and getting bigger every day! Welcome to PugHearts Janice, we are so glad you are here!

Janice is the leader, instigator, and most confident of the puppies. Small and feisty she can hold her own wrestling with a 6 month old puppy 3x her size.

JoniPH ID: #6723
Joni comes to PugHearts after her family tragically died in a car accident. Joni had a rough start when she first came in. She was scared and hid under the bathroom counter for a while before we could coax her out. She has made great progress with us and is now a velcro dog and wants to be near her humans at all times. She follows us everywhere and loves to snuggle. She still has some anxiety and gets nervous when strangers come in.

Joni does not like being crated and lets you know about it vocally. She is mostly potty-trained and is making improvements daily. Joni came in with worms, an ear infection, and bad skin due to flea allergies. We have treated for all of that, and she is doing much better. She is also a bit under-weight, but we are working on that as well. Her spay is set for early September, and then she will be ready for her new home.

Joni is about 6 years old. She gets along well with other dogs. She loves to walk around in the yard. She enjoys a good treat.

Joni is looking for a calm home with lots of love where she can feel safe and secure. Are you her special someone?

JoviePH ID: #6580
Jovie is 5 years old and is a member of the third delivery that came all the way from China. Poor Jovie has obviously had a rough start to life. It’s apparent that she was used for breeding and by her paws, she has spent the majority of her life in a cage. Jovie is currently living life at a distance, not sure who she can trust or what love is. She has good days and bad days, and unfortunately isn’t sure how to act. She wants to be loved so bad, but sometimes cowers at my touch. Jovie has discovered toys, and loves being around her foster siblings. House training is still a work in progress, but she is doing great. Jovie, who answers to JoJo, loves her mealtimes and treats. She’s currently getting eye meds to treat an ulcer that was from trauma, and came in to PugHearts with bites and sores from several dogfights. JoJo has luxating patellas in both legs which caused permanent curvature to her hind legs and causes a funny, low to the ground walk but thankfully no pain. She will have entropion surgery prior to being adopted. Jovie deserves the world and it’s up to us to find her that perfect home. Is it you?

KenziePH ID: #6664
Welcome Kenzie to Pughearts, this amazing little girl is 4 months old, HW - and a bundle of love and energy. She is so smart it has us amazed, 2 days after we came to us she already will sit calmly when ask to receive her treat. Kenzie has been with us almost a month and she has slept every night in her kennel without any accidents.

She is adoption pending and will go to her furever home after her spay early September.

KnoxPH ID: #6763
Full Description Coming Soon!

LandryPH ID: #6689
Landry is a handsome, sweet older gentleman that comes to us from a shelter. As most older pugs, he has some health issues. He has a weak back end that causes him to drag his back legs a bit when he walks, but don't let this fool you, he gets around quickly. He will require daily medicine for his legs and daily eyedrops. He is on medical hold until mid-August when he will be neutered and have soft palate surgery.

Landry LOVES to be with his people and will become your shadow. When not right by your side or at your feet, he will hang in his crate and sleeps in the crate at night. He gets along well with other dogs, but isn't looking for a playmate. Pulling his dog bed around the room is his favorite toy.

LeiaPH ID: #6734
Full Description Coming Soon!

LemmyPH ID: #6772
Full Description Coming Soon!

LenoraPH ID: #6667
This sweet girl, Lenora is about 5 years old. She is heartworm negative and doesn’t take any medications. She has lost a few teeth and so at times she will let her tongue show, she is so cute! She loves to follow people around and snuggle by your side. She is crate trained, gets along with other dogs and has a happy but reserved personality as she continues to settle in at her foster home.


LetaPH ID: #6577
Please welcome Foster Leta to PugHearts. She is one of the many pugs who made their way from China to Houston in March 2021. Even with a skin infection, 4-year-old Foster Leta has the softest fur and has really blossomed into loving attention from her humans. She’s getting along well with the other dogs in her foster home and has started to initiate playtime and play on her own with toys. She’s on her way to being a Velcro pug and follows her people everywhere, even the mini humans (especially if they go near the kitchen).

Like so many of her fellow international travelers, Foster Leta has a laundry list of issues we’re working to resolve. She has a skin infection (including her nose roll and ears), some healing interdigital cysts, entropion, dry eye, bilateral luxating patellas, and suspected elbow dysplasia (her elbows bow out quite a bit). We’ve started her on eye drops to see if her crusty eyes resolve with the drops or if she’ll need surgery, and we will be monitoring her mobility once she’s off the prednisone and antibiotics for her skin infection. Her paws are a bit deformed from living in a crate, so they appear more spread out than your average pug, and based on the condition of her undercarriage she’s been bred a time or two (or more, probably lots more).

Leta is not potty trained, not even a little bit. She’s what I would call negative-level potty trained. She has no idea what this whole outside thing is all about, and since she’s spent so much time in a crate and in confined spaces, she does sometimes potty in her crate and even the dog bed she’s napping on. We’re working with her, but she will need someone with lots of patience to help her continue to learn that potty time should take place outside. Now that her personality is starting to show, I’m guessing she’ll prove to be a feisty little thing once she fully settles in.

LilaPH ID: #5183
Lila is a 4 yr old female that comes to PugHearts after being found wandering all alone.

She appears to have some problems with her back legs and is being monitored by the vet. Lila is, happily, heartworm negative.

From Lila's foster: Meet Lila - our gorgeous Lila!! She is a very happy, healthy 4yr old that loves to play and cuddle and run - everywhere she goes!!

Lila is a special needs pug that has some neurological issues with her back legs. We are not sure if this is due to an injury or birth - be please do not let this deter you from adopting her!! She does not let this slow her down one bit!! The biggest issue is elimations, as she is not always aware of pooping. Lila does squat to urinate, but then hops about 3ft while going. If she is leashed and you hold her, she will finish then move on. She will also stand up when asked!

This sweet girl is a treasure and we are hoping that someone will give her a chance at a family - she deserves her own family and loves with her whole heart!!

LindyPH ID: #6759
Full Description Coming Soon!

Maggie PH ID: #6421
Meet Maggie! As you can see, Maggie is nit a pug, but thankfully PugHearts was willing to help her out when they saw her pug mix brother at the shelter. Maggie is a chihuahua & Pomeranian mix. She is 15 years old, but she apparently doesn’t know this! She’s feisty and has a lot of spirit left in her tiny little self! She’s on Rimadyl to help with some arthritis, and sadly, she’s heartworm positive. She is perfectly housebroken and is happy to sleep in a crate or with her people. She is looking for a family to love her during her final years!

MarcusPH ID: #6732
Marcus is a very sweet and loving 3 year old with the playfulness and tiny size of a puppy. He loves other dogs and children. He is either in full play mode or snuggled up asleep next to you. He is heartworm negative and will be ready to be adopted in mid September.

MarlonPH ID: #6725
Hi y'all, Marlon here. I am a small guy around 12 pounds, but I do need to gain 2-3 pounds, FoMo calls me Marlon Brando, but she says I am really more of a Marlon Perkins. (many of y'all are too young to remember the show Wild Kingdom)

I am about 10 years old, blind and deaf. I am learning my way around here. I am doing well with the others, except for the one-eyed grumpy old guy who also lives here (he thinks he owns the place).

I love to cuddle, but get nervous when picked up. FoMo picks me up and cuddles me and I like it! I am learning to trust.

I do need to have eye drops twice a day in each eye and will need that for the rest of my life. I also take Rimadyl for my arthritis.

I will be neutered in a month, not really looking forward to that.

I will be looking for a quieter retirement home to spend the remainder of my life being loved, spoiled and cuddled.

Will that be your house?

MarthaPH ID: #6757
Full Description Coming Soon!

MatildaPH ID: #6720
Matilda is a 5 year old female that has had a number of litters and appears to have been an outdoor dog. Initially she was very timid and afraid of any noises, however she is coming around and becoming more used to her surroundings. She does not like Thunderstorms or crates. Fortunately she is heartworm negative, but does need to be spayed, and have her Nares surgery and most likely a soft palate resection. She also has a Mast cell tumor on her back leg and will need to be on ½ Benedryl 25mg for life. She gets along great with my other pug and we are working on house training and playing with toys.

She will follow me around and is doing better sleeping in the big bed. She is 16 pounds and has a good appetite now. She displays some little bossy alpha tendencies at times. She escaped her harness once and is a runner, so I am very careful when we are walking on the leash. She has long legs and a longer tongue, with the tip that usually is peaking out of her mouth.

Maya PH ID: #6767
Full Description Coming Soon!

MercedesPH ID: #5626
Mercedes comes to PugHearts from a Texas shelter. She had been suspected of being hit by a car....but as it turns out, she has some significant hip and spinal issues that are not new.

This 6 year old little cutie still runs with the grumble and LOVES life.


MonicaPH ID: #6644
Please give a warm PugHearts' welcome to foster Monica! Monica is one of the "Friends" puppies surrendered to PugHearts at only 6 weeks of age. Unfortunately, her owners could no longer care for her and made the decision to surrender her and her littermates to PugHearts. Monica is a Pug mix (Pug, Chihuahua, Yorkie). She's the quietest and the smallest one of this feisty fur family. But don't let that fool you. She is playful, she is shy, and she loves to sleep in her foster mom's lap when she's not playing with her siblings. Monica won't be ready for adoption for a couple of months, but she is doing great and gaining weight every day! Welcome to PugHearts, Monica, we are so glad you are here!

Monica is the second in command. She loves crinkly toys.

MoxiePH ID: #6629

Moxie is a spunky and feisty 10 week old little girl. She gets along well with dogs and children and loves to rule the house! Moxie loves to give kisses and snuggle with everyone. We will begin working on potty training and moving to kibble soon. She is looking for a fun and loving home.

Foster Moxie Update: She is out of the ER and is doing so much better. Although we are not totally in the clear until test results are back, she is at least comfortably isolated in a home. Thank you for donating towards vet bills for her and other pugs in our care. We couldn't do this without you. Now, a little bit about Foster Moxie. This itty-bitty girl is FIERCE and FEISTY and has been nonstop playing, growling, barking, climbing, running and being 100% cute!

Mr JinglesPH ID: #6731
Jingles is a 3 yr old, owner surrender that came to PugHearts due to changes at his original home. He is HW+ so will be with us for some time until he gets treated. Jingles is very loving, playful teenager pug. He likes humans and other pugs alike. He doesn't jump on furniture but likes to be lifted onto your lap if you are sitting down. We are working on his potty training and once neutered I think it will improve more. For now, he's loving to do zoomies and play with his foster siblings (pugs and human) and loves feeding time. Jingle is on the larger side of pugs but he's not fat. He has a beautiful coloring and masked face. I call him the bearpug. He's looking for a family to call his own, with kids he can play and snuggle with. He has good crate training (will go in for a treat) and sleeps through the night in it or when I have to go out. He's a very loving and huggable hunk of a pug.

MurrayPH ID: #6694
Please welcome Murray to PugHearts!!

This is what we know about this little spunky boy! 3 yrs old, Healed fractured spine yellow. Severe intervertebral disc disease red. Hip dysplasia also noted. Also needs to be Neutered.-Heartworm negative. He loves other dogs and humans and is such a sweet little boy. He is medical hold at the moment but once ready put those apps in for this fun loving Pug!

MushuPH ID: #6604
MuShu is a sweet 10 yr old gentleman! He is fully potty trained and a delight to have in my home! MuShu lost his mom last month, and his dad is moving overseas. You can tell he was loved! He’s overweight, but will be slimming down for summer! He is a Velcro pug and is such a joy!

He is already neutered and heartworm negative. He needs to drop a few pounds (but, CoVid...you know?).

He is our darling MuShuPotamus!

NalaPH ID: #6391
Nala 2 likely spent her early years as a breeder but we know that she has had a loving home for the past five years. Unfortunately her elderly person had to surrender her because of his health issues but she obviously spent lots of time in his lap and she loves to cuddle. She’s approximately 10 year old but acts much younger! She scampers after toys and likes to be outside and go for short walks where she happily trots ahead. She has weak hind legs from time spent inn a cage but doesn’t seem to let it bother her. She is navigating porch steps just fine most of the time but does need to scoot to go potty. She’s fine with cats and kids and other dogs. She’s a happy and sweet little girl with a great personality!

NeelaPH ID: #6764
Neela is a 2-year-old playful little fawn girl. Unfortunately, she is heartworm positive. She is crate trained and mostly house trained. Neela is not the typical alpha female, but is quite playful and sweet. She loves to play with toys and snuggle with her person and/or foster friends. Neela will be ready to adopt around the first of next year after her heartworm treatment is complete.

NoniPH ID: #6488
Introducing Foster Noni. This is the most precious girl. Noni is a Frenchie. She is full of love and kisses. Noni is paralyzed from the waist down. She was a rescue from BARC presumably hit by a car, but that isn’t the case.

She has degenerative neurological deficits with severely atrophied back legs and hips.

While we cannot know what her future holds, she is safe, loved, and will celebrate Christmas with us.

I picked her up yesterday and she is integrating well within our group.

She is hospice and we will guide her through her remaining days as quality of life is determined.

Noni has already captured our hearts. She had me at first lick. Literally, was placed in the car, turned and licked my hand immediately.

Her spirit and will are incredible.

I even had her standing for a brief moment. There are no promises except she will be loved.

OpheliaPH ID: #5085
Ophelia comes to PugHearts from the Rio Grande valley.

She is a 4 year old fawn female. She is severe heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment prior to adoption.

From Ophelia's foster: Ophelia is a Velcro pug, very energetic and happy. She loves toys, Nyla bones and plush toys, but unfortunately she has mega esophagus which can be irritated by over enthusiastic play or stress. She loves tummy and chest rubs and she will let you know if you have not fulfilled her pet/scratch quota by pawing at your hand. She gives kisses and is very excited most of the time. Which has been alittle worrisome during her heart worm treatment. The mega esophagus is manageable with elevated food and rest 20-30 mins after feeding. Ophelia is a delightful little girl that adds a bright spot to everyday.

Medical hold and then pending adoption with his foster Mom.

OscarPH ID: #6688
Oscar is a precious older gentleman that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter.

He, like most neglected older pugs, has a few medical issues.

He has some spinal issues and deals with a weak bad end. He retains urine and will need to be expressed several times a day to avoid continued bladder infections.

Oscar see well and will follow you room to room, as he wants to be near you. He is getting along well with the other pugs in the house.

Eating from an elevated food bowl is a little easier for him.

Don't overlook this sweet angel.

OzzyPH ID: #6771
Full Description Coming Soon!

PatriciaPH ID: #6658
Please welcome Foster Patricia to PugHearts. Foster Patricia, a 3 year old French Bulldog, was picked up from a shelter in pretty terrible shape with her insides on the outside (rectal prolapse) and rushed to the ER vet. She’s been stitched back together and we’re hoping for a good check up when she heads back to the vet next week.

Despite being uncomfortable, scared, and wanting absolutely nothing near her back end, she still comes up to people for cuddles and finally relaxed and took a nice long nap in my lap last night. We’re taking things slow, Frenchies can be a bit harder to integrate to a pack than your average pug, but so far she seems to like the resident English bulldog the best.

Patricia has a bit to go before she’s ready for her forever family, so she’s on medical hold for now, but PugHearts will be with her every step of the way (even though there isn’t an ounce of pug in her)

PenelopePH ID: #6750
?Penelope came to us As a breeding pair. Thanks to Pughearts she will never have to have puppies again.

Penelope is only 18 months old. She is a healthy girl. She will have her spay on September 28 and will be ready for her forever home soon after that.

Penelope is a little bit feisty, but not in a bad way. She can definitely hold her own and a house full of pugs. She likes to eat by herself and make sure that no one else eats her food. She will do great as an only dog, but would love the company of another dog as well.

PeterPH ID: #6751
Full Description Coming Soon!

PhillipPH ID: #6726
Full Description Coming Soon!

PipPH ID: #6766
Full Description Coming Soon!

PollyPH ID: #6693
Check out this new lady, Polly! She is just beautiful, that mocha color with a beautiful black face with all those wonderful pug rolls on her face. She is always happy and has a wiggle butt to let you know how happy she is. She is about 3 years old, heartworm negative & looking for a new home to call all her own. She gets along well with other dogs, loves food but needs to shed some pounds but don’t we all?

Get your application in for this wonderful lady, she will be ready in Mid-August!

PrincePH ID: #6368
Prince is a very spry older pug who has a vision impairment. However, this does not slow him down at all! He is very curious and loves to explore his environment. He has a habit of getting into small spaces and falling asleep. So we get to play hide and seek with him. He loves dinner time and soft food. Before he was rescued by PugHearts he had his jaw broken at some point, it has healed and left him with a very happy expression. He is learning how to receive love. He has started whining in our general direction to let us know he would like to be picked up and loved on.

Pug The PekePH ID: #6710
Pug the Pekingese is 0% pug, but 100% PugHearts. His person passed away and when the family reached out to PugHearts, we just couldn't turn this "Pug" away. Pug is approximately 8 years old. He is a happy little boy who likes to romp in the grass and follow his person around. He's an excellent home-office companion who will sleep right at your feet, or he'll follow you around if you're moving about the house. As he's getting more settled in his foster home, he's showing that he can be a bit playful with his foster brother. He loves to snuggle on a fluffy blanket and just be near you. Pug will be available after his neuter on Aug. 18, when he will also be getting a dental.

RachelPH ID: #6646
Please give a warm PugHearts' welcome to foster Rachel! Rachel is one of the "Friends" puppies who was surrendered to PugHearts when her family could no longer care for her. Rachel is a Pug mix (Pug, Chihuahua, Yorkie) and has the cutest expressions and markings, and the lightest coat of her littermates. She is just a little doll, and the Diva of the group. Rachel loves to play, is learning that squeaky toys are so much fun, and loves to be held...this girl will jump right into your lap and take a long nap! Rachel won't be ready for adoption for a few more months as she just turned 7 weeks old. But this little stunner is certainly going to capture your heart. Welcome to PugHearts, Rachel, we are so glad you're here!

Rachel is the sweetest and calmest of the girls. She would rather get some one on one loving than eat!

RenaPH ID: #6581
Rena recently made the long journey from China to Houston to start her new life. We estimate she is around 4 years old, we will know more after her intake exam. Rena is 100% velcro, and her personality is starting to come out. She is sweet, smart, curious, loves toys, gets along well with other dogs, and loves food and treats! She is doing excellent with potty training, already knows to go to the door when she needs to go outside. We still have some training to do in terms of crating and commands. Also, this girl is quite athletic, she can jump gates so she needs a secure environment. She is one special girl and is on her way to her forever home!


RipleyPH ID: #6649
Welcome, Foster Ripley, to PugHearts. He is six weeks old puppy that was a result of a backyard breeder. He is fighting for his life as he has a list of medical issues that includes a bad eye, bad hearing, and possible liver shunt.


RosiePH ID: #6719
Meet Rosie! Rosie is a tiny little spitfire kinda gal. She’s the perfect balance of sweet, sassy & snuggly! Rosie is 15 lbs, 5 years old and looking for her forever family. As many lady pugs can be, she’s got a little bossy alpha tendency, but nothing outrageous or uncontrollable. She gets along well with other pugs, but would also do well as an only dog. She loves toys, to explore outside and cuddle with her people. She loves to sleep with her human, but loves a dog bed too. She has pretty good house manners if she’s taken out regularly. Otherwise she does know how to use a piddle pad. She hasn’t been crated, but will lounge in an open crate, so very possible she would learn! Rosie will have her intake exam in near future, but no know issues at this time!

RupertPH ID: #6687
Please welcome new foster Rupert to PugHearts! This cutie pie is only 3 yrs. old and unfortunately, is heart worm positive, so he won’t be ready for his forever home for a few more months. He’s also on Sandimmune for dry eye, but his eyes are looking much better!! Rupert is doing great with his new fur friends, he’s learning potty manners, and will hopefully come through heart worm treatment with flying colors, so he can find his furever family very soon!

Rupert is a happy and social Pug, he loves children and other dogs, and loves playing chase around the yard! Rupert is also crate trained and sleeps well through the night!

Welcome to PugHearts, Rupert…we are so glad you’re here!


ShaynaPH ID: #6478
Hi, my name is Shayna! In Yiddish, it means beautiful. I’m a 7 year old pug who came from China. I was brought by Pughearts to this wonderful country to start my sweet and pampered life. Because of my past life, I feel a little anxious and scared of humans. Good thing is that my foster mommy is very patient and allows me to stay in my crate where I feel safe. I’m scheduled to have my dental soon and nares surgery to help me breathe better. I know how to use the pee pad and will master the doggy door soon. By the way, I just want to say that I have adorable stubby legs and cute underbite which make me unique.

SiennaPH ID: #6676
Sienna is about 2 years old and come to PugHearts from the Rio Grande Valley.

She is great with kids and is the definition of a velcro dog. She wants to be wherever we are at all times. She loves to help cook in the kitchen, it's her favorite room in the house!

She is a lot of spunk in a small package. She is still very much a puppy and loves to play.

She needs a lot of work with potty training and chewing on things other than toys. We are working with her every day on these issues. She is pretty smart and catches on quickly, so it shouldn't take her long. She needs a family with patience and a lot of time for attention. She is very loving and loves meeting new people. She will lick them all to death!

She does well with the dogs at her foster home which are all older and senior pugs and a Boston terrier. She does not do well with larger dogs.

Unfortunately she is heartworm positive and has had a litter or two so she has some jiggly bits that are still there for now.

She should be ready for adoption after her spay and heartworm treatment.

She is going to make a fantastic family dog for anyone looking for a loving, sweet, and fun companion.


SimonePH ID: #6724
Please welcome Simone into the rescue. Her family tragically died in a car accident so her life was turned upside down in one tragic second.

We don’t know much about Simone apart from her being in need of a lot of medical care.

Simone is 10, has 2 old jaw fractures making her smile a but lopsided, luxation of the lens in left eye, second eye is underdeveloped and it is possible she may lose both.

Further, she has skin infection, dental disease, ear infection, and sadly both heartworms and whipworms so she will be with us for a few months.

Simone is completely lost and spends most of the day and night crying though it’s slowly getting better. I would like to start a fundraiser in her honor because she’s been through so much heartbreak and while her heart will take time to heal we can get started on healing her body

SophiePH ID: #4791
Sophie is a beautiful 11 year old who was returned to PugHearts when her adoptive family could no longer care for her medical needs.

Welcome to PH and our newest foster Sophie

Sophie is beautiful 11 years young and looking for her home to call her own. Health wise she HW negative, needs some dental along with losing some weight. Sophie is very mellow follows you around and sleeps at your feet during the day. She is not a fan of the kennel and is vocal about telling you this but she did ok after a few minutes. We have not put her in a kennel at night and she has not had any accidents, she follows you outside to powder her nose and doesn’t waist any time.

SukiPH ID: #6737
Suki is a 1 yr old “chug” (a chihuahua/pug mix). She is dainty and polite and has a beautiful shining black coat. She is trained to potty outside and does not make a mess when she eats. She is learning to become more comfortable with her crate. Suki’s favorite place to be is with a person. She gives a lot of kisses, likes to take walks, and does not like the sound of the trash can lid closing. Suki does well with small children and would also make a wonderful friend to older adults who would like a gentle companion. She is VERY velcro. When she gives kisses her tail spins in a circle like a windmill. Her personality is just all around special. Better put that application in now because she is too unique to last long!

SybilPH ID: #5638
Sybil comes to us from Mississippi

Sybil is a 12 year old, heart worm negative female. She is one of the Mississippi 6 rescued from a puppy mill. This girl is a sweetheart and loves people. She is truly a Velcro pug— loves to follow you, sit with you, snuggle with you, loves attention!

Sybil is a resilient puppy mill survivor and a true sweetheart. This wonderful 12 year old girl LOVES people, other dogs, snuggles, cuddles, and will follow you everywhere! She is slightly vision impaired, but has excellent hearing. She is potty trained, crate trained, and heartworm negative. Don’t miss out on this senior lady with a heart of gold. What a great little buddy!


TaterPH ID: #6730
Tater is a smaller, stunningly handsome 8 year old fawn male. He was surrendered (*or retrieved from a shelter?) to (*by) PugHearts, through zero fault of his own.

Tater made his way to my care just yesterday. What started a smelly, itchy, flakey, balding intro is evolving to an eased, smiling, curious character. He have meds for ear and skin infections on board, and he actually seemed relieved for his first medicated bath, after which he enjoyed a meal and comfortable, silent night's slumber. A dental is next, at which time he'll also be evaluated for palate surgery, a common pug necessity to help our fosters with longevity and airway ability. As always, PugHearts will spare no effort or expense to give this little spud all the TLC and veterinary treatment he needs.

Tater, even in this scaly, scabby state, has already initiated play with other pugs here. He sees, hears, and moves around well. In true pug form, Tater accepts every treat and meal offered, and even vocalizes his gratitude.

A master level head tilter and tail wagger, Tater's just an all around joyful little creature. Of course he is. Makes sense. What is THE most easily dressed, versatile, and universally delicious produce of all?

Yep. The Tater!!

Every sofa needs one.

TessaPH ID: #6132

Tessa came to PugHearts from San Antonio back in November as a 7 week old puppy with a prolapsed rectum. A prolapse will typically occur in puppies that haven’t been properly dewormed, causing severe diarrhea. A purse string was put in by the vet in San Antonio prior to her transport to Houston.

What is a purse string? Think of it as a drawstring in her rectum to hold her insides in, similar to holding the contents of a bag in place. This is so important because the longer that the bowls are out, the more necrotic the tissue becomes.

The purse string stayed in for 2 weeks and less than 48 hours after it was out, Tessa prolapsed again. She was rushed back to our vet to have an additional purse string. This is when we assumed the problem was bigger than we thought and it was discovered that Tessa has no muscle tone in her rectum. This purse string stayed in for 3 weeks, and this time she prolapsed less than 24 hours from removal. I became quite versed in pushing her colon back inside her body every time she prolapsed, until her emergency surgery was performed the following day.

Dr. Hendrix performed a Coloplexy on Tessa, essentially pulling and tacking the colon to the abdominal wall and leaving no room for an additional prolapse to occur.

Since this surgery, we have been finding out all the additional problems Tessa has, and assume she born with this defect. She has a total collapse of the 7th vertebrae leading into her pelvis causing nerve damage to the colon, which also gives her a funny gait and a spastic neurogenic colon. She has the urge to poop all the time, and will posture constantly with some, little or nothing coming out. It ends up on her, the other dogs, me and the wall on occasion. She has to have her anal glands manually expressed on a weekly basis because her body can’t do it. She will never be able to jump on and off the furniture or use stairs. There’s mornings that I want to scream and cry while I’m scrubbing poop, but then I see her and everything is worth it.

We’ve treated her with prednisone and metronidazole to no avail, and we currently have her on Tylan which has helped the consistency be more formed. She is on a strict diet of GI high energy wet food and Biome

If Tessa hadn’t found her way to PugHearts, she would not be here. There is no information on treating this condition because most dogs would have died or been euthanized. PugHearts is fighting for Tessa and we are doing everything that we can to help her. It’s not cheap, Her dog food is almost $80 a bag, but this little baby deserves the best. SLPH accepts manufacturers coupons for the Hill’s Science Diet food, if you’d like to donate those at the clinic. I had $15 worth today!

Today Tessa had her last booster. At this point, most puppies would be ready for adoption. Tessa is not. We’ve concluded that Tessa might not ever be adoptable, but we also aren’t calling her hospice. It’s unknown what Tessa might have to tackle next and with Pughearts and me as her foster, we will be ready to take on anything, but it’s not a burden we want future adopters to have to face.

Tessa is my baby. She is spoiled rotten just like she’s suppose to be. She spends the majority of her day being held or in my lap, and sleeps every night curled around my neck.

Please consider donating to Tessa’s care. She deserves the world and PugHearts is going to give it to her

TobyPH ID: #6536
Welcome Foster Toby to PugHearts! He is a VERY sweet boy. He’s a bigger pug but NOT fat. (Guessing 24lbs-ish). Very affectionate and LOVES to give kisses. So far, he would much rather be with his person than play with the other dogs. He loves to sleep with his people, too. Whichever home he goes, they must love getting kisses, being followed around and snuggling. He’s around 2 yrs old, neutered and will have his intake later this week.

TonyPH ID: #6086
Tony, Tony The Tiger, He's grrrrrrreat! Tony is a 9 yr old male.

He has had with a long battle with scaly, itchy, irritated skin issues.

He had allergy testing done and we did not find anything that would be the cause of his suffering.

He currently takes a Benadryl and 2.5 mg Prednisone daily. Baths are done regularly with a medicated shampoo

His ears get inflamed and he tends to chew on his feet when that happens.

Because of his skin irritation, Tony is NOT a fan of being picked up. He is looking for a forever home with no kids, as when he feels anxious about being picked up or having his ears/feet messed with, he will growl and want to snap to tell you to stop.

This is just his only way to tell you he doesn't feel good or that he is scared. This is manageable and we are here to help the right family understand his behaviors and make modifications for him to feel safer.

Tony is housebroken, uses my doggy door and crates well at night to sleep.

This poor guy is worth the extra time to gain his trust and love.

Just look at his precious face!

TumblePH ID: #4878
Tumble is a 12 yr old female better known as Tummy or Tum Tum. She is heartworm negative and already spayed.

From Tumble's foster: Tumble is a special needs foster, not due to health issues (as she is VERY HEALTHY), but due to fear and trust issues.

Tumble comes to PugHearts scared of everything. She does not trust men at all and will bark and bark to let them know to go away. She will trust women and is the sweetest, gentlest, loving girl once you earn her trust.

I love and adore Tumble. Tumble and my husband....not so much. Tumble is looking for a patient lady that is willing to go slowly and allow Tumble to trust you completely.

She is housebroken, heartworm negative, kennels on command and wags her whole body when she is happy to see you. Tumble is learning to trust my husband through food. She is a typical pug and food is her motivator.

I know there is a perfect home out there for her....it is just going to take time and patience to find it......just like it will take time and patience for Tumble to trust a forever family.

Uncle TitoPH ID: #6744
Uncle Tito is a 3 year old neutered male.

He is healthy and looking for an active family to play with.

Uses the doggie door and crates well at night.

VanessaPH ID: #6727
Vanessa is a small, 3 yo jet black beauty from the Rio Grande Valley.

She is healthy, but for some healing belly skin irritation from an obvious recent litter. Beyond that, all she needs before heading home is her spay. We will see to it that every day for the rest of her life, Vanessa gets to BE the baby, not have them.

Vanessa is very new to PugHearts , but so far loves toys, pug siblings, and lounging outside on the deck. We of course are careful to only let her do this in the cool of morning and evening. Her coat is so short and shiny, you can nearly see your reflection. Her tail is double curly perfection. She has a big, square head and needs to gain 2-3 pounds, so her body matches. She has stunning white chest and toe tips on all four feet. Add THE MOST ENDEARING, tiny white beard patch consisting of about 7 more white hairs.

She slept contently crated her first night here and spend hours cuddled on the couch with us last night. She appears an angel in every way... right up until pedicure time... for this will likely require vet level strength and skills for life.

Follow Vanessa's foster life tales on Facebook and Instagram. We predict they will be limited in number; because. LOOK at her. She is heaven.

VeronicaPH ID: #6743
Foster Veronica is a tiny thing weighing just 14 pounds. She is house and crate trained. She is 5 years old and has a lot of energy which requires a couple 15 minute walks per. She is very soft and likes to sit by your feet under the desk while you work. She is comfortable around other dogs but would likely make a good solo pet as well as she appears to prefer human company.

VinnyPH ID: #6742
Vinny from the Valley is our latest blind double winky. He is a slight guy at just 15 pounds, and the most unique black tipped dark fawn color; another foster called it perfectly when described as "raccoon colored". Vinny is estimated to be 5 years old.

Vinny came to us with horrific eye injuries, which required surgical removal. He is healing and adapting to his new dark world, and gaining confidence and revealing his personality each day. My other blind dog is of great comfort to Vinny; they tool around the yard together these cool evenings.

Vinny also has some urinary issues we are treating, but is responding well to antibiotics. He is mostly a quiet guy, but today was vocal for the first time when we had a visitor. He is fine with other pugs, but has yet to engage in play with them, or toys. He still steps lightly and hesitantly, but I expect as he recovers, he will become more sure of himself. He is very reactive to his name and already has head tilts mastered. He has world class cuddler written all over him.

Vinny will require a special family with the dedication and mindfulness to be his eyes. He will be your heart. I expect greatness from this guy.

Vinny could be cleared home ready as soon as mid September. Meantime follow his progress and adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Violet PH ID: #6624
Violet is a 3 year old spayed female that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. She has a long history of spinal issues and we believe (based on skin scars) that she has been using a wheelchair for a while now.

She has been fitted properly for a new cart and has earned the nickname Vi Vi Voom, as she is ready to chase her dreams and find her forever family.

Violet is special needs, but she adores life and people and is ready for any new adventure.

WallyPH ID: #6655
Wally is the happiest 6 month old "Not exactly a pug" in the whole world. He has the sweetest disposition. He wakes up with a smile on his face and his fluffy tail wagging. He is active and likes to play, but not hyper at all. He loves snuggles and he likes to be near his humans. You will feel so welcome whenever you come home, this guy will greet you so happy you are home.

WarrenPH ID: #6741
?Warren is a sweet boy. Warren is 2 years old and healthy. He will have his neuter on September 23 and will be ready for his new home after that.

Warren is a quiet boy who likes to play with lots of stuffed toys. He is low energy and would do well in a home with other dogs or would do fine as an only dog.

WesleyPH ID: #6013
Wesley, 9 years old, is a pug mix who was picked up as a stray. His physical exam reflects that he has had medical care in the past. He is heartworm negative and has had dental care. Wesley's behavior reflects that he is used to living inside as a pet. He perches on sofas and chairs and loves to snuggle. Wesley gets along with other dogs and can follow simple directions. Wesley is an affectionate fellow who would love to have a permanent home.

WongPH ID: #6739
Foster Wong is one of the saddest cases of neglect that has come to our rescue because he's suffered so much and he is just a baby. His story started in a shelter in Corpus Christi. at 7 months old he was diagnosed with a food bload, severe demodex mange and deep ulceration of both eyes. Once the food bloat was no longer a life threat he got transferred to Houston and we have been treating both his skin and eyes.

While Wong's skin has a long way to go, his eyes are showing major improvement and even though he will likely end up with permanent scarring, he can see and will be able to keep both his eyes which is excellent news. Wong is an extremely snuggly puppy that seems to be thankful for the tiniest bit of attention. He is working on being potty trained and curbing his food aggression which is likely linked to all the starvation he has been through. Despite his challenges we are absolutely smitten and honored to be fostering this special boy.

YvettePH ID: #6680
Please welcome Foster Yvette to PugHearts! This petite little lady, about 13 lbs., came in from a shelter in Texas. She came in with tapeworms, hookworms, she had some fleas and ticks. Thankfully all of that is easily treatable and she did not have heart worms! Which is great news! She’s playing really well with her foster siblings and sweet as can be. She wants all the love and attention. She is scheduled for her spay at the end of July and will be ready for her forever home then!

ZaidPH ID: #6679
Foster Zaid is such a doll. At the perfect age of 4 (playful but not possessed) he fits in well with both the young and the old. He is potty trained, crate trained and a very quiet boy.

Zaid came to us mangy, starved, with one underdeveloped eye and unfortunately heartworm positive from the Valley. His skin has improved massively, we are working on his weight and he will be treated for heartworms.

One of his unique features is that his tail doesn’t curl but instead it goes a million miles a minute. This sweet, eventually completely healthy boy should be ready for adoption just in time for the Halloween season!