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AbigailPH ID: #5017
Abigail is a 9 year old black pug. She is as sweet as her face. Loves all dogs but adores her people. She is potty trained and will use a doggy door or a pee pad (who doesn’t love a versatile girl?). The only thing to watch out for is her food guarding but after 3 weeks with us she’s realized no-one will push her out of the way so she has stopped fussing.

She comes from a home that adored her but she tragically lost both her people this year which is how she found herself with PugHearts again but not for long. Abigail got her dental and a growth removal done and after her soft palate surgery in October she will be joining her furever family and let me say, they hit the jackpot!


AbnerPH ID: #6239
Please welcome Agatha and Abner (fawn) to PugHearts! This dynamic duo was surrendered to a shelter out of state and thankfully made their way to PugHearts. Both Agatha and Abner are 10 years old, are heartworm negative, are fantastic with children, and do great with other dogs. This bonded pair was surrendered at no fault of their own, but are both vision impaired. They both love attention, and will follow you everywhere you go, just by the sound of your voice. Agatha and Abner will be making their very first appearance this weekend at the Pugs and Bugs adoption event! Please come out and meet them, and get your applications in, these two cutie pies are simply Pug perfection!!

AdiraPH ID: #6308
Adira is an absolutely stunning 7 year old black nugget who came to PugHearts after she was abandoned in apartment. Yes really.

She is the squarest (and I do mean CUBED) little chunk I have ever fostered and is the deepest, shiny black. She has an especially stubby tail, which curls perfectly, despite its shortness. Her head is huge, flat, and expressive. She's a little timid yet, but I look forward to her personality revelation. She navigates the yard seamlessly by the feel of the grass on her feet. I've lived with blind pugs for years. They really can thrive and have joyful, long lives. Adira will count on her person to be her eyes.

As is typical for many new intakes, Adira is heart worm positive, so will be with us a few months, giving more opportunity to know and love her. She has mild arthritis in her back we are treating with medication, which she'll likely continue. She is totally blind; eyes injured beyond repair and scheduled to be surgically removed when she is spayed. Meantime, she gets daily drops to keep her comfortable. In true pug form, she eats like a hungry alligator. Otherwise, she's very quiet in the car and crate and loves to be held. She's had a full spa day, lots of kisses and pets, a savory meal, and now sleeps in a clean, safe bed. I dream for her great things.

Please follow Adira on her journey to health and home on PugHearts of Houston Facebook and Instagram.


AgathaPH ID: #6240
Please welcome Agatha and Abner (fawn) to PugHearts! This dynamic duo was surrendered to a shelter out of state and thankfully made their way to PugHearts. Both Agatha and Abner are 10 years old, are heartworm negative, are fantastic with children, and do great with other dogs. This bonded pair was surrendered at no fault of their own, but are both vision impaired. They both love attention, and will follow you everywhere you go, just by the sound of your voice. Agatha and Abner will be making their very first appearance this weekend at the Pugs and Bugs adoption event! Please come out and meet them, and get your applications in, these two cutie pies are simply Pug perfection!!

AnnabellePH ID: #5894
Annabelle is a very sweet approximately 8-10 year old girl. She came to us as an owner surrender. She spends most of her days napping, but she gets very excited at dinner. Her teeth were rotten and had to be removed, so she is on a soft diet. She loves to cuddle, and snuggling into blankets. Annabelle doesn't mind other dogs or cats, she is mostly focused on her people.

ArcherPH ID: #6300
Archer has settled in seamlessly to our household of 2 cats and a dog. He’s bright and attentive and show no signs of abuse. He’s been somebody’s loved dog at one time. Seem to know a few cues, he’ll sit and come when told and knows what a sharp “no” means when peeing on a potted plant on my porch. Didn’t know about dog beds, but he’s figured it out. Doesn’t know about toys either but quickly learned about chew bones!

He walks well on a leash, as he’s very polite and doesn’t mind the slowness of my extremely reluctant walker, Zoe. But he’ll step right out when she does decide to move! Hip dysplasia and arthritis aren’t readily apparent.

He’s sweet with the cats and my grand-kids (ages 3,5, and 8) and loves the attention they shower on him!

He lets me know with the cutest howl when he want to go out so I haven’t taught him about the dog door yet. He has a great deep little old man bark.

His skin issue seems to have already lessened in intensity as he’s not worrying his leg that he gnawed on the first few days. He has an occasional coughing jag, thinking from the heartworms?

He loves to snuggle and the first time I returned home after leaving him, he was cuddled up right next to Zoe in my bedroom so not waiting by the door.

He does move to room to room with me but he’s not needy.

He’s a great dog and will be easy to adopt out once we get him healthy!

Archer is the friendliest little guy, bright and sweet as can be. He appears to be around 8 years old and was found on the streets but he was obviously someones buddy at some point in his life. He’s housebroken and does well with other dogs, cats and kids! He’s very polite and social and enjoys his walks and does well on a leash. He’s a snuggler and likes nothing more than laying around on the couch with his human and animal companions. He’s HW+ which will be treated and has some arthritis and hip dysplasia but gets around just fine and seems to have no problem with steps. He’s a great little pug and will easily fit into a loving family!

AugustusPH ID: #6040
Meet Augustus. He is about 9 yrs old.

He comes to PugHearts with an injury to his front foot that turned out to be a tumor. Sadly, the tumor was so severe that he lost his leg.

Augustus is heartworm negative and was obviously loved before he found himself in a shelter.

He is learning to move around with 3 legs, but that does not stop him from ALWAYS wanting to be near his person.

BaileyPH ID: #5464
Bailey is a 9 year old female pug with great personality and sazzyness. She loves to be with her humans and sleep by their bedside. She gets along with her two foster siblings, but takes a while to warm up and doesn't like dogs in her face. She's a bit alpha but I think is mostly because she's afraid the other dogs will knock her down because her back is weaker than the other dogs. She gets along with my toddler, but I prefer if she goes to a calmer, more relaxed household where her humans can give her all the attention, petting and love that she likes.

She loves soft beds and blankets so we have several fluffy blankets spread throughout the house for her. She is very spoiled so would like her forever home to continue this trend. :-) She loves warm baths and getting pampered. She loves getting picked up and place in the recliner with you.

Bailey has spondylosis and results in a different gait and some fecal incontinence. However, her incontinence has improved significantly and she seems more aware of it now. The accidents inside the house have been reduced significantly as well. Her bladder infection was cured in April 2018 and she has been pretty healthy since then. She eats Prescription Diet C/D for Urinary Health. I also give her Dasuquin MS and a cranberry supplement to keep her healthy.

She goes up and down the stairs, which she didn't when we first got her in February 2018. She goes potty outside by standing around the door and knows very well when meal times are. She is smart, sweet, and a great companion. I would love to see her relax at her forever home with lots of love and spoils.

BeansPH ID: #5775
Beans is a 14 year old pug who loves 3 things: eating, sleeping, and eating again. He came to PugHearts a tad overweight at 26 pounds, but he has shed 2 pounds so far. He loves soft toys and is quite the character. Beans has had successful surgery to rid him of bladder stones, so he must stay on a restrictive diet to avoid a re-occurrence. He also has an old injury to his left eye and has no vision in it. Beans is a sedentary fellow who is happy with a low key lifestyle. He is happiest when he knows where you are and will especially follow you if you make your way into the kitchen....his favorite room. Beans sleeps in his own bed and is house trained. He gets along with other dogs and ignores the cat. Mr. Beans, as I refer to him, is a total sweetheart who is looking for a quiet home for his retirement years.

Betty AnnPH ID: #6023
Betty Ann is a chug, surrendered through no fault of her own. While Betty Ann was frightened of everything when she first came to us, she has blossomed into a loving little lap dog. She loves her people and she does well with dogs and loves to play with them! Betty Ann is 7 years old and heartworm negative. She loves to sleep next to her human, crates well and has excellent potty habits. Betty Ann is a little gem. Please consider her for your family!

BorisPH ID: #6111
Foster Boris is a 10 year old double winky. He is crate trained but loves to sleep on rugs at front or back door.

Boris does not bark. He loves to be outside in good weather and just roam the yard smelling everything. Boris would love a senior family to love and take care of him.

BrendenPH ID: #6286
Brenden is an adorable 2 year old black Male. He was found chained to a dog house in the South Texas heat. He came to PugHearts then, where he is accepted in any condition, any age. Unfortunately, he is heartworm positive and will have to go through heart worm treatment and won’t be available until the end of summer, 2020. He is crate trained and is working on his house training which should improve after his neuter. He has a good appetite and loves to be near his person. This little guy follows you around but also will go play with toys and nap in his bed.

Brenden is being treated for an eye infection and has dry eye that will require drops for the rest of his life. He also has bilateral luxating patellae and is being treated with Rimadyl. If this does not help, he may require surgery before adoption. I wish I could say that this young fellow won’t last long! However due to his condition, it may take a bit longer to find a home. Watch the Facebook page for posts and updates. I’m hoping he improves and becomes the carefree little buddy for a special family!


BrianPH ID: #6370
Full Description Coming Soon!

BrinleyPH ID: #6365
Full Description Coming Soon!

BrunoPH ID: #4933
Bruno is a 9 year-old fawn male who has come back to us after tragically losing his owner. He is heartworm negative and neutered. This sweet boy loves to be as close to his people as possible so when you can’t find him, it’s because he is right behind you or sitting under your chair. He has a back issue and is missing one eye, but is otherwise healthy, and he doesn’t let it slow him down at all. Bruno enjoys wandering the back yard. He is a well-mannered fellow. While he gets along with other dogs, he prefers to hang with his humans. If you are looking for a velcro pug, search no more…Bruno is your guy.

CharlenePH ID: #6354
Beautiful, busy Charlene is a tiny black lady found scavenging on her own in the Rio Grande Valley. She is 8 years old and just 10 pounds. As feared, Charlene has a laundry list of complex issues, including, but not limited to:

• Emaciation

• Hit by car; resulting badly healed broken pelvis, hip, and spine

• Severe dry eye; resulting blindness

• Severe heart worm positive

• Intestinal parasites, yeast, and bacteria

• Profound dental disease

All of which were preventable. All of which occurred because people failed her. All of which has lead to her needless suffering...

But today she is PugHearts stronger, and our amazing vets and techs, along with our foster army, will do everything possible to make her life better.

Charlene is currently on medical hold. We are treating what we can, and evaluating her quality of life; prognosis guarded. She is nervous and has trouble settling, but it's early, and I do see small signs she's getting more comfortable here. I am inspired by her voracious appetite; dashed by her impaired motility.

What is certain? Charlene exemplifies "any pug, any condition", and will get nothing but love for the duration. She is why we are PugHearts.

ClaudePH ID: #6335
Well hello everyone! My name is Claude. I am an 8 year old pug who feels like Im still a young pup. I was living outside (man Texas is hot) when this nice lady came to pick me up. She brought me home and showed me what it’s like to live inside with AC. She said I deserved to be treated like the sweet gentleman that I am. I was a little scared when I got there but she made me some special food and gave me a comfy place to sleep. After a couple meals and a nice bath I felt like a new pug. I went to the Dr and unfortunately because I was living outside I have those pesky heartworms but my new rescue promised me that they would take care of those. That will happen in the early fall. I also am going to get neutered. I hear that’s the best thing for me. I’m gonna have some dental work done too. Whatever that means. I’m so happy that I found a loving home, but my foster mom says it’s not my forever home. Just a stop along the way. So waddya say?? Will you be my forever home??

ClementinePH ID: #6230
Clementine came to PugHearts after being found as a stray in South Texas. It’s obvious that this poor girl has spent the majority of her life on the streets. She has bad arthritis, dry eye to where she’s mostly blind, a horrible condition due to bad nutrition, and she’s severe heartworm positive. She is so tiny, weighing barely 9 pounds, and we’re estimating her age between 10-12 years old. Despite all of this, Clementine has a spunky personality and loves cuddling with her foster mommy on the couch. She’s extremely vocal, and has no problem telling her foster siblings what she thinks. Clementine is a perfect little lady when it comes to house training, and I don’t think we’ve ever had an accident in the house! She loves spending her days outside as much as possible, and will move as the sun moves in the backyard to catch the rays on her face! Once Clementine is healthy enough, we will schedule her spay and heartworm treatment.


CodyPH ID: #6325
Hello PugHearts followers!

My name is Cody, I am an 8 month old eenie little bitty puggy with the biggest personality! My journey to PugHearts is somewhat tragic, my previous owner got disabled do she can’t take care of me anymore. Thankfully, my auntie called PugHearts and met this nice lady that I called FoMa (Foster Momma). I really enjoyed playing with my foster brothers especially with the grumpy big dog Alex. FoMa said I am pretty chill for a puppy. Still working on my potty training but otherwise I know sit, stay and go night night! Love treats and playing with my FoMa’s fingers. I am due for neuter the middle of July and will be ready for my furever home right after that. Thank you for taking your time to check me out!


CooperPH ID: #3284
Hello, let me introduce myself: I am the absolutely fabulous Cooper. My foster Mom calls me her "velcro baby" because I always to be near her or another person. I am a great cuddler and sleep next to her all night. I wear a belly band, but it is almost always dry (sometimes I forget to go all the way outside and mark a little, but I am learning). Other dogs and I get along well and I LOVE children. I am back with PugHearts because my Dad got sick. PugHearts is always here to make sure I am safe.

I am 9 years old, heartworm negative and healthy.

Cora BellePH ID: #5975
Hi everyone, I’m Cora Belle. I am around 6 years old or so. I'm a little lady. I am very cute, sweet and special. Yep, fell on my head and it causes me to tumble like a cheerleader, but I just get up and keep going. Hardwood and tile floors are hard for me and I look like I’m trying to learn to ice skate and fall a lot. Foster mom has rugs for me to walk to that help me. Don’t worry, it is just a little thing and meds aren’t needed except for the prevention ones. You should see me run the fence when I’m protecting the yard. I’m looking for a forever family that doesn’t mind a girl who stumbles. I love hugs and will be yours forever.


CordellPH ID: #6043
This guy! He was found as a stray, emaciated, mostly blind, tapeworms, HW+ but neutered. He is gaining weight and turning into a happy playful guy! He growls constantly, but with him it’s more like purring. He looks like he will eat off your hand but plays really gently!

Foster Cordell has come such a looooong way in his recovery! But his journey isn’t over yet and he has some health issues as a result of his early hard life. His heartworms have been treated and he did great! He has dry eye that is fortunately easily managed with a daily eye drop and he is so cooperative with getting the daily drops. ?? He’s currently being treated for a yeast infection in his ear but that should clear soon.

CorrinaPH ID: #6350
Corrina came from the Valley. She is a petite, happy, very easy going 1 yr old pug girl that loves sitting in your lap, sleeping in the big bed and just being loved. She is completely potty trained and sits for treats. Her favorite thing is breakfast time, snack time, and dinner time. She gets along with other dogs and children. She is the definition of an angel.


CruzPH ID: #6333
Cruz is 7 years old and is probably the sweetest, most laid back pug I have ever fostered. He’s obviously lived on the streets quite some time due to the poor condition of his fur and his status of being heartworm positive. After x-rays, we’ve found he has a healed broken back likely caused from being hit by a car. He’s not on meds for it, but it does mean his weight needs to always stay at a healthy level, and a joint supplement is recommended. Cruz is currently on Enalapril for heart and lung changes consistent with being severe positive, but we’re hopeful he will get to stop that following his heartworm treatment. Cruz gets along great with other dogs and I assume he would care less about being in a home with cats. He is on daily drops for dry eye, and he just sits there letting you do them. Cruz recently had his nares, palate and neuter, and will be scheduled for his heartworm treatment soon. Once that’s complete, Cruz will be ready to find his forever home.

CunninghamPH ID: #6288
Meet Cunningham! He's a feisty and active 9 year old male. Cunningham is friendly with other dogs, children and people. We are working on potty training and learning to play with toys. He is neutered and heartworm negative.


Cunningham has internal mast cell tumors and will remain with PugHearts until it is his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge

Daisy 8PH ID: #6347
Daisy came to PugHearts as an Owner Surrender. She is already spayed and is a healthy and happy 25 pound love. Daisy is fully house trained and gets along great with her foster siblings. She will do best in a home with another dog to play and cuddle with. Barking at the fence and playing with squeaky toys are some of Daisy’s favorite things, as well as meal times! She does well in the crate, but has no issues being left to roam freely when she’s home alone.


DelaneyPH ID: #6361
Full Description Coming Soon!

DexterPH ID: #6348
Look at me! I am Dexter. I am 18 months an so handsome & lovable & playful. You have a lap - I will sit it in it. You want someone one to talk to - I will listen. I will even talk back sometimes. I will definitely talk to you when it is time to eat just in case you forgot. I love to play with you and with other dogs and great with kids. My foster family’s 4 year old loves to throw my squeaky bone & I will chase it & will sometimes bring it back to her. We play together and then it’s break time & we sit & watch Paw Patrol.

I love to eat and am very food motivated. I have learned to sit and then I get my bowl.

I am working on potty training. I have learned to use the doggie door - it’s just I don’t feel like using it all the time. Texas heat & all that I suppose.

EarlPH ID: #6094
My name is Earl but my foster mom and dad call me Earl the Pearl. After the only family I ever knew my entire life my gave me up I lost hope that anyone would love a pug like me again. I mean I’m 14 years old, blind, deaf, suffer from severe arthritis, have a hunched back and an underbite. I’m not one of those pugs that people look at an say awwww, I’m the one they say ewww to.

Despite those things when PugHearts got me I was really scared and paced around a lot thinking they wouldn’t want me either. I thought they’d give me up too but boy, was I wrong! They took me to their own doctor and got me on some kind of medicine to help my arthritis and daily eye drops too. I felt so special and wanted. The best thing is PugHearts has me in a foster home who tell me how much they love me every single day. They bought me my very own bed, give me double portions of food to help me gain weight (plus lots of snacks), cuddle and let me all the time and because walking hurts so much my foster mom bought me a life jacket that has a handle on it. She carries me in an out of the house for bathroom breaks. The rest of the time these old bones of mine are tired and I sleep most of the time. I have 3 other foster siblings who are pretty nice. My foster mom tells me she’s proud of me because I've never peed in the house and I try really hard not to poo, but sometimes I can’t help it. My foster mom never gets mad at me though because she said I can’t help it with my arthritis. I really love my foster parents and give them kisses whenever I can actually see their faces.

I know the chances of anyone wanting to adopt an old man like me is slim but that’s ok because I know PugHearts will always make sure I’m safe and cared for. I’m very thankful to have PugHearts and a foster mom and dad who love me and want me to spend my senior years in comfort.

ErisPH ID: #6356
Meet Eris! A beautiful, 9 year old full figured girl. She is an owner surrender, and was loved by her family. She is completely housebroken, good with children of all ages, and dogs. Eris is a Velcro pug, and loves sleeping next to her Foster Mom. Anyone would be lucky to have this girl in their life!

Adoption pending

Fozzy BearPH ID: #351
Fozzy Bear came to PugHearts as an owner surrender after the owner's health crisis. He is a real joy to have in the house with his lumbering gait and his occasional howl to demand services. He’s 12 years old and somehow looks younger than some of our other pugs. The Gent has a little arthritis which we are treating with joint supplements and a little CBD oil for inflammation. He gets daily Benadryl, but other than that, he doesn’t need any other medications. He is going in to SLPH in a couple of weeks for a dental and to get a couple of growths removed and then he will be ready to come to live his golden years with you. What can you expect? Fozzy sleeps all night in his crate with no issues. He loves our cat, and the cat actually really likes him, and this cat doesn’t like or need anyone. He snores gently when he sleeps, and he loves to be right beside you on the sofa while you are watching TV. He doesn’t get too crazy at dinner time, just stands and waits for his food to be prepared and then gently eats and gets a little water. He usually goes right out after he eats and does his business. Same for first thing in the morning. Get him from the crate, and right out the door to go potty. We have had a belly band on him because he is here with two other male dogs, but he is dry most of the time. He cannot jump on furniture anymore because of his arthritis, so he stares at you and sometimes gives a gentle bounce and Boof, if you are taking too long to lift him into his spot beside you. There is nothing this gentleman needs other than someone to enjoy his laid back attitude and his love of a good afternoon nap. He is just a lovely and gentle soul, waiting for the perfect person to love forever.

FrazierPH ID: #6334
Foster Frazier is an adorable 2 year old pug. He loves going on walks and playing with toys. He’s very sweet and loves cuddling up on the couch or bed. He’s a very friendly boy but will chase cats and squirrels. He’s mastered the doggy door but is still working on his potty manners. His neuter, boosters and nares are schedule for early August so get your application in!

GastonPH ID: #6367
Full Description Coming Soon!

GingerPH ID: #6355
Full Description Coming Soon!

GisellePH ID: #5684
Hi everyone, I am Giselle. I am an 8 year old heartworm negative female with a couple of special needs, who was rescued from El Paso. I am a very happy, feisty girl waiting for the perfect home.

Somewhere along the line I suffered a dislocated pelvis and a broken femur that was never repaired. I also have arthritis as a result in addition to being a bit deformed in the back. I do struggle on tile, but run across the grass or on rugs with a little bunny hop. I would need a kind owner who will carry me up and down steps as I cannot navigate them, nor can I use a dog door. My foster mom lays runner rugs for me. I am tiny so I can be carried where necessary without ruining your back.

While my walking is wonky, I do have full control over my bladder and bowels and am completely house trained. I know to go to the door to go outside. I love outside, and sunbathing, but need help getting back in.

I also had a bad eye injury, so I am a winky now. My remaining eye does not work well, and I get drops which I will need for life.

I may be tiny but have a big voice which I am not afraid to use. I slap you with my paw and bark when I want your attention. I love snuggling up next to my humans and submissive dogs who won't give me static. I am a bit of an alpha girl and will not hesitate to stand my ground.

I love food, treats, and fluffy toys which I toss in the air. Oom-a-loos are the best! I love scritches and belly rubs but due to my prior injuries cannot roll over. I do a slight roll on my side as a hint that my tummy needs rubs.

GroverPH ID: #6359
Full Description Coming Soon!

HarrisonPH ID: #4663
Harrison is a beautiful and compact 8 year old boy that was saved by a Good Samaritan after she watched him try to cross a busy freeway. We are so happy that she saved him before the unthinkable happened. Harrison has dry eye requiring daily drops, and slight arthritis which requires rimadyl daily as well. He gets along great with other dogs and loves cuddling up to nap in his crate. He is a velcro pug and a true momma's boy. He sleeps with his head sharing his foster mom’s pillow every night. Harrison does well with house training and uses the doggy door when he needs to go out. He uses a belly band occasionally when new dogs come in the house. He cries and whines instead of really barking. Harrison is heartworm negative and has already been neutered, so he’s completely ready to find his forever home.

HarryPH ID: #6342
Full Description Coming Soon!

HoltPH ID: #6363
Holt is about 2 years old and comes to PugHearts as an owner surrender. He is a sweet and calm young pug. It's takes time for him to warm up, but when he's comfortable, he's very loving. Holt will paw and roll around to ask for booty scratches. We are working on potty training, but he uses a doggy door like a champ! Holt is heartworm negative and great with children and dogs.


HughPH ID: #6323
Hugh, age 3, is a classy fellow that appreciates the finer things in life, such as, human’s sharing snacks before dinner, soft sheets and blankets, and therapeutic shoulder rubs on command. Hugh is a lot of personality in a tiny package! He likes kids, tolerates other animals (as he is superior to most), and loves the attention of his humans. He is very talented and will serenade you when he chooses. Hugh spent a lot of his previous life outside, and is doing beautifully on potty training, but he is a boy and does like to make sure everyone knows what belongs to him… Hugh is heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment before he is ready for adoption.

IsabellaPH ID: #5629
Isabella is a sweet girl that comes to PugHearts from the Rio Grande Valley.

Isabella is dealing with spinal injuries that have resulted in fecal incontinence, chewing on her own leg and difficulty walking.

She is special needs and will need an adopter that understands and can commit to her special needs.

She is and will continue to receive medical care until she is adopted or no longer happy on this side of the Rainbow Bridge

JasperPH ID: #6364
Jasper is a 3-year-old and 16 lb winky boy that will be neutered next month. Jasper is very friendly both with humans and other dogs. He is energetic but in adequate amounts. He loves toys and treats. He’s learning new tricks and goes to his crate at night. Jasper loves sleeping at your feet and loves following you all over the house. He is chill and neither rain nor tv shows mess with his karma

JebPH ID: #5248
Jeb is a senior boy that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. He is dealing with some neglect and age has not been kind to him. He is currently at the vet to be evaluated, treated and readied to go into a foster home to learn what spoiling and comfort feel like.

From Jeb's foster: If Jeb would write a personal ad, it would go like this...

Looking for an adorable elderly gent? I am Jeb, an 11 year old black pug who loves to cuddle, is great with other dogs and kids, and is very well mannered. My happiest moment is laying next to you and enjoying your company. I don't pee or poop in your house either. Since I do have some sight issues (i have some vision - I have to have eye drops), my current people pick me up and take me out. As soon as I am out, I take care of business fast and am ready to go back in. If I need to go out in the meantime, I will bark to let you know that I need to go. I am kind of "fluffy" right now - I love to eat and it shows so I am working on losing some "fluff". I am not food aggressive and eat right along all my other 4 legged people. My back legs are a little wonky when I walk but when I lose some "fluff" it should help that. So you are wondering how I am without you? I snooze away until you come back. I have free roam so I am a trust worthy kinda guy. Some say "what a good boy" - nah, I am a great boy!

JessiePH ID: #5935
Jessie is a sweet, spunky girl who was found as a stray in the Rio Grand Valley. She loves to cuddle people and gets along well with the other dogs, although she makes sure they know a toy or treat is hers if anyone gets too close. Her favorite way to spend the day is sleeping spread out on the big dog bed and snoring away! She is about 8 years old and heartworm negative. She has some spondylosis which makes her back legs stiff when she first gets up and moving, but she is surprisingly speedy once she gets going so don't let the funny gait fool you! She is fully house trained and crates happily.

JuanPH ID: #6353
Welcome to PugHearts Juan!! Juan came to PugHearts as an owner surrender by no fault of his own. Unfortunately, he was spending most of his life outside during the day, and in a crate at night. His owner thankfully made the decision to surrendered him. Juan is a 3 year old Bugg (Boston Terrier/Pug) with a beautiful brindle coat, and a tail that is always wagging! He knows how to sit and stay, has learned to use a doggie door in a very short time, and is crate trained. Juan loves to play with other dogs, and is great with adults and children too, he is the perfect family dog! Juan will be neutered next month, and is heart worm negative. He will be ready to go to his forever home in mid-September. Juan’s adoption is already pending!!

LavenderPH ID: #6260
Lavender came to PugHearts with her four puppies and sister Tulip following a Hoarding situation. She is 3 years old and has clearly spent her life as a breeding dog due to her poor body condition. Unfortunately Lavender has severe emotional scars from the constant abuse she’s suffered during her short life. She spends the majority of her days hiding under the bed or in a crate, and retreats quickly if anyone tries to look her in the eye. She’s learned to trust me enough to come inside when I call her name as long as she doesn’t see me, and will sometimes even take a treat from me when she’s hidden at the back of her cage. Sudden movements send her into hiding, and the slightest change to her environment will cause uncontrollable shaking, where she might hide under the bed for hours. We’re trying 100 mgs of Trazodone a day, to see if it relaxes and calms her mind, but it is unclear if Lavender will ever be a normal dog that understands how to give and receive love. Lavender shows no signs of aggression at all, but the trauma she has experienced is more than heartbreaking. Despite all of this, Lavender’s happy place is outside with her foster siblings. I watch from a distance and see what could be a very happy dog. She’s runs the fence line with them and will play while she’s feeling comfortable. Humans have failed Lavender. Sometimes the scars that you cannot see are far worse than any physical scars, and this is very true in Lavender’s case. It pains me to know humans can be so cruel, but PugHearts will do everything we can to help Lavender flourish and be as happy as she can be.

LeilaniPH ID: #6357
Full Description Coming Soon!

LilaPH ID: #5183
Lila is a 4 yr old female that comes to PugHearts after being found wandering all alone.

She appears to have some problems with her back legs and is being monitored by the vet. Lila is, happily, heartworm negative.

From Lila's foster: Meet Lila - our gorgeous Lila!! She is a very happy, healthy 4yr old that loves to play and cuddle and run - everywhere she goes!!

Lila is a special needs pug that has some neurological issues with her back legs. We are not sure if this is due to an injury or birth - be please do not let this deter you from adopting her!! She does not let this slow her down one bit!! The biggest issue is elimations, as she is not always aware of pooping. Lila does squat to urinate, but then hops about 3ft while going. If she is leashed and you hold her, she will finish then move on. She will also stand up when asked!

This sweet girl is a treasure and we are hoping that someone will give her a chance at a family - she deserves her own family and loves with her whole heart!!

LouisePH ID: #5107
Louise is a senior pug that was an owner surrender. She is so very sweet and loves to cuddle. Everyone falls in love with her. She does have a collapsing trachea and will have to be on medication for the rest of her life. She can't be out in the heat and/or exercise for a long time. Louise would be perfect for someone that wants a quiet, lovable companion. She is not dominant, and she gets along great with my 2 dogs. She is not food aggressive and very rarely has "accidents" on the floor. If you like to sleep late, Louise will not wake you up! She is perfectly happy snuggling in the bed next to you and is such good company. If you are looking for a furry companion to watch movies with you and love you unconditionally, Louise is for you!

MarleyPH ID: #6360
Full Description Coming Soon!

MasonPH ID: #6344
Where do I even begin to describe Mason? He is healthy 10-year-old. He is the most scared dog I have ever seen but also the bravest and most hopeful soul. You could see from the first moment he wanted to be loved, but didn’t trust. We decided to change that. We have now had Mason for 2 weeks and he has made major strides. He went from running away from us and cowering in the corner to following us and joining us on the couch. He seemed indifferent about our dogs at first bt now he snuggles with them daily and it is apparent he will need to go to a home with other dogs to help with his rehabilitation process.

Mason gets neutered soon. and will be ready to be adopted after that. He will need a calm, quiet and understanding home that will be ok with an occasional setback and having to take a break for a day and rebuild trust. His response is 100% flight, not fight; but it wouldn’t be conducive for him to be in an environment with a lot of sudden movements or loud noises. He is improving tremendously when it comes to visitors as long as they are respectful of his space. If they are not he will bark and run away. If you sit down and ignore him, he eventually comes close which is a huge improvement. If you think your home may be the right fit for this sweet sweet boy make sure you apply. He will in turn give you kisses for days.

MathisPH ID: #6349
Mathis is a 10 year old heartworm negative, neutered male pug who is dealing with some separation anxiety. This stress has had him biting and chewing at himself. He is dealing with some hearing loss due to chronic ear infections. Mathis definitely wants to be with his person at all times , and if he cannot find you he will start

howling until you reappear.

After two weeks he will now sit on my lap and sleep right next to me in bed . He is still scratching his ears at times, but he is not chewing at his body. He does not have much interest with toys but he does chew on his Nylabone Dinosaur. He gets along well with other dogs, pugs, and cats. He is very friendly and will go up to strangers to enjoy scratches and interactions. He made friends with the UPS driver quickly. He is capable of watching TV and does bark at things he sees on the TV. He definitely likes to sleep in in the morning.

MattiePH ID: #5809
This gorgeous 12 year old is healthy and full of spunk. She is a true delight to be around. She is sweet and loving. Wonderful in every way. Completely content to relax and enjoy her life.

Hi! My name is Mattie. I am the most perfect 12 year old you have ever met. I am pug perfect according to my foster Mom! I always go to the bathroom outside right where I am supposed to! I live for long naps and snuggling with my human. I love cats, dogs and birds. In fact Foster Mom days I love everyone. The only thing I do not like is to miss a meal!

MaxwellPH ID: #6343
Maxwell is a gorgeous, hefty, 30 pound fawn male, who due to unfortunate family changes, was surrendered with his pug house mates. We are grateful his previous family turned to PugHearts, trusting that we will provide him the best care and ultimate permanent home.

Maxwell is 10 years old, but does not look or act over 6. His nose roll is one for the record books, and his head huge and stunning. He has started a little green bean diet and we are treating his dry eye, which requires prescription drops for life, and also some skin irritation on legs and face. He is otherwise healthy and came to us neutered already. He is a bit timid, needs some leash training, but does not object to the four other pugs here. Considering his sudden life changes, he's adjusting pretty well. He slept

through most of his first night and had for breakfast the dinner he'd refused. He may also have some slight vision limitations. He is the gentlest of treat takers and cheese is a favorite for med taking.

Follow Maxwell on Facebook and Instagram for updates as we get to know him better. This gentle giant deserves all good things the rest of his life.

MercedesPH ID: #5626
Mercedes comes to PugHearts from a Texas shelter. She had been suspected of being hit by a car....but as it turns out, she has some significant hip and spinal issues that are not new.

This 6 year old little cutie still runs with the grumble and LOVES life.

MilliePH ID: #5355
Millie is a senior lady that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. She has some severe dental disease that is already being addressed. Her knees are genetically bad and have caused her rear legs to bend, making her bow legged. She is heartworm negative.

This lady is a love and a talker. She follows you everywhere, crates well, loves to eat, gives kisses, allows you to bathe her without a battle and snores so nicely.

If you want a lady to spend quality time with and allow her to be spoiled for the remainder of her days....Millie is your gal!

MochiPH ID: #5801
Mochi is a 13 year old owner surrender. He is a sweet little man. He has some back problems, but he gets around fine. He is blind and deaf, but he is a Velcro dog. He follows me all over the house. He located his food and water bowls, and now he is doing great! I don't let him sleep on the bed because I'm afraid he will fall off. He sleeps on a bed next to mine and gets along fine with the other pugs in my home. He has to be taken outside regularly. He would be a great addition to a home without small children or big dogs. He is a wonderful little companion, and he is quiet. The ideal home for him would be with someone that is home a lot and has time to love on him. Mochi is a lap dog that needs someone to love him during his golden years. He has plenty of love to give in return!

NedPH ID: #6199
Ned is a 2-year-old neutered male Chug (Chihuahua/Pug Mix). He is Heartworm negative and current on all his vaccinations. He was found wandering all alone. Ned was resourceful and found hiding places to escape larger dogs and he convinced the area warehouse workers to give him some scraps. He is wily like that. He was getting by, but just barely and super skinny (what growing boy can live on scraps alone). At some point he sustained an eye injury, not enough to warrant removal, but enough to notice he has a good eye and an evil eye (LOL). I say this because it is the eye he gives me when I don’t feed him fast enough, or promptly address his demands for the throwing of the toy, which he thinks is my life priority (and he is cute so it is my priority). His personality appears to be more Chihuahua than Pug. He isn’t all that interested in treats and has spit them out…no self-respecting Pug has ever rejected a treat…..blasphemy! He is an excellent guard dog, which must be a Chihuahua thing as well, because the Pug grumble he is currently with likely open the door and let robbers in……well, the Pugs reason, they might have said treats Mom. Ned has come a long way in the 6 weeks he has been in foster care. He was literally running wild, but now sleeps in the big people bed, gets 2 square meals a day, gets to chase toys/fetch relentlessly, and is learning commands such as sit, wait, off, on, and no. He needs to work on come and can be stubborn about coming to you when called by name, but he does know his name. He initially would not come to anyone and I couldn’t pick him up or even catch him. Now he sits with me and the grumble on the sofa, I can pick him up and give him kisses (occasionally he will give me a kiss in return), and he will roll around and let me scratch his belly. We are working on some biting issues, but he has only been in foster care for a little under two months so he has already made major progress. He would be especially well suited to a person with Chihuahua experience as I think he has more of that breed behavior and energy.

NicoPH ID: #6345
Nico is an energetic 18 month old. He is very friendly towards both dogs and people. He will lick you for hours if you let him. He loves to play with other dogs and toys. Very smart and he has already mastered a couple new tricks. He will do anything for a treat. He goes and sleeps in his crate at night. He is amazingly good looking and his curly tail is flawless. Nico was born in Queretaro, Mexico so his barks are completely bilingual.

NoriPH ID: #4681
Please welcome back to PugHearts, Foster Nori. Nori was adopted by an awesome family but has gotten a little cranky over the years (haven’t we all) and wasn’t being a very nice little sister to the senior pug in the home. Now, she’s back with PugHearts looking for a single dog home to enjoy all the cuddles, belly rubs, and treats this lovely lady deserves.

Foster Nori is approximately 10 years old but acts and looks no older than 6. She weighs about 19 pounds and is currently working off a little extra quarantine weight. She’s house trained and super sweet to all her foster humans ranging in age from toddler to adult. All humans are welcome to dote on her! Nori is a sassy, spunky, little lady, who has no problem telling her people when it’s mealtime, or when she thinks it should be mealtime. Other dogs aside, she is well behaved in her foster home and enjoys short walks and lots of couch cuddles. While she isn’t the biggest fan of other dogs, she seems perfectly fine around her foster cat sister

Nori will have some typical pug procedures done in early September (a dental, stenotic nares, and elongated soft palate), and does need eye drops going forward for dry eye but is otherwise in great shape. Won’t you consider giving this gorgeous girl a forever home?

OdinPH ID: #5868
In mythology, Odin is the god of wisdom, healing, knowledge and poetry. In reality, Odin is a handsome male pug with the wisdom of his 8 years of living, healing from the pain of losing his former home and gaining the knowledge that he will soon find his forever family.

The poetry thing, you ask? Well, Odin prefers freestyle poetry so he howls his message of sadness whenever he has to be left alone. Humans would call this separation anxiety. Odin is being treated with medication and training to help him overcome his anxiety. He does not howl constantly or loudly. It is intermittent, usually a couple vocalizations followed by napping or just hanging out. However, for this reason, Odin will not be adopted to an apartment or condo home.

He takes an anxiety medication twice a day but it is believed with time and training that he may be able to taper off the medication or go off of it completely. Odin is otherwise very healthy with no other issues or medications. He's a big pug at 32 pounds and a little overweight, but a big sturdy guy normally.

Odin is housebroken with no accidents in his foster home. He is crate trained and sleeps quietly through the night but he would really love to share the bed with you. This sweet guy is a great cuddle buddy and never met a soft surface he wouldn't curl up and take a nap on. Odin dreams of finding his forever family with an experienced owner who will be his alpha and show him that he is loved and safe.

OlliePH ID: #6358
Ollie is a healthy 2 year old boy that was an owner surrender. He is the definition of the perfect gentleman. Potty trained, smart, loving, loyal, velcro, and very laid back. He gets along with all dogs and loves his blankie and toys. His favorite time of day is breakfast, dinner and nap time.


OpheliaPH ID: #5085
Ophelia comes to PugHearts from the Rio Grande valley.

She is a 4 year old fawn female. She is severe heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment prior to adoption.

From Ophelia's foster: Ophelia is a Velcro pug, very energetic and happy. She loves toys, Nyla bones and plush toys, but unfortunately she has mega esophagus which can be irritated by over enthusiastic play or stress. She loves tummy and chest rubs and she will let you know if you have not fulfilled her pet/scratch quota by pawing at your hand. She gives kisses and is very excited most of the time. Which has been alittle worrisome during her heart worm treatment. The mega esophagus is manageable with elevated food and rest 20-30 mins after feeding. Ophelia is a delightful little girl that adds a bright spot to everyday.

Medical hold and then pending adoption with his foster Mom.

OttoPH ID: #6083
Otto's story is rather dramatic. We got called to take this sweet boy in but as you can see he is no pug at all so we originally said no. Fast forward two weeks and we got contacted again, this time we were told he had a broken pelvis and was an hour from being euthanized... and that he acts like he's given up on life which is horrible considering he is just 2 years old. Needless to say, pug or no pug, we rushed to his rescue.

This sweet, sweet boy hates crate as a result but is completely potty trained so really he doesn't need it. He is friendly with everyone and his only purpose in life is to be with his people. He is a little slow to warm up to strangers but does well after about 10 minutes.


PaigePH ID: #6371
Full Description Coming Soon!

PatrickPH ID: #6324
Oh Patrick boy, oh Patrick boy, I love you so! Born on St. Paddy’s day, our Patrick is sure to bring the luck and spirit of the Irish to his new family. Patrick, age 2, is young, fun, and “finding himself” with his foster family, while he interviews for his ideal family! Patrick enjoys a tussle with his human foster brother, a quick game of pug chase with his pug foster brother and loves a quiet cuddle on the couch with his human foster sister. He has a laid-back attitude with a quirky personality and is a joy! Patrick has spent a lot of his life outside, and is working on house training, he is doing well, but he does lift his leg occasionally to mark what he wants to be his. Patrick is heartwork positive and will have to undergo treatment before he is ready to move in with his new clan!

Patrick leaves you with an Irish saying for his future family: Having somewhere to go is Home, Having someone to love is Family, and having both is a blessing.

PetraPH ID: #6285
Foster Petra came to us with spinal issues and several bleeding wounds from unknown trauma. After thorough examination it has been determined that she suffered FCE - a spinal stroke.

Despite this, she is a brave and loving girl. She is just 2 years old and is as playful as any healthy puppy, and extremely Velcro. Her funky back legs don’t hold her back one bit.

With steroids and therapy she has made great strides and became more stable on her back legs and gained control over her potties making her ready to move on with her journey.

Now that the worst is behind her, Petra will soon be joining her forever family, first as a foster but eventually to be adopted. We couldn’t be happier for this sweet and spirited girl!


PrincePH ID: #6368
Full Description Coming Soon!

PruePH ID: #6313

Prue is a beautiful tri-colored pug mix that came to PugHearts after being turned in to a local shelter by her owner. We estimate her age to be 4 years old, and possibly a Chihuahua-Pug-Beagle Mix. She has had multiple litters and was surrendered with her 4 puppies. Unfortunately Prue has spent the majority of her life outside which has resulted in her being heartworm positive. Prue would do great in a home with children and other dogs. She loves to run in the backyard, chasing her foster siblings, and enjoys squeaky toys and nylabones. Rolling around on her back, getting belly rubs, and stealing her foster mom’s pillow are some of her favorite things. She’s doing better at house training now that her UTI is healed, and has learned the doggy door. Prue is so sweet and deserves a home where she’s spoiled and loved. Once she’s been spayed and completed heartworm treatment, Prue will be ready for her forever home.


RaynaPH ID: #4694

RoryPH ID: #6362
Full Description Coming Soon!

RosiePH ID: #6322
Rosie’s best life would include long, peaceful naps in the lap of her

loving human. Her manners are impeccable, and she will steal your

heart in a matter of seconds! Rosie will be 5 years old in September

and is a petite little thing. She loves a serene environment, does

well with calm children, and is good with other animals. We are not

completely familiar with her previous life, but know she spent a good

portion outside. She is learning to ask out to use the restroom, and

so far, no accidents! We will update you more as we get to know this

extraordinary little lady!

RoxannePH ID: #6369
Full Description Coming Soon!

RufusPH ID: #494
Rufus came to PugHearts when his owner could no longer care for him. They made the selfless decision to surrender him to PugHearts so he could have the opportunity to be loved and taken care of by a new family. Rufus is healthy boy with no prior health issues except needing a dental here and there. He was hesitant to eat for the first 4 days and then he decided he was ready to eat but only by hand. After a few days of hand feeding we tried out a paper bowl. The stainless bowl I fed him in seemed to scare him. It could of been the reflection or his collar clanging against the metal but either way he is eating out of the paper bowl now and we will keep it that way. He loves to lay in your lap and to be petted. He will let you know if you're not petting him enough by stretching his paw out to grab your arm. He loves the other dogs in the house and has no issue with the house cat. We have several stray cats that roam through our yard and he will chase them off in a hurry! He is quite spry and fast for 11 years old so don't let his age fool you. He is house trained and does well in the kennel while we are at work. Rufus has lots of love left to give so please consider adopting this dapper dude.

ShermanPH ID: #6189
Sherman is a 13 year old man found wandering all alone. He has seen the vet and is now on medication for his severe arthritis and had a dental that ended with him missing 29 teeth (we pulled 10). He is neutered and heartworm negative.

This is a talkative, gentle, sweet man. He gets along well with the other pugs in my house.

His face is glorious and his eyes will melt your heart.

SullyPH ID: #6301
Sully was found as a stray, after obviously been living his life on the streets for quite sometime. Once his stray hold was up, the shelter surrendered him to PugHearts. Poor Sully was so uncomfortable. He sat in the car shaking and screaming when PugHearts first picked him up. The shelter aged him at 14 because his appearance was so bad, but after further observation by our Vets, we believe Sully is 9 years old. He has lost almost all of his fur from yeast, and his skin is black and leathery with scabs and sores on it. Daily medicated baths and prednisone have done wonders for both his appearance and comfort in a short period of time, and I can already tell his transformation is going to be epic! He’s also taking Ketoconazole for his yeasty skin. Once his skin is healthy enough, Sully will need several growths removed and a soft palate surgery. He will also be scheduled for a dental to help with some pretty bad teeth that causes him to drool frequently. Unfortunately Sully is Heartworm positive, and will be going thru treatment in a few months. This boy has fit in so well with his foster family. He loves sleeping in the crate next to my bed, and the screaming has almost stopped completely, unless he loses me. He doesn’t mind the other dogs, but hasn’t really engaged in playing yet. He sees pretty well, and has learned the daily routine quickly, but he’s still learning his name. He’s doing well with house training, and he’s not wearing a belly band because of his bad skin. Sully is such a sweetheart during bath time, it’s obvious that it feels great to him. Once Sully is healed up, he will make the perfect pet. He’s learning how to be spoiled, and will expect his forever home to do the same.

SybilPH ID: #5638
Sybil comes to us from Mississippi

Sybil is a 12 year old, heart worm negative female. She is one of the Mississippi 6 rescued from a puppy mill. This girl is a sweetheart and loves people. She is truly a Velcro pug— loves to follow you, sit with you, snuggle with you, loves attention!

Sybil is a resilient puppy mill survivor and a true sweetheart. This wonderful 12 year old girl LOVES people, other dogs, snuggles, cuddles, and will follow you everywhere! She is slightly vision impaired, but has excellent hearing. She is potty trained, crate trained, and heartworm negative. Don’t miss out on this senior lady with a heart of gold. What a great little buddy!

TessPH ID: #5501
Sweet Tess is an 11 year old female with spinal issues. She was surrendered due to changes in her family.

Tess is a beautiful fawn female, about 9-11 years old and owner surrendered when her family could no longer take care of her and her fur siblings. We can truly say Tess picks her human and becomes obsessed with them. She has picked her foster daddy lol. She pines for him when he is not in her line of vision. Her previous owners thought she was paralyzed and carried her around but Tessy walks just fine, especially if Foster Daddy leaves the room, Tessy gets up to follow him. She has either IVDD or DM. Fortunately she is continent of urine and stool and we take her out for frequent potty breaks. Unfortunately, due to being a spinal dog, she has chronic UTI's. She likes toys, sleeping in the big bed next to her person and head scratches. She will defend her food from the other pugs if they get too close, barks at the younger dogs when they get too rowdy and can get quite feisty. She is a special needs pug so probably will not get adopted. But that's ok, we will enjoy her for as long as needed.

TessaPH ID: #6132

Tessa came to PugHearts from San Antonio back in November as a 7 week old puppy with a prolapsed rectum. A prolapse will typically occur in puppies that haven’t been properly dewormed, causing severe diarrhea. A purse string was put in by the vet in San Antonio prior to her transport to Houston.

What is a purse string? Think of it as a drawstring in her rectum to hold her insides in, similar to holding the contents of a bag in place. This is so important because the longer that the bowls are out, the more necrotic the tissue becomes.

The purse string stayed in for 2 weeks and less than 48 hours after it was out, Tessa prolapsed again. She was rushed back to our vet to have an additional purse string. This is when we assumed the problem was bigger than we thought and it was discovered that Tessa has no muscle tone in her rectum. This purse string stayed in for 3 weeks, and this time she prolapsed less than 24 hours from removal. I became quite versed in pushing her colon back inside her body every time she prolapsed, until her emergency surgery was performed the following day.

Dr. Hendrix performed a Coloplexy on Tessa, essentially pulling and tacking the colon to the abdominal wall and leaving no room for an additional prolapse to occur.

Since this surgery, we have been finding out all the additional problems Tessa has, and assume she born with this defect. She has a total collapse of the 7th vertebrae leading into her pelvis causing nerve damage to the colon, which also gives her a funny gait and a spastic neurogenic colon. She has the urge to poop all the time, and will posture constantly with some, little or nothing coming out. It ends up on her, the other dogs, me and the wall on occasion. She has to have her anal glands manually expressed on a weekly basis because her body can’t do it. She will never be able to jump on and off the furniture or use stairs. There’s mornings that I want to scream and cry while I’m scrubbing poop, but then I see her and everything is worth it.

We’ve treated her with prednisone and metronidazole to no avail, and we currently have her on Tylan which has helped the consistency be more formed. She is on a strict diet of GI high energy wet food and Biome

If Tessa hadn’t found her way to PugHearts, she would not be here. There is no information on treating this condition because most dogs would have died or been euthanized. PugHearts is fighting for Tessa and we are doing everything that we can to help her. It’s not cheap, Her dog food is almost $80 a bag, but this little baby deserves the best. SLPH accepts manufacturers coupons for the Hill’s Science Diet food, if you’d like to donate those at the clinic. I had $15 worth today!

Today Tessa had her last booster. At this point, most puppies would be ready for adoption. Tessa is not. We’ve concluded that Tessa might not ever be adoptable, but we also aren’t calling her hospice. It’s unknown what Tessa might have to tackle next and with Pughearts and me as her foster, we will be ready to take on anything, but it’s not a burden we want future adopters to have to face.

Tessa is my baby. She is spoiled rotten just like she’s suppose to be. She spends the majority of her day being held or in my lap, and sleeps every night curled around my neck.

Please consider donating to Tessa’s care. She deserves the world and PugHearts is going to give it to her

TibsPH ID: #6312
Foster Mr Tibs has a smile for days! Heartworm negative and loves his humans. He will sit and wait by my back door when I go to the garage until I come back in from doing laundry. He watches my every move. I still can’t believe he is 11 yrs old because he is in pretty good shape with good energy. The only two things he needs is some toofers removed and a Neuter. I will and will always say Age is just a Number my friend


TidbitPH ID: #6338
Welcome to PugHearts 18 year old Tidbit. Tidbit is an owner surrender due to changes in her owner’s health. She is an absolute joy to foster, and at 18 she has earned the right to spend her days and having her human wait on her. She is very mobile and walks around until she gets tired then finds a bed start another power nap. Her back legs are wobbly when she stands but at 18 still really good. She will wake up from a nap or come in from going outside to potty and will start to bark, once she gets her treat it’s time for another nap! So if you catching the theme here Tidbit likes to nap!

Won’t you open your heart and home to let Tidbit spend her twilight years with you!

TiggerPH ID: #6351
Let me introduce you to Tigger. Tigger is a fun, goofy 18 month old pug. He is quite large coming in at a whopping 37 pounds. Tigger is heartworm negative and scheduled for his big boy surgery in September. He is learning how to be an inside dog and is doing well. He knows how to sit and shake and knows how to use the doggy door. He is friendly and would do well in a home with kids and other dogs. Probably would be better with larger pug or a larger size dog as he his a hefty boy. He doesn’t mind cats either. He is doing well sleeping in his crate at night and learning that’s his special bed. He is an awesome dog.

TobiasPH ID: #4629
Tobias is an extremely handsome older black pug. We think he’s about 12. He has dry eye and has some vision impairment but he can certainly still see. He’s HW negative so he’s ready to find his forever home.

From Toby (with some help from his foster): Hello! My name is PH Foster Tobias (but all of my friends call me Toby). I have been living with my foster family since August and have learned a lot of new things! I have learned to walk on a leash along with my pug foster brother and sister and now enjoy several short walks each day. I was having trouble seeing when I came to live with my foster family. My vision seems to be getting better since my foster mommy makes me homemade food to go along with my hard food and gives me vitamins and eye drops. My foster mommy taught me how to sit and she brags to everyone about how I have never had an accident in the house. We have a cat at my foster home and we get along great, too. Although I love my foster family, I am looking for a forever home. I love to sit on the couch and cuddle and would make a great companion for someone living alone. I’m a very laid back and loving pug. Won’t you please consider adopting me?



Toby 9PH ID: #6346
Toby is a squishy 8 year old love that came to PugHearts as an owner surrender. He has an old back injury that causes him to waddle some when he walks, and he won’t be able to jump on or off the bed or do stairs. Besides getting excited and having the occasional accident, Toby is fully house trained. At 8 years old he still plays like a puppy, and loves toys or howling at his foster siblings. His larger than life personality and cuddly body make him a perfect pug to love. Toby will do best in a home with another dog, and would do fine with cats too. He’s already been neutered and so far his back isn’t causing him any pain, so no additional meds are needed.

TonyPH ID: #6086
Tony, Tony The Tiger, He's grrrrrrreat, all terms of endearment for a guy who came to PH as an owner surrender. He's a young 9 ish in age, loving, snuggly, house-trained and crate trained. He puts himself in his crate to eat and to sleep (so cute). He is battling yeasty skin issues and under constant care of our vet until cleared up. He has dry eye which causes limited vision. He cannot go to a home with a pool unless fenced in. He can get grumpy so I feel he won't do good in a home with small children either. He is very good with the other dogs but prefers his chosen humans' lap. And his cuteness factor is off the charts (search for his kicking video on our FB page)! Won't you love to have this beautiful senior in your home?

TumblePH ID: #4878
Tumble is a 10 yr old female better known as Tummy or Tum Tum. She is heartworm negative and already spayed.

From Tumble's foster: Tumble is a special needs foster, not due to health issues (as she is VERY HEALTHY), but due to fear and trust issues.

Tumble comes to PugHearts scared of everything. She does not trust men at all and will bark and bark to let them know to go away. She will trust women and is the sweetest, gentlest, loving girl once you earn her trust.

I love and adore Tumble. Tumble and my husband....not so much. Tumble is looking for a patient lady that is willing to go slowly and allow Tumble to trust you completely.

She is housebroken, heartworm negative, kennels on command and wags her whole body when she is happy to see you. Tumble is learning to trust my husband through food. She is a typical pug and food is her motivator.

I know there is a perfect home out there for her....it is just going to take time and patience to find it......just like it will take time and patience for Tumble to trust a forever family.

WarrenPH ID: #6366
Full Description Coming Soon!

WesleyPH ID: #6013
Wesley, 9 years old, is a pug mix who was picked up as a stray. His physical exam reflects that he has had medical care in the past. He is heartworm negative and has had dental care. Wesley's behavior reflects that he is used to living inside as a pet. He perches on sofas and chairs and loves to snuggle. Wesley gets along with other dogs and can follow simple directions. Wesley is an affectionate fellow who would love to have a permanent home.