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AbnerPH ID: #5059
Abner is a senior fawn male. He is squishy and cuddly and we are all in love with him already!

From Abner's foster: Abner is amazing! He is 13 years old, blind, deaf, doesn’t have a tooth in his head and is perfect! It is thought he was bonded to another foster I had, Sampson, but I don’t think he was. He has adjusted extremely well and is completely off all anxiety medications. Abner doesn’t do much, he just walks around and when he wants to rest lays down where he’s at and takes a nap. He does like to be held, he seems to like me to talk to him, I believe he feels the vibrations in my chest.

Abner is an extremely easy pug to care for. I put him out on the patio to potty with the whole group of fosters and he will walk around and do his business. I usually do have to go into the yard to bring him back in, but in the last week he has been at the patio door twice so I think he may be getting more comfortable with the yard.

Abner is completely adoptable. He’s not sick, no medications at all. He potties outside (I have to put him out though). He doesn’t bark unless he wants something (usually food). But the most amazing thing about Abner is his face. He is the most handsome old guy I’ve ever had. I can just sit for hours looking at him. He will take a special person to commit to taking care of him but he is so worth it. I won’t be bringing him to a lot of events but if you would like to meet him just let your adoption coordinator know and we will make it happen. But be warned, no one has ever met Abner that didn’t fall in love with him.

AbrahamPH ID: #5223
Abraham is an 8 yr old fawn male. He was found wandering all alone. He is heartworm negative, but has some back issues that create a gait that looks a bit different. He does not appear to be in pain. His foster is keeping a close eye on him.

From Abraham's foster: Abraham is 8 years old, was found as a stray, drags his back foot slightly when he walks due to some back aches, neutered, and he is HW-. He's very quiet, but does have a small bark that he uses when we're eating in hopes that we'll share. He eats dry food (Taste of the Wild), enjoys pumpkin, yogurt, carrots, green beans, and eggs. As you can see this 25lb boy is not picky. He doesn't have an interest in toys, but LOVES to be petted and will tap you or even pull your hand toward him when he's ready for some love. He gets along great with other dogs, kids, does well in the crate, doesn't jump on furniture, and probably would do best in a house with few or no stairs. We have 3 steps to get to the back yard (they are spaced out) and he gets around just fine. He also has the best head tilt that will make you just melt.

AmaraPH ID: #5249
Amara is a beautiful female that comes to PugHearts from the Rio Grande Valley. She was covered in ticks and has obviously had too many litters of puppies. No more of that for her.

She is being seen by the vet and we will update soon.

AngelicaPH ID: #5250
Angelica came to PugHearts is terrible condition. She was covered in ticks and large patches of hair loss across her body.

She is undergoing treatment, and looks and feels so much better already!

ArthurPH ID: #5228
Arthur is a 6 yr old fawn male.

From Arthur's foster: What a handsome boy! He is just as sweet. He is 6 years old , heartworm negative and already neutered and uses the doggy door ..what more could you want? He is amazing very playful and gets along with the other dogs don't know about cats though. Needs to lose some weight. Big boy with smutty coloring that's gorgeous! Get your application in for this guy to come play at your house!!

AustinPH ID: #5216
Meet Austin. He is an 8 yr old fawn male that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter.

He is, sadly, heartworm negative and will have to go through heartworm treatment prior to adoption.

BabyPH ID: #5070
Baby is a precious girl from the San Antonio area.

She is very attached to her people and is a "velcro" pug.

From Baby's foster: Baby is a sweet little old lady who loves to snuggle and lay in the warm sun. She is heartworm negative and already spayed.

She will walk around the house about 30 minutes before dinner time talking to you letting you know she needs food. She has a beautiful lion's mane fur and loves her bath and to be brushed.

BambiPH ID: #4907
Bambi is an 11 yr old pug mix. She is heartworm negative and spayed.

She is scared and needs a quieter home with other dogs to help her feel more confident.

From Bambi's foster: Greetings, my name is Bambi and my bonded mate is Ray, we come as a pair. We lost our loving home when our owner suddenly passed away. Because we are different breeds, me being a Pug/Brussels Griffon and Ray being a French Bulldog we went to separate Rescue organizations and after numerous weeks of us trying to adjust it was clear we both needed to be back together, so here we are two peas in a pod.

I am a beautiful Pug/Brussels Griffon southern girl that has impeccable manners. I am beautifully house-trained, crate trained and also dog friendly. Neither Ray or myself have any destructive behavior what so ever. I enjoy sniffing around the yard, occasional sunbathing, rolling in the plush green grass, sleeping on the couch and I loves treats too! I am not much for for toys or playing, but more the timid, loving, gentle wall flower type personality. We would both flourish in a less active, calm home with someone who is home most of the time. We currently do not share a home with children and the hustle and bustle of children would be to much us.

Ray is a quite a handsome fellow, if I do say so myself. Ray is also very dog friendly and often lets the tiny Chihuahua's in his foster home lay right up on top of his back. Ray occasionally plays with squeaky toys when he is feeling frisky, but really enjoys patrolling the perimeter of his fenced backyard and napping the day away. Ray too is house trained and does best on a regular potty schedule.

We both love to follow you around the house as you do your daily chores and we are content sleeping in the bedroom at our foster home on those thick orthopedic beds. Best part, you won't hear a peep out of us all night, well ok, maybe a little snoring from Bambi, but Ray doesn't snore at all.

We hope you won't pass us by because we aren't young pups, we will bring sunshine to your home daily and we would be very grateful for a forever home. Don't wait a moment longer to apply for this sweet couple!

Benjamin FranklinPH ID: #5276
Full Description Coming Soon!

BennyPH ID: #5263
Benny is a young male that comes to PugHearts looking for a forever home. He is heartworm negative.

BessiePH ID: #4946
Bessie is an 11 year old spayed female. She is heartworm negative and scheduled have a dental done to make her feel better.

She comes to PugHearts with her sister Beulah as an owner surrender through no fault of their own.

Betty BoopPH ID: #4848
Betty Boop was an owner surrender after her daddy passed away. She is a 3-4 year old fawn female cutie pie! When she falls asleep her little pink tongue slips out and is beyond adorable. She loves to play with toys either with the other dogs or by herself. She is a good bed sleeper and stays in one spot all night. She is crate trained, house trained and leash trained. She circles in excitement when its’ time for a walk outside. Boop is dominant with the other dogs (Specifically females), so a strong personality will need to keep her in check or pair her with a male in your home.

She is HW-, spayed and up to date on her shots. She does had two medical issues that are quite manageable. She will need Benedryl twice a day for life due to a mast cell that showed up on her leg. Second, she will need Pepcid once a day for life for her relaxed esophagus. And she must be held upright for 30 minutes after eating for the food to travel down into her stomach. We really enjoy meal time because she gets to snuggle with her human and we get to cuddle her right back! Can we say spoiled?

I can’t say enough how sweet and adorable this little girl is. She sticks to you like glue, plays tug-of-war with toys, loves to snuggle and would be a wonderful addition to any family. Betty Boop wants to go home with you right now!

BeulahPH ID: #4945
Beulah is an 11 year old spayed female. She is heartworm negative and scheduled have a dental done to make her feel better.

She comes to PugHearts with her sister Bessie as an owner surrender through no fault of their own.

BrucePH ID: #4713
Bruce is a 14 year old male owner surrender.

From Bruce (with some help from his foster): Bruce here and let me tell you I have been having fun getting lots of snuggles and love from foster mom. My short legs may fool a few but I still get around quite well for going on 14 years old. HW negative, get along well with other dogs and ready for a forever home. Have lost a little sight and hearing but you know how it is as we get older. If you are comfortable with a guy who is laid back and a little slow then I am your guy.

BudPH ID: #3305
Foster Bud is a 17-18 year-old hunk of love. He is a senior, but apparently no one told him because he still has a lot of energy. He may not see or hear so well anymore, but he can always smell a treat! He gets along great with the three other pugs and the one pit mix in our house. He loves children and doesn’t mind cats unless they run – then he must chase them! He is a totally lazy Velcro pug who wants to be on or near you. He is also perfectly content to hang out and chew on his Nylabone until naptime. He is truly a wonderful old man!

BuddyPH ID: #5179
Buddy is a gentleman pug that comes to PugHearts with his sister Carlee after his family became too ill to care for them.

From Buddy's foster: My name is Buddy! I am a young 11-year old, male, fawn pug. I love to be outside, but also like to nap inside too. I love to eat, sleep, and repeat! I am very low maintenance. I don't really fuss much or bark. I just like to follow my human around until I need another nap!

BusterPH ID: #4718
I’m Buster; I’m heartworm negative and 8 years old. I love to lie around and be lazy! I don’t see very well but my foster mommy put different scents around the house so I could learn my way around pretty easily. It took me about three days and well, it’s like I’ve lived with them forever. I love to suckle on my doggie toys and if you pull on it I will play tug of war. I also enjoy playing with you if you put your hand under a blanket. I would probably do best with a house with older kids or without kids, although I get along with my human foster brother I’m not particularly fond of being picked up or moved. My human foster brother who is five likes to be the boss and well….I am an older gentleman set in my ways. I do get along fine though with my foster brothers!

I’m potty trained! When I learn my way around the house I actually bark to go outside. I love to be where you are but am perfectly content to sleep on the floor in or outside of a crate. I’m pretty much perfect, except for that silly dry eye that has caused me to lose quite a bit of my eyesight (NOT ALL of it though). I require drops twice a day for the rest of my life, BUT I promise to love you forever!!

CaitlynPH ID: #5258
Caitlyn is a precious girl that spent too much time having litter after litter of puppies.

She comes to PugHearts for a fresh start. Caitlyn is at our vet and we will update soon.

CamillePH ID: #5252
Camille comes to PugHearts with some medical needs that we are taking care of.

Currently she is being treated for a bladder infection. She will be feeling better in no time and looking for her forever family.

Update from Camille's foster: Camille is a 5 yr old female who has had a hard life, but she doesn't let it get her down. She spent the first 3 years of her life in a crate before a kind lady was able to rescue her. Unfortunately, she was very ill for a long time and again Camille was left to stay in a crate until her owner recently passed and she came to PugHearts. Camille (I call her Camie) loves her squeaky toys and being in your lap. She's a great snuggle bunny at bedtime and loves to give kisses. We are working on house breaking and it gets better each day. She is ready to find that ever lasting home and family.

CandyPH ID: #5236
Candy comes to PugHearts from a local shelter where she was turned in by her previous home. She is about4 yrs old, and sadly, heartworm positive. She will have to go through heartworm treatment prior to adoption.

CecilPH ID: #5255
Cecil is a 6 yr old male from a local shelter. He is heartworm negative and scheduled to be neutered.

This sweet guy has survived distemper and have the muscle and facial twitches to prove it. He LOVES to cuddle and craves human attention...not to mention the fact that he has the cutest under bite ever!

ChewbaccaPH ID: #5187
Chewbacca is a 3 year old Cairn Terrier mix. He comes to us with his sister Leia after their owner passed away. He is heartworm positive and will need to go through treatment prior to adoption. He is in otherwise good health. He will also need to be neutered.

Chewie is a sweetheart of a guy. He likes attention and will follow you around. He is your typical terrier, which means he is very active. He does like to chase cats, but doesn't bother them otherwise. He is an escape artist, and unlike most Pugs, he is able to jump a gate. He also has that Terrier nervousness, though that disappears once he feels comfortable with you. He does mark, but we are hoping that once he has been neutered his house manners will improve.

Chewie and Leia are a bonded pair, and will need to stay together. They are currently being fostered in South Carolina.

ChewyPH ID: #4931
Chewy is a fawn male, 9 years old and (happily) heartworm negative. He is visually and hearing challenged, but that doesn't stop him from being housebroken, sweet, loving, and cuddly. He is very soft and enjoys his baths as well as the outdoors. He gets along with other dogs and cats just fine. He barks when he needs to go potty, but otherwise is not a barker. He talks when he wants attention. He would prefer not to sleep with his human as the movements startle him awake. To introduce yourself and before petting, a sniff is best. He has a lot to give to an open heart.

ClarencePH ID: #4821
Clarence is an 8 yr old male. He is heartworm positive and will have to go through heartworm treatment.

From Clarence's foster: Clarence is a sweet and gentle soul. He is a little nervous and shy around new people, but he has come a long way and will come out to greet them in his own quiet way.

Clarence likes to be with me, and he craves attention, but he doesn't like to be held much. He’d rather just lie next to me. He enjoys a good stroll around the back yard. He is good with other dogs. When he sees other dogs, he will go up to them to say ‘Hello.’ Clarence is potty trained, and he is crate trained. He currently sleeps in his crate, but he would do well sleeping with his humans in a bed, too. He was a bit underweight when he came in, but he is at a good weight now. He loves food. While you are preparing his food, he sits just outside the kitchen and waits patiently but makes the sweetest little whine that you can barely hear.

Clarence came to us heartworm positive, but he has had treatment. He has some arthritis in his hips. He is on medication for his heart due to complications from the heartworms as well as medicine (as needed) for coughing from collapsing trachea. He also needs eye drops for dry eye in his left eye.

Update July 2016: Clarence has completed his heartworm treatment and is now HW negative!

ConradPH ID: #5247
Conrad is a young boy that was found some time back wandering all alone.

The finders surrendered him to PugHearts as he has eye issues that need to be addressed. We will know more about this handsome man once he is evaluated by the vet.

From Conrad's foster: Conrad is a smaller pug of only 5 years old. He is very sweet and loves to cuddle in the bed or outside on the swing.

Conrad is, happily, heartworm negative. He is extremely loving and is always so happy when we come home.

Conrad has vision problems but a keen sense of smell that helps him get around just fine. He uses the doggy door and has never had an accident in the house

Cooter BrownPH ID: #4910
Cooter Brown (CB for short) is an 7 yr old pug mix from a local shelter.

He is heartworm negative and already neutered.

From Cooter's foster: Cooter Brown has been my foster for nearly a year now and I have to say it’s probably more my fault than his. When we attend adoption events he would rather be out of the pen than in so I end up holding him which does not attract a lot of interest so we don’t attend a lot of them. But!- when people meet him in person they love him. He is a truly great dog. He loves people and to be around his family. His favorite things are car rides, his toys, snuggling with his family and being outside. He is crate trained and potty trained, with a few mistakes here and there.

Cooter was dropped off by his previous owner at a shelter with another dog. At the last minute the owner decided to take the other dog home and leave Cooter. He was on his last day, set to be euthanized when PugHearts stepped in and saved him. He was abandoned because he likes to run out the door or an open gate when possible. In the year we have had him he has gotten a lot better. He doesn’t look for holes to dig out of or bolt every time the door is opened but he will trot off when given to chance. Since he is a boy dog, he is pretty easy to catch now because he has to pee on every tree he sees lol. In a perfect world I would like him to find a home with kids that will love and play with him or an active family that will include him in their lives.

Please don’t overlook Cooter because he is not 100% pug. He is 2000% awesome.

CourtneyPH ID: #5083
Courtney is a sweet female that came to PugHearts when she found herself without a home.

She is severe heartworm positive and will have to go through heartworm treatment before adoption.

Update: Courtney has completed her heartworm treatment, is spayed and is eagerly looking to find her forever home. She is only 4 years old and a small girl. Due to the severity of the heartworms she developed pulmonary hypertension that will require medication the rest of her life. She also has dry eyes and takes daily drops for that. Courtney loves to cuddle up next to you and knows how to use the doggy door to go outside. She is great with other dogs and loves receiving treats. She is crate trained but sleeps with us at night time. She will be attending adoption events soon , so come out and meet her!

CupcakePH ID: #4763
Cupcake is a 7 year old female.

She was surrendered to PugHearts due to changes in the family.

From Cupcake's foster: Cupcake: a pug as sweet as the confection for which she is named. She is a 7 year old fawn female who was surrendered to PugHearts due to changes in the family. Cupcake has the softest velvet coat of any pug. She is a darling little girl with a whole lot of attitude. She gives new meaning to alpha girl, and happily takes on her foster sisters. She does enjoy the company of other pugs. She has bad eyes but does not let that slow her down; she can see somewhat out of one eye and has daily meds for this. She is a playful little lady who loves toys, bones and FOOD. Unfortunately, sweet little Cuppy has both congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension and will not be up for adoption.

Special Notes

Cupcake is on hospice care and will live out the rest of her days as a spoiled rotten foster pug.

DaphnePH ID: #5237
Daphne is a 3 yr old pug mix from a shelter in Texas. She is heartworm negative and already spayed.

Daphne is very fearful and needs a quiet, calm environment to learn to trust again. Please no small children in the home.

From Daphne's foster: Single Black and white female pug mix seeking family: I am HW-, spayed and had a nares surgery to help me breath. I am all of 3 years old and cute as a button. I weigh only 11 pounds and have the shortest legs ever. Don’t think that I cant move on those little stubs cause I can move like the wind. I like long walks (weather permitting), fruit and veggies in my dinner, my crate and to cuddle up with you on the couch once I know you are safe to be with. I don’t like children, other dogs, cats or pretty much any other animal. I am scared of being hurt. I need to be the ONLY love of your life. If you think you have what it takes to love me and only me please respond to this add. I will carefully read your responses and get back to you ASAP! Until then pug hugs and kisses.

DarlaPH ID: #5191
Meet Darla. She is a precious 7 year old fawn female that comes to PugHearts looking for her forever family. She is heartworm negative, spayed, micro chipped, and up to date on all vaccines.

From Darla's foster: Introducing "Darla Bean" - my foster and "pink girl". Darla is one of the happiest fosters I have ever had. All I have to do is talk to her and she wags her tail furiously! Nothing phases her - she is ALWAYS happy!!

Darla has fit in very well with my pups. She gets along well with other dogs as well as humans. She is potty trained and has not had an accident in the house. She also sleeps all night in her doggy bed.

Darla is a good eater and not picky. I feed her "Taste of the Wild" salmon or lamb. She loves her sardines and yogurt, fruits, and veggies that I add to her food.

Darla is somewhat visually impaired, but that does not stop her or break her spirit. She navigates my home perfectly, follows me everywhere, and always wants to "touch me". What Darla lacks in vision, she makes up for with her sharp hearing. Her "radar" knows wherever I am. I think Darla would do best in a home with no children. (No offense intended).

Thank you for reading Darla's bio. Please consider giving this special girl her forever home. She is laid back and pretty much PERFECT!! Darla will bring your home so much love, joy, and laughter.

DeedeePH ID: #4754
Our newest senior is little DeeDee. She is 10-11 years old, and is battling some severe arthritis in her elbows. We are trying to see what we can do to improve her life at the moment. Sadly, we may not be able to, but you all know Pughearts well enough that we will do all we can to help her. We love her so much already, even just after 6 days. She will have the best life ever for however long God lets us keep her :)

DelilahPH ID: #4611
Meet Delilah, 13 year old female, winky, history of collapsing trachea & toenails grown into paws. She has some lumps and bumps. We will have her evaluated by the vet. She is a bit fluffy and will be introduced to a green bean diet.

From Delilah's foster: Delilah is a sweet senior gal just looking for a quiet place to relax. Delilah came to us when her elderly owner could no longer care for her. She is so well mannered, and likes to spend most of her day snuggled on a comfy dog bed. She has no issues with our other critters and enjoys exploring around the back yard. She is 13, so does move a little slower, and has a collapsing trachea, so is on medicine to help control coughing. The sweet one-eyed girl will steal your heart!

DempseyPH ID: #5240
Dempsey is an adorable boy that comes to PugHearts looking for a new family.

He will be seen by the vet and we will update soon.

DenisePH ID: #5182
Denise is a 5 yr old female. She is heartworm negative and scheduled for her spay.

Denise comes to PugHearts with severe skin issues resulting from a flea infestation. She is happy to have been treated for those nasty fleas and the meds are already helping with the itches.

From Denise's foster: Miss Neesie, as we call her, is a squishy 5-year old girl who is just about perfect. She is beautiful, with great nose and neck wrinkles and folds, and a beautiful Puggy tail. She is very, very social and loves all people. She can work a crowd or just sit and cuddle one-on-one. She is an enthusiastic kisser. She gets along very well with her four foster siblings (Pug, Bugg, Peke, Boston), and instantly fit into the pack.

Denise has not had an accident in the house since her second day here. (She had a UTI when I picked her up, and after that cleared, she has been perfect.) Denise walks well on a leash, and we’re working on getting her accustomed to a harness. She has a good bit of energy despite being a little chunky, and is not a total couch potato Pug. Due to the very short muzzle and being slightly overweight, Denise gets uncomfortable in the heat, so we do short and shady walks.

Denise is working hard on her biggest vices: car rides and food obsession. She tolerates being crated in the house, but is vocal about riding in her crate; she doesn’t ride well loose, either. She is an eager eater, and I feed her separately because she will eat her food and then go help out on the other bowls. She follows me on each visit to the kitchen and demands food; she will bark and bump me with her nose to let me know she must be fed, NOW.

Denise came into Pughearts with itchy skin and ears, dry eye and UTI. All of these have improved with medications, and she should be finished with her oral meds on 3/18. She may need drops for her dry left eye for life, but she is super good about letting me put them in. She has a dental set for 3/30 at SLPH.

DexterPH ID: #5101
Dexter is a 2 yr old male chug that was found running loose all alone and no one came looking for him.

He is heartworm negative and neutered.

From Dexter's foster: Dexter has been in foster care for 6 months, and would make a wonderful family pet. He is a smart boy and takes direction well. He is no longer mouthy when he plays with his humans. He has also adjusted well to being crated when the humans are at work and doesn't fuss or cry. He has graduated from sleeping in a crate at night to sleeping with his humans, and he sleeps well and doesn't wake up early anymore. He plays well with all the dogs in the house and can be found cuddling in a dog bed or crate with different ones at different times. He is up to 18.5 lbs. He loves to eat and never leaves a drop of food in his dog bowl. I believe he would do well in a family with considerate children and other small dogs.

DillingerPH ID: #4316
Dillinger is a 7 year old black male who was released to us immediately by a local animal control facility because of an injury to his eye. He also had a large cyst on his neck, some one-sided facial paralysis, and an underdeveloped ear. We believe all these things are related to a rare birth defect that may have contributed to his eye problems as well. He has had surgery to remove the mass and the eye, and he has flourished in foster care. He is already neutered and heartworm negative.

From Dillinger's foster: He loves stuffed toys, and will fetch & retrieve or play on his own. He has a few “tics”: he is quite reactive to noises, and will bark and spin wildly when he hears something unexpected. He has learned to go up & down three stairs to the yard on his own and to jump off the couch, but he will not jump up on the couch on his own. He must be lifted on and off the bed. He snuggles in bed and on the couch, and has started playing a bit with our one dog who also likes toys. He pretty much ignores the rest of the pack (and vice-versa), unless they get excited and bark, which will set off his spinning. He will stand on his hind paws when he wants to be picked up or to give you a toy to throw. He has a super-shiny, mostly non-shedding coat and is a very handsome, winky boy.

He would probably do better in a 1-story home without a lot of noisy young children. He is fun, entertaining and affectionate. Far from the shy, cowering boy I first met, he is a cuddly, playful youngster who may need a bit longer to acclimate to new environments than others, but is well worth the effort. He is crate trained and will wake you at night by whining if he needs to go potty.

DixiePH ID: #5272
Dixie is a 2-3 yr. old female from a poor living condition.

She is heartworm negative and scheduled to be spayed.

She is learning to trust humans and be an inside princess.

Dolly MadisonPH ID: #5277
Full Description Coming Soon!

EddiePH ID: #5210
Meet Eddie an 8 years old male brought to Winnie vet clinic to be put to sleep because he has heartworms. Thankfully the office called us! He is current on vaccinations. He will be going through heartworm treatment prior to adoption.

From Eddie's foster: Eddie 8 was a very skinny and sick owner surrender. He was severe heartworm positive and went into treatment as soon as he gained enough weight to go through it. He had a couple rough weeks after the treatment and as if it all wasn't enough he got bronchitis.

Eddie pulled through and is recovering beautifully. He knows sit and he is a violent snuggler - he will throw himself on you and rub himself as hard as he can as if this was the first time he ever got to snuggle and needed to get the best out of it.

ElizaPH ID: #5256
Eliza was found running loose all by herself and was so scared she had to be trapped.

She is now very happy to have a safe place to sleep. Eliza is 2 years old and, luckily, heartworm negative.

EllisPH ID: #5260
Ellis is a young male that comes to PugHearts after being dumped in a neighborhood. Lucky for him, a nice person found him and called us.

He is heartworm negative, has dry eye that will require eye drops for life, and an ear infection that is being treated.

From Ellis' foster: Hey everyone I'm Ellis. I'm a young little boy at only 18 months and I'm heart worm negative. All I need is my neuter and I will be ready for my forever home. I am potty trained but I still have some accidents from time to time. Toys don't interest me much but I do play with my foster brother. I would rather sleep on the floor than in the bed. I love those yummy treats I receive when I go potty but I am still trying to master how to sit. I need a little work on how to be an inside dog but if you provide me with your patience, I promise you I won't disappoint!

EvelynPH ID: #4679
Evelyn is an older southern lady that comes to us with her friend Ernest.

Evelyn is a 9 year old white female. She is sassy, adorable and has a terrible collapsing trachea. Evelyn uses her cough to her foster Dad to baby her and it works well. She is a tiny thing, but can hang with the other dogs playing outside for a little while. Her cough is kept in check with medication and cannot be cured, only controlled. She is heartworm negative and deals with some dry eye (with resulting vision issue)

FesterPH ID: #5242
Fester is a furry little NAP (Not a Pug) from a local shelter.

FrankPH ID: #5102
Frank is a 10 yr old male surrendered to the shelter at 10 yrs old age due to a new cat in the house.

From Frank's foster: Hi there! I am Friendly Frank. Sometime I am called “Frank the Tank”. I am looking for my forever home. Are you my match? I am housebroken, crate trained, can sit and shake hands. I love to sit by you and play too! I am a ten year old apricot male and I am good alone, with other dogs, and kids. My foster family thinks I am an awesome pug and such a good boy. I melt in their laps for snuggles. I do the most adorable snorts for them and I have a cute happy dance to greet them every morning and when they get home. I am a smart pug who is a solid nap buddy and playmate. I also like Purina and slow walks on the beach. Give me a ring if you think we are a match.

GabrielPH ID: #4536
PugHearts’ Gabriel is a 9-11 year old fawn male that is ready to find his forever family. He is up-to-date on vaccinations, recently had a dental, and is healthy. He is hard of hearing, but is still quite spry and spunky – even sprinting around the back yard in circles when he gets excited (a senior – really?). He loves attention and is very vocal at dinner. He doesn’t mind letting you know that he’s hungry (Pugs!). He is potty trained to a doggie door and gets along well with other dogs and children. When he came to PugHearts from a shelter, he was overweight and covered in fleas. Fortunately, he was heartworm negative. A bath and proper diet have fixed the rest. Speaking of which, the good doctors at Sugarland Pet Hospital saw “struvite crystals” in Gabriel’s urine and so they prescribed “Royal Canin Urinary SO” dog food. Don’t let that scare you. He’s never had a stone and a $55, seventeen pound bag of food provides over three months of meals (98 meals in fact at one cup/day). This guy wants as much love as you will give and when you’re busy, he’s okay with that too. Are you the person that will carry him through and show him love in his golden years? Seniors need love and a family too. Consider adopting this fantastic and oh-so-lovable Pug today!

GidgetPH ID: #1027
Gidget is a 10 year old black female. She is owner surrended through no fault of her own. She is heartworm negative. She came to us with some skin issues that are resolved for the most part under medical care. She has been spayed, microchipped and is current on her vaccinations.

From Gidget's foster: She is a delight to have . She walked into our home and within a few days adjusted to her new life. She gets along well with our other dogs. She is very good with our grandchildren.

She is house broken. Enjoys her walks. She is more active then the average 10 year old. Loves to play with her toys and of course get as much one on one time for cuddling and belly rubs.

GidgetPH ID: #5269
Gidget is a young female. She is scheduled to see the vet and we will update soon.

GizmoPH ID: #299
Gizmo is a fawn male. The gentle senior man is a reserved and calm guy. He has been adopted and returned to PugHearts twice. Neither time was the issue with him. He is now a bit standoffish and reserved (I think to protect himself) until he knows you well. He is heartworm negative and uses the doggie door in my house. Gizmo loves kids and wants to be near people as much as he can. Gizmo has an undeveloped eye, but there are no other health issues. Are you the person that can truly deliver the forever promise that Gizmo wants so desperately? He is waiting.

GrannyPH ID: #4831
Granny is a 9 yr old fawn female. She has dry eye and is receiving medication for that. Granny is heartworm negative and already spayed.

From Granny's foster: Granny, also known as GiGi, is a very young 9 year old owner surrender from The Valley, who weighs about 15 lbs. She is a happy and loving fawn girl, who gets along great with other dogs, and does fine with infants and toddlers. She's completely house trained, and uses the doggy door like a champ. GiGi is super vocal, and loves to talk to you when she wants something. She loves to cuddle up next to her human, and asks for belly rubs all the time, which will get her into a really loud snoring sleep! Having toys are a must. She carries one around all over the house, and will use it as a pacifier to help her go to sleep. GiGi is heartworm negative. She's on drops for her dry eye, and is getting coconut oil every night for some itchy skin. She is the most perfect pug, with the absolute cutest little pug body, complete with multiple fat rolls!

GregPH ID: #5152
Sweet boy Greg comes to PugHearts dealing with severe bladder issues.

From Greg's foster: Meet Greg. He is a handsome 4-year-old boy that loves to cuddle and play. It is hard not to love on this little guy because his fur is super soft, and his ears are like velvet. He loves to play with other dogs, and absolutely loves children! Greg likes to follow my 3 boys around the house, and waits patiently for them to return home from school every day. He loves for them to throw the ball for him, so he can bring it back!!

Greg is heartworm negative and neutered, as well as up to date on his vaccinations. He is house trained, but due to a history of bladder issues, he will have to be on a special prescription diet for the rest of his life.

Since Greg loves to snuggle, he will love to sleep in the bed with you at night, but he also does well in a crate. He doesn’t snore very loudly, so he is the perfect sleeping buddy. This little boy is such a sweetheart! He will make a great addition to a family that will give him lots of love, and the attention that he deserves!

GrimmPH ID: #5215
Meet Grimm. This cutie comes to PugHearts through no fault of his own. He is 4 yrs old, already neutered and heartworm negative.

From Grimm's foster: Grimm is an adorable 4 yr. old little boy who loves to play. He is happiest when he is cuddling.

Wonderful with kids, cats, and other dogs. He is heartworm negative.

He is perfectly well behaved and will go into his crate if you simply tell him to go to bed.

He is a perfect gentleman and anybody would be lucky to have him as their dog.

GusPH ID: #5271
Gus is a male pug that comes to PugHearts from a poor life situation.

He is heartworm negative, 5 years old and a big cuddle bear.

HappyPH ID: #5169
Happy is a tiny lady looking for love in her sunset of life.

HarleyPH ID: #5049
Harley is a 14 year old owner surrender. He is heartworm negative and already neutered.

From Harley's foster: Harley is a 14 year old fawn male, who is healthy, up-to-date on his shots, and ready for adoption.

Harley was surrendered when his owner could no longer care for him. His life has been great and he’s very well adjusted. He’s potty trained and learned the doggie door immediately. He shows no cognitive or physical impediments and has no medical issues.

Because his owner purchased him, we know that Harley turned 14 on October 3, 2016. Don’t let that grey hair fool you, this senior is nowhere near slow or old. He runs around the backyard like a puppy and loves to be right beside you all the time. He’s like Velcro. He’s very low maintenance and easy going.

HollyPH ID: #5009
Holly is a 12 yr old female. She comes to PugHearts after her owner passed away and there was no one to care for her.

She is bonded to her brother Toby (8 yrs old).

She is definitely the bossy one of the pair and loves to have all the attention.

She is heartworm negative and spayed.

From Holly (with some help from her foster): Hey yall, Holly here, I'm Looking for my forever home and I am ready to go. My brother and I were left at a kennel after out person passed away. We were loved and cared for. I'm about 11 years old. and weigh about 16 lbs. Foster mom say I am a coppery color, I stand out in the crowd. I am house broke and have learned how to go in and out the dog door. I will play with toys from time to time, but I do like my naps. I am fine the other pugs, Cat , and kids . I like to cuddle next to you. I do love my brother and he follows me where I go If I go out the dog door he follows and I follow him if he goes out. I love my brother. We must be adopted together.

HowardPH ID: #4943
Howard is a sweet gentleman who was surrendered to PugHearts when his owner was no longer able to take care of him.

From Howard's foster: Howard is a 6 yr old fawn male. He is current on his shots, microchipped and neutered. Foster Howard had an ear infection when he came to PugHearts, but that is clearing up nicely and he is ready to adopt.

Howard, aka Howie the Love Pug, is a real lovable pug. He loves belly rubs and getting lots of affection. He likes to lie on the back of my sofa right behind my head. He is laid back and I am still trying to find out what kind of toy or bone he prefers. He is very smart and knows when I say it’s time to go nite-nite to run get into his crate for the night. Howard would do well as an only pug or with others.

IvyPH ID: #5264
Ivy comes to PugHearts from a local shelter.

JazzlynPH ID: #5044
Jazzlyn is a heartworm positive female from a local shelter.

From Jazzlyn's foster: Hello Pug Lovers!!! My name is Jazzlyn and I am the sweetest, loving, laid back, and playful 8 year old pug girlie. I love to sit by you and snooze or give you kisses when I am awake. I get along with everyone I meet and am super gentle with the lil baby human who likes to pat and climb over me. I am playful with other dogs and have been known to entertain myself with around things (like the phone charger) if the crew is resting. I am also potty trained - I know how to go in and out the doggie door and do good on a routine. I am such a good girl that when my people leave, I have free roam. I don't do much - I use that time to nap away! My eyesight isn't the greatest but I am pretty good at figuring out my surroundings. If you have stairs, I am super light so I am easy to pick up and take me with you. If you need a bed buddy - don't look any further - I sleep on my pillow at the top of my human's head so they have me keeping them company.

If you are looking for a sweet puggie like me, put in your app!

JdPH ID: #5186
JD is a senior gentleman looking for a place to call him own.

JebPH ID: #5248
Jeb is a senior boy that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. He is dealing with some neglect and age has not been kind to him. He is currently at the vet to be evaluated, treated and readied to go into a foster home to learn what spoiling and comfort feel like.

JeremiahPH ID: #4602
Jeremiah is a young male from a local shelter.

From Jeremiah's foster: Jeremiah is a tiny perfect little black male, about 2 years old. He has been neutered and brought current on his shots. He is fully house broken and kennel trained. He likes to play with toys, including his bed which he shakes until he’s ready to sleep in it. Jeremiah has a good appetite. He loves to go on walks and follows his foster mom around the house.

He is shy at first and slow to make friends. He is getting used to his foster brothers and starting to share. He would be good as an only dog or with a dog that will let him be the boss. Come meet this little fellow at a PugHearts Event.

Update: Jeremiah is not available for adoption at this time.

John HancockPH ID: #5279
Full Description Coming Soon!

JuliusPH ID: #5234
Julius is an older male that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. He is about 9 years old, heartworm negative and already neutered.

From Julius' foster: Julius is a senior fawn male who is approximately 9 years old. He is HW-. He does have a spondylitis of his back so is a little arthritic but he does fine with daily Rimadyl and a good glucosamine MSM supplement. He should not be allowed to jump from sofas but he does like to sit next to his human on one.

This is one delightful dog. He is so mild and sweet and gets along with all of the dogs. There is not a mean bone in his body. He is beautifully house trained and uses either the dog door or goes to the back door to be let outside. He is not a big fan of being in a crate and he doesn't seem to need one. He is such an agreeable dog. He is pretty independent so it seems he would be fine as an only dog but he might like a buddy who plays a little but is low key like him. He loves to sit next to me and have his head and neck scratched. He also loves our big Elmo doll and will suck on Elmo's hand or foot when tired.

So if you are looking for a senior dog who is a wonderful companion and so well mannered please consider Julius, our JuJu.

JunePH ID: #5172
June is a sweet pug mix, approximately 5 years old, that was found wandering all alone. She is being seen by the vet and we will update soon.

From June's foster: June is a wonderful girl! She has an exceptional personality and is so very loving. She has big, bright, brown eyes that are alert at all times and never let anything pass her by without notice. She's a fairly young girl, around 5ish. She has a super curled tail and her grille is always there for all to see. When she came into PH she had a pretty significant skin problem but that has cleared up and her coat is coming back in and is much softer. She can be very active or she can be a couch potato. Her big passion in life is SQUEAKY TOYS!!!!! She becomes obsessed with them and they don't last very long. While she is in great health and won't require any medicine on a regular basis, she may run up a bill for her squeaky toys. But it's so much fun watching her run around with them in her mouth to make sure none of the other fosters sneak in there to steal them.

June is a fantastic companion and will keep her new family entertained for many years to come. Let us know if you think June will be the one to complete your family!

KingPH ID: #4459
King is about 15 year old fawn male. He is blind from untreated dry eye, has severe arthritis and multiple tumors that we suspect to be Mast Cell Cancers. He is heartworm negative and needs a dental. The tumors were removed.

He was being listed as "free to a good home" and a PugHearts person was good enough to let us know.

He is now safe and will be well cared for until a forever home comes along to allow this sweet gentle man to live the rest of his life as the King he should be.

From King (with some help from his foster): You know the "The King" was Elvis Presley so I must have some of his characteristics, with King as my name. One, I'm portly, second I do have a sweet voice but rarely do you hear it except for special occasions. I used to eat from the table but all that changed when I moved in here. Can you believe green beans and kibbles is the new diet. She doesn't know "the king" likes what ever the people are eating. Age has taken over a bit and at about 15, I don't see anything but shadows and don't hear but I can find the pet door just fine. Give me a couple Benadryl and this helps the allergies as well as the arthritis. You know getting old is tough but I still have a "hunk of love" to share with a family.

La LaPH ID: #5201
La La is a happy 5 yr old pug mix from a local shelter.

She is severe heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment prior to adoption.

From LaLa's foster: La La has completed her heartworm treatment and she's really excited to find out who will be her new family. I've been fostering for PugHearts for over 10 years and I've had some great fosters and La La is right at the top of my list. This girl is completely potty trained, doesn't bark, goes in her crate by herself for bed, super loving, loves to give kisses and cuddle.....I could just go on for pages about how amazing she is. She will fit into any family because she's so well adjusted. I think she would love kids but she seems to be happy with just me too. She is ALWAYS happy. If you're looking for the perfect girl make sure La La is at the top of your list.

LacyPH ID: #5243
Lacy is a 5 yr old female. She is heartworm negative.

She is scheduled for entropion repair to help her eyes.

LattePH ID: #5209
Latte is a 10 year old that is looking for a comfy couch and quality snuggle time. Latte is heartworm negative and dealing with dry eye.

LaylaPH ID: #4936
Layla is an 13 year old senior female. She is bonded to her brother Spike (also 13 yrs old). They are both heartworm negative and in good health.

From Layla's foster: Layla is a 13 yr old, young at heart female who is bonded to Spike (her brother is from the same litter). She is heart worm negative and has an old fracture to her right front elbow that was not attended to properly when weeks old. This hardly slows her down! She loves to run and do zoomies in the back yard and inside the house. She is a joy to have around. She's a feisty girl that only has eyes for her human. She is extremely smart. She learned to use a doggie door in no time at all. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?? She's potty trained and loves to play with plush toys. She does tire easily, but enjoys a free ride on her stroller with her brother Spike. They are a sight to behold! Her eyesight and hearing are intact. She has a very sweet disposition and enjoys frequent belly rubs. You will fall in love with her antics right away as she is cute as a button with her huge brown eyes. Like her brother, Layla does not enjoy being held for long periods, but loves her alone time with her human. Love this little gal!!

LeiaPH ID: #5188
Leia is a fawn female. She and her brother Chewbacca came to us after their owner passed away and they ended up at a shelter. She is probably around 6-8 years old. She is not spayed yet. She is heartworm positive and will need treatment prior to adoption.

Leia is a very sweet girl with a happy disposition. She is your typical pug, she likes attention and will follow you to get it. Once you sit, she wants to be in your lap. She's a little chunky right now and is on a diet.

Leia and Chewie are very bonded and will need to stay together. They are currently being fostered in South Carolina.

LibertyPH ID: #5270
Liberty was rescued from living outside in the blazing hot sun, covered in ticks and fleas, skinny and desperately in need of care for her eyes. She is eternally grateful to the kind ladies that made her rescue possible.

She will be seen by the vet and we will update soon.

LilaPH ID: #5183
Lila is a 4 yr old female that comes to PugHearts after being found wandering all alone.

She appears to have some problems with her back legs and is being monitored by the vet. Lila is, happily, heartworm negative.

From Lila's foster: Meet Lila - our gorgeous Lila!! She is a very happy, healthy 4yr old that loves to play and cuddle and run - everywhere she goes!!

Lila is a special needs pug that has some neurological issues with her back legs. We are not sure if this is due to an injury or birth - be please do not let this deter you from adopting her!! She does not let this slow her down one bit!! The biggest issue is elimations, as she is not always aware of pooping. Lila does squat to urinate, but then hops about 3ft while going. If she is leashed and you hold her, she will finish then move on. She will also stand up when asked!

This sweet girl is a treasure and we are hoping that someone will give her a chance at a family - she deserves her own family and loves with her whole heart!!

LolaPH ID: #5141
Lola is a 6 yr old fawn female. She comes to PugHearts after dealing with a bladder infection for an extended length of time.

Lola is heartworm negative and currently under the care of our vet.

LolitaPH ID: #4642
Lolita is a fawn female and an owner surrender.

From Lolita's foster: Hi, I’m about 6 years old, and love to be with my person. I have learned to go in and out the dog door here at my foster home. I do like having other dogs around. I like to play tug - o-war, but can’t run after a ball because I’m a little over weight, and don’t see too well. I’m a wonderful lady and would love to join a forever home soon.

LouisPH ID: #5253
Louis is a dapper older man looking for a family that can keep up with him. You see, age us but a number. Louis is happy, go lucky and ready to mingle. You need to get ready to party with the guy!

From Louis' foster: Louis is as sweet as they come. He came to Pug Hearts by way of a shelter in Plano when his owners no longer wanted him. At 9 years young he's always ready to play or just sit in your lap. He is an average pug size at 18lbs and gets along well with both cats and dogs. Be ready for snoring cause he has mastered it! He sleeps well in your bed or in his crate. Louis will be ready for his forever home after his dental on 07/19.

LouisePH ID: #5107
Louise is a 7 yr old heartworm negative female.

From Louise's foster: This is 7 year old Foster Louise. She is adorable, and she loves to cuddle. She is very shy, so she would be happier in a home without young children. She has a lot of love to give and would be an ideal companion!

LylePH ID: #5206
Lyle is an 8 yr old male. He comes to PugHearts after being left in front of a shelter one night. He is severe heartworm positive and will have to go through heartworm treatment prior to adoption. Lyle was not well cared for in his prior situation and we are treating bad skin, severe dry eye and significant ear infections.

From Lyle's foster: Lyle is an approximately 8 year old male pug who came to PugHearts from a shelter. As an older man he enjoys lounging and relaxing on the couch, preferably with you next to him. He is spry for an older gentleman and quick to follow you from room to room as you go about your day. His back legs are a little weak, but he is able to get up and down the stairs so long as he takes his time. Lyle enjoys short walks and devours his food during meal times. He is good with other dogs, but will retreat to his own corner rather than engage in playful behavior with them. Lyle would be perfect for someone looking for a low key companion.

MadeleinePH ID: #3285
Madeleine is a black female. She is 12 years old.

From Madeleine's foster: As far as Madeleine is concerned 12 is the new 6! Her energy level rivals a much younger dog and she loves toys, chase, and to gently wrestle. Her vision is good, but she's a little hard of hearing. This tiny girl gets along well with her foster brothers and sister. She is a little territorial of her food, but based on her size, it doesn't seem like she has been fed enough in the past. She's always hungry! You do have to keep a close eye on her, because she tries to run out the door if you're not careful, but we're working on that. She is house trained, but probably needs frequent potty breaks (a doggy door with a well secured fence would be ideal). She loves to stretch out on a fluffy dog bed and watch us or take quiet naps. She's a sweet girl, small and spunky and she's going to make some family very happy. This salt and pepper angel deserves a soft, safe place to lay her head every night. She's heartworm negative and ready join your family today!

MarjoriePH ID: #4619
Black female, owner surrender due to a move.

Marjorie is a sweet 7 year old little girl who loves to cuddle. She likes to be queen of the castle, always climbing on the highest pillow on the bed. She is very well-mannered and completely house-trained, and she gets along great with our other dogs, though she has been known to try and steal food from their bowls. She needs daily eye drops for her dry eye. She is heartworm negative.

Update from Marjorie's foster: Marjorie is a love and we just adore her! While she loves to be with her human at all times, she is has the best manners and will always tell you when she needs something. She is known to be an alpha and would probably do best in a smaller grumble or as an only pug, although she does very well in our house with our assortment of dogs!

MavisPH ID: #4999
Mavis is a sweet 7 year old girl who was found wandering around all alone. She was taken to a local shelter and they called us when no one came looking for her. She is heartworm negative. She weighs 25 lbs, has yeasty skin, needs a dental, has bilateral ear infections, nasal discharge, and to top it off, untreated dry eye.

From Mavis' foster: Mavis is a seven year old, HW- fawn girl who was found wandering alone. She does have limited vision due to dry eyes and a bit of arthritis, but she does not let that stop her. Mavis is completely house broken and has not had a single accident. She is a very happy loving girl with the most epic under bite and a tongue that goes on for miles – she gives the best kisses! Recently she has started showing us her sassy side, and it is absolutely adorable. She gets along well with other dogs, but she would do fantastic as an only dog.

Mavis is scheduled for an episioplasty in late July 2016 and will be ready for her forever home shortly after. Anyone would be lucky to add this truly quirky little girl to their family. She came to us as a diamond in the rough and she is shining up to be a true gem.

MaxinePH ID: #5125
Maxine is a 10 yr. old female. She comes to PugHearts as her father was placed in hospice and no longer able to care for her.

She is a sweet lady that is (understandably) confused about all this transition. She is heartworm negative and looking for a calm place to spend her golden years.

MeekoPH ID: #5095
Meet Meeko, he comes to us with his brother Bocephus when medical issues in the family forced them to find a safe place for the two pugs.

Meeko is an 8 yr old cuddle bug. He is a big teddy bear. He is a bonded pair with Bocephus.

Meeko and -Bocephus are a wonderful team. Both are incredibly sweet and would make great companions.

MerlinPH ID: #5104
Merlin is an 18 month old heartworm positive male.

He comes to PugHearts from a shelter.

MidnightPH ID: #5265
Midnight is a black male.

From Midnight's foster: Meet the cutest guy ever. He is 3 years old neutered HW- and playful.

He was found as a stray and I don't think he was loved on too much. Working on the house training he gets along with other dogs but he is learning to trust us and is so sweet. He has the pug head tilt down pat. He had nares surgery and is on medicated shampoo and the Midnight Rider loves his bath so get ready for fun when you adopt this guy.

MinxPH ID: #4795
Meet Minx. PugHearts picked him up after he hid out in a strangers garage.

This boy is super sweet, did not even give the cat a 2nd look.. His color is that of Mink, hence the name Minx. we will know more about him after he is seen by the vet.

From Minx's foster: Minx is a approximately 8 year old boy pug mix. They think he might be part boxer. He weighs about 26 pounds. He is very easy crate and does well on a leash. He thinks he is part cat and will roll over on his belly and paw the air. He is the softest dog I have ever pet. He loves to have his ears scratched. He is currently on a prescription diet for GI upset.

MonaPH ID: #5257
Mona is a young fawn female found wandering all alone.

From Mona (with some help from her foster): Hi, my name is Mona. I was found wandering and was taken to Pughearts. I am about 4 years old with a few health considerations. My health conditions are as follows: heart worm positive, pneumonitis (scarred lungs), arthritis, chronic dry eye and possible hip dysplasia. You would never know I have all these medical conditions because I don't act sick at all. I am an excellent patient and stand still for my eye drops. My foster mom picks me up and puts me down from the couch. Standing still as a statue, I am very cooperative in the bath. My foster mom thinks I am the sweetest pug ever! I am low-key and very docile; great on the leash. I love to be petted and it's never enough for me. The vacuum doesn't scare me either. Not a real barker, I do softly talk and sometimes howl gently. I do not like being in the crate, but will go in when asked and given treats. I groom and lick the other pug in the house and cuddle up with him. Kisses are rare, but I do occasionally give them. I have not shown any signs of food aggression or any other type of aggression towards other dogs in the house. I am currently potty training and would do best in a home with a back yard. A true Velcro pug, I am happiest sitting with my foster mom being petted. I am an excellent companion and look forward to meeting my forever family. I will be available for adoption after being spayed and receiving heart worm treatment.

MortiPH ID: #5232
Morti is a 10 year old fawn male . He is blind and deaf and likes to roam. He uses the doggy door but sometimes you have to go find him as again he likes to wander the outdoors.

He is having a dental soon and hopefully be well enough? to be neutered as he is very frail with a few health issues

He has a way to go but he is a sweetheart.

NigelPH ID: #660
Nigel is a black male. He is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.

From Nigel's foster: Nigel is a fun filled 9 year old black male who was surrendered to us after his owner passed way. He keeps his foster family laughing every day with his antics. You never know when you'll walk in a room and he's looking up at you while laying on his back with all four feet in the air! He is great with kids and other dogs. He is a bit of a marker but otherwise potty trained.

NinaPH ID: #5262
Nina is a 3 yr old fawn female that was living a hard life on the streets. She had to be trapped to remove her from danger.

This precious girl is very grateful and loves people. She is, sadly, heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment prior to adoption.

NuggetPH ID: #3218
Nugget is a black male. He 10 years old. He is heartworm negative. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations.

From Nugget's foster: Nugget is a 10 year old pug man…but I don’t think anyone has told him his true age! He is so active and happy – and quite the talker! He has the funniest “roo, roo, roo” talk that it will make you smile, even on your worst days! He loves to play with stuffed animals, and he gets along great with our other dogs and cat. He was an owner surrender, and seems to have been well cared for all of his life. He likes his “den” (crate) even when we are home and just watching tv, he will often just retreat with a toy to his area. He’s slowly enjoying more couch time though! He is housebroken. He is FULL of personality! Please consider opening your heart and home to this older gentleman….you will not be disappointed!

OpheliaPH ID: #5085
Ophelia comes to PugHearts from the Rio Grande valley.

She is a 2 year old fawn female. She is severe heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment prior to adoption.

From Ophelia's foster: Ophelia is a Velcro pug, very energetic and happy. She loves toys, Nyla bones and plush toys, but unfortunately she has mega esophagus which can be irritated by over enthusiastic play or stress. She loves tummy and chest rubs and she will let you know if you have not fulfilled her pet/scratch quota by pawing at your hand. She gives kisses and is very excited most of the time. Which has been alittle worrisome during her heart worm treatment. The mega esophagus is manageable with elevated food and rest 20-30 mins after feeding. Ophelia is a delightful little girl that adds a bright spot to everyday.

PashiePH ID: #4883
Fawn female 7 years old, mostly blind.

From Pashie's foster: For what Pashie lacks in sight, she makes up for in sheer determination. She will follow you around the world and back as long as she can sense you, hear your feet or hear your voice. She happily will plant herself on the floor close to you if you stay too long. She is also a pretty decent couch potato, where she likes to get her back scratched. She has one of the softest coats I've ever seen so she gets her back scratched a lot! She is a super sweet dog who gets along great with my two-legged boys and my middle-age alpha pug. She's not real fond of our one year old puppy, there's a lot going on there! If you are looking for a velcro pug and a companion for life, this is your girl.

PatrickPH ID: #5195
Patrick comes to PugHearts from a local shelter.

He is HW positive and needs to be neutered

PattyPH ID: #5165
Patty is a new addition to PugHearts. She is a precious lady that is looking for a great family to love her forever.

From Patty's foster: Patty is a 9 year old fawn female. Patty is polite, potty trained, poised, pretty and perfect. She will need eye drops for dry eye and she is deaf but it doesn't slow her down! Her favorite thing to do is bask in the sunshine.

Paul ReverePH ID: #5278
Full Description Coming Soon!

PhilPH ID: #5267
Phil is a male fawn mix.

From Phil (with some help from his foster): Hi Guys & Gals!! My name is Phil & I'm new around here. I heard this lady talking to me saying something about a Freedom ride... and what's PugHearts? That's all she keeps telling me about?? She tells me I'll be living the pug life. Boy that's a lot for me right now but I sure do like these belly rubs and loves & kisses! I didn't like my bath very much but I'm sweet & clean she says ... I have a couple friends here they really like me & we been playing & getting along good & that lady gives me treats! Yummy!! I also like going outside to potty! This lady told me I'll be here at my temp fosters for a few days till I get to SLPH. I’m really not sure what's going on yet but I think I'm loving all this so far.

PixiePH ID: #5274
Meet PH Pixie! She's 7 years old, heartworm negative and has a back injury from long ago. She gets around pretty well, but does drag her back feet.

She is learning what it's like to be around nice humans.. she seems much more at ease with the dogs vs us.

I'm confident she will come around:) as she learns how to be treated as the lovely lady that she is

RodmanPH ID: #5202
Rodman is a 3 yr old black male. He comes to PugHearts after being hit by a car.

He has fractured ribs and several pelvis fractures. He is being evaluated by our vet and we will have a surgical plan soon.

RodneyPH ID: #5261
Meet Rodney, This adorable guy comes to PugHearts looks for a forever home to create some mild mischief in.

SamPH ID: #3204
Sam is a fawn male. He is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.

From Sam's foster: Sam is a sweet semi senior that was an owner surrender. He is slightly vision impaired, but he gets around great! He is the sweetest little man. He loves to go on walks and loves to cuddle. He is definitely a little lover!

SamPH ID: #4573
Sam is an imposter. He is not a Pug and not even a Chug. He is 100% pure Chihuahua in both actions and physical appearance. He weighs in at less than 5 pounds and is a little smaller than a Guinea pig. He is 12 years old and spent the first 12 years of his life confined to a crate or a small patch of dirt…. outside. Sam is very timid and scares easily. He will snap out of fear but never from aggression (and his mouth is too small to bite anyway). Sam is terrified of other dogs and is on my lap or on the couch with me at all times, he hates being on the floor with the other fosters. He will not drink water while any of the others are even close to the water bowl. He is food aggressive and I feed him in his crate so he’s not worried someone will steal his food.

With all of that being said, Sam is the sweetest, most loving little guy I have ever had! As with most Chi’s, he’s a one person guy. He adores me and is constantly cuddled up to my chin. He loves to be kissed and will push his little head to my mouth if I stop before he wants me to. He loves to be pet and he also likes to play. He will pounce on his tiny front feet and start growling and wagging his tail and he will attack my hand and just growl and snarl. He’s so darn cute there just aren’t words to describe him. He loves to sleep with me and is an expert at cuddling. I lost quite a bit of sleep at first because I was concerned that I was going to roll over on him and hurt him.

Sam is my very special Little Man. He is so tiny and vulnerable that he needs to always have someone to protect and take care of him. I made him a promise that he would always be taken care of and he would never be cold, lonely or unloved again. If you think you may be able to keep that promise to him, you just may be who he needs.

SassyPH ID: #5185
Sassy is a precious female that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter.

She will be seen by the vet and we will update soon.

From Sassy's foster: Sassy is a small (14lbs) 2 year old female. She is a cute little girl who wasn't taken very good care of. She is house trained and crate trained and loves attention from her humans. She gets along well with others. She has dry eyes and will need eye meds the rest of her life. She will be going in for nares and spay surgery soon. She is heartworm positive so she will be with us for awhile before she is able to be adopted. She is a sweet little girl who wants to be loved and spoiled by her humans. Won't you consider adopting this little princess?

SparklesPH ID: #5268
Sparkles is a fawn female pug mix.

From Sparkles (with some help from her foster): Hello, I am Sparkles. I was rescued by PugHearts from a local shelter. I played up the pug part of my heritage.

I am a 2 yr. old female and very sweet. I will be seeing their doctor and will update more soon.

StarPH ID: #5246
Star is a 10 yr old heartworm negative female. She was surrendered to PugHearts when her family was no longer able to care for her.

SweetiePH ID: #5170
Meet Sweetie. She is a sweet girl that comes to PugHearts from an area shelter.

SydneyPH ID: #5177
Meet Sydney. This older lady comes to PugHearts after her family had to move to a nursing home.

She is being evaluated by the vet and we will update soon.

From Sydney's foster: Meet Sydney, she's 9 years old and sadly HW+. She comes to Pughearts after her family moved to a nursing home.

Although Sydney is a senior, she definitely doesn't act like one. She is active and loves to go up and down the furniture. She's a snuggler but unlike other pugs, not a big kisser.

This older lady is super-smart. It took only 2 weeks for her to "conquer" the doggie-door! Among her accomplishments: crate trained, leash trained, and 100% house trained.

When she begs for treats, she will look at you intently with her soulful eyes. Your heart will melt and you will be forever malleable to her desires. Sydney will make you laugh everyday. She is JOY personified.

TashaPH ID: #4400
Tasha is a 12 year old fawn female. She is heartworm negative and looking for a place to call her own.

From Tasha (with some help from her foster): Hello, I am Tasha Louise and I am a vintage gall believed to be about twelve years old. Please do not let that number scare you. l I am the most active pug in my foster home. I love to talk and run around my backyard. I also get along with the hunting dog in the house. I love my foster mom, but I really prefer the older gentleman in the house. He is my best love. I come to you in good health, potty trained and ready to give my forever home lots of love. P.S, I talk a lot, not bark-- I talk.

From Tasha's foster: Tasha is quite simply the perfect pug! She is housebroken, nonagressive, gets along with the other dogs and cats in the house, and loves her nightly walks. She is the most active senior I know. Tasha sleeps in bed with her foster mom.

If you're looking for a adorable, loving, mature dog, that is housebroken, trained, and has no behavior issues then Tasha is your girl!

TaylorPH ID: #5266
Meet Taylor. This young man comes to PugHearts as an owner surrender. He is looking for an active family that will be able to spend a lot of time playing with him.

TheodorePH ID: #5251
Theodore is a sweet older gentleman that comes to PugHearts looking for a comfortable place to spend his golden years. He will be seen by the vet and we will update soon.

Thomas JeffersonPH ID: #5275
Full Description Coming Soon!

TobiasPH ID: #4629
Tobias is an extremely handsome older black pug. We think he’s about 10. He has dry eye and has some vision impairment but he can certainly still see. He’s HW negative so he’s ready to find his forever home.

From Toby (with some help from his foster): Hello! My name is PH Foster Tobias (but all of my friends call me Toby). I have been living with my foster family since August and have learned a lot of new things! I have learned to walk on a leash along with my pug foster brother and sister and now enjoy several short walks each day. I was having trouble seeing when I came to live with my foster family. My vision seems to be getting better since my foster mommy makes me homemade food to go along with my hard food and gives me vitamins and eye drops. My foster mommy taught me how to sit and she brags to everyone about how I have never had an accident in the house. We have a cat at my foster home and we get along great, too. Although I love my foster family, I am looking for a forever home. I love to sit on the couch and cuddle and would make a great companion for someone living alone. I’m a very laid back and loving pug. Won’t you please consider adopting me?



TobyPH ID: #5010
Toby is an 8 yr old male. He comes to PugHearts after his owner passed away and there was no one to care for he and his sister (Holly) any longer.

He is bonded to his sister Holly (12 yrs old).

He is a laidback gentleman and loves to be near you.

Toby is heartworm negative and neutered.

From Toby (with some help from his foster): Toby here. I'm 7 or 8 years old. I love to play with toys, boy do I love to play with toys. I am about 20 lbs. Foster mom was surprised because I look bigger than I am. I do love to be with people and will cuddle right up with you. I am good with the other pugs, the cat and kids. I sometimes will nap with one of the other pugs here, but I can see my sister and as long as I know where she is then that's ok. I do love my sister. We must be adopted together

TofuPH ID: #5221
From Tofu's foster: Foster Tofu (fawn) aka Little Puggy FuFu loves our Pork Chop! I see a bright career ahead as a kissing booth pug for this girl! Once she has completed her mange treatment, has been spayed and has her nose done (she has a closed nostril), Tofu will be ready to go!

TrixiePH ID: #5273
Trixie comes to PugHearts with several other pugs from a poor living condition.

Trixie has severe dry eye that has caused her to lose some of her vision. She is wary of humans, but learning fast they people can be good. Trixie is heartworm negative and scheduled to be spayed.

TuffyPH ID: #4813
Full Description Coming Soon!

TumblePH ID: #4878
Tumble is a 7 yr old female better known as Tummy or Tum Tum.

She is heartworm negative and already spayed.

From Tumble's foster: Tumble is a special needs foster, not due to health issues (as she is VERY HEALTHY), but due to fear and trust issues.

Tumble comes to PugHearts scared of everything. She does not trust men at all and will bark and bark to let them know to go away.

She will trust women and is the sweetest, gentlest, loving girl once you earn her trust.

I love and adore Tumble. Tumble and my husband....not so much.

Tumble is looking for a patient lady that is willing to go slowly and allow Tumble to trust you completely.

She is housebroken, heartworm negative, kennels on command and wags her whole body when she is happy to see you.

Tumble is learning to trust my husband through food. She is a typical pug and food is her motivator.

I know there is a perfect home out there for her....it is just going to take time and patience to find it......just like it will take time and patience for Tumble to trust a forever family.

TyPH ID: #4940
Ty is an 11 year old male. He was surrendered to PugHearts with his sister Tyra due to changes in the household. He is heartworm negative.

From Ty (with some help from his foster): My name is Ty. I am 10-11 yrs. young. You wouldn't know I was this old because I love to run and go on long walks with my foster mom and foster sister. I am potty trained and I'm an expert at using a doggie door. I will make a big fuss when you come home from work or from being away from home, but quickly settle down and be your bestie! I know my name well and will mind you when you call me. My vision and hearing are in good working order. I get along well with others and I'm not a picky eater. My foster mom tells people that I'm a 'mellow fellow' and that she enjoys my happy disposition. I really like her, but would love to have a home of my very own and a human that will love me unconditionally like I will! If anyone is interested, ask for me by name and I will pencil you in after my daily nap. Hope to hear from you soon! Ty

VitoPH ID: #5072
Vito is a hunk of pug made for cuddling.

From Vito (with some help from his foster Mom): Hi, I’m Vito, good to meet ‘cha. I’m a 5 year old hunk of a dude, well, that’s what my foster mom says anyway. I’m a big – let me be clear, I’m not over weight, I’m just a husky sized kind of pug. Big paws, big heart don’t ya know? Let me tell ya a little bit about myself. I was rescued off the streets a few months ago, and man, I’m glad that they did. I have had a pretty bad case of heartworms and life was getting pretty tough. Even though I have been feeling kinda cruddy off and on, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot! I’m now living inside, have some new friends, good food, and I love my foster mom. I follow her wherever she goes, because I just want to watch out for her, you know, cuz she watches out for me. I’m a pretty chill dude, I like to just hang out with my humans. I get along pretty well with my foster brothers and sisters, but I can get a little ornery when food is involved. No big deal – foster mom just feeds me away from the others. I’ll get the hang of it soon, and plus – I have A LOT of brothers and sisters. I think if I had fewer, I wouldn’t care so much. As far as the bathroom thing – got that down. I know I’m supposed to go outside, and if I have to go, I just go sit by the door. I have my own “house” in my house, and I don’t mind it a bit since I like to just chill anyway. I don’t mind sleeping in it, or in the big bed with my humans. Either works! Cats? Well, I like to bark at them some times, but I don’t actually want to hurt them. I have some of those at my foster home too, no big deal. Other than that, what can I say? I’ve been told I’m super handsome and cuddly – but I don’t let that go to my head. I’ve been feeling a lot better lately, and once I finish heartworm treatment, I’m going to feel GREAT and I’ll be ready for my own forever home! Come meet me at an adoption event soon!

VivianPH ID: #4794
Vivian is a 7-8 yr old female. She comes to us with significant hydrocephalus and does have neurological issues related to that. She is heartworm negative and we are considering her a special needs adoption. However, that does not slow Vivian down at all.

From Vivian (with some help from her foster): Hi...I'm new here! My name is Vivian and I'm 7-8 years old....being a lady we'll stick with 7! ;-) I haven't ever had my own bed before but thanks to the fabulous Amazon wish list shoppers I'm really enjoying this one that I get to call my own. This foster home is pretty cool, I like the teenager...he doesn't smell TOO bad! They say I have a neurological problem...all that means to me is my walk is a little funny and my Pug head tilt is even more adorable than usual!!!

Special Notes

Vivian has hydrocephalus and consequently has neurological issues

VixenPH ID: #3323
Vixen is a brindle female pug mix. She appears to be a "Bug" or a Pug and Boston mix. She is 3 years old. She came to us from an out of state shelter. She is heartworm negative.

WandaPH ID: #5259
Wanda is a sweet young pug mix (Chihuahua mix maybe) that comes to PugHearts from a shelter.

She is heartworm positive and will be seen by our vet. We will update soon.

WilsonPH ID: #5115
Meet Wilson, He was found as a stray and taken to a local shelter. Wilson has some hip issues and is very weak at the moment.

Wilson is only 4 years old, severe heartworm positive and dealing with old injuries that are causing his hips and back to be sore and weak.

From Wilson's foster: Wilson is a love muffin! Wilson was timid and frightened when he first came to live here, but he has relaxed and is much more secure and happy! He is 4yrs old, crate trained, neutered, mostly house trained, loves to sit with his humans, and gets along with all the dogs in the house. I am sure he would be great with children as he is so gentle.

He does have some weakness in his back end, but that does not stop him - he prances in the yard, runs, jumps down, wags and curls his tail. His only restriction seems to be jumping up on furniture.

He will make a perfect companion as an only dog or in a grumble!

XavierPH ID: #5194
Xavier is a male owner surrender. He is at the vet and we will update soon.

YodaPH ID: #4358
Yoda is a 13 year old male HW negative, already neutered.

From Yoda's foster: Mr. Yoda is a 13 year old fawn male. He lives up to his name. He will bring peace and tranquility to your household. We affectionately call him low-rider because of his short squatty legs and long body. He is an adorable Velcro dog that follows us everywhere. He loves to snuggle and has the cutest little growl. He plays with toys when prompted but really just wants to be around his human. He is totally housetrained. He is crate trained. He is a pug and loves his food, but does not like green beans. He prances when he walks and has the cutest face ever. Wouldn’t you just love to have this baby in your home? He is looking for his forever home and will reward you with his sweet kisses and undivided attention.

Update from Yoda's foster Feb 2017: Yoda is now 13 years young. Due to severe dry eye we had to take his eyes. He is a beautiful blind boy now and the only thing that's changed - he doesn't sleep on the bed anymore.