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Aaron FranklinPH ID: #5965
Aaron Franklin comes to PugHearts with broken legs on the left front and left rear legs, as well as several pelvic fractures.

While we are not sure how they happened, we know that at 10 weeks, he is too young to have had to endure that much pain already.

The vet has done surgery and placed plates on the bones in both legs and we are hopeful that he will have a great recovery and bright future.

AdriannaPH ID: #5939
This snuggly pug comes with an extra licky feature. She will follow you everywhere and will melt all over you the minute you pet her. She also loves to play and really likes chewing on knuckles. She is mostly house trained, definitely crate trained and spoiled rotten. She expects to be the princess. She is also very possessive. She barks at everyone that comes in the room with the exception of my youngest and my husband. She is exponentially precious.

BaileyPH ID: #5464
Bailey is a 9 year old female pug with great personality and sazzyness. She loves to be with her humans and sleep by their bedside. She gets along with her two foster siblings, but takes a while to warm up and doesn't like dogs in her face. She's a bit alpha but I think is mostly because she's afraid the other dogs will knock her down because her back is weaker than the other dogs. She gets along with my toddler, but I prefer if she goes to a calmer, more relaxed household where her humans can give her all the attention, petting and love that she likes.

She loves soft beds and blankets so we have several fluffy blankets spread throughout the house for her. She is very spoiled so would like her forever home to continue this trend. :-) She loves warm baths and getting pampered. She loves getting picked up and place in the recliner with you.

Bailey has spondylosis and results in a different gait and some fecal incontinence. However, her incontinence has improved significantly and she seems more aware of it now. The accidents inside the house have been reduced significantly as well. Her bladder infection was cured in April 2018 and she has been pretty healthy since then. She eats Prescription Diet C/D for Urinary Health. I also give her Dasuquin MS and a cranberry supplement to keep her healthy.

She goes up and down the stairs, which she didn't when we first got her in February 2018. She goes potty outside by standing around the door and knows very well when meal times are. She is smart, sweet, and a great companion. I would love to see her relax at her forever home with lots of love and spoils.

BarryPH ID: #6021
Full Description Coming Soon!

BeansPH ID: #5775
Beans is a 14 year old pug who loves 3 things: eating, sleeping, and eating again. He came to PugHearts a tad overweight at 26 pounds, but he has shed 2 pounds so far. He loves soft toys and is quite the character. Beans has had successful surgery to rid him of bladder stones, so he must stay on a restrictive diet to avoid a re-occurrence. He also has an old injury to his left eye and has no vision in it. Beans is a sedentary fellow who is happy with a low key lifestyle. He is happiest when he knows where you are and will especially follow you if you make your way into the kitchen....his favorite room. Beans sleeps in his own bed and is house trained. He gets along with other dogs and ignores the cat. Mr. Beans, as I refer to him, is a total sweetheart who is looking for a quiet home for his retirement years.

BelvederePH ID: #5593
Belvedere comes to PugHearts heartworm positive and with a severely broke jaw. He is being treated by the vet and we will update soon. This super chill guy will be looking for his forever home after his heart worm treatment.

Belvedere is a handsome, sweet 6 year old male pug. He is heartworm positive and will go through treatment soon. Since coming to Pughearts he had his jaw repaired from a severe break. He has fully recovered from this surgery. His right eye is under developed and he has limited vision in his left eye but this doesn’t slow him down at all. He quickly learned to use the stairs that allowed him to get on the couch with his human.

Belvedere loves to hang out by his humans and other dogs. He is super relaxed and very low maintenance pug. Naps are one of his favorite things! We are working on house training and crate training. Both are going well!

BenjaminPH ID: #6000
Benjamin is a 2-year-old adorable little Black Male. He has had all his shots and will soon be neutered. He is kennel trained and working on house training. He currently is being treated for allergic dermatitis most likely from fleas. He is small, weighing only 14 pounds, but has a good appetite so should fill in a bit. He has an adorable under bite and a tongue that usually hangs out of his mouth. He plays some, but mostly likes to find a quiet place to nap. He snuggles with any one available. He has a slight limp and will be x-rayed during his neuter in order to determine the cause. He loves small children and pays little attention to the cat, (though he would probably try to snuggle with him if he could). I think Benjamin would love to have a snuggle buddy in his new home but would probably do OK without one as long as he had plenty of human loving!

Benjamin was owner surrendered through no fault of his own. He came with his gal pal Mirabel, but at this time we do not think that they are bonded.

BennyPH ID: #5828
Benny is a 2 year old male that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. He is heartworm negative, but is dealing with some nerve issues in one of his legs. He is recovering well and we are hopeful that he will be able to keep his leg.

Benny is a love and has charmed his foster family and they will be adopting him once he is medically cleared.

BerniePH ID: #6016
Full Description Coming Soon!

BettyPH ID: #5933
Betty comes to us as an owner surrender. At 14 weeks old, she is fun loving, full of snuggles and gives her sister, Wilma a run for her money. Betty has a sweet temperament, but don’t let that fool you because she has a mischievous side as well. She is the perfect lap dog and prefers to be held. She is great with children and other pets. She constantly plays with our German Shepherd mix who is 20 times her size. Betty has no fear.

Pending Adoption!

BinkyPH ID: #5735
Binky is an older girl at 12. Her human passed away and she just needs somewhere with a nice soft bed to hang out for her Golden Years. She is extremely well behaved. She is learning that it’s ok to get on my furniture so I assume that was a no no in her previous life. Well, welcome to my house girl! She is deaf, but she doesn’t miss a beat of what happens around her, unless of course she is asleep. She has a touch of arthritis, but with medication that isn’t an issue. Binky just wants to be loved and taken care of. I always feel so bad for these guys that lose their human and then have to go to a strange place with strange people. Won’t you please consider this sweet old lady, she really needs a family of her own again.

BraxtonPH ID: #5962
Braxton is a young male that comes to PugHearts looking for a safe and loving place to call home. And here is Braxton!!! Braxton is a very active one-year-old with a heart’s desire to play, play and them play some more. He loves to play chase around the house with his foster brothers. He loves to chew and nibble on his foster mother’s fingers and ears. He is a small pug with a butterscotch coat and a very sweet curly tail. He is a great companion, but will be best suited in an active home. He will adjust to being an only dog, but I think he would prefer a partner in crime. He would be good with children and other dogs. He is improving his house behaviors to the point where I can leave him alone in the house without a crate for a few hours. His potty training skills are getting better every day. He is heartworm positive, so we will be blessed with him for a little longer, but he will be worth the wait.

Bruce 5PH ID: #5912
Hello, Ladies. My name is Bruce. #phBruce. I am a Single Male Pug looking for my furever life partner. I like long walks in the park. And I mean really long walks. Bring a tent. I love food. I will gladly eat anything you don’t. I love to snuggle once I have been worn out, which takes a lot. I am high energy. I get along great with children and other dogs. I don’t know any cats so I have no idea what I would do around them. I love to play so much I rarely do anything else. I will bring you all the joy you deserve. I have my man surgery (neutering) on May 1st and will be ready shortly after.

BrycePH ID: #5999
Meet Bryce! This handsome gent is 14-15 yrs old and as sweet as can be! Poor fella had fleas, but we took care of that and he’s feeling much better! Sadly, he is severe heartworm positive and is having fainting spells due to the damage these heartworms have already done. He’s hoping for a wonderful home for his golden years.

BrynnPH ID: #5928
Foster Brynn came to us from BARC. She was 5 weeks old when she arrived, weighed 2 pounds, had mange and was totally blind because her eyes had ruptured. She gained some weight and they were able to remove her eyes after she gained up to 3 pounds. She can’t begin the meds for mange until she get up to 4 pounds.

But let me tell you, Brynn doesn’t let anything get in her way of enjoying life. She is constantly happy with a wagging tail. She loves her bully stick and lets her stuffed Lamb Chop know who is the boss.

Brynn will be with us for several months so she isn’t available for adoption until she’s at least 4 months old.

BuddyPH ID: #5179
Buddy is a gentleman pug that comes to PugHearts with his sister Carlee after his family became too ill to care for them.

From Buddy's foster: My name is Buddy! I am a young 11-year old, male, fawn pug. I love to be outside, but also like to nap inside too. I love to eat, sleep, and repeat! I am very low maintenance. I don't really fuss much or bark. I just like to follow my human around until I need another nap!

ButtermilkPH ID: #5024
Reintroducing Foster Buttermilk. Now I hate the name but love this girl. The whole name theme has come back to haunt us, I can't even call her by her initials ?? She was born into our rescue two years ago. By no fault of her own she found her way back to us. She loves to play fetch and drop (she actually drops the ball for you to throw again), sits on command and runs to her crate when feeding time rolls around. She is a huge cuddler and has taken over the bed. She is crate and house trained, loves her long walk in the evenings and loves the freedom of the backyard. This sweet girl is ready for her furever home *right now*. I call her Luna Lou.

ByronPH ID: #5742
Byron comes to Pug Hearts needing some medical care and TLC. He had an untreated skin allergy that resulted in him missing a lot of fur on his backside. A couple weeks with us and he already looks so much better. On 11/9 he will get a much needed dental, neuter, and a tumor removed from his leg. Then on 12/10 he goes for his heartworm treatment so Byron will be ready in January 2019. At approximately 11 years old Byron is very spunky and full of energy. He loves to roll in the grass and skip in the yard. He sleeps well in a human bed, dog bed, or kennel. He gets along great with his foster brothers and the resident cat. Byron says adopt me please!

CarolPH ID: #5787
Hello humans. My foster mommy asked that I write a quick bio about myself. She suggested the first thing that I should mention is that I don't shed! I know mind blown, right? This is 100% true and is due to me being a pug/brussels griffon mix. The non-shedding side is from the Brussels Griffon genes. Another important fact about me is I would enjoy being an only child. I'm an extreme alphadog. Although there is harmony most days with my Foster Brothers there are still occasions that I like to be sure they know that I'm the boss! I love to snuggle and be with my human all of the time. I will roll over almost immediately for a belly rub. I'm not fond of being in a crate but if you close off an area I don't mind chilling out in there. I'm potty trained and would love to find someone to love me and all of my whiskers. What are you waiting for?

CharliePH ID: #5976
Introducing Foster Charlie 9 yrs old. He is mentally broken and will need some time to heal and trust me. I am giving him his space in a quiet spot in my bathroom in which he picked. He is only 12 lbs and is a little shy and scared. He was adopted from a shelter 9 yrs ago only to be sent back to the same place 9 yrs later. I am not sure what he is mixed with but for now he is a Pug, sort of. Foster Charlie is really broken and will need some time to heal before being able to be adopted. He loves all dogs and has no issue with them. It’s the male figure right now I am dealing with , that makes me think he was abused by one. He will shiver and freeze if you pick him up. I am working on his trust and so far he runs to me to hold him and to make him feel safe. He is a great little dog and just needs to learn he is loved and no one will ever hurt him again.


ClementinePH ID: #5879
Oh my darling Clementine indeed! She is a sweet and vivacious 2 year old tiny puggie who will steal your heart! She is one perfect pug – she is very devoted to you [#1 cuddler], great with kids and dogs, will sit for her food, waits patiently for her food [no barking to demand food], and uses a doggy door. Sadly, Sweet Clementine is heartworm posditive and will have to go through heartworm treatment rior to adoption.

If you are interested in Clementine, please put in your application at www.pughearts.com!

Cora BellePH ID: #5975
Full Description Coming Soon!

CordeliaPH ID: #5971
Cordelia is a very sweet tranquil 6 year old girl that loves belly rubs. It took her a couple of days to come out of her shell, but once she did she got along well with my 3 dogs; ages ranging from 2.5 yrs to 8 yrs. She is on a bit of a diet to lose the "winter weight". She hates taking pills, but if hidden in cheese or peanut butter it’s no problem. She loves going outside for potty breaks...literally runs/hops to the door. She likes to hear her name and sweet compliments. She snores when awake or sleeping; it’s the cutest thing about her aside from those big beautiful eyes. She is very mild tempered and so quiet, I didn’t even hear her bark until day 6 in my home. Cuddles and belly rubs is all she wants.

She is heartworm negative, spayed and will have entropion surgery soon to help the tear production in her eyes. She does have a luxating patella, but it does not appear to cause her any pain.

CorneliusPH ID: #5998
This is Cornelius a 2 year old fawn male. He is heartworm positive and has skin issues. He is working through the skin issues and will be neutered August 2nd. Once his neuter is finished he will need to go through heartworm treatment before he will be ready for his forever home. He is not on any medication and is a typical pug, eats like there is no tomorrow. He is a sweetheart, loves his person and is a very happy little pug. He loves to play with toys and will play with any animal or human if they will play. He is a very active two year old, learning to jump in my lap and we are working on potty training. He is a Velcro and wants nothing but to be by your side 24/7.

DarbyPH ID: #5993
Darby comes to PugHearts with her gentleman friend Drake. This very bonded pair were owner surrenders thru no fault of their own. They are sweet, house-trained, snuggly pugs about 7-8 years old. Darby is the smutty colored female and Drake is a very light, almost white, colored fawn male. They love each other and their humans. Darby likes to play with toys and can be dominating in their relationship. Drake is very laid back, always sleepy eyed but ready to climb in your lap. These two are so easy to care for and would make such an impact in your household. They are ready for adoption after a nip and tuck and dental surgery scheduled in July 2019. Put those apps in now!

DarrenPH ID: #5981
Everyone welcome Darren to PugHearts! Darren is a 9 year old retired Hollywood stunt pug. You may recognize him from Otis and Milo as well as Men in Black. Darren was living in an assisted living facility for retired members of the entertainment community, but when the rent was raised Darren could no longer afford to live there and ended up in a shelter. Due to poor insurance coverage and the nature of his career, Darren has hip dysplasia, elbow and knee pain. He has a dental scheduled in July. He is neutered, heartworm negative, deaf, with decent vision.

Darren is improving daily, but has trust and fear issues with people trying to clean his eyes, face, and feet. As you can imagine, he is an independent man and hates to have someone fuss over him.

DarwinPH ID: #5978
Full Description Coming Soon!

DocPH ID: #5763
Doc is 7 years old and loves to be near people. He is a new foster so for now he likes his space and loves our oversized orthopedic dog bed. He is heart worm negative and is working on gaining a little weight. He does have dry eye which calls for a drop of med in each eye once a day for the rest of his life.

Doc has a slight back problem and is currently on medication for any pain. It does not slow him down at all and we are just careful not to let him jump up and down off furniture.

He is currently being kennel trained and potty trained. He loves kids, other dogs and could care less about our cat.

He needs to be in a home with other dogs. He loves to climb in your lap and lay upside down for tummy rubs. He never turns down a treat and kennels on command. We are still working on potty training but it is getting much better.

DollyPH ID: #5914
Dolly is PugHearts resident tripod sensation! She came from the Rio Grande Valley after being turned in to a shelter there to be euthanized due to injuries. When Dolly arrived at PugHearts, she had a horrible dislocation to her front wrist as well as complete de-gloving of the skin. We assume it was an injury sustained from being hit by a car, and she had been in this condition for 2-3 weeks. Her other 3 legs had lost muscle and range motion, and walking at all was a challenge. After much consideration and work, Dolly had her hurt front leg amputated and has made a complete recovery. She’s already mastered jumping onto furniture and going up the stairs, and everyday she amazes us with her incredible spirit and new abilities. It appears from x-rays that her jaw was broken several years ago, and never repaired, but it has healed itself and doesn’t cause her any discomfort, only a crooked smile that we’ve all grown to love. It’s Dolly’s trademark! We estimate her age to be 8 years old. Unfortunately Dolly is heartworm positive, which means she won’t be available for adoption until the end of the summer, but don’t wait to get your applications in. This is one special girl!

DoylePH ID: #5992
Full Description Coming Soon!

DrakePH ID: #5994
Drake comes to PugHearts with his female friend Darby.

This very bonded pair were owner surrenders thru no fault of their own. They are sweet, house-trained, snuggly pugs about 7-8 years old. Darby is the smutty colored female and Drake is a very light, almost white, colored fawn male. They love each other and their humans. Darby likes to play with toys and can be dominating in their relationship. Drake is very laid back, always sleepy eyed but ready to climb in your lap. These two are so easy to care for and would make such an impact in your household. They are ready for adoption after a nip and tuck and dental surgery scheduled in July 2019. Put those apps in now!

DwightPH ID: #6008
Full Description Coming Soon!

EllaPH ID: #5931
Ella is 5 years old fawn pug mix and is heartworm negative. She is part of a bonded pair with Emma. She was recently spayed. She is very sweet and patient. She loves to play with toys. She is house trained and crate trained. These girls are really sweet together and love to snuggle.

EmmaPH ID: #5932
Emma is 5 years old black pug and is heartworm negative. She is part of a bonded pair with Ella. She was recently spayed. She is very sweet and take charge kind of girl. She loves to play with Ella and takes care of her. She is house trained and crate trained. These girls are really sweet together and love to snuggle.

EvelynPH ID: #4679
Evelyn is an older southern lady that comes to us with her friend Ernest.

Evelyn is a 9 year old white female. She is sassy, adorable and has a terrible collapsing trachea. Evelyn uses her cough to her foster Dad to baby her and it works well. She is a tiny thing, but can hang with the other dogs playing outside for a little while. Her cough is kept in check with medication and cannot be cured, only controlled. She is heartworm negative and deals with some dry eye (with resulting vision issue)

FrancoPH ID: #6015
Franco is a stunning, big (21 lbs.), black, 8 year old boy who came to us with 2 other pugs as owner surrenders, thru no fault of their own.

He is such a love and follows me everywhere. The bleached appearance of his coat, heart worm positive status, and presence of ticks when picked up, and hesitation to come in the house on his own, indicate he likely lived outside. He is getting used to the pampered PugHearts life now, with regular grooming, meals, vet visits, meds, stuffies, soft beds, friends, crate and house training. I can actually see the gratitude in his eyes. He just wants love, gets along with all pugs, and will make a wonderful family addition. His tail is chocolate donut perfection. Even better than all that? When carried, he does swimmy feet (paddles likes he's going into water). It. Is. Adorable.

Look for him to be home healthy in October. Meantime, follow his progress on Facebook and Instagram.

I will love him until you can.

FranklinPH ID: #5901
This is Mr. Franklin, a 6-year old pug that came to Pughearts in a bad state. He has severe skin issues which cause him to scratch incessantly and lose fur in several parts of his body. He is also very underweight. We're hoping that with a good diet and more frequent feeding, he will gain some weight. With time, lots of love, and attention, we are optimistic that Mr. Franklin's personality will come out. At the moment, he is extremely shy and very wary of humans. He doesn't like to venture out of his crate and explore his surroundings. Unfortunately, we believe that all his life, he was in a cage. We are also trying to show him that it's okay to have fun and play with his foster brothers and sisters. He is not ready for adoption since he still needs time to heal. However, Mr. Franklin hopes that there is a special person or family out there who will be able to see past his "imperfections" and love him for his gentle demeanor and quiet personality. Mr. Franklin had a sad life before Pughearts. He deserves a chance to be happy.

FridaPH ID: #5662
Frida is a sweet gentle 5 year old pug mix that comes to us from a local ER. She appears to have been hit by a car and sustained trauma to her eye. The eye was not able to be saved and was removed to make her comfortable.

She was heartworm positive and did well in treatment. She is now cleared.

Foster Frida is her name. Being smart and snuggly is her game. Seriously, this happy 5 year old snuggle bug is super smart, perfect in the house, crate trained, and gets along with everyone. She’s clearly a mix, possibly pug mixed with perfection and maybe a bit of chihuahua. Tonight I wanted to transition her to a different crate in a different spot now that she no longer needs her halo (cone of shame). All I did was toss her slept on blankie into the different crate. She figured it all out on her own and happily entered and snuggled in for the night. Frida is such a good girl and holds no grudges for losing her eye in a car accident. She will be keeping an eye out for her furever family while she undergoes heartworm treatment.

Don’t you want to experience the wonderful Life with Frida?

GenePH ID: #5980
Welcome Gene to Pughearts! He is a 3 year old heartworm positive, unneutered male. He will be neutered, have his nares done, and undergo heartworm treatment prior to adoption. Gene was a world famous model-swimsuits, tv commercials, clothing, cologne, and hair. Not to mention a shameless ladies man. Due to the actions of an unscrupulous business manager, Gene ended up penniless and in a shelter. Are you ready to have all your dreams come true? Gene is waiting to lay in your arms and get belly rubs.

GentryPH ID: #6017
Full Description Coming Soon!

GisellePH ID: #5684
Hi everyone, I am Giselle. I am an 8 year old heartworm negative female with a couple of special needs, who was rescued from El Paso. I am a very happy, feisty girl waiting for the perfect home.

Somewhere along the line I suffered a dislocated pelvis and a broken femur that was never repaired. I also have arthritis as a result in addition to being a bit deformed in the back. I do struggle on tile, but run across the grass or on rugs with a little bunny hop. I would need a kind owner who will carry me up and down steps as I cannot navigate them, nor can I use a dog door. My foster mom lays runner rugs for me. I am tiny so I can be carried where necessary without ruining your back.

While my walking is wonky, I do have full control over my bladder and bowels and am completely house trained. I know to go to the door to go outside. I love outside, and sunbathing, but need help getting back in.

I also had a bad eye injury, so I am a winky now. My remaining eye does not work well, and I get drops which I will need for life.

I may be tiny but have a big voice which I am not afraid to use. I slap you with my paw and bark when I want your attention. I love snuggling up next to my humans and submissive dogs who won't give me static. I am a bit of an alpha girl and will not hesitate to stand my ground.

I love food, treats, and fluffy toys which I toss in the air. Oom-a-loos are the best! I love scritches and belly rubs but due to my prior injuries cannot roll over. I do a slight roll on my side as a hint that my tummy needs rubs.

GloryPH ID: #5921
Glory came to PugHearts as an owner surrender to no fault of her own at just six months of age. She was critically ill and injured which required two weeks of hospitalization to stabilize her before going to a foster home. She has amazingly surprised us all and is now thriving. Her eye is healing, she is gaining weight, and enjoying life as the puppy she was meant to be. Glory will require more surgery in the future and will continue to have a long road to full recovery. She is still writing her story but she has fought with the spirit of a warrior princess to overcome so much in so little time.

Stay to tune for more updates on her unbelievable recovery on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

GracePH ID: #5679
Grace is a very ill female from a local shelter. She was picked up and taken straight to the ER vet. She is anemic and received a blood transfusion and full lab work. Please send Grace positive thoughts and good wishes, as she has a long road ahead of her.

GraysonPH ID: #5774
Bio: Foster Grayson is the perfect pug. He weighs 12 pounds at the age of 4 years old. He is tiny which makes snuggles easy. He sleeps throughout the night without making much noise. He listens well when we call his name and follows directly when told no. He loves to play with his pug family and is kid friendly. As an extra bonus he has some very cute pug noises when you pet him.

GuyPH ID: #6009
Full Description Coming Soon!

HudsonPH ID: #6004
Full Description Coming Soon!

IgorPH ID: #5908
Igor is a sweet neutered male who was rescued from being dumped at a shelter by a good samaritan who got him to PugHearts. He is approximately 7 years old, but seems to have lived a rough life so far. He is mostly blind due to dry eye and needs eye drops once a day for life. He also has suspected spondylosis meaning that his movement is a little stiff. Thankfully, he is heartworm negative. Now that he is with PugHearts he is getting used to the good life. He is house trained and crate trained and gets along well with other dogs, adults and kids. He loves to snuggle up next to you and burrow his face into your arm. He has even started gently owing at us for attention. We are looking forward to getting to know him better as we get his health issues under control so he is ready for his forever home soon.

IrvingPH ID: #5888
Meet Irving. He was surrendered to Pughearts from Mississippi following his owners death. Irving is a sweet 11 year old man. He seems to be a little distant compared to other pugs but in the last few days he has started to walk up to me when I’m on the couch and let me pet him, he’s still not down with being held. His favorite pastime is sleeping on the doggie bed. Irving had some issues with seizures and is now on meds that have completely stopped them. He probably won’t answer to Irving when he’s adopted, for some unknown reason that only my brain can explain, every time I call him I call for Joe, so that’s probably what he’s going to think is his name. He’s such a sweet old guy and I know he’s so totally confused about what has happened to his life. He’s going to settle in to a home and be a great companion for a quiet, low activity home.

IsabellaPH ID: #5938
Isabella came to PugHearts after being dumped outside of a small police station in the RGV. She was 8 weeks old, very weak and lethargic, with a prolapsed rectum. She has flourished in the care of PugHearts, and is now a very healthy and feisty puppy. She is doing great on her house training, and has mastered the doggy door. Isabella loves being outside running around the yard and tormenting her foster siblings. She gets along great with other dogs and children, and loves carrying toys around the house that a bigger than her. She working on her leash skills, and loves taking all her puppy naps in the comfy dog bed. She will need her nares done and spay surgery to be ready for adoption.

IvanPH ID: #6018
Full Description Coming Soon!

Jd 3PH ID: #5956
JD is an 18-month old adorable little Fawn Male. He is heartworm negative and has had all his shots. He is kennel trained and working on his house training. He came to Pughearts with a severe case of Demodex, a non-contagious mange. He is healing and should start to have his coat fill back in. He has a healthy appetite and is gaining weight. He knows how to use the doggy door. JD loves to play with his foster friends and loves to snuggle with them when they finish playing. His condition has improved enough for the vets to schedule his neuter. Once this is done, he should be almost ready for adoption, (late June). He is a secure playful little guy who is totally adorable with or without hair! Come meet this guy at an event!

Update July 7, 2019

JD is mange free and has a nice coat of new hair. He is being treated for a secondary skin infection. He has been neutered. He has had problems with crystals in his urine along with a urinary tract infection and is being treated for that now as well. He may need prescription food for life and that will be determined with his next vet check. Even with these health setbacks, he remains happy and playful.

JebPH ID: #5248
Jeb is a senior boy that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. He is dealing with some neglect and age has not been kind to him. He is currently at the vet to be evaluated, treated and readied to go into a foster home to learn what spoiling and comfort feel like.

From Jeb's foster: If Jeb would write a personal ad, it would go like this...

Looking for an adorable elderly gent? I am Jeb, an 11 year old black pug who loves to cuddle, is great with other dogs and kids, and is very well mannered. My happiest moment is laying next to you and enjoying your company. I don't pee or poop in your house either. Since I do have some sight issues (i have some vision - I have to have eye drops), my current people pick me up and take me out. As soon as I am out, I take care of business fast and am ready to go back in. If I need to go out in the meantime, I will bark to let you know that I need to go. I am kind of "fluffy" right now - I love to eat and it shows so I am working on losing some "fluff". I am not food aggressive and eat right along all my other 4 legged people. My back legs are a little wonky when I walk but when I lose some "fluff" it should help that. So you are wondering how I am without you? I snooze away until you come back. I have free roam so I am a trust worthy kinda guy. Some say "what a good boy" - nah, I am a great boy!

JessiePH ID: #5935
Jessie is a sweet, spunky girl who was found as a stray in the Rio Grand Valley. She loves to cuddle people and gets along well with the other dogs, although she makes sure they know a toy or treat is hers if anyone gets too close. Her favorite way to spend the day is sleeping spread out on the big dog bed and snoring away! She is about 8 years old and heartworm negative. She has some spondylosis which makes her back legs stiff when she first gets up and moving, but she is surprisingly speedy once she gets going so don't let the funny gait fool you! She is fully house trained and crates happily. She is currently being treated for an ulcer in one eye which is healing well, and she sees well from the other eye. She has some minor dermatitis and hair loss from fleas before rescue, but it is healing quickly!

JewelPH ID: #6003
Full Description Coming Soon!

JoePH ID: #6022
Hi, it’s “Just” Joe. Because I am not Joseph. “Just” Joe. Let me tell you my story. I spent the last few days in dog jail for no fault of my own then a really nice lady came and picked me up. She took me to a place where other nice people pinched, poked, and didn’t give me a coke but I did have a hot and cot.

Then the nice lady who is going to be my foster mom said she was taking me home and I would met my foster dad. I was really excited. We stopped at this place called Sonic and had cheese sticks. I think she was trying to win my affection. She said sit in your seat and I gave her a ‘huff’ and fell back in it. She said Mrs. Sharon likes to dance with her fosters, but she likes to sing. She keep singing “Nobodyyyy knowsss the trouble I’ve seen....Nobodyyyyy knowssss my sorrows." But she said my sorrows are all over and I will only know the good life from now. I believe her.

Foster mom kept saying I have a glow about me, but I think all these people are really angels in disguise and they are the ones glowing.

We drove home and I met lots of other doggies. It must be a great place because they were all wagging their tails, smiling, and sniffing. I like to smile. See exhibit #4. They gave me my own hotel that came with room service and a big bowl of food.

I think I am going to like it here. At least until my adoptive family comes. I am four years old, HW negative which is a big deal apparently and have been neutered. I will be ready to meet some people maybe at the dog show. Not for sure I know what I will be showing but I will flash my pearly whites and see if that gives me some likes. See exhibit #5.

Love, “Just” Joe

JonseyPH ID: #5936
Full Description Coming Soon!

JorahPH ID: #6006
Full Description Coming Soon!

JuliaPH ID: #6010
Julia is a beautiful 2 year old bundle of energy, loves her toys and to play with the youngsters in our grumble. She has also found how good it is to nap on the couch! Julia will be ready early to mid November as she sadly is Heartworm positive. Don’t wait get your application in for Julia she will not be a foster for long!

JuniperPH ID: #5997
Juniper is the sweetest little 9 month old pug, that comes to PugHearts after found roaming the streets, probably for most of her life. She is being treated for sarcoptic mange, which has caused hair loss and itchiness. Juniper is showing her puppy side. She loves toys, playing with her foster siblings, and cuddling with her foster mom every night. She’s on medicated baths every few days, and is an angel in the tub. Feeding time and snacks are her favorite, but she loves enjoying the yard too. She’s learning the doggy door and house manners, but with this smart little girl, it won’t take long. Who wants to give this perfect baby her forever home?

JustinPH ID: #5882
Justin is a laid back senior who likes to be next to his humans. Justin is a 12 year young very active senior who comes to PugHearts vision Impaired but not blind. He shows a little sign of hearing. He is super soft and cuddly. He also will let you know when it’s time to eat. If your looking for a senior lover boy. Well look no more.

KirkPH ID: #5990
Mr. Kirk is a very beautiful apricot colored pug who has a perfect tail and delightful face. He is a said to be about 18 months old, but has the dignity of a three or four year old. He still loves to play, but know his limits and is more inclined to want to cuddle with a human. He loves riding in the car and playing in the backyard. Kirk is very smart. When his bowl is empty, he immediately begins to dance in front of the kitchen sink. Apparently he has been allowed to shower in his past life. When his foster parents shower, he runs to the bathroom and begs to join in the fun. He is also highly potty trained and will go to the door to let his foster parents know he wants to go out. Human food is not to his liking. He has turned down all forms of human food. He will “kennel up” for a doggy treat. He is heartworm negative, but has a small skin condition that has required baths once a week. This condition should clear up very quickly. He will also need a minor surgery on his soft palette. He is absolutely a delightful pug and will be such a wonderful addition to any home.

LattePH ID: #5209
Latte is a 10 year old that is looking for a comfy couch and quality snuggle time. Latte is heartworm negative and dealing with dry eye.

From Latte's foster: Latte is about 9 years old. Blind in one eye and maybe some in the other eye.

He is a little bit of a loner. He eats very well in his crate. Latte prefers sleeping with me and his other Pug friends. Very good with other dogs and children. Latte would be a very good companion to sit and be a TV buddy.

LauriePH ID: #5713
Meet Laurie, an 8 year old diabetic female. She is doing great and will be checked out by the vet and we will make sure she is on the right amount of insulin and take care of anything else she needs.

Foster Laurie is a spunky 8 year old that loves to explore and enjoys her naps as well. Laurie is diabetic and requires insulin shots twice a day at meal time. She is deaf and limited sight but that does not slow her down! Don’t shy away from this little girl she will surprise you!

Layla 6PH ID: #5968
Introducing Miss Layla, she is a 2 year old ball of energy. She is heartworm negative, spayed and goes in for surgery for soft pallet and nares soon. She is currently not potty or crate trained. After surgery and some house training she will be available. She is sweet,energetic,Velcro and did I mention energetic?

LenaPH ID: #5959
Lena is one of the 2 parvo puppies.

Lena is a 13 week old pug mix (long terrier hair). She comes to PugHearts from a local shelter after the family tested positive for parvo.

Lena and her family have recovered well and she is now looking for her forever home.

This little cutie is learning potty pads and is all about playing until she is too tired to do anything more than cuddle.

LennyPH ID: #5958
Lenny is one of the 2 parvo puppies.

Lenny is a 13 week old pug mix (long terrier hair). He comes to PugHearts from a local shelter after the family tested positive for parvo.

Lenny and his family have recovered well and he is now looking for his forever home.

This little cutie is learning potty pads and is all about his people. He loves to cuddle and be held. Running in the grass outside is a favorite pastime to get the energy out.

LilaPH ID: #5183
Lila is a 4 yr old female that comes to PugHearts after being found wandering all alone.

She appears to have some problems with her back legs and is being monitored by the vet. Lila is, happily, heartworm negative.

From Lila's foster: Meet Lila - our gorgeous Lila!! She is a very happy, healthy 4yr old that loves to play and cuddle and run - everywhere she goes!!

Lila is a special needs pug that has some neurological issues with her back legs. We are not sure if this is due to an injury or birth - be please do not let this deter you from adopting her!! She does not let this slow her down one bit!! The biggest issue is elimations, as she is not always aware of pooping. Lila does squat to urinate, but then hops about 3ft while going. If she is leashed and you hold her, she will finish then move on. She will also stand up when asked!

This sweet girl is a treasure and we are hoping that someone will give her a chance at a family - she deserves her own family and loves with her whole heart!!

LiloPH ID: #6007
Lilo, also known as ‘Little Li-Li’ comes to PugHearts as an owner surrender. She is an 8 month old tiny fawn girl, who gets along great with other dogs that are close to her size. She’s all puppy and loves playing with her foster siblings, as well as squeaky toys. Lilo is still a bit timid, but is making baby steps everyday to be a happy, comfortable puppy. She will be spayed at the end of June, and will be ready for her forever home shortly after that.

LincolnPH ID: #5987
Full Description Coming Soon!

LolitaPH ID: #4642
Lolita is a fawn female and an owner surrender.

From Lolita's with help from foster: Hi, Yall Lolita here Im about 8 years old, full figured little lady. I am doggie door trained. I am good with kids, other dogs, cats, and I love people. I am sight impaired but I can see light and dark. I do require eye drops 2 to 3 times a day to help with my dry eyes. I also take Rimadyl for my minor arthritis as needed, but I get around just fine. I also take Tobutrol for what they call a narrowing trachea which makes me cough from time to time. I do like to cuddle. I love my treats. I love green beans and carrots with my kibble. Foster mom also puts some coconut oil in out food several times a week. I love the taste of coconut. she gets that kind that is unprocessed or something like that, so it taste just like coconut. She also puts plain yogurt in out food too from time to time, boy that stuff is good. Did I mention I do love my treats? I will play tug-a-war if you put the toy to my mouth. Foster mom says I’m a wonderful lady pug. If you are looking for a cuddle pug, then I'm your girl. I'm taking applications for my forever home. So if you would like an interview please let me know.

LouisePH ID: #5107
Louise is a senior pug that was an owner surrender. She is so very sweet and loves to cuddle. Everyone falls in love with her. She does have a collapsing trachea and will have to be on medication for the rest of her life. She can't be out in the heat and/or exercise for a long time. Louise would be perfect for someone that wants a quiet, lovable companion. She is not dominant, and she gets along great with my 2 dogs. She is not food aggressive and very rarely has "accidents" on the floor. If you like to sleep late, Louise will not wake you up! She is perfectly happy snuggling in the bed next to you and is such good company. If you are looking for a furry companion to watch movies with you and love you unconditionally, Louise is for you!

LuellaPH ID: #5964
Are you looking for sugar and spice? That is Luella to the T. This girl is 8 years old and just plain amazing. She will demand to be pet and fed on time. She paws at the door to be let outside and we call her the potty queen - she always does her business within 30 seconds. She is super submissive and doesn't get aggressive about anything including other dogs stealing her food from underneath her so we need to supervise at dinner time, haha. She is very velcro and wants to be with her person at all times but she doesn't mind her crate at all. She just curls up and sleeps until we come back which makes her the only dog that can use our fancy wood kennel because she doesn't scratch it up.

Luella was a stray and must have either been on the streets for a while or just neglected prior to getting out. Her skin was bright red with scabs all over, even her paw pads were peeling. Her eyes were dry and they would constantly build up yellow discharge. As if that wasn't enough, she had a horrible ear infection that made her tilt her head all the time. Fast forward 3 weeks - eyes are beautiful and clear, she is vision impaired but she just can't see very far, she never trips over anything or runs into things so you wouldn't know until you call her from the distance and she's not 100% sure where you are. Her head tilt is gone and she is much more alert because she can now hear things. It will be a while before her fur grows back but her tummy finally looks calm and she is not itching. Overall, this girl cleaned up beautifully with some meds and a little TLC and will be a wonderful addition to anyone's home.

Luke 4PH ID: #5472
Luke is a 12 year old fawn male. He is heartworm negative and neutered.

This boy is a LOVE!

Sadly, Luke has bone cancer and is now in hospice with his foster Mom.

LuluPH ID: #5929
LuLu is a sweet, spunky 7 year old gal. She is the perfect balance of independent and snuggly! She’s completely housebroken, does great with other dogs and cats, and just is super easy! She has had some skin allergies, which she’s being treated for now. She likely will be on off steroids to manage as needed. If you are looking for an easy, fun addition to your family, Lulu is your girl!!

MariePH ID: #5849
Marie is a 6 year old teeny tiny girl who is a lover! She comes to PugHearts with a few medical issues. She is heartworm positive and will have to go through heartworm treatment prior to adoption. Marie has had a hard life, as she also has multiple spine and pelvic fractures in various stages of healing. We are sad for her, but Marie is not slowed down one bit. She will follow you wherever you go and loves to sit next to you and cuddles up right at your side when it is bedtime. She is potty trained - we currently take her outside and she hasn’t had any accidents. We are currently training her in using the doggy door and expect she will pick it up quick since she is smart.

MarkPH ID: #5991
Mark is a super sweet 3 year old pug that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. He is the most laid back pug, that wants nothing more than getting belly rubs and sleeping next to his people. Mark is the perfect little gentlemen with children and gets along great with other dogs, but would do perfectly fine as the only child too. He is house trained and uses the doggy door all the time. He loves baths and toys, but his favorite thing is dinner time and treats! Mark is currently being treated for some skin problems, more than likely from poor diet, stress and fleas, but before you know it he’ll have the most beautiful fawn coat. His neuter is scheduled for 8/2, and he’ll be ready for his forever home shortly after that. If you want a pug that’s young in age, but very mature in his demeanor, then MARK IS YOUR MAN! Get those applications in quick for this perfect pug!

MarvinPH ID: #5778
Marvin is an older gentleman from a Texas shelter. Marvin is an approximately 8 year old gentleman who came to PugHearts from a Texas shelter. He is well behaved and knows how to use a doggie door. He is a good older brother to our younger pugs and alternates between napping and hanging out with the rest of the crew. He is heartworm positive and will be ready to go to his forever home in mid February. He’s calm, cuddly and has a sweet temperament. Fostering this loving boy has been a complete pleasure for our family.

MathisPH ID: #5896
Sweet gentle Mathis is a 6 year old male found wandering all alone. He is heartworm negative, but does have some significant vision impairment. He was born with an underdeveloped eye, but it just adds to his adorable charm.

MattiePH ID: #5809
This gorgeous 12 year old is healthy and full of spunk. She is a true delight to be around. She is sweet and loving. Wonderful in every way. Completely content to relax and enjoy her life.

Hi! My name is Mattie. I am the most perfect 12 year old you have ever met. I am pug perfect according to my foster Mom! I always go to the bathroom outside right where I am supposed to! I live for long naps and snuggling with my human. I love cats, dogs and birds. In fact Foster Mom days I love everyone. The only thing I do not like is to miss a meal!

MauricePH ID: #5973
Full Description Coming Soon!

MaxinePH ID: #5739
Maxine is an 8 year old pug mix who weighs a mere 8#. Maxine had a rough life before PugHearts took her in .She arrived at PugHearts with some medical challenges that have been resolved, except for heartworm treatment which will start in late January. Maxine has a BIG personality trapped inside a tiny body. She gets along with other dogs (leans toward being an Alpha), pays no mind to the cat and is house broken. Maxine loves a big, fluffy dog bed to roll around in. She's got a cute little underbite and extremely expressive eyes. She's a sweet little gal who loves to be in the middle of the action. Do you have room in your heart and your home for this little package of sweetness?

MercedesPH ID: #5626
Mercedes comes to PugHearts from a Texas shelter. She had been suspected of being hit by a car....but as it turns out, she has some significant hip and spinal issues that are not new.

This 6 year old little cutie still runs with the grumble and LOVES life.

MiaPH ID: #5808
Mia, age 12, is a beautiful fawn with a big heart and a big tongue, who has been through a lot in her life. She is potty trained and crate trained and loves attention! She spends most of her days observing and napping on the couch. She is great with children and other dogs.

Miles 5PH ID: #5755
Miles is a happy three year old pug mix. He is a little shy at the beginning but warms up quick! When he came to me he didn’t like to play so much. Now he is a happy fun loving little guy that will play all day long. He loves toys, always keeps one with him. He is a champ at tug of war. When he gets sleepy he knows how to cuddle up and recharge. This guy would be an excellent addition to a family. He loves children and dogs of all ages and sizes. He has never been around cats but I don’t think he would mind them.

MilliePH ID: #5355
Millie is a senior lady that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. She has some severe dental disease that is already being addressed. Her knees are genetically bad and have caused her rear legs to bend, making her bow legged. She is heartworm negative.

This lady is a love and a talker. She follows you everywhere, crates well, loves to eat, gives kisses, allows you to bathe her without a battle and snores so nicely.

If you want a lady to spend quality time with and allow her to be spoiled for the remainder of her days....Millie is your gal!

MirabelPH ID: #6001
Mirabel is a 2-year-old adorable little Fawn Female. She unfortunately is heartworm positive so she will not be ready for adoption until after Halloween 2019! She has had all her shots and will soon be spayed. She is kennel trained and working on house training. This little angel loves to play with her foster friends and loves to snuggle with them when they finish playing. She is a secure playful little gal with a good attitude and good appetite. She is small, weighing only 13 pounds.

Mirabel was owner surrendered through no fault of her own. She came with her buddy Benjamin, but at this time we do not think that they are bonded.

MirandaPH ID: #5910
This sweet, laid back 4 year old is such a great dog! She's mostly pug / dachshund (according to the DNA test anyway). Definitely enjoys helping to dig holes for planting flowers, like any dachshund would, but will leave the ground alone once you tell her to.

Gets along great with other dogs & cats, enjoys walks, chews and cuddling. Does well with large crowds, public outings and people of all ages. Completely house trained, will sleep with you in the bed or in a crate just fine. Is well suited for any home environment / life style, just a really great, all around chill dog.

Unfortunately she comes to PugHearts heartworms positive. She will be medically available for adoption in late May.

MochiPH ID: #5801
Mochi is a 13 year old owner surrender. He is a sweet little man. He has some back problems, but he gets around fine. He is blind and deaf, but he is a Velcro dog. He follows me all over the house. He located his food and water bowls, and now he is doing great! I don't let him sleep on the bed because I'm afraid he will fall off. He sleeps on a bed next to mine and gets along fine with the other pugs in my home. He has to be taken outside regularly. He would be a great addition to a home without small children or big dogs. He is a wonderful little companion, and he is quiet. The ideal home for him would be with someone that is home a lot and has time to love on him. Mochi is a lap dog that needs someone to love him during his golden years. He has plenty of love to give in return!

MonaPH ID: #5972
Introducing star of stage and screen, Foster Mona! This multi talented actress has 8 years of dancing and singing experience under her belt. No drama on set with this mature leading lady, she gets along well with all her cast mates. Later this month she'll be starring in SLPH's production of Hair Spay after which she will be entertaining offers for her next leading role. If you're a director searching for your next big blockbuster, contact Mona's talent agency, PugHearts, and lets get your people talking to our people!

Mona is a sweet, happy, 8 year old girl. She has a megawatt smile and a big floofy tail that never stops wagging. She loves other dogs, both big and small, and is a velcro pug, following her person everywhere. Mona is small, only 18lbs, and already spayed and had her nares fixed. And she’s crate and house trained. She is in general good health, but does have dry eye in her left eye that is easily managed with drops twice a day, and she has arthritis in her back and hips and a bit of hip dysplasia. None of this slows her down one bit! She enjoys romping in the backyard and has no trouble keeping up with our younger pugs. If you’re looking for a happy-go-lucky companion who will keep you smiling, she’s the girl for you!

Mr. BillPH ID: #466
Mr. Bill is a fawn male. He is back with PugHearts after 9 years through no fault of his own. He is 12 years old and such a sweetie! He has some arthritis, but is getting around well and on a daily medication.

NikkiPH ID: #6014
Full Description Coming Soon!

OlivePH ID: #5985
Meet Olive May!

She’s a tiny, 10 lb owner surrender who comes to PugHearts with horrible eyes and bad skin. At barely 1 year old, poor Olive is already severely vision impaired. We are working hard to save one or both eyes, but she’s absolutely beautiful no matter what. She loves being in your lap and giving kisses. Currently, she’s being treated with eye ointment and medicated baths, and will need to have her nares done as well as spayed prior to being adopted. We will post more about her health once we know it.

OpheliaPH ID: #5085
Ophelia comes to PugHearts from the Rio Grande valley.

She is a 4 year old fawn female. She is severe heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment prior to adoption.

From Ophelia's foster: Ophelia is a Velcro pug, very energetic and happy. She loves toys, Nyla bones and plush toys, but unfortunately she has mega esophagus which can be irritated by over enthusiastic play or stress. She loves tummy and chest rubs and she will let you know if you have not fulfilled her pet/scratch quota by pawing at your hand. She gives kisses and is very excited most of the time. Which has been alittle worrisome during her heart worm treatment. The mega esophagus is manageable with elevated food and rest 20-30 mins after feeding. Ophelia is a delightful little girl that adds a bright spot to everyday.

Medical hold and then pending adoption with his foster Mom.

PangPH ID: #5806
My name is Pang but my foster mom calls me Chickey Chickey Pang Pang.

A little strange but I answer to it.

I had a home for the first 9 years of my life but my family loved me so much they gave me to PugHearts. You see, my fur brother did not get along with me and in order to keep me safe, they gave me up.

I don’t pee in the house, I will never turn down a treat, I am crate trained and I see out of my one eye perfectly. I live with lots of other dogs and even a cat right now and I love them all.

I even have two human girls that love to cuddle with me.

I am looking for my furever home. To meet me is to love me.

PappiPH ID: #5855
Pappi is a 12-year-old neutered 26 pound male. Pappi has a few medical issues that will be resolved with surgery, a dental cleaning, and meds for hip pain. He appears to have very limited vision and is mostly deaf. He will need to be kept on daily eye drops for the rest of his life for dry eye; he's not a fan of the drops yet, but we are working on it. Housebroken, Pappi is content to nap in or out of his crate. He's a quiet guy who only on occasion will spontaneously howl. Pappi is in search of a retirement home where he can live out his years inside.

PashiePH ID: #4883
Fawn female 7 years old, mostly blind.

From Pashie's foster: For what Pashie lacks in sight, she makes up for in sheer determination. She will follow you around the world and back as long as she can sense you, hear your feet or hear your voice. She happily will plant herself on the floor close to you if you stay too long. She is also a pretty decent couch potato, where she likes to get her back scratched. She has one of the softest coats I've ever seen so she gets her back scratched a lot! She is a super sweet dog who gets along great with my two-legged boys and my middle-age alpha pug. She's not real fond of our one year old puppy, there's a lot going on there! If you are looking for a velcro pug and a companion for life, this is your girl.

PatrickPH ID: #5493
Patrick comes to PugHearts from a shelter in the Rio Grande Valley. He has some medical issues that will be evaluated and addressed.

Patrick is the sweetest pug! 7 years young and full of love and smart! Enjoys cuddles and kisses. He likes to spend time in the yard basking in the sun. He gets along well with other dogs! He is fully house trained. He will let you know when he needs to go outside to do his business by standing in front of the door. This sweet boy has some special needs so he is looking for a family that can give him extra love.

PaulPH ID: #5907
Paul is a tiny 9 lb, 18 month old pug mix that was found as a a stray, skinny and with a too-small harness on. Oh, how things have changed since being rescued by PugHearts! Paul is a funny, sweet, quirky, lovable little guy. We call him a-dork-able. He has some dry skin issues that should resolve with TLC, but he’s otherwise HEALTHY! Unbelievably, he’s heartworm negative and was already neutered so he’s ready to adopt right away. He gets along well with other dogs and is very affectionate with his humans. Give this little guy a chance and he’ll steal your heart.

Pedro (Aka Jj)PH ID: #5909
Pedro is a 6 year old male pug mix. He comes to PugHearts with a significant peri-anal hernia that requires surgery to repair.

He is also heartworm positive and will need to go through heartworm treatment prior to adoption. He is cautious of people, but is learning to trust. He uses the doggie door and has had zero accidents in the house.

PenelopePH ID: #5963
PH Penelope (aka PennyP), is a 2 year old pug /something mix. Maybe a chug? But she has some longer legs, so not quite sure. She is super fun and sweet. She loves to play with other dogs, and they all seem to really like her. She’s got a fun spirit. She’s healthy and a really good girl! She’d love to find a family with some buddies to play with! #phadoptme

PeterPH ID: #5983
Full Description Coming Soon!

Petunia IrenePH ID: #5989
Full Description Coming Soon!

PhillipPH ID: #5984
Full Description Coming Soon!

PippinPH ID: #5977
Foster Pippin is a 1 year old pug mix. She is spayed with no medical issues and she's ready for her forever home. She knows how to do you use the doggie door and she is potty trained. Yes she's a little taller, legs a little longer than the average pug and look beyond that and see her heart and soul. She's a very loving caring girl that wants to snuggle with you and at the same time go run around in the park or a walk & have a good time. She can easily entertain herself with squeaky toys, and chewing on hooves, but loves to play with others, the more the merrier. She's a keeper.

PorterPH ID: #5600
Porter is a kind older gentleman that was found wandering all alone. He is in poor condition, but heading to the vet to get all of his medical needs addressed.

Porter also known as Portier is a distinguished older gentleman who has a few issues with his back. He gets along great with everyone he is happy-go-lucky. He is a good travel dog he likes to go in the car.

He will have to undergo heartworm treatment so he will be adoptable after that. He is a very sweet happy boy

PrincePH ID: #5988
Full Description Coming Soon!

PrincessPH ID: #5996
Full Description Coming Soon!

RangerPH ID: #173
Ranger is a 12 year old, heartworm negative, fawn male returned to us since his owner passed away. He is house trained, does well in a crate, and has been good with kids so far. He's a sweet guy who is content to just be around you. But don't let the age fool you, he's a great walker and gets around well. He's hard of hearing (likely deaf) but doesn't let it slow him down. Definitely consider this sweet man for your family. He won't disappoint.

RenPH ID: #5657
Ren comes to PugHearts from the Rio Grande Valley. He was part of a group from a puppy mill and poor Ren is scared of everything. He is, sadly, heartworm positive and will have to go through heartworm treatment. He is very slowly learning to trust a human and we will do everything in our power to make sure he knows he will never be hurt or alone again.

RileyPH ID: #5937
Riley 6 is one of our newest fosters from Rio Grande Valley. He is a 2 year old winky stunner. He is that rarer, deep, golden/apricot fawn. He has a massive, soulful, wildly expressive head. He needs lots of groceries. Sadly, he is heart worm positive, so weight is not readily gained till after treatment, which he'll receive in July, but means he won't be home ready until August. We were able to neuter and remove his injured eye (hence winky) upon intake, and he is healing nicely. He sees perfectly with his remaining peeper. He loves exploring the yard and mingling with the other pugs. He does not object to the crate, but snores like the sleep apnea poster child ????. He's a taller, longer guy; goal weight is 20 pounds. We will also work on house and potty manners, but he will need a family with patience and willingness to continue positive and consistent reinforcement. I have every expectation that with these things, he'll grow into the healthy, fine gentleman he was meant to be. He's already gorgeous; obviously. And, just, HIS TAIL. A double twist for the ages.

RockyPH ID: #5839
Rocky is a huggable 10 year old dapper fellow filled with character and adorable quirkiness. This little guy will make you smile and chuckle daily with his quirky feistiness. He alerts you when he has to go outside and is potty trained when you are at work all day. He enjoys his play time right before bed and isn't shy about alerting you when he feels his water bowl needs to be refreshed or if you are behind on his meals. He loves when visitors come over and give him attention. He doesn't mind children, but isn't so sure about smaller children/toddlers. Rocky loves to learn new tricks...who says an old dog can't learn new tricks...he is very smart and looking for a family deserving of his love.

RooseveltPH ID: #5986
Full Description Coming Soon!

RosePH ID: #5537
Beatrix Rose (PH Rose) is a super star. She is around 8 years old small little lady She is opinionated and let’s you know it. She does have some loss of use in her back legs but gets around well she potties outside, most of the time.

She loves her kennel and goes in there on her own to nap. She gets along well with the other pugs. She is heartworm positive and will go through treatment before going to her forever home. So get your application in for her. #phadoptme

Rosie 7PH ID: #5872
Bonded pair with Rudy

Say hello to Rosie! She is a sweet spunky 10 year old gal who enjoys hanging out with her buddy Rudy and snuggled up with you! She truly believes age is just a number – this gal has got a lot of spirit and can keep up with any young’uns! She is also very smart – she will let you know when she needs to go outside. Both Rosie and Rudy are great with dogs and kids. If you are interested in Rosie, please put in your application at www.pughearts.com!

RossPH ID: #5618
Hi PugHearts Fans! They call me Ross. I think I am 2 yrs young, energetic but not hyper. Loooves cuddles from my human. My foster mom says I am a very smart pug, I catch on routines and commands real fast. Also, I like to please my humans. And you know what else? I have the cutest, handsomest charcoal face that will love you forever. I will be ready for my furever family very soon once I get rid with this thing they call heartworm. I am an easy going boy, gets along with other dogs and small humans a like.

If I am the perfect pug for you, don’t be shy and go send your application.

Ruby 6PH ID: #5773
Ruby comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. She has diabetes and we are working to regulate her insulin. She, shockingly, also has a sewing needle lodged in the soft tissue of her neck. She is feeling better now that that has been removed.

She sure is a cute little girl. She is very active and doesn’t let her vision affect her in the least. I was quite surprised at how much vision she still has. She hit the floor running the first day and hasn’t slowed down since. I wasn’t really sure about fostering this beauty. I’ve had quite a variety of pugs with ailments over the years but I’ve never had a diabetic pug. I was really nervous but have found that it’s really not a big deal. She eats twice a day and I give her the shot while she’s eating. The only difference between me getting my insulin and her is I don’t wiggle around like she does.

Ruby will need to go through her heartworm treatment so she won’t be ready for a couple of months but she definitely is a pug that will make a fantastic addition to any family. She’s active and quite loving. She’s really fun, Ruby is so extremely happy, happy as can be with no worries in the world. It sure would be nice if the world took direction from her attitude.

Rudy 3PH ID: #5871
Bonded pair with Rosie

Gentle and easy going 10 year old boy Rudy enjoys spending his days with his gal Rosie and he would love to be cozied up right next to you! Rudy is a smart boy too – he is house trained and knows to wait in his spot when it is time to eat! Both Rosie and Rudy are great with dogs and kids. If you are interested in Rudy, please put in your application at www.pughearts.com!

RustyPH ID: #5823
Rusty is a 7 year old brindle male pug mix who comes to us from a shelter in Mississippi. Unfortunately, he is heartworm positive, so he will be ready for adoption after his treatment in March. He is fully house and crate trained and gets along well with our other dogs. Rusty's favorite pastimes are climbing to the highest spot on our couch to watch what is happening out the window and stealing the human's office chair for a bed when he goes to work. He loves to snuggle and dances on his hind legs for food. Rusty currently lives with a three year old human foster brother, but he would prefer a forever home with just adults or older kids as he doesn't like it when the toddler gets noisy or hyper.

SamPH ID: #6011
Full Description Coming Soon!

SaylorPH ID: #6005
Saylor is a 2 year old fawn female that comes to PugHearts after a Good Samaritan found her on the streets being abused. After several weeks of trying to find her home, she was surrendered to us. Saylor is learning love and what it means to be a pet. It’s apparent the humans weren’t nice to her during her 2 years old life, and it shows in her nervousness. She’s learning how to eat from a dog bowl, and cuddle in the bed at night. She gets along great with her foster siblings, and is learning the doggy door. Saylor will be spayed, and then ready for her forever home. Who wants to give this sweet baby a life she is so deserving of?

SeymourPH ID: #5979
Seymour is a 9 month old puppy who is full of “let’s play” energy! He is healthy and waiting to be neutered before going to his forever family. He sleeps well in a crate along with another Pug. He is a little bit of a picky eater but doesn’t turn his nose up at treats! He loves to give kisses. He uses doggie steps well. He is a perfect little boy!

ShermanPH ID: #6002
Sherman is doing great! No accidents in the home so far, and seems to be kennel trained (no whining or barking or accidents). He gets along great with kids, and other dogs. Has great table manners. Doesn’t try to get into the seat or on the table, rather patiently waits by your feet hoping you’ll drop something for him. He’s a Velcro pug to the max, and will follow anyone who’s moving around. However if someone is letting him, he’s content to stay there. He’s got a lot of energy, as expected in a healthy 2 yr old, and loves to play with toys.

SilasPH ID: #6012
Silas arrived yesterday from South Texas with skin issues, but will see the great vets at SLPH this week. He likes to play with toys, great in the kennel, very sweet, and has a good appetite. He's being kept separate from the other dogs until his skin can be assessed, but I would bet he's wonderful with other dogs. Get those apps in for this solid, handsome boy!

SonyaPH ID: #5940
Sonya is about 7 years old, but she still feels like she’s 2! Playful, silly, and happy, this girl just wants to be with her people. She smiles all the time and follows you wherever you go. She would prefer someone who is home a lot, and maybe even a playmate, if she had a choice. She bonds heavily to her chosen person. She gets along with most dogs and cats and small animals. She has the perfect pug face and squishy, wrinkly body. She is house trained, loves mealtime, does well on car rides, hates the crate, and would prefer to sleep with you. She does have spondylosis and slipped discs in several vertebrae of her back, and likely arthritis in her hips, but really, they barely slow her down. She does sometimes have a bit of a sway to her walk, and sometimes favors her left back leg. These issues may become more painful in the future, but today she is playful and happy and you’d never know she had any spinal or hip issues. She also recently had a mass removed from her left hip area, so she’s growing back fur there, but thankfully it wasn’t anything serious. She’s just as playful as she was before the surgery.

SybilPH ID: #5638
Sybil comes to us from Mississippi

Sybil is a 12 year old, heart worm negative female. She is one of the Mississippi 6 rescued from a puppy mill. This girl is a sweetheart and loves people. She is truly a Velcro pug— loves to follow you, sit with you, snuggle with you, loves attention!

Sybil is a resilient puppy mill survivor and a true sweetheart. This wonderful 12 year old girl LOVES people, other dogs, snuggles, cuddles, and will follow you everywhere! She is slightly vision impaired, but has excellent hearing. She is potty trained, crate trained, and heartworm negative. Don’t miss out on this senior lady with a heart of gold. What a great little buddy!

Teddy GrahamPH ID: #5995
Full Description Coming Soon!

TessPH ID: #5501
Sweet Tess is an 11 year old female with spinal issues. She was surrendered due to changes in her family.

Tess is a beautiful fawn female, about 9-11 years old and owner surrendered when her family could no longer take care of her and her fur siblings. We can truly say Tess picks her human and becomes obsessed with them. She has picked her foster daddy lol. She pines for him when he is not in her line of vision. Her previous owners thought she was paralyzed and carried her around but Tessy walks just fine, especially if Foster Daddy leaves the room, Tessy gets up to follow him. She has either IVDD or DM. Fortunately she is continent of urine and stool and we take her out for frequent potty breaks. Unfortunately, due to being a spinal dog, she has chronic UTI's. She likes toys, sleeping in the big bed next to her person and head scratches. She will defend her food from the other pugs if they get too close, barks at the younger dogs when they get too rowdy and can get quite feisty. She is a special needs pug so probably will not get adopted. But that's ok, we will enjoy her for as long as needed.

TilliePH ID: #5724
Tillie is a 5 year old female from a local shelter. She is heartworm negative and dealing with a bladder infection. We found struvite crystals in her urine, so she is now on prescription food so that she will not have to deal with any further bladder issues. She is a pug mix...but we are happy to have been able to help save her life.

TobiasPH ID: #4629
Tobias is an extremely handsome older black pug. We think he’s about 12. He has dry eye and has some vision impairment but he can certainly still see. He’s HW negative so he’s ready to find his forever home.

From Toby (with some help from his foster): Hello! My name is PH Foster Tobias (but all of my friends call me Toby). I have been living with my foster family since August and have learned a lot of new things! I have learned to walk on a leash along with my pug foster brother and sister and now enjoy several short walks each day. I was having trouble seeing when I came to live with my foster family. My vision seems to be getting better since my foster mommy makes me homemade food to go along with my hard food and gives me vitamins and eye drops. My foster mommy taught me how to sit and she brags to everyone about how I have never had an accident in the house. We have a cat at my foster home and we get along great, too. Although I love my foster family, I am looking for a forever home. I love to sit on the couch and cuddle and would make a great companion for someone living alone. I’m a very laid back and loving pug. Won’t you please consider adopting me?



TumblePH ID: #4878
Tumble is a 7 yr old female better known as Tummy or Tum Tum.

She is heartworm negative and already spayed.

From Tumble's foster: Tumble is a special needs foster, not due to health issues (as she is VERY HEALTHY), but due to fear and trust issues.

Tumble comes to PugHearts scared of everything. She does not trust men at all and will bark and bark to let them know to go away.

She will trust women and is the sweetest, gentlest, loving girl once you earn her trust.

I love and adore Tumble. Tumble and my husband....not so much.

Tumble is looking for a patient lady that is willing to go slowly and allow Tumble to trust you completely.

She is housebroken, heartworm negative, kennels on command and wags her whole body when she is happy to see you.

Tumble is learning to trust my husband through food. She is a typical pug and food is her motivator.

I know there is a perfect home out there for her....it is just going to take time and patience to find it......just like it will take time and patience for Tumble to trust a forever family.

ViolaPH ID: #5723
Sweet Viola comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. She is sadly, heartworm positive, hard of hearing and vision impaired...all at about 10 years of age.

Viola, sigh…….. This girl has completely stolen my heart. I saw her face in the picture and fell in love …. then she came to my house and I was completely lost. In the spirit of full disclosure, Viola has several issues, she’s blind, has severe heartworms, back issues, and anemic (from ticks); But she’s absolutely PERFECT! She hears just fine, so she doesn’t have any issues with getting around the house. It will be several months before she completes her heartworm treatment, but after that she sure will be a good lap pug for someone. She loves to be held and will just lay her head on my shoulder, kind of like she’s hugging me …… sigh. And she’s around 10 years old … Seniors ROCK!!!!!.

Viola has such a huge amount of love to give, if you can commit to only a fraction of what she will give you she will be truly loved and have exactly what we want for her.

WarrenPH ID: #5974
Foster Warren is a 4 year old super-sweet boy. He goes in his crate all by himself and is pretty good in the house considering he’s not neutered. He’s very playful and gets along fantastic with all the other fosters. He is learning how to be held. He loves to be pet and loved but he stands on my lap and doesn’t understand the concept of laying down. The best thing about him is his ears. He’s about 50 years too late but he would have been a great side kick for the Flying Nun. He’s a long way from being adopted. He needs a neuter and has to go through HW treatment. Keep your eyes out for him in the early Fall.

WesleyPH ID: #6013
Wesley, ~ 8 years old, is a pug mix who was picked up as a stray. His physical exam reflects that he has had medical care in the past. He is heartworm negative and has had dental care. Wesley's behavior reflects that he is used to living inside as a pet. He perches on sofas and chairs and loves to snuggle. Wesley gets along with other dogs and can follow simple directions. Wesley is an affectionate fellow who would love to have a permanent home.

WillowPH ID: #5982
Willow is a fantastic 2 year old little pug, weighing in at about 16 lbs. She was living outside in her previous life so she had a lot of ticks. They are all taken care of now and we are working on getting her skin and coat in tip top shape! She has mild anemia and is low heart worm positive unfortunately, so she will need to have that treatment in addition to a spay before she can go to a new family. Willow loves to play with toys, run around the yard with her foster sister and brother, and snuggle with her humans on a comfy couch. She is crate trained and house trained and will make a fantastic addition to any family. She’s the perfect pug!

WilmaPH ID: #5934
Wilma comes to us as an owner surrender. She is 14 weeks old and full of energy. From the time she wakes up in the morning until it’s time to go to bed, Wilma is always up for playing with her humans or her sister Betty. She has a sweet personality and prefers to be laying on the couch with her human when it’s time to nap. She enjoys exploring our backyard and playing chase with Betty. Wilma is great with children and other pets.

Pending Adoption!

ZeldaPH ID: #5768
Foster Zelda is a puppy mill survivor and has had a hard life … until now. She is really tiny and extremely loving. She is obsessed with her human and wants to be held or at least close at all time. She would be very happy to be an only dog or one of a small pack. She has a ways to go with heart worms, spay and mammary tumor removal but she will be the perfect fit for some lovely family. She should be ready to start her search after January.