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Rainbow Bridge
This page is dedicated to the 314 dogs who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge either while under the care of PugHearts or with their adopted families.
Although it is always sad to lose any dog to the Bridge, we are comforted in the knowledge that they knew they were loved.   Because of generous donations from people like you even terminally ill hospice dogs have a chance to experience love and compassion in their final days.
AbnerPH ID: #5059
Abner is a senior fawn male. He is squishy and cuddly and we are all in love with him already!

From Abner's foster: Abner is amazing! He is 13 years old, blind, deaf, doesn’t have a tooth in his head and is perfect! It is thought he was bonded to another foster I had, Sampson, but I don’t think he was. He has adjusted extremely well and is completely off all anxiety medications. Abner doesn’t do much, he just walks around and when he wants to rest lays down where he’s at and takes a nap. He does like to be held, he seems to like me to talk to him, I believe he feels the vibrations in my chest.

Abner is an extremely easy pug to care for. I put him out on the patio to potty with the whole group of fosters and he will walk around and do his business. I usually do have to go into the yard to bring him back in, but in the last week he has been at the patio door twice so I think he may be getting more comfortable with the yard.

Abner is completely adoptable. He’s not sick, no medications at all. He potties outside (I have to put him out though). He doesn’t bark unless he wants something (usually food). But the most amazing thing about Abner is his face. He is the most handsome old guy I’ve ever had. I can just sit for hours looking at him. He will take a special person to commit to taking care of him but he is so worth it. I won’t be bringing him to a lot of events but if you would like to meet him just let your adoption coordinator know and we will make it happen. But be warned, no one has ever met Abner that didn’t fall in love with him.

AcePH ID: #2
Ace is a handsome black male. He comes to us from a local shelter so not much is known about his background. We estimate he is between 7 to 8 years old. He is heartworm negative. He has been brought current on his vaccinations and microchipped. He will be neutered prior to placement.

Right now Ace is not feeling very well - he is currently suffering from an upper respiratory infection. He is currently on antibiotics to help him recover and is doing very well. His appetite has improved and he is now up and around without any difficulty. He is expected to make a full recovery but for now he is still not 100%. We will update his status as he gets better.

AgnusPH ID: #253
Agnus is a fawn female. She came to us from a local shelter. We estimate she is between 8 to 10 years of age.

AlbertPH ID: #3
Albert is a sweet fawn male. He is 11 years old. He was an owner surrender to a local shelter. Albert is not very well as he is severe heartworm positive. Due to his poor general health he is not a candidate for aggressive heartworm treatment.

Albert is on medical hold and is now considered a hospice patient. Any donations towards his medical bills would be greatly appreciated.

Special Notes

Albert is on hospice care.

AlfredPH ID: #4676
Moses (PH Alfred)

Moses earned his wings May 28, 2016 when an undetected brain tumor suddenly blew up, and he was released from pain. He was a sweet and gentle pugman who loved to sing "the song of his people" whenever the mood struck…which was sometimes the middle of the night. I miss my morning serenades.

Special Notes

Due to his being bonded to Albus, Alfred is also a hospice foster and is not available for adoption.

AlliePH ID: #455
Allie is a fawn female. She is about 6 years old. She comes to us from a local shelter. She is heartworm negative. Sweet little Allie is deaf and blind so she will need a home that is a safe environment. She is currently suffering from demodectic mange but she is on medication that will clear that shortly. She has not yet been spayed but will be prior to placement.

From Allie's foster: I've had Allie for a month now and she blossoms a little more every day. Contrary to what we initially believed she is not deaf, in fact I think she has fairly good hearing. She's like a child, she has selective hearing. I can be trying to find her and she acts like she can't hear me call her but you just let me open a bag of chips and she goes bonkers when she hears the bag crackle, that is definitely not deaf. She has started responding on a more consistent basis to her name being called. I believe the combination of a new name, the blindness and a new environment confused her.

Allie is an angel with a capital A! She loves to be held and will lay in my lap as long as I will sit still. She also likes to roam around the house, she is learning where things are and she seems to be enjoying herself. I was quite surprised to discover that she is housetrained. I put her out with the other guys and she does her business. I do have to go outside to bring her in most of the time, when I call her she can't seem to locate where my voice is coming from. But this is a vast improvement from a month ago, she use to just sit in the corner of the yard and wait for me to find her. She will actually come to the door if she's close enough to find it now.

Allie is also beautiful, she has such an expressive face and will just stare at me with her big brown eyes like she is really seeing me when I talk to her. Her ears will be perked up and she will cock her head from side to side. Allie deserves to have someone love her and give her the attention that she deserves. She really isn't a demanding little lady, she just wants to be loved. Please consider taking Allie into your heart and family, you will be forever grateful that she came into your life.

Allison And Ashley PH ID: #673
Allison and Ashley were puppies from Addison's litter.

They were both born very small and failed to thrive.

Both passed peacefully and are now together forever.

AnelaPH ID: #5047
Anela came to PugHearts from a local shelter.

She was in renal failure and shock due to extreme dehydration.

We did all we could, but she did not make it.

Anela crossed the Rainbow Bridge when her body could no longer take it.

She was with us for only a short time, but will be loved forever.

AngelPH ID: #4758
Angel is a 12 year old female. She is very vision impaired and deaf. She is looking for someone to love her forever and let her be a princess.

From Angel's foster: Angel is a sweet, loving senior pug. Angel prefers to hang out with docile, laid back, submissive dogs that are more the speed of a blind and deaf senior lady.

Angel thrives on getting "loved on". She adores attention and cuddle time.



Now with wings to fly

You will be missed

AngelPH ID: #5032
Angel is a precious 10 yr old female. She came to PugHearts in terrible condition. She has a broken back, broken and dislocated hip, broken pelvis, untreated severe dry eye and severe heartworm positive with a heart murmur.

The only healing we could provide her was to allow her to cross the Rainbow bridge with love and dignity.

AngelinaPH ID: #429
Angelina is a fawn female. She comes to us from a local shelter. From Angelina's foster: Angelina is one sweet little girl. She hasn't received much care in her past life but that has all changed now. She is being treated for her demodex mange and is showing signs of new hair growth. nce all her hair has grown back she is going to be a light fawn color. She has a face any pug would envy, she's really a beauty! She also has exceptional eyes. She is quite playful, she loves to play tug o' war and play with the stuffed toys (or they were stuffed until someone found the stuffing and pulled it all out :)) She is quite a good cuddler also. She will play for awhile and then all of a sudden I'll notice that I have one more pug on my lap snoring. Her house habits are exceptionally good for someone of her age, in fact she is an all round well behaved little girl. She has a very high pitched speaking voice so we're working on not using it as much, but that's about the only thing that needs improvement with Angelina. I believe that if she has a choice she would like to have a furry brother or sister, but would do well as an only pet if she received enough exercise. She is friendly to everyone and I think would do well with children, she isn't overly aggressive with her play habits and I don't think she would knock them over by jumping on them when playing. Angelina will be a very welcome addition to almost any active home.

AngusPH ID: #485
Angus is a black male. He comes to us from a local shelter. We believe he is about 10 years old. He is heartworm negative but suffers from severe dry eye. He also has arthritic hips. He has been neutered, microchipped and brought current on his vaccinations.

From Angus' foster: Meet Angus! Angus is a sweet 10 year old pug man. We aren't too sure what Angus' life was like before coming to us, but he's learning his way around his new foster life. He can't hear or see too much, but it doesn't slow his curious nature down. He has learned his way around our home and has his favorite spots to nap. He does well with other dogs, in fact he usually finds one to snuggle up with. Angus needs the perfect home where he can enjoy his days being loved for the wonderful puggy he is!

AnnabellePH ID: #4913
Annabelle is a is a 10 year old, spayed, heart worm negative girl. Annabelle is a very sweet pug. She is blind, and will need a family that can help her navigate their house and love her. She wears a halo to help her navigate her surroundings. Annabelle also walks with a slight limp from an old injury where the head of her femur was removed. Annabelle gets along great with other dogs and does well in a crate. She loves to be cuddled, and will cuddle people or dogs. She has the softest coat. Annabelle just wants some silly people to love.

12-22-16: Annabelle has left us for the Rainbow Bridge. She left us after a battle with oral cancer that was not able to be controlled any longer. Sleep well, sweet angel.

ArloPH ID: #986
Arlo is a black male. He is 8 years old. He is heartworm negative, neutered and current on his vaccinations.

From Arlo's foster: Arlo is a sweet and gentle soul who just adores attention. He is heartworm negative and about 8 to 9 years old. He loves to sleep next to you on the couch or bed, and follows you through the house. He does okay on stairs but I tell him to slow down and he does. He talks and screams if you are not paying attention to him, but the attention he needs is minimal. He often just wants to be up with you. Arlo defines couch potato pug, but I wouldn’t expect less from an older gent who is happy to be indoors.

He has learned to use a doggy door which has solved his problem with house breaking. He loves going out the door and though he doesn't see that well any more he will find the door and go in and out all day long. He does need to go out frequently and does have some kidney issues but does not require meds. He does have a collapsing treacha and does require meds twice a day.

AshPH ID: #1016
Ash is a 6 year old black male pug. He was surrendered to us with his brother Nash. They are a bonded pair and love each other very much. They play, snuggle and sleep next to each other every moment. Ash is heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment. He has some degenerative disk issues and this causes him to have a strange walk. He is still energetic and playful and nothing slows this beautiful boy down. He uses my doggie door and is good about his house manners.

Ash loves life and adores his people. He wishes for a family that will love he and his brother forever and make them a part of their family and lives.

Ash crossed to the Rainbow Bridge on the 23rd February 2013.

Ash was loved. Nash will miss him and so will we.

We love you our twisted little man. Always.

AveryPH ID: #602
Avery is a 6 year old fawn female. She was found by a kind person that did her best to get her well. She was heartworm positive and was treated prior to her coming to us. She is a happy, beautiful girl. Everyone that meets Avery falls in love with her.

A month ago Avery has a lump in her neck. We treated it and it came back.

Avery had surgery to remove the fluid in her neck. A week later, the swelling occured in the other side of her neck. The fluid was then drained and sent for testing. Sadly, Avery was diagnosed with lymphoma. We will continue to love and care for her. Our goal is comfort and to make her as happy possible.

Special Notes

Avery is now in hospice care due to her terminal lymphoma.

BabyPH ID: #305
Baby is a black female. She is 9 years old. She comes to us as an owner surrender due to medical & financial issues. Poor Baby has not been feeling well and her owner could not afford to take care of her. Our vet found she was suffering from bladder stones. She had surgery and 2 large stones were removed from her kidney. She feels so much better now! She will need to be on special food to help prevent more stones forming, but otherwise has no issues. She did have her left eye removed quite some time ago but that does not cause her any problems. She has been spayed, microchipped and is current on her vaccinations. She is heartworm negative.

Baby RuthPH ID: #893
Baby Ruth was a beautiful black female puppy. She came to us from a major rescue operation out of Oklahoma City. Unfortunately this little angel was positive for Parvo. We lost her on March 5, 2012.

BaileyPH ID: #583
Bailey is a fawn female. She is 11 years old.

From Bailey's foster: Bailey is an 11-year-old fawn gal that is sweet as pie. She loves all people, dogs and even cats though people are her favorite. She is constantly stopping in front of people and waving her paw at them to get their attention. She will pat you with her paw and "talk" as well when she wants attention. She loves to be touched and told she is a good girl...she absolutely lights up and wiggles all over when she is told she is a good girl. I call it her "good girl dance" because she dances. Her house manners are impeccable. She tells you when she has to go out and does not care to linger; she goes out, does her business then wants to come back in the house. Bailey is a special needs gal; she has dry eye and is a doll about getting her ointment in her eyes. She also has some kidney issues as well, and at this point requires special prescription food only; it does not affect her quality of life or her ability to potty outside. This gem of a senior lost her home due to no fault of her own, and still has a lot of love to give to that special someone who can overlook her age and her needs. Won't you consider adding a sweet senior to your home?

BanditPH ID: #4889
Bandit is a 10 yr old diabetic male. He has lost one eye and the other has sustained damage and is being treated.

He is a love and a perfect gentleman.

1-12-16: Sadly, Bandit left us today.

We thought he was diabetic, but it looks like he had cancer of the liver with pancreatic involvement.

He was the sweetest, most gentle guy ever.

I will miss his big squishy self.

BartPH ID: #978
Bart is a black male. He is 3 years old. He is heartworm positive and will undergo treatment shortly. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations.

From Bart's foster: Bart is a very nice young man. He’s only a few years old and is really quite a well behaved guy. He will be a larger pug once he gains weight. I’ve had him for a few months and he’s not gaining very quickly. But he has heartworms so he won’t gain much until his is treated. He should be on schedule to be adopted around the end of November.

Bart is pretty quiet (unless the dog next door starts barking when he’s outside ?). He had a little trouble with his house manners when he first arrived but that has been fixed and he’s quite the good house companion now. He is a lap pug, he will crawl on my lap and just go limp with pleasure. Right now he is in a cone of shame, he has a hot spot on his back that he just won’t leave alone. Every time it heals up and I take the collar off he goes after it again, so it seems he is stubborn too. He is quite a good pug and will really do well in a home that has plenty of love to share. He is a little playful now and when he feels better after his treatment I anticipate he will be quite playful. He will make a great family dog.

BaxterPH ID: #4376
Baxter is a fawn male. He is about 6-7 years old and heart-worm negative. He is an owner surrender from out of state.

From Baxter (with some help from his foster): Hi there! I am a cutie. I am a very laid back, happy-go-lucky, extra sweet and gentle pug. I spend most of my days sleeping and snuggling with my foster family. My foster family enjoys snuggling me too, because I don't shed much. I especially love children. I am very patient, and I let the human girls at my house dress me up. One of my favorite things is time with my humans. Is there room in your heart and on your couch for me?

From Baxter's Foster: Baxter is such a sweetie. He has excellent house manners, he is just the most polite pug. Because he is so eager to please, he is very easy to manage.

Baxter is a special needs pug due to some congenital disk and spine issues. Sometimes he moves stiffly or seems unsteady, especially on slick surfaces. He requires daily medication for pain and inflammation. He was grouchy with his foster siblings a couple of times before we realized his issues; but now that his pain is managed, he is just as sweet as can be. His activity is restricted, so he would never make a good jogging companion; however, if snuggling was an athletic event, he would win the gold.

Update 06-22-16: Baxter crossed the Rainbow Bridge today in the arms of his foster Mom. His poor body was too weak to continue fighting so hard.

BebePH ID: #4904
Bebe is a small (13 pound) 12 year old female. She came to us after being left at a local shelter.

Bebe had trauma to her eye, so that has been removed. She was spayed and had a mammary mass removed.

This little feisty girl is waiting for the family that will treat her like the diva she knows she is.

Sadly, Bebe lost her fight with cancer. She is now running free and healthy across the Rainbow Bridge. We know her final days were spent surrounded with love and comfort from her foster family.

Special Notes

Bebe is now under hospice care due to cancer. She will live out her final days being lavished with care and love by her foster family.

BebePH ID: #665
BeBe was a fawn female. She was found wandering the streets with no tags or microchip. We believe she was about 3-4 years old.

BeBe came to us pregnant and with a horrible case of pneumonia. In just the short time that we had her, she had to endure the death of all her puppies, a bout with sarcoptic mange, bladder infections, getting spayed and finally heart worm treatment. Had she made it through her treatment, she would’ve lived happily ever after in our home. Bebe, you left us too soon. We will never forget how lovable you were. You brought us so much joy and we will all miss you terribly. I find solace in knowing that you are in heaven with your babies and you will never suffer again.

Bebe, you gave me 6 months of the best love filled months of my life. You were a very special friend in so many ways. I will never forget you. Until we meet again, love always (your baby daddy).

BelliePH ID: #852
It is with deep sadness that I post this news...my beautiful girl Belle will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge to be with Blossom and Clint this afternoon. We are waiting so her momma Tracee Mireles can be there to say goodbye. Her health has been in a steady decline for the past year (she has been loosing the use of her back legs). Today I found out that her bladder is full of stones again. I love her too much to even consider surgery, so today my little angel gets her wings. Quality not quantity is what I always tell my babies. It hurts so bad, but I love her enough to let her go. She enjoyed a hamburger, time with Momma Karen and a nap with her brothers while we wait. Thank you Pughearts for bringing this beautiful girl into my life. I will miss you Belle. Until we meet again...

BenedictPH ID: #5144
Benedict passed away in a shelter one night.

We wanted him to have a family, so PugHearts picked up his body and he was cremated as a PugHearts baby.

BentleyPH ID: #239
Bentley is a 10 year old fawn male. He is an owner surrender. He is moderately heartworm positive and has begun conservative treatment. He is current on his vaccinations and has been neutered.

BettyPH ID: #18
Betty is a fawn female. She was found wandering the streets by a Good Samaritan who took her in but could not keep her. We believe she is about 6 years old. She is a bit overweight and needs a diet. She has been brought up to date on her vaccinations, microchipped and is spayed.

Betty is a very sweet laid back girl. She loves a good back rub. She is good with kids and gives lots of kisses. You never have to guess where Betty is because she stays right at your feet. It only takes a small glance in her direction and her entire body is wagging with her little tail. Betty is a very sweet natured dog. She is great about letting you know when she needs to use the bathroom, she will go to the closest door and stand. If that doesn't work she will scratch on the door. Betty would be completely happy being an only dog but would also do great with another dog as long as she can be alpha.

BettyPH ID: #786
Betty was such a sweet, adorable little girl. Her eyes would melt your heart and her personality made it impossible for you not to love her immediately. She always had this cute smile on her face every time you would look at her. She was so affectionate and loved to snuggle up and give you hugs and kisses. To make you laugh and get your attention she would jump on her back legs and howl at you. SHE WAS A CHARACTER!

Betty crossed the rainbow bridge on May 19, 2012.

Even though we only had her for a short time we were blessed to have her part of our family.

We love you, miss you, and will never forget you Betty…

Until we meet again,


BilboPH ID: #3177
Bilbo is a fawn male. He is a senior. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations. He has impaired vision and does need eye drops every day.

From Bilbo's foster: Bilbo is a wonderful senior gentleman. He is around 12 years old and has been neutered and microchipped. He loves to sleep and eat as many pugs do and he absolutely adores belly rubs! Bilbo needs a loving home and a plush place to live out the rest of his pug days in peace and love. He is overlooked for some reason despite being house trained and good with small children and has been in foster care for over 2 years now. Please consider adopting Bilbo today!!!

Bilbo is a senior pug and has a few minor medical issues that many seniors share. He has dry eye and requires once a day drops and he takes rimadyl for arthritis. Bilbo also has a chicken allergy and should avoid any food or treats with chicken.

Update: Bilbo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 12/30/16. His last years were filled with the love and care of his foster family.

BitsyPH ID: #787
Bitsy passed away in her sleep in the night of November 25/26th 2012.

We estimate that she was 16 years old.

Mike and Shawna adored this girl and she knew nothing but love for the end of her life.

BittyPH ID: #4348
Bitty is a fawn female. She is 14 years old and an owner surrender.

From Bitty's foster: Bitty is an older lady with spunk! She has very limited vision and trouble walking due to bad hips, knees and back. (It happens to the older ones, but she does not seem to pay it much mind.) She is heartworm negative and loves for her foster Dad to pick her up and walk around the yard so she can smell all the areas outside the fence. She uses the doggie door and sleeps curled up under a blanket that her foster Dad tucks her into each night. This lovely senior girl is a joy and we adore her.

Sadly Bitty crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan 31st 2014 surrounded by those who loved her.

James and I will miss our sweet Bitty.

BlossomPH ID: #684
Blossom is a black female. We estimate she is about 10 years old. She is heartworm negative. She has some dry eye and a little arthritis, but is SO HAPPY with everything! Who could resist this face?

Sadly, Blossom passed away March 2012, just one year after finding her perfect forever home.

Her parents write: In March of 2011 we adopted Blossom and our lives were changed forever by that sweet little girl; it was one of the best years of our lives. Blossom’s smile and amazing personality brought so much joy into our home. Our cats got a more enhanced workout running from her, but they loved her despite the occasional chase. She taught us that everyone deserves the best in life no matter if you are at the beginning of your journey or towards the end. Blossom gave us an unforgettable year; such a small creature made an immeasurable impact in our lives. Blossom enjoyed every day, she was always happy to see us and cuddle, she knew when meal time was and made it a laughable occasion every time with her endearing demanding bark while showing those tiny four little white bottom teeth. She was like my best friend, we were rarely apart when I was home, and that feeling of unconditional love is something you cannot put a price on. It seems that Blossom had that effect on everyone she met, and we just feel so blessed that she got to be part of our family this year.

Bo JinglesPH ID: #1074
Sadly, Bo Jingles passed on the 11th February 2013.

Bo Jingles did not want Jackson to travel alone. He let go of this world tonight and crossed the Rainbow Bridge while his foster family was out. He was adored by all of them and will be missed terribly.

BobPH ID: #750
Bob is a senior male black pug who was found as a stray by a nice family in Baytown. He is significantly overweight and has a very rough coat with hair loss on his tail and hindquarters but a very sweet disposition. He needs specialist surgery for hernia repair and we will provide additional updates as he is treated.

We are so sad to report that Bob crossed the bridge today, July 6, 2011. We lost him so quickly but are thankful that he did not suffer. Sweet beautiful Bob will be sorely missed.

BohdiPH ID: #604
Bohdi was a fawn female owner surrender who was only 3 years old. She came to us suffering from Lymphoma. She became a hospice pug, living out her last days in a loving foster home.

Bohdi has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She is now the life of the party there.

This girl was adored by all that met her. She was the lunch time companion to the vet crew on a regular basis. She was Becca's personal party planner and hostess.

She will be missed greatly.

BonniePH ID: #4939
Bonnie is a 6 year old fawn female. She comes to PugHearts sick and is being treated by our vet for possible lepto.

4-14-16: Sadly Bonnie did not make it, and she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

BopperPH ID: #4552
The Big Bopper is an 9 year old fawn male. He was found soaking wet and wandering all alone. He is heartworm negative.

From Bopper's foster: I am a single fawn male and I am 9 years old, seeking a healthy relationship with a nice family. I love long naps on my pillow, and love to use your shoe as my pillows, preferably slippers, and I will not chew on them. I just want to feel like my fosters are by me at all times.

I do not like being on the furniture or beds, as I do have a little trouble seeing and hearing, so it makes me uncomfortable to be that high in the air. I love it when my fosters sit on the floor next to me and rub my belly.

I am a vegetarian, not by choice, but my fosters put me on a diet when I arrived and have lost approximately 6 - 7 lbs and I am a comfortable 24 lbs today. I enjoy quiet meals and snacks and they make me very happy.

I am in search of the perfect family that is looking for a very low key and loving partner(s) that will be willing to share their home with me.

BosleyPH ID: #4534
Bosley came to PugHearts with medical issues that were already chronic.

Alica and Dack took him in and fell in love.

Bosley leaves us knowing that we did all we could to save his life.

He is loved and will be missed so much.

Be well and run free sweet man.

We all love you.

BosleyPH ID: #24
Bosley is an adorable fawn male with a distinguished touch of gray to his face. We estimate he is about 10 years old. This poor little guy was found wandering the streets all alone. How someone could have let go of this sweetie-pie is a mystery! Bosley has been neutered, microchipped, brought up to date on his vaccinations and given a full teeth cleaning. He has a bit of arthritis in his left hip.

Bosley is a wonderful little guy. He is very well mannered, housebroken and knows basic commands. He gets along beautifully with other dogs as well as children. However, his sole purpose in life is to get you to rub his belly! This guy will drop on his back in a heartbeat to get that rubbin'! He is a very happy, social guy who has a lot of zest for life. If you love the seniors, but want one that doesn't act like an old fogey, then Bosley just might be your fella!

BrandiPH ID: #820
Brandi is a fawn female. We believe she is 3 or 4 years old. She comes to us from a friend of PugHearts who saw an ad for her on a local internet site. When she picked her up she knew something wasn't right. Brandi was being re-sold after her new owner bought her form an out of town website and realised something about her wasn't right. It turns out Brandi was suffering from a horrible infection that had started in her teeth & gums and has progressed through her jaw and even into her eye sockets and sinus cavities. She has undergone surgery to try and remove all the infected tissue and bone, but we won't know how successful it has been for a while. Meanwhile Brandi is on massive doses of antibiotics.

Amazingly, despite everything she is going through, Brandi is a sweetheart of a girl who loves to give kisses and talk to people. She is severely underweight - probably because it has been too painful for her to eat properly for ages - but has an appetite and is eating soft food now. We hope that we have got her in time and that we can save her. We will post updates as her case unfolds.

We lost Brandi on the morning of Veterans Day 2011 11/11/11. Rest well little one. Run at the Bridge with your new friends.

BrewerPH ID: #805
Brewer is an 11 year old senior fawn male who was surrendered to a local shelter to be put down because he was sick. He is heartworm negative, but he does have a cough and some difficulty breathing. His gait is a bit wobbly, and he may have either neurological or spinal problems … but it just may be related to his age and weight. He is good-natured, has an adorable squishy face, and a luxuriant coat.

Unfortunately, Brewer was suffering from a collapsing trachea. He was not a candidate for surgery, so we put him on medications to ease his coughing and swelling. Sadly, his heart was unable to sustain him. We lost him October 19, 2011.

Brewer was a sweet, loving boy who was his foster dad's shadow. He only had eyes for him, though all of us girls fell in love with this big squishy guy. He allowed us to cuddle him, but saved his adoration for his dad. We are so sorry to lose this guy, as he really stole our hearts. Rest well sweet boy.

BrittPH ID: #1001
Britt is a fawn female. She was found wandering the streets with no tags or microchip. We believe she is about 2 years old.

Sadly, Britt crossed over to Rainbow Bridge on 08/29/12 following complications from her spay. We are so sorry for her loss as we barely had time to get to know this delightful young girl. As you can see from her photo, she was a sweet, happy, loving girl.

BrunoPH ID: #4375
Bruno is fawn male. He is 12 years old. He is heartworm negative and already neutered.

From Bruno (with some help from his foster): Bruno here! Now I have been told I don’t look or act like a 12 year old but that is my age. Though I have gorgeous thick fawn coat you will see a lot of black streaks down my back too. Guess it was a mixed marriage between my parents. As for kids you just have to lick them on the toes or face or where ever and they love it. I have been known to socialize with cats and there is this one girl pug she is a pain at times but hey, she is a girl so I give up the toys to her because who needs the drama. I am also an adventurous kind of guy too. I do have to admit I am a solid build, not fat because I am into exercise and healthy diet. The people just carry on about how fit I am and I just smile because I know what it takes to keep this manly physique. Adopt me and I will be your indoor pet because I know how to use the pet door and you can take me out on a leash. I am so loveable, I almost can’t handle it. Well, signing off from Bruno!

Sadly, Bruno crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in October 2015.

BuddhaPH ID: #343
Buddha is a sweet fawn male. He came to us from a local shelter. We estimate he is about 8 years old. He is heartworm negative and has been neutered. He is current on his vaccinations and microchipped. He is also housetrained and goes to the back door when he needs outside.

From Buddha's Foster: Buddha has fit in perfectly around here. He is my shadow when I am home, can always be found at my feet. We have been walking in the neighborhood each evening and Buddha rather enjoys this. We have done up to a mile depending on the temperature outside and he does quite well. I think he would do well as part of a group or an only pet. He will play if played with but rarely initiates the playing. You know I think that anyone who can put up with my dog is a saint! He is a very calm gentleman that loves to be close to his human. He also seems to enjoy laying out on the deck "sunning" for brief periods.

BuddyPH ID: #30
Buddy is a sweet fawn male. He was found on a busy road having been hit by a car and left for dead. He was taken in by a Good Samaritan. He was found to have a fractured spine and had surgery to fuse the fracture. He has lost all control of any muscles below his waist, including his bladder and use of his lower extremities.

We have been battling to care for Buddy as best as we can. However, he suffered a dislocation to his elbow. He had an open reduction of the elbow. Unfortunately it became dislocated almost immediately and had to be put back into place and a splint placed on him. This left him completely immobile. Due to his extreme distress and the lack of future quality of life, we have let Buddy go to Rainbow Bridge. He is now pain free and able to run again. Bless you sweet Buddy!

BusterPH ID: #2135
Buster is a fawn male. He is 3 years old. He came to us as an owner surrender due to him suffering from lung torsion which required emergency medical care.

From Buster's foster: Buster is a dreamy boy! He has impeccable house manners. He sleeps in my bed at night and crates during the day. Buster is quite excited to see me each afternoon when I get home. He initiates play with the other dogs but seems content to be alone with his human as well. He has a favorite squeaky toy that he is frequently found playing with. He had surgery just three weeks ago to remove a portion of his left lung, he has healed nicely. Buster has amazed us all by how awesome he has done after surgery. He looks forward to his daily walks and walks very well on the leash. Prior to coming to PugHearts Buster was fed table food so we are still working on meal times. He currently eats a mix of wet and dry...and he tolerates it!

Update: Sadly, Buster is now on hospice care due to a failing heart. We promise to love and look after this beautiful boy for the remainder of his days with us.

We said goodbye to Buster on 10/10/2014

I said goodbye to my sweet Buster Pug today. Buster came to us as a foster, was adopted, and returned to us months later as a Hospice Pug. I can say it never gets easier and it certainly isn't fair. You fought the good fight and stole hearts at every turn, everyone who knew Buster loved him! I can't say thank you enough to Dr. Hendrix and the staff at Sugarland Pet Hospital, they certainly make a horrible time more tolerable. Sleep easy my sweet, sweet BusBoy!

ButtersPH ID: #5158
Meet Butters.

He comes to PugHearts with his brother and father.

Butters has an issue with his back or hips. He will be evaluated by our vet and we will update soon.

Sadly, Butters has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We were honored to have known you for the time we did.

BuzzerPH ID: #572
** Buzzer passed on the August 9th 2013 **

We lost our special boy due to liver shunts our poor little monkey most likely had his whole life. He was my special boy and I will miss him furever.


Buzzer is a Brindle pug mix. He is 3 years old. He comes to us from a local shelter. He is in good health. He is heartworm negative. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations.

From Buzzer's foster: Buzzer is probably THE sweetest pug I have ever met! He loves other dogs of all ages and kids. He is timid and shy until he gets to know you, but once he warms up to you he will always be by your side. He is very laid-back for a younger pug. His favorite pastime is lounging on the couch, or on the arm of the couch (he seems to think he's a kitty!) When he gets tired he will go to his bed and go to sleep. He also likes to play tug-o-war with our other puppies. He likes car rides and gets along great with our old fat cat. :)

ByronPH ID: #4902
Byron is a precious boy that came to PugHearts as a hospice pug. Byron had a tumor in his mouth that was limiting his ability to eat and eventually, breathe comfortably.

Byron was a love and I was honored to care for him

CandyPH ID: #935
Candy is a female fawn pug mix. She is 13 years old. She is heartworm negative. She comes to us after her Mom went into long term care and nobody was left to be able to look after her. She is looking for a place to be loved for the remainder of her life.

From Candy's foster: This petite and fluffy little lady is a bundle of love. She spends much of her time sleeping though she likes to chew on bully sticks. She starts out not wanting to be up on the furniture but will bark at you when she wants up. She finally discovered that the big bed is a nice place for her old bones and enjoys sleeping beside you and any other dogs you have. She likes to snuggle and give kisses. She does get mouthy if you leave her downstairs for any reason (though she sneaks up on her own.)

She still has a hearty appetite and aside from a touch of arthritis that shows up occasionally, she is in excellent health. She is heartworm negative and housebroken. She will use a pee pad if she has to go when you are not home.

Candy is just a sweet old gal looking for a place to be loved for the remainder of her life. If you are looking for a low key companion, she is your girl.

CaptainPH ID: #407
Captain is a fawn male. We estimate he is between 4 to 5 years old. He comes to us from a local shelter. He is severe heartworm positive and will begin treatment immediately. He is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.

From Captain's foster: Captain (aka “Buddy”) is a very sweet boy, wonderful with children and other dogs. He loves to cuddle and will follow you around like your shadow. He likes to play with his toys and chew on doggie bones.

When he first came to us, he was very scrawny and flea-bitten, with heartworm and tapeworm. He has been through his heartworm treatment, and his health is much improved. He still has a slight cough and wheeze, which is being treated with medication.

He is very calm and quiet, and doesn’t bark very often. He is very well-mannered, and will sit for food and treats. He is housetrained. He loves to sleep on our bed, and would be under the covers if we let him!

CelestePH ID: #669
Celeste was an adorable fawn pug mix. She came to us from a local animal control facility. Sadly, she passed away during her spay surgery. We didn't have long with this girl, but the short time we did spend with her during her transport made us fall in love with her. She showered us with kisses and wriggled with excitement. She was an adorable girl that didn't get the second chance she deserved. However, we are glad that she didn't spend her final day in a cage at a shelter.

CelestePH ID: #4672
Celeste was a tiny 6 week old female. She was severe hydrocephalus with additional genetic abnormalities.

She was released with tears in our eyes and sadness in our hearts.

ChasePH ID: #45
Chase is a young fawn male. He is about 1 1/2 years old. He was an owner surrender due to his youthful exuberance. As anyone who has had a puppy knows, they require a lot of time and energy. Unfortunately, Chase's former family underestimated how much energy he would need. Therefore, poor little Chase ended up being crated most of the time. As that is no way for a pug to live, his owners contacted us to find him a new family.

Chase has been brought up to date on his vaccinations and microchipped. He will be neutered prior to placement.

Chase is a very playful, energetic puppy. He would do well in a home with children (as he has lived with kids before) and/or other dogs. All this little guy wants to do is run around and play. Who can blame him? Life outside a crate is pretty cool! He still has quite a bit of puppy left in him and will need some more training but he is nearly housebroken and learning the new house rules quickly.

ChewyPH ID: #4931
Chewy is a beautiful, fluffy fawn pug weighing a perfect 23 pounds of pure love. His is approximately 11 years old and likes to take life in the slow lane. He loves to sleep in his bed with a fan blowing gently to keep him nice and cool. Yes, he does believe he is royalty and is treated like the prince he is! He is a deaf/blind senior and relies heavily on his senses to get around. Chewy learned to navigate our home quickly and will meander into the kitchen, office, or hallway when he feels the need to get his steps in for the day! If he isn't taking in a light stroll, Chewy can be found sawing logs in his bed or lightly napping on a cool surface. Chewy has never shown aggression towards other dogs or his humans. He does prefer to keep to himself but is never bothered if a four legged friend stops by to say 'hello'. As Chewy gets to know his person, recognizing their scent and touch, a beautiful trust develops. After being in our home for a few days, he learned who we were quickly. He now raises his head and prepares to be kissed and hugged the moment he feels our touch or senses we are in the room. He is worth the time it takes to bond and will love you with every beat of his heart! Naturally, unexpected touch will startle him. He prefers to be introduced properly and calmly, always made aware of your presence before the snuggles. Due to his unique situation, Chewy would be best placed in a home without small children. Chewy does have a collapsing trachea and is taking medication twice daily to keep him comfortable. He uses eye drops twice daily for dry eye and never argues when it's time. He is such a handsome, loving senior who is looking for a family who will appreciate all of the love he has to offer.

ChloePH ID: #3226
This is Chloe. She is a 6 year old female from a shelter in San Antonio.

She came to us after the shelter workers noticed that she was having seizures.

She will see the great staff at Sugarland Pet Hospital and we will start working to find out what is happening with this sweet girl.

Chloe has left us for the Rainbow Bridge.

Her seizures became too much for her little body to handle any longer.

She is loved by so many and will be missed terribly by her foster parents and transporters.

ChrissyPH ID: #4865
Chrissy is an 8 yr old female. She comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. She is heartworm positive and we repaired a significant inguinal hernia when she was spayed. Chrissy is a spunky girl that is looking for someone to love her.

From Chrissy's foster: Chrissy here! I’m a little thing or so my foster mom says. I am about 11 lbs. I love to play with toys, and sit with you. Love belly rubs. I get along with the other dogs and cats. I like kids, but when you squeeze me too hard I protest, it hurts! (Little kids tend to do this.) If you are looking for a little spitfire, full of energy and yet have my calm time too when I just meditate on my next meal, then I am your girl, full of personality. Did I mention how much I like curling up in bed for a nap, think that is where I am headed now.

Miss Chrissy crossed the Rainbow Bridge October 2016. Sleep well princess.

ChristinePH ID: #298
Christine is a 4 year old fawn female. She was found abandoned on a local highway with no tags or microchip. Thankfully she is heartworm negative and appears to be in good health. She has been spayed, microchipped and brought current on her vaccinations. She's a sweet girl who has adjusted well at her foster home. She plays very well with other dogs and is not an "Alpha" female. She would do well in a multi-pug household.

ClintPH ID: #910
Clint passed on May 9th 2012.

From Clint's family: Good night sweet Clint...give Blossom our love


Clint is a fawn male. He comes to us from a local kill shelter. We believe he is around 11 years old. He is heartworm negative, very skinny, blind and scared. He is current on his vaccinations and microchipped. He will be having a badly needed dental soon. He loves to be held since it makes him feel secure.

CloverPH ID: #2109
Clover was a beautiful 4 month old fawn female. She came to us fighting Parvo and we tried our best to help her. Sadly, she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge March 19th, 2013. Though we are so sorry that she never had the life she deserved, we are glad to know she is at peace and in no pain. Sleep well little girl.

CocoPH ID: #783
Coco, or Cocopuff, as I called her was only in my home for a short time, but she made herself right at home and me and all the other pups made her part of the family immediately. She loved to give kisses and I loved to squeeze her tight while she gave them to me. She enjoyed laying next to me, snuggling up to my leg and I would pet her so so soft fur. She was a joy to have around, she put a smile on my face every time I looked at her pudgy little body and warm eyes. She deserved so much more out of life, heartworm is a horrible disease that is easily preventable, she could still be with us if only someone had been more responsible and gave her the preventative. She had a lot of love to give and will be missed.


Coco passed to the Rainbow Bridge on the 12th August 2011. Sleep well little one. You were loved by us all.

CourtneyPH ID: #574
Courtney is a black female. She is 4 years old. She comes to us from a local animal control facility. This poor little girl has been on her own for a while and hasn't fared too well. She is heartworm positive and will begin treatment shortly. In the meantime she is suffering from a case of mange and seems to also have a respiratory infection. These are being treated and will hopefully clear soon. Since she has obviously been living outside for a while she has developed dry eye and will now get daily eye drops to keep her comfortable. She has now been microchipped, spayed and brought current on her vaccinations.

This sweet little girl deserves to know what it's like to be part of a family and to not have to fend for herself out on the streets. We have promised her just that and hope the perfect family finds her soon.

From Courtney's foster: Courtney is a sweet angel that has a wonderful spirit for life. From the moment you meet her you know she just wants to be loved and to play. She has made wonderful progress in the last weeks recovering from her ailments from living in the streets. Her hair is starting to grow back and she is looking better by the day. When she is fully recovered she is going to be a beautiful pug! You would never know the hardships she has faced because she is a bundle of happiness with lots of love to give. She loves to play with toys and is house trained.

CrashPH ID: #1061
Crash is a fawn male. He is 8 years old. He is an owner surrender. He is in good health; he is heartworm negative and already neutered. However, he is a bit "fluffy" and is now on a diet.

Update: My Pughearts adopted pug, Buddy (formerly known as Crash) crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last Friday, May 13th 2016.

We had gotten him at an adoption event in Spring, TX in October, 2014. Although we only had him about 19 months, we were crazy about him and loved him very much. We really miss him. Our house is just not the same without him.

CrowderPH ID: #880
We lost Crowder on the 3rd May 2012 to Heartworms. The treatment proved a little too much for him. He will be missed sorely by James his buddy.


Crowder is a fawn male. He is 3 years old. He is heartworm positive and will begin treatment shortly.

From his foster: Crowder is a more independent guy, though he does enjoy his time to cuddle with his people. He has chosen one pup in the house that he likes to wrestle with, so he does have his playful side, but he's mostly a laid back sleeper. He sleeps on the foot of the bed or the other side of the couch from where I'm sitting, but sometimes he wants to come up to me and kiss me and lay in my arms, but that may just be because he sees how full my arms already are or he may come for attention more often. He did the typical boy marking thing in my home the first day he came into it, only one time, then I taught him the dog door which he learned incredibly fast and he hasn't had a single accident since. He really is a very smart guy who learns fast and listens well. When I'm away from home he is crate trained, he is also fed in the crate due to the fact that if another pup approaches him when he's eating, that doesn't make him too happy and he will protect his dinner. Crowder has those beautiful dark eyes that make you just want to give him everything and those crooked teeth that when he's smiling, makes you laugh.

CupcakePH ID: #4763
Cupcake is a 7 year old female.

She was surrendered to PugHearts due to changes in the family.

From Cupcake's foster: Cupcake: a pug as sweet as the confection for which she is named. She is a 7 year old fawn female who was surrendered to PugHearts due to changes in the family. Cupcake has the softest velvet coat of any pug. She is a darling little girl with a whole lot of attitude. She gives new meaning to alpha girl, and happily takes on her foster sisters. She does enjoy the company of other pugs. She has bad eyes but does not let that slow her down; she can see somewhat out of one eye and has daily meds for this. She is a playful little lady who loves toys, bones and FOOD. Unfortunately, sweet little Cuppy has both congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension and will not be up for adoption.

Cupcake is on hospice care and will live out the rest of her days as a spoiled rotten foster pug.

8-14-17: Unfortunately the day has come that we knew would; sweet Cupcake has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Curly SuePH ID: #2152
Curly Sue came to us in very poor condition.

Her breathing was labored and we knew she needed a lot of care.

Sadly, this care came too late. Curly Sue had a diaphragmatic hernia that had allowed her stomach, spleen, intestines and a portion of her liver to move into her chest.

Dr Hendrix and his staff did an amazing job of moving all her organs back to their correct places, but her little body had fought too long. Curly Sue crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join the others to wait for us to join them.

She touched many hearts in her short time with us and left us knowing that she was loved.

DanaPH ID: #267
Dana had a massive stroke and passed with her sister Dani beside her.

It made Dani feel better to be with her. Dani would cry out to Dana if they were not together.

After Dana passed with Dani beside her, Dani seemed to understand.

DannyPH ID: #773
Danny is a fawn male. He is a senior - probably about 10 years old. Danny had a devoted mommy who loved him very much, but when she passed away nobody else wanted him. Since nobody was taking proper care of him, we were called to take him. Danny is a sweet, loving guy that has severe mobility issues. He walks with a mobility harness or rides in a stroller. He will require a lot of extra care and attention but in return he will give you unconditional love and the most gorgeous smile.

We lost our sweet Danny to heart failure on October 17, 2011. He was a beautiful soul and we were privileged to be a part of his life for the short time we knew him. Sleep well sweet Danny boy.

DarlaPH ID: #794
Darla came to us from a shelter in Louisiana with many issues. We tried very hard to make her better but poor Darla lost her fight on the 1st September 2011.

Sleep well little one - you are with many friends at the Rainbow Bridge now.

DarrellPH ID: #4606
Feb 7, 2015: Darrell came to us from a local animal shelter where he was brought in after being attacked by 2 other dogs. We do not know any more than that. However, he was a pug and needed our help. That was all we really needed to know.

I spoke to the ER vet this morning. Poor Darrell's head injury is too severe for us to fix. He is getting worse. I made the decision to release him from the trauma.

Thank you to Chris for going to be with Darrell as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I am glad that we had the chance to try and help him. I wish we had been successful in that process. He was a handsome boy and we grieve for the life he should have had.

DasherPH ID: #3320
Dasher is a 3-4 yr old brindle male. He is heartworm negative and VERY SCARED. He is in an experienced foster home and learning to trust.

Dasher (Fondly known as Angus by his foster Mom) crossed the Rainbow Bridge Monday, 1-21-14.

He left all the fear and trauma that humans had given him behind.

He is free, happy and playing with the others.

We will see you when we arrive darling Angus.

Be free and relaxed. You earned it.

DavidPH ID: #5217
David is an 8 yr old fawn male. He comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. He is heartworm negative, but too thin and weak to be neutered at this time. He is with a foster family and is being treated by the vet to help make him strong and healthy again.

Sadly, sweet David lost his battle and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Run free sweet boy.

DavinciPH ID: #5173
Pughearts meet DaVinci. He has had his Dawn bath, ears cleaned and Aquaphor on his nose. He was not happy with any of the above tasks. He is going well. It looks like his injury is older. But he's very mobile and explores without a problem. He does appear to have an URI so I'm keeping him away from my pugs until I meet Jackie at the clinic. From the gunk in his ears I'm sure he has an ear infection also. His vision is quite limited. But he seems to be very happy and not in pain. He's on the road to better times now.

Update: Sadly, DaVinci came to us too late to save. We lost this sweet boy March 2017.

DeaconPH ID: #3216
Deacon is a 15 year old neutered black male who was picked up as a stray (????) by animal control and brought to a kill shelter. They notified us and we rescued him immediately. He was skinny, blind, hard-of-hearing, and covered in fleas, with both ears and eyes nearly crusted shut. He was full of worms, but luckily no heartworms. He holds his head at a tilt at all times, but can walk quite well. He got a badly needed bath, ear and eye clean, and is now safe and pampered and has received vet care. The most amazing thing about him is that like most black deacons, he can SING! In a video posted about his rescue, Deacon’s many fans swear he sings “I love you” in response to some strategic ear scratches.

Sadly, Deacon passed away on 8-29-13. From his adoptive family:

Deacon came to live with us on August 13, 2013 after PugHearts rescued him. He sadly left us on August 29, 2013.

Mr. Deacon, Speakin' Deacon as he was so affectionately called was 15 years old and looked like he was living a very rough and sad life before he came to live with us. He was so poorly starved, covered in fleas, blind, deaf, and had the saddest look on his face. But in one short week we had put 1 pound 1 ounce back on his frail little body and all the worms that were in his body were now gone. He was starting to feel really good and perky and happy.

Although he was blind I know he could see shadows and light. Although he was considered deaf, I know once his ears were cleaned out and meds for a week he could hear really well and would come to where the dogs were barking or come to the chair when he would pass by and you called out his name. Although he had vestibular disease the meds he was on for that was starting to correct the tilt in his head. What we never knew was if his

other organs were as strong as we wanted them to be, but here two weeks later we are pretty positive that although his spirits were very high and happy, his body was tired. We will miss him very much.

Deacon liked to "sing" or "talk" and that is going to be a sound that will be terribly missed, but when he was crated to sleep at night he didn't let out a peep. One of his sisters didn't realize he was blind and she would growl and "attack" him when he got close to her with her toy but he wouldn't let that stop him from barking his bark to tell her to not be such a bully. hehe Deacon was always exploring the house and pretty much had the lay of the house in one week. He knew right where he was going. He loved to lay on any of the many pillows we have around the house. He loved to lay on the bed, even so one night I was tired and so I laid on the floor so that when he woke up he would slide off my daughters bed (it's a foot off the ground) onto my face to wake me up and he wouldn't get hurt , and that is what happened. :) He decided he was going to sit in my chair with me so he would work his way over to my chair and get all excited that he found me and jump up with his front legs for me to pick him up to cuddle and snooze the evening away. He loved to eat and he loved his snacks. I appreciated that my other four pugs let him use them as his guide throughout the house, he would bump into them and feel secure. Deacon would stand in the kitchen or outside proudly with his nose in the air smelling and sensing where he was and taking in all the wonderful smells he so enjoyed now that he was home. He even got to where he would come and lay down with all the others around me no matter where I was in the house. His grandma would rock him every afternoon with a small

snack bowl so he could eat (cause we were trying to put some weight on him). He loved the cuddles and rocking.

He was a gentle soul senior man. All he wanted was to be unconditionally loved and I know we gave him that. As he will be terribly missed, his spirit will always live on in our hearts and home. Run free and healthy now our Deacon.

DeclanPH ID: #5203
Declan is a 2 yr old heartworm negative male from a local shelter.

He has some previous healed fractures on his leg and pelvis abd our vet is evaluating him.

Update 6-14-17: Sadly, our sweet boy Declan has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Released from pain, run free sweet boy!

DiegoPH ID: #60
Diego is an adorable fawn male. He is 4 years old and an owner surrender. Diego had been adopted from a local shelter several months ago, but his new home didn't work out so now he is with us. Poor little Diego has had a pretty rough time of it. He has just finished heartworm treatment and will have a re-check to make sure he is heartworm negative in a couple of months. Meanwhile, he also came to us with tapeworms and whipworms which have been treated and he is now clear. He had also come to us suffering from pneumonia. That has been treated and cleared but he still has a slight chronic cough. He has an injury to his jaw that is healing nicely and should be completely healed within the next couple of weeks.

Diego is a sweetheart of a boy who is a bit shy when first meeting people. Once he feels he can trust you he is quite a cuddler! He also does very well with other dogs and children. This little guy has been through a lot and is ready for his new life with a family who will love him and never let him go.

Diego passed away in November 2011. He had found his forever home and was loved dearly by his mom.

DixiePH ID: #231
Dixie is a sweet fawn female. She was an owner surrender. She is 5 years old. She is current on her vaccinations, microchipped and spayed. She is heartworm negative. Dixie came to us with a swollen belly. Our vet discovered that she had an enlarged kidney. She has had surgery to remove the non-functioning kidney and is now recovering well.

Update from Dixie's foster Mom: Dixie is an awesome pug, we really enjoy having her in the house. We have nicknamed her "Skillz" with a 'z'. She is amazingly crafty (in a good way) Whenever we throw a toy, even though we have 3 pugs in the house to chase after it, Skillz always retrieves it. She positions herself appropriately to get a head start and is crafty about pouncing on it, dodging the others and crafty. She loves to fetch toys. She gets along with the pack well, loves to snuggle close to me at night and follows me all over the house. When I am getting ready in the morning for work, she perches on my vanity stool to hang out and observe. She uses the doggy door well and is housebroken! She has gained a little weight, but we still have far to go.

DixiePH ID: #4482
Dixie is a 12 year old senior girl that was taken to a shelter at the end of her life. She was alone and beyond scared.

She is spayed, heartworm negative and on her way to a great foster home.

From Dixie's foster: Dixie is a 12 year old female pug mix that came from a shelter in Grapvine. The first two days, Dixie refused to leave her crate, now she acts like she owns the house. She lives with two other pugs, Ozzie and Thelma. She prefers to be alone playing with her toys or chewing on bones. When she is tired, she will sleep next to Ozzie and Thelma, but is otherwise Miss Independent. Dixie is sweet natured and has a lot of energy, more so than Ozzie and Thelma, who are 8 and 7. Dixie enjoys walks. Dixie is definitely the epitome that age is only a number.

Dixie enter eternity on January 17, 2015. Dixie led her life to the fullest.

Dixie's favorite past times were running, scavenging for toys.

Dixie will always be remembered for her adventurous spirit.

DolcePH ID: #5197
Dolce was a precious baby of Sweetie's.

Sadly, she was never able to experience our love and adoration.

Dolce crossed the Rainbow Bridge at birth.

DollyPH ID: #4978
Dolly is a 6 yr old black female. She comes to PugHearts with her brother Kenny. Dolly is heartworm negative and will have to be adopted with her brother.

Update 6-23-16: Sadly we lost Dolly, as her poor body was not able to continue to fight the pneumonia.

DorotheePH ID: #1041
Dorothee is sweet, playful, and young (she's about 3-4ish). She gets along great with the other dogs in the house. What pug doesn't love to cuddle? She's no different, sweet girl. She is crate trained and when taken out regularly doesn't seem to have any potty training issues. She's an absolutely adorable lady who is on the small side, she's fun size.

Dorothee had a major medical crisis soon after joining the PugHearts family. We believe that she managed to eat (or drink) something toxic prior to arriving in the shelter. Her liver and kidney enzymes became very elevated and it took the entire medical ability of Sugarland Pet Hospital to pull her through. They did a great job and so far, she acts like a normal happy pug and we are monitoring her lab tests on a regular basis. We will post more updates as we move forward.

DorothyPH ID: #976
Dorothy is an 8 yr old female that came to us when her owners were unable to deal with her medical issues any longer. She is on 4 units of insulin twice a day. She does well and seems to be stable and well on this. She eats well and we are having no issue with her diabetes.

Her retinas tore and the family was unable to pay for the emergency surgery to repair this. She bled into her eyes and they are now red. We had hoped she would reabsorb the blood, but that is not occurring.

Dorothy loves toy and can rip into a soft toy and find the squeaker in record times. She is very protective of her toys and food, but cannot see...so the others in the house are safe from her snapping if they get too close to her toys or food.

There is no real way to fix her eyes at this point. The other issue is that as a diabetic, we really do not know how well she will heal after a major surgery.

Unfortunately Dorothy's condition deteriorated and we lost her on October 15th, 2012. We will remember her as she spunky girl who ran in circles in the yard and ripped toys to shreds. We will also remember how she melted in our arms when we picked her up and made her feel safe. Sleep well sweet girl.

DorothyPH ID: #5196
Dorothy is a 17 yr old female that comes to PugHearts due to changes in the family.

From Dorothy's foster: Dorothy (aka Peggypug--her pill bottles said her name was Piggy, which is no name for a golden girl) is a spunky senior lady who turned 17 just this March. She is an owner surrender through no fault of her own. She was well cared for, but like many pugs she had bad teeth. She lost all but three teeth during her dental, but feels so much better today.

Dorothy can hear higher pitched voices and loud noises and responds to her name. She does not see well but is very smart and knows her way around. She eats soft food and treats, and is quite vocal when she needs to potty or it is time to eat. She will quiet down when her needs are met, or when it is lights out.

She is on two heart support meds once a day and drops for dry eye but is otherwise healthy. This sweet senior is a very low key pug who likes other dogs, does not care to be held but loves snackies and scritches. Could you be the twilight home she so richly deserves?

Update 6-14-17: Dorothy has crossed over the Rainbow bridge. Sadly, she developed pneumonia and her body was just not able to recover. She lived a full and rich life and will be dearly missed.

DottiePH ID: #64
Dot is the matron of the house. She is bossy and will yell at the younger or new fosters that join our house. Dottie is blind, but still manages to chase the new fosters around the yard for a few hours. She is Daddy's girl and loves for him to come home and rub her face. She will reach for him hand and nuzzle her face against him until her rubs on her again. This can go on for hours. We do not have an exact age for Dottie, she is somewhere between 13-16 years old. She came to us from a local shelter where she was taken by her owner. She was blind, skinny and scared the day we took her out of there. She was no bigger than a dot, hence the name. Dottie has been with us for more than a year. She is a happy loving girl looking for a place to be loved for the remainder of her life.

Dottie left James and Cindy for the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday the 10th April 2013. She will be sorely missed. Sleep well you sweet noisy girl.

DudePH ID: #671
This is Dude. He was rescued from a local shelter.

Sadly, Dude was already fighting an infection. We soon learned that this is the worst kind of infection for a young dog.

He was diagnosed with Parvo and lost his battle a couple of days later.

EdPH ID: #3201
Ed was born to Edith who came to PugHearts heavily pregnant. Ed was born on July 13, 2013. Sadly he passed away two days later.

EdisonPH ID: #3197
Edison was born to Edith who came to PugHearts heavily pregnant. Edison was born on July 13, 2013. Sadly he passed away later that same day.

EdnaPH ID: #4410
She left us surrounded by love, compassion and cheeseburgers.

She will be missed.

EliasPH ID: #3200
Elias was born to Edith who came to PugHearts heavily pregnant. Elias was born on July 13, 2013. Sadly he passed away the next day.

ElizaPH ID: #4896
Eliza is a 10 day old female puppy that came to PugHearts after the others in her litter passed away.

Sadly, Eliza was too sick to survive and left us after only a short time.

ElmerPH ID: #4412
Elmer is a wonderful fawn male around 10-11 years of age. He was an owner surrender because his former owners did not want to deal with his special needs.

Elmer suffered some sort of spinal injury/illness so he has some trouble walking. He is also pretty incontinent; he knows to go outside but may leave a leaky trail getting there. He also cannot feel when he has to go sometimes. Additionally, he is also heartworm positive. Elmer is awaiting neutering and is going through slow kill on his heartworms.

Don't tell him any of the above, though, because he simply does not hear it.

This guy tries to chase the cats, jump up for lovins, and loves being around the other dogs and running through the yard. Elmer is an avid squirrel chaser. He flops over for belly rubs and adores a game of tug of war. He loves stuffed toys and eating. We are working on putting a few pounds on him. We are also working at not taking fingers off when given a treat. We belly band him with pads so he does not leak through the house. If he wound up needing a cart in the future, this boy has the strongest front legs ever. He has used them to follow me upstairs and pull himself into my lap. It is his hind legs that don't always work as advertised.

Elmer also loves his quiet time. His coat is soft and plushy and he loves to be loved on. He will snooze at your feet or in one of the dog beds. He is kind and loves sharing his space. He loves to be near his human or canine companions and gets along well in a grumble or as an only with someone who works from home or can take him with them.

In short, Elmer is sweet, gentle and quite playful in spite of his age and issues, but he needs a special home where he is loved and adored unconditionally. Could it be yours?

EloisePH ID: #561
Eloise is a fawn female. She was found wandering the streets without any escort. Sadly, she had no tags or microchip either. We estimate that she is about 8 years old. She is heartworm negative, spayed and current on her vaccinations.

From Eloise's foster: Eloise has been a true blessing to have around. She is sweet as can be and fit into our household real quick. She doesn't make much noise (except the occasional soft bark when you are cooking or eating), hasn't had a single accident, loves to be in your lap, yet is less demanding for your attention than the average pug. Unfortunately, Eloise was diagnosed with kidney failure shortly after being rescued. We do not know how much time that leaves us with Eloise, but in the mean time she is full of life and love. She does not seem to be affected by her illness at this time, but will have to be monitored and on special food for the rest of her life. I can not say enough about how special this little girl is (did I mention she is only 12 pounds?). My husband normally just cooperates with fostering, but he has definitely fallen in love with Eloise. She would be a great companion for a quiet household and would do well in a multiple dog household or by herself.

Eloise was released from the misery of her kidney failure on December 1st 2011.

Her fosters (DD and Clayton) as well as others that loved her (JR and Yvonne, Brent and Chrissie) gave her all the love she could handle.

She will be missed terribly.

Elvis (Previously Arnold)PH ID: #7
The day we adopted Arnold we decided to rename him. On the very first day he came to his new name, Elvis.

He was a wonderful pug. He loved playing and going on long walks. His favorite toy was a squeaky rabbit that he would chew on all day. He loved the dog park and enjoyed interacting with the people more than the other dogs. He was an extreme cuddle pug and a joy to be around. Sadly we found out that he had heart worms about three months after we got him, and he succumbed to the disease shortly after. His passing was very difficult and there are a lot of people who miss him dearly.

He is survived by his baby brother, Presley.

We love you, Elvis - you were a fantastic pug and we think about you alot!

EmilyPH ID: #4711
Emily is a 1 year old female.

She came to us as an owner surrender.

Sweet Emily came to us as an owner surrender.

She passed knowing we loved her and that we were all completely under her spell.

EmmaPH ID: #3199
Emma was born to Edith who came to PugHearts heavily pregnant. Emma was born on July 13, 2013. Sadly she passed away the next day.

EmmittPH ID: #70
Emmett is a sweet fawn male. He is 14 years old and comes to us from a local shelter. Poor little Emmett has some medical issues which are currently being treated by our Vet. He is blind, though his sense of smell seems to work just fine! He is currently suffering from a really bad ear infection, though that should clear with proper medications. He also seems to have some skin issues but that too should clear with appropriate medicatioins. He will also be having a dental soon as his breath is pretty awful. He has been neutered and microchipped and is current on his vaccinations. He is heartworm negative and has been started on preventative.

Emmett is a pretty easy-going fellow. He is sweet and seems to like people. We just know that once he gets to feeling better he is going to make some a wonderful companion.

EricaPH ID: #4824
This is Erica. She was a sweet precious puppy that left us too soon.

She will be adored forever.

ErinPH ID: #3198
Erin was born to Edith who came to PugHearts heavily pregnant. Erin was born on July 13, 2013. Sadly she passed away the next day.

ErnestPH ID: #4680
Ernest is a 10 year old fawn male. He came to us from a shelter in Louisiana. Ernest had untreated dry eye for so long that he can no longer see. We are still treating his eyes with lubricating drops several times a day just for his comfort. Ernest is heartworm negative, uses the dog door and prefers to be called Ernie. He is a love bug and will snuggle in with you and sign deeply as he relaxes. His foster Mom adores him.

EsperanzaPH ID: #713
Esperanza is a black female. She is about 5 years old. She came to us with her "sister" Cassidy after they were found in a lake by a Good Samaritan who rescued them and contacted us. She is severe heartworm positive.

08/25/12: Sadly, Esperanza passed away from complications of her heartworm disease. She was in a loving, nurturing foster home and at least had the chance to be loved and adored in her last months.

EstherPH ID: #4950
Sweet Esther is an older lady found in the middle of a very busy street, frozen in fear. She is now safe and being seen by the vet.

6-6-16: Sadly, Esther crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Rest well, sweet girl.

EviePH ID: #703
Evie came to me a very frightened and sick little girl. Over time she opened up and her fears subsided, she gained weight and her outlook started to improve. She pranced around my home following me everywhere, my little shadow. My world revolved around her health and well-being, I was determined to save this little precious queen. I thought with enough love and determination she would make it, sadly I was mistaken. There came the day when I knew that it was her time to cross the rainbow and I couldn't be selfish and keep her any longer. So now she is my angel, I miss her and I love her and am grateful for the time I had with my little queen. I am happy that I was able to bring love into her life and she left the world knowing what true love is.


FabioPH ID: #715
April 28th 2012

Fabio crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.

From Faith, his foster.

Fabio was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in January-February and it was terminal. It took a real toll on his body and his personality in the last month and, upon injuring himself fighting the others, it was decided that letting him go was the only kind option. I am very sad but he left this world loved and spoiled with a belly full of ice cream and french fries.

Sleep well Fabio.


Fabio is a sweet fawn man who will be 11 years old in March. He has big brown eyes, a great smile and some lovely wrinkles. Fabio is a couch potato who loves curling up next to you during TV time, but prefers sleeping in his bed or on the floor in the evenings. He has a tendency to be a tad fluffy so we go for walks in the evenings. He gets along with dogs he meets on his walks, but I suspect he prefers to be an only child in his day to day life. I sense a touch of alpha in this boy….don’t let his snippiness in public fool you…he is a big marshmallow when home with you. He will look at you adoringly and gives kisses before settling in. I give this squishy boy lots of hugs and kisses back, which he pretends to hate but secretly loves.

He loveslovesLOVES people but I sense that really is not interested in sharing his humans or his space with any other pets so if you are willing to make him your one and only, he will be perfect for you! Except for some minor seizure activity (which requires no medication) and a touch of arthritis (which does) he is in great health for a senior and will make a wonderful pug for the right home.

Update April 2012: Unfortunately, Fabio's health has deteriorated and he is now with us as a hospice pug. He will stay with us the remainder of his days. We promise he will be loved and well looked after.

Special Notes

Fabio is on hospice care.

FarleyPH ID: #211
Farley lost his fight on the 10th October 2011. Farley had liver issues that were just too much for the little guy to deal with. He saw love in his time with us.

Sleep well Farley, you are with friends now.

FigaroPH ID: #568
Figaro is a fawn male. He is an older fellow - probably 10 years old. He was found with no tags or microchip. This poor sweet boy has trouble getting around. He is overweight and seems to have some degenerative disc disease in his back. This means he is urine incontinent and has difficulty with walking. He is also suffering from severe ear infections. He appears to have dry eye, but can definitely see.

Despite all his issues, this guy is a sweetheart. He is tired, scared and looking for a quiet place to diet and heal. He is soooooooo sweet. He talks and sings to you.

FlashPH ID: #3271
Flash is a male that was living on the streets by himself. He is about 2 years old. By some miracle, he is heartworm negative. He has some serious skin issues and we will do all we can for him. He needs a home that he cannot get out of, as we had to have him trapped in order to help him.

9-27-14: Flash crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. The tumor around his hip was growing and we could not remove it.

He was a lucky guy to be rescued and find a family with PugHearts and his foster parents.

FletcherPH ID: #921
You were too young, too sweet and your muzzle yet too black to say goodbye. You came into our lives only a month ago, but it might as well have been forever. You stole our hearts and took a piece with you today. If we'd had you sooner, we could have beat this..but your body could not keep up with your spirit. RIP sweet Fletcher-go run and be healthy and free. We'll see you at the bridge one day Fletchy Fletch.

FrankiePH ID: #411
Frankie is a 3 year old fawn male. He came to us from an animal control facility. He is moderately positive for heartworms and will begin treatment shortly. He is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.

FranklinPH ID: #74
Franklin is an adorable black male. He came to us from a local shelter so we don't know his story. But we do know he hasn't been cared for in quite some time. We estimate he is around 10 years old. He has already been neutered. He is current on his vaccinations and heartworm negative. He does have one missing eye and needs drops in his remaining one, so his vision is somewhat impaired. He does have a couple of mast cell tumors that are simply being monitored for changes as our Vet does not feel they need to be removed.

Franklin has obviously been somebody's pet at one time. He LOVES being around humans and other dogs - he probably would not do well as an only pet. He is a very sweet little guy who just wants to have a human to love. His favorite thing is to curl up on a lap and snuggle. He is a true lap dog.

FudgePH ID: #4370
Fudge is a fawn male. He is 9 years old. He is already neutered. Heartworm negative, current on vaccines and a real love.

He comes to us after changes in the family situation. He is a laid back, loving guy looking for a great couch and interesting conversation.

4-11-14: Fudge crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday

He had gone into renal failure and it was too much for him to overcome.

He was adored and loved completely in the short time we had him.

GemPH ID: #4833
Gem is a 3 week old female. She comes to us with a severe cleft palate and requiring tube feedings to eat. Gem has a long way to go, but we are going to give her the best chance we can. - 11-18-15

Update: Beautiful Baby Gem crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge today, one day short of being one month old.

Flight Angel Jamie flew her from Tennessee into PugHearts' loving arms. Nurse Angels Cindy, Karen and I nurtured this baby.

She was so perfect on the outside and so imperfect on the inside (damn irresponsible breeders). She came to us with significant birth defects, a cleft palate and hydrocephalus. We hoped to give her a chance and she fought the good fight. But her little body could fight no more.

Our Baby Gem, you were loved and cherished beyond words and you will never be forgotten.

GertrudePH ID: #5061
Gertrude is an 8-9 yr old female. She is heartworm negative, but extremely thin.

She is in foster care and has seen the vet.

9-27-16: Sadly, Gertrude crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.

Gertrude was a beautiful little black puggie. She came to Pughearts from a shelter and was without exception the thinnest pug I have ever seen, or any dog except for the pictures of cruelty cases. She was so pretty, she had a white line of fur under both eyes, it was so cute. She didn’t like to be held and loved, I guess it’s because she was so sick. Gertrude had pancreatic cancer and it had spread to the point that it was blocking the majority of food from being digested. She was given everything that she needed in her last days and if she could have been saved it would have happened. Run free sweet Gertrude and eat until you’re so fat you waddle.

GidgetPH ID: #4856
Gidget was dumped with 2 other pugs. She made it to PugHearts and we will help her find her forever family.

03-07-16: Sadly, we lost Gidget. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to complications from heartworms.

GinaPH ID: #4707
Gina is an 8 year old female that came to us from a shelter in Louisiana. She is severe heartworm positive.

6-15-15: Gina was just too pretty and sweet to stay with those who loved her and whom she loved. She crossed peacefully and safely in the arms of her foster mom. She will be missed terribly.

GizmoPH ID: #299
Gizmo is a fawn male. The gentle senior man is a reserved and calm guy. He has been adopted and returned to PugHearts twice. Neither time was the issue with him. He is now a bit standoffish and reserved (I think to protect himself) until he knows you well. He is heartworm negative and uses the doggie door in my house. Gizmo loves kids and wants to be near people as much as he can. Gizmo has an undeveloped eye, but there are no other health issues.

Updated 8-11-17: Sweet Gizmo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. He was loved and cherished and knew kindness and warmth in his final days. Rest well, sweet little man.

GroverPH ID: #3190
Grover is a fawn male. He is 8 years old. He is heartworm positive. He is a spunky guy with interesting coloring to his coat. Right now he is on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection but will make a full recovery soon.

From Grover's foster: Grover is a very special soul & a puppy at heart. This 8-9 year old male is sadly, heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment. He is still an active boy and the local clown. He loves to growl & attack my pillows, hunt stuffed animals & pounce, and go for walks & rides in the car. He likes to talk and will hold conversations with his person.

He is excellent with other dogs, cats (including small kittens), & children. At night he likes to snuggle up in bed and he doesn't snore TOO loud. He is just the sweetest boy & I see not one ounce of anything but love & happiness from him towards every & anyone.

I am training him on using the pet door & although we are still working on house manners a bit he is progressing well.

If you are looking for a clown with a heart of gold Grover is definitely him!

GunnerPH ID: #830
Gunner was a 4 year old fawn male. He was an owner surrender that came to us critically ill. Sadly we could not save him.

Gunner lost his fight on the 29th November 2011.

He will be missed by those who he came in contact with. He tried.

GwynethPH ID: #4826
Gwyneth was a 2 yr old fawn female.

Sadly, she was severe heartworm positive and her heart was unable to hold up any longer.

She will be missed by the PugHearts family who loved her..... we all feel that she was not here long enough.

HamptonPH ID: #3317
Hampton is a fawn male. He is 5 years old. He comes from an out of state shelter.

From Hampton's foster: " Hi there! My name is Hampton aka Hamp, Hamburger, Ham and Tugboat that's what my foster Dad calls me. I am a 5 year old fluff muffin. My foster Mom says that I would do well in a home as an only child or as part of a pack. I love to give kisses and I do like to have a cuddle but I'm really an independent sort of fellow and prefer sleeping on the floor next to my humans bed so that I can really stretch out. I do great with my foster brothers and sister and really do great on my leash when we go for long walks. I know how to go in and out the dog door and I haven't' had any accidents in the house so I think I can say confidently that I am housebroken. I would prefer a home with no really young 2 legged brothers or sisters but I would be a great buddy for an older boy or girl. If you would like to meet me just contact my foster Mom and she can tell you how great I am. Hope to meet you soon. Love Ham! Oh and I live to ride in the car!!

Sadly, Hampton crossed the rainbow bridge on January 14th, 2014. We are deeply saddened to lose him, but take comfort in the knowledge that he had found his forever home and knew what it meant to be loved and adored before he went.

HarrietPH ID: #4626
Harriet is a 5 year old black female that was surrendered by her owner along with Ozzie, a 5 year old fawn male. They would love to be adopted together but they would be fine on their own. Harriet is crate trained and potty trained and she gets along well with other dogs and kids. She likes to play with toys and go for walks and will spin around in a circle when she gets excited (especially at feeding time).

December 2015: Harriet is now hospice due to kidney failure. She is no longer available for adoption and will live out the rest of her days as a pampered foster pug.

July 2, 2016: Harriet has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

HelenPH ID: #610
Helen is a fawn female. She is 4 years old. She is an owner surrender.

HerculesPH ID: #287
Hercules is a 7 year old fawn male. He comes to us from a local shelter so his history is unknown. He is severe heartworm positive and will begin treatment immediately. He has been brought current on his vaccinations and microchipped. He has been neutered.

From Hercules' foster: He has completed heartworm treatment and is clear. He is gentle and wants to please. He appears to have been abused but is learning to trust, though he hides from loud noises or if he gets scared. He gets along well with other animals but is really a loner. He does love to be held and sit on your lap. He loves children. He would do best in a quieter environment.

HermanPH ID: #3192
Herman is a handsome, stately senior pug. We estimate him to be 10-12 years old. Herman came to us off death row. Literally. Thanks to the actions of a sympathetic animal control officer, he was hidden to avoid that dreadful fate. We aren't sure how he got there, but he had been loved at some point in his life. He is well mannered and completely housebroken. He can't hear well or see well, but he loves well. He's a big, loveable bear of a pug, and just wants a loving home to spend the rest of his life!

Update: Sweet little man Herman lived as a long term foster in a home filled with love and attention. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in peace surrounded by those who loved him on November 11, 2016.

HildiPH ID: #85
Hildi is a cute fawn female who was transferred here from Homeward Bound Pugs in OK. We estimate she is between 3 to 5 years old and has had a tough life. She was kept outside with a large dog and lost her eye at an early age. Her remaining eye is completely healthy. She has been spayed, microchipped and brought up to date on her vaccinations. She had some mammory tumors removed this summer but has no recurrance. Hildi has come a long way from the skittish little girl we first met. She has learned to play and particularly enjoys toys with a noise box in them.

From Hildi's Mommy and Daddy 01/09/12:

It is with a heavy heart but our beloved Heidi( Hildi 1/19/08 ) has made the trip over the Rainbow Bridge.. She is now with out pain.. We have a vision of her in a field with that smiling one eyed smushy face , running, chasing butterflies, without pain in her legs.. We are going to miss the snoring snort, the WOLF/WOLF, begging for the Puggie Kiss and her CHUBBY little belly to be rubbed.. She can now walk without pain, breathe without effort..

Will be sadly missed but never ever forgotten.

HillaryPH ID: #86
Hillary is a 13-14 yr old female. She prefers to sleep in the bed and receive the majority of your time. Hillary has mast cell cancer, but is doing well medically. She has some CHF and aging issues and is on medication for her heart and arthritis. Hillary is a sweet gently lady. She is housebroken and does well with the other dogs in the house. She sleeps in the bed and loves to snuggle with her people. She gives gentle, sweet kisses and enjoys long movies. (The longer you stay still, the happier Hillary is.)

Holly 2PH ID: #88
Holly is a fawn female. She is 6 years old and an owner surrender. She is heartworm negative. She has been spayed and is current on her vaccinations. She appears to be in good health except for 'dry eye' which will require daily eyedrops.

Holly is housetrained and would much rather be inside in air conditioning than running around outside (smart girl!) She gets along well with other dogs but her favorite thing is to receive human attention and affection. In fact, her foster Mom reports that 'if you just look at her, she falls over, with her legs stretched out, waiting for her belly rub!!!' Her favorite thing to do is cuddle up next to someone.

Sadly, after 3 years with her perfect family, Holly Barry passed away on May 20, 2012.

From her Mom: Our hearts are breaking for the joy and love she shared. We will never forget how she came into our lives and feel so fortunate that we had this time with her. Thank you for giving her life beyond her rescue and giving us the opportunity to love her.

HoneyPH ID: #4709
Honey - the female of a bonded pair(Meeko and Honey), who is an owner surrender thru no fault of her own. Honey is 14, spayed, heartworm negative and ready for her forever home. She is the sweetest of sweet. She is a true velcro pug, making every step we do. Honey loves to snuggle, but will only sit with you if Meeko is there. She waits on him to sit for the evening. She has a tiny face and the softest coat - Honey is a jewel! This wonderful pair of seniors get along well with other animals and although we have no little children around, I'm sure they would be great.

Please consider these two - they are a wonderful pair that deserve the best!

4-14-16: Sadly, Honey has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

HoustonPH ID: #3212
Houston was 10 years old when he came to us in November 2013. He was a 30 lb. fawn male who was surrendered to us through no fault of his own when his elderly owners could no longer drive and take care of his vet needs. He had been loved and cherished since he was a puppy, and came to us slowing down a bit and losing some sight due to chronic dry eye. He was housebroken, leash-trained, loved kids and other dogs and was wonderfully squishy.

Foster Houston went to the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, March 22, 2015. He came to us 2 years ago from very loving owners. He had 2 best friends, Neeko who crossed and was waiting at the bridge for him and Francis Bean. Houston had the cutest head tilt and he always put his best eye forward. His coat was like velvet and his favorite place to be touched was his neck. He was not a runner or a player but he loved to suck on toys and always enjoyed chewing on a bone. Houston was the best time keeper and always made sure we stayed on schedule. Our hearts are broken and miss him very much.

IanPH ID: #2108
Ian was an 8 month old puppy who came to us with Darcy after his owner tragically committed suicide. He was so happy to get out of a crate amidst that sadness of the surviving family, he ran laps around our big yard, wrestled with Darcy, and jumped on any available lap to give kisses. He was starved for snuggling and human companionship, and was so happy to be held, he just melted. Sadly, less than 48 hours after his rescue, little Ian succumbed to Parvo, only hours after first displaying symptoms. Poor little guy, at least he had a taste of love during his last two days. He already had an adoption application pending, so he had a wonderful future in store for him. Although we had him for so short a time, he will be missed.

Ida MaePH ID: #4518
Ida Mae is a senior lady with a chronic cough. She is happy and fairly active.

Ida is heartworm negative and requires eye drops for her dry eye. Ida is a talker and loves to tell you all about her thoughts and ideas. Come meet this sassy senior.

Ida Mae crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, October 28, 2014.

Her collapsing trachea was creating too much work to breath and she left us to be well again.

She will be missed.

She was an angel with us for too short a time.

IsabellePH ID: #5331
Isabelle is an older lady that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. She is dealing with some back, hip and rear leg issues. She is being seen at the vet and we will update soon.

Isabelle came to PugHearts with multiple major medical issues, most importantly...severe spinal trauma that had not been addressed early on. We chose to allow her to cross the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of her transporter.

Pam was taken in by Isabelle and fell in love with her completely.

Run free Isabelle and know that you are loved and belong ot the PugHearts family forever.

IvyPH ID: #522
Ivy is a fawn female that comes to us from a local animal control facility. She is severe heartworm positive and has a rectal prolapse. She has a severely enlarged heart and is having difficulty breathing. We believe she is about 5 years old. She is currently being treated at our Veterinary clinic though her prognosis is not good.

Ivy crossed over the Bridge on Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 with Cindy at her side.

IzzyPH ID: #92
Izzy is a sweet fawn female. She is 2 years old. She comes to us as an owner surrender due to her medical condition. Izzy has been seen by a neurologist who has determined that she is suffering from hydrocephalus (water on the brain.) This means that she has a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid around her brain. This is usually only seen in puppies but Izzy developed this within the last year. It has affected her walking but she still gets around well. As her symptoms have not progressed and her condition has stabilized, no further treatment is necessary. She will need to be monitored for changes and if any occur she should be seen by the neurologist.

Izzy is a very sweet girl. She comes to you for affection; she puts her nose on you to let you know she wants attention. She navigates around her foster house and yard well but does not do too well with steps. She sleeps up on the human bed but needs to be put up and down. She still has some tics - expecially when eating, and takes time to process things. She comes when called but just takes a little longer. She does not tolerate loud noises well. She seems to enjoy being around other dogs and sleeps with them.

JackPH ID: #3324
Jack is a 9 year old black male. He is heartworm negative and already neutered. He is microchipped and current on his vaccinations.

From Jack's foster: This sweet 9 year old boy has been in my home over a week now. Each day his personality emerges. He is healthy, no dry eye, no worms, no skin issues. He does seem to move slowly when first getting up. He is just the right amount of playfulness and calmness. He loves his crate and has claimed both of mine in the house. He uses one for naps and one for nighttime sleeping. He is not food aggressive and eats very slowly. He was an owner surrender through no fault that I can find of his own. I have fallen in love with this very gentle pug. He does not do well with children and he will react to frightening situations (biting, aggression). He tolerates my other pugs in the house but does not play or cuddle with them. He will play with toys and humans though and he loves long walks. He is a Velcro dog like most pugs are. He is completely housetrained and I have had not one accident in the house. He walks up to the door and looks over his shoulder at me as to say “What are you waiting for, open the door please”. He has a problems with some shoes too. He attacked my visiting sister’s shoes, running along side her biting and barking at her shoes. Then that night he curled up and fell asleep along side my sister (I don’t think she had her shoes on). Jack is a beautiful, calm dog that will add peace, joy and love to your home. Please consider this sweet baby.

7-22-14: Jack left this world loved and wanted. May he find the peace at the Rainbow Bridge that we were unable to provide him here.

JacksonPH ID: #1087
Jackson crossed the Rainbow Bridge to find health and comfort again. He was in the living arms of his foster parents. Jackson was a very special guy that never got a real chance to thrive. We are honored to have known and loved him.

Jackson was a beautiful black male. He was about 4 years old. He came to us from a shelter. He suffered an injury to his spine which left him with bowel and bladder incontinence. He was a sweet boy who was very playful.

JanePH ID: #473
Jane is a wonderful fawn female. She is about 12 years old. She comes to us from a local shelter where her owner surrendered her due to her age. We think there's nothing wrong with an "experienced" pug, so we snapped her up and promised her a new (better) home. She is heartworm negative and is current on her vaccinations. She hears and sees just fine, is housebroken and uses the doggie door to go outside by herself. She does have a weak back end so she may stumble if you set her down too fast, but she it does not stop her from walking anywhere she wants to go!

From Jane's foster: Jane is one of the most beautiful senior girls I know. I call her Mama Bug, because she likes to keep the young ones in line. She will run after them barking if she thinks they are being too noisy or playing too rough. I love her. I have many fosters that come through my home, but Jane holds a special place in my heart. She is such a darling, squishy girl and she needs a great family that will spoil her rotten for the remainder of her life.

Jane left us on 5-31-14. Her poor body was failing while her mind was as sharp as always. She was loved beyond words and will be missed terribly. Sleep well sweet Jane.

JasminePH ID: #345
Jasmine was a pug mix surrendered to Angleton AC. She was having what looked like seizures. They called us. Our vet looked at her and determined that she was suffering from (most likely) distemper tics. The movements were significant, involved her entire body and they never stopped. Jasmine was unable to control her bodily functions including sleep.

We do not believe she slept at all in the 4 days we had her. We tried medications to control the movements, but the meds made no difference. She was released from her misery to rest quietly. She was a real cutie.

JasminePH ID: #1005
Jasmine (or Jazzy) was not in the best of shape when she arrived. Her skin was so infected and angry that we haven’t been able to spay her yet. But now that she’s on medicine to eliminate the itching she seems to be happy as a lark. She’s about 7 and is a little girl. What hair she has is shinny so in a month or so she won’t be recognizable as the same shaggy little girl. She has white hair mixed in with her black, the cutest part of this is that her tail has white hair on the curl so it looks like she’s a punk rocker and has bleached the top of her tail.

She isn’t a lap dog, but she has to be close to me. If she’s not on the couch next to me, she’s on the back of the couch behind my head. She is very calm and laid back with just the right amount of playfulness to make her fun. Once her skin is clear she will be spayed and ready for her new forever home. She is a very good little companion and seems to be well behaved in the house (I’ve only had her a week so I’m still learning about her). Sometimes she looks at me with sadness in her eyes and I know that her life hasn’t been all soft pillows and treats. Jazzy really needs someone to love her and teach her what being a pug is all about, I think she will be a very fast learner.

JasonPH ID: #95
Jason is a handsome black male with light brown eyes. He is 1 1/2 years old. He was an owner surrender to a local animal control through no fault of his own. He has been brought up to date on his vaccinations, microchipped and neutered. He is heartworm negative and is in excellent health.

Jason is a seet little guy who is a bit confused about his recent turn of events. However, he is well behaved and amiable. He's a little cutie who is very sweet and cuddly. He gets along beautifully with other dogs and would do well in a multi-dog household or as an only dog. The most important thing to Jason is to have a human that wants to cuddle and snuggle with him, as he loves being held.

JaxPH ID: #4579
Jax is a 10 yr old male. He was surrendered to us after another dog attacked him. He is recovering well and will be looking for his new home soon.

From Jax's foster: Jax is a 10 year old, beautiful fawn male that came to us as an owner surrender. He is HW negative and very obese. He also has bladder stones but cannot have surgery until he loses some weight. He is on a diet needless to say. He will require special food.

Update 8-2-15: Here is Jax story. He came into our rescue in December, an owner surrender. He spent New Years Eve in ICU at the vet after an attack from another dog. He was battered, bruised and broken. He was severely obese and had bladder stones. He came into our home January 7, 2015. He was so scared and broken and I fell in love. Jax loved his crate. It was his safe place. And our special time was each morning after breakfast I would hold him in my arms until he fell back to sleep. He smiled then. I let him have free reign of the house and yard, no restrictions. It helped him heal a little. He went on the green bean diet and started losing weight. The wounds on his head and body healed. Little did we realize something neurological was happening. He went to his first event in March (the rained out event). He was such a trooper. On April 19th Jax went to live with Cindy. He fell in love with James. I was spared witnessing his neurological decline. Cindy and James were not. I got the call yesterday that it was time. I held him in my arms again today but he was not smiling. He was so beautiful and now he is at peace.


Not Enough Time

Loved So Much

Jay ZPH ID: #296
Jay Z passed on the 11th December 2012.

This sweet boy was adored by his forever family and they are heartbroken at his loss.

Jay Z is a 4 year old fawn male. He comes to us from a local shelter. Due to living on the streets, he has a bad case of intestinal parasites right now. He is undergoing treatment and they should clear shortly. He has been neutered and microchipped and has been brought current on his vaccinations.

JaydenPH ID: #774
Jayden is a young fawn male we received from another breed-specific rescue group who found him as a stray. We will know more about him once he has been examined by our vet. He is an active, happy boy who needs to be neutered, and is a couple pounds underweight.

We lost Jayden to Heartworm treatment on the morning of November 16th 2011.

Yet another of our furry friends heading to the Rainbow Bridge way too early. Run free little man.

JeffersonPH ID: #4740
Jefferson is a senior male that comes to PugHearts with many medical issues.

From Jefferson's foster: Meet my new foster Jefferson. He just had his 10th birthday., very sweet boy. Dosent get around to well, but making progress. heartworm neg Yea!!. Owner surrender He is loved by his prior owner, but they could not keep him. He does hear and see. We will be watching him over the net few weeks to see his progress in getting around his trachea condition. Will update once more is know. He does get along well with the other pugs and the cat. he went with me on a home visit tonight, and went right to them and the kids. very layed back kinda guy.

9-17-15: Jefferson has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. His sweet self was no longer able to fight the infections and disease. He is now running free and feeling much better.

JennaPH ID: #4956
Jenna is a 5 yr old female. She is heartworm positive and full of intestinal parasites. Jenna is being treated for the parasites and a skin condition making her itchy.

She will have to go through heartworm treatment prior to adoption.

5-6-16: Sadly, Jenna did not make it and has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We are so sorry we were not able to save her; she deserved better.

JimmyPH ID: #5119
Jimmy is a 5 month old male coming to PugHearts from the Rio Grande valley. He was surrender to a shelter there due to parvo.

12-10-16: Jimmy crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of angels. His poor body could no longer continue.

JoellenPH ID: #4851
Joellen is an 8 yr old fawn female.

She comes to PugHearts due to medical issues in her home.

Joellen has some back issues and we are treating her and evaluating what we can do to help her.

1-13-16: Sadly, JoEllen crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

JojoPH ID: #633
Jojo is a fawn male who came to us in November of 2010 from an abusive backyard breeder. Apparently he was starved, kicked, and left outside in the elements for all of his 7 years. His physical issues included malnutrition, heartworms, broken teeth, and a bad back with fused vertebrae. All his physical issues have been addressed: he was neutered, had a dental, and put on 7 lbs. His heartworms have been treated, and he has tested heartworm negative for more than a year now. His emotional scars have taken longer to heal.

When we first got him, he was a resource guarder. Food, chewies, space on the couch, and his people were all worthy of protection by a snap or a bite. With patience, training, and lots of positive reinforcement he no longer exhibits any of these behaviors. He even seeks out attention and petting from strangers! Jojo is a sensitive soul. He is easily stressed: thunderstorms terrify him (a thundershirt helps), and too much activity and noise (such as at adoption events) also make him feel insecure. He is the first one to sense when one of his foster brothers or sisters doesn’t feel well, and will cuddle them or share his bed. He also takes on the role of caretaker when we have a special needs dog in our home.

Jojo will be on daily medicine for his back pain and to calm him for the rest of his life. A back massage is a high point of his day. He needs his special person and structure to feel safe, otherwise he tends to chew on himself, and will make his flanks bleed. His perfect forever home would be an experienced dog owner who is retired or works from home, and rarely has children about. He has so much love to give: his coat is very soft and slightly curly, and he is a wonderful dog to share your pillow with at night, or to keep you company while you work at home. Jojo is nearing 10 years old now, and deserves a home of his own.

JojoPH ID: #143
This is Mr Jones, a.k.a. JoJo . He is a true gentleman puggie! He is an approximately 4 year old handsome fawn who weighs approximately 15 lbs. He has been neutered and is up to date on all his shots. Unfortunately he is heartworm positive, but he is currently being treated for this and it has not slowed him down one bit! He has no other health issues.

JoJo is very friendly and sweet. He will sit quietly in your lap or lay next to you on the floor, but also loves to run and play with other dogs. His foster described him as 'so well mannered' and 'cordial' with other dogs.

Poor JoJo has not had much stability in his life. His last owner couldn't keep him any longer and handed him over to a shelter after only 6 months. We don't know how many times he has had to move prior to that. This is very surprising given his impeccable manners and sweet disposition. This gentleman caller needs a home where his social graces will be appreciated and he will be the cherished pet he deserves to be.

JosiePH ID: #338
Josie is a 6 year old fawn female. She comes to us from a local animal shelter and it is believed that this poor little girl was a puppy mill survivor. She how now been spayed, microchipped and brought up to date on her vaccinations. Thankfully she is heartworm negative. She does have degenerative hip disease, which means her hips are weak. She would be ideally suited to a home with no stairs or with a family that doesn't mind carrying her up and down. She's a sweet girl who is learning to love attention and deserves to find out what it's like to be somebody's cherished pet.

Sadly, Josie went to Rainbow Bridge on 7-22-13. She was surrounded by those that loved her. She was ready and wagged her tail for us as she left. we are sad to see her leave us, but know she is no longer in pain.

JuliaPH ID: #601
Julia. We, sadly, got her too late. She was in total renal failure. Our pretty woman.

JuliePH ID: #672
Julie was one of Jewel's puppies.

The litter all contracted distemper.

Julie's symptoms progressed to severe neurological and we released her from her misery.

KaiPH ID: #4748
Kai is a 12 year old female that came out of local shelter. She has been through some trauma and has a huge mass on her abdomen. We are working to make her feel better. Stay tuned.

Update from Kai's foster: Kai is one of the most special pugs I think I have fostered. She came into Pughearts in such terrible shape that pictures were not able to be shared. The first time I saw her something in my heart melted and I knew I wanted her to come to my home. She went through a surgery to remove a huge mass cell and to put a drain in a wound on her head. Then she was able to come home. Kai never missed a beat, she knew she was in a home and she knew exactly what to do. When I went to the kitchen she followed and whined until I fed her, when she had to potty she scratched at the door and when it was time to go to bed she went and stared at the bed (my bed) until I put her in. I don’t know how she got into the shape she was in when we got her but it’s obvious that at some point in her life Kai was very loved and cherished.

Then I took her back to recheck the ulcer in her eye and the news was not good. She needed to have her eye removed and some more tumors removed from her abdomen. The news was not good because there were also many little tumors that could not be removed. So Kai is now hospice. We’re hoping that with medication she will be with us for a good long time. But she will be given everything she needs and loved as long as we are blessed to have her. Kai is a very special old gal!

Sweet Kai crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in October 2015. Her foster Mommy Mary was her real Mommy in the end.

KennyPH ID: #4743
Meet foster Kenny, he is about 9 years old, our very first international PugHearts rescue, he comes from Reynosa Mexico where he was found wondering on the streets. A kind lady picked him up, kept him, tried to locate owners with no luck. She agreed to release him to PugHearts and here he is.

4-14-16: Sadly, Kenny has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

KennyPH ID: #4962
Kenny is a 6 yr old fawn male. He comes to us with previous trauma to his front leg that turned his foot outward.

He is heartworm negative.

From Kenny's foster: Isn’t Kenny a handsome man? He is doing very well since Dolly passed, he doesn’t seem to be looking for her and he’s eating well and not being in the least bit shy about making me hold him. Kenny is very healthy, no heartworms, no dry eye, no worms, no skin issues …. Wow the elusive healthy pug. Kenny does have a problem with his foot. The vet believes it was broken when he was very young and not set so it healed crooked. But it doesn’t seem to bother him, he barely limps and can run when he wants to. He’s a very considerate bed partner and doesn’t try to push you out of bed.

Kenny is 6 years old and has a whole lot of love to give someone. His face is so animated when he wants something and he just wants to be loved. How about someone giving this handsome man a home?

KingsleyPH ID: #470
Kingsley is a fawn male. He comes to us from an animal control facility. We believe he is about 8 years old. He is heartworm positive and will begin treatment shortly. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations. We don't believe he was an inside dog in his prior life due to his heartworm status and the fact that he was not housetrained. He is learning quickly what it's like to live indoors, and seems to like it!

From Kinglsey's foster: He is a real sweetheart. He loves the other pugs and gets along well with other breeds when we walk. He does demand attention though when the other dogs are around. They usually all sleep in one bed in the office during the day and he sleeps next to me at night. He does this cute thing where he will sit down next to one of the dogs or a person and he just rests his head on them, like he is on the pic on Rosie (see additional photos)

03/01/16: Sweet Kingsley has left us for the Rainbow Bridge.

LauraPH ID: #5004
Laura was a 2 year old female. She came to PugHearts with severe encephalopathy that was not allowing her to have a quality life. We set her free of the constant twitching and pacing to run free at the Rainbow Bridge.

LaylaPH ID: #500
Layla is a fawn female. She is 3 years old. She comes to us from a local shelter. She is heartworm positive and will begin treatment shortly. She has been spayed and microchipped and is current on her vaccinations.

Sadly, Layla suddenly became sick and passed away.

She was spoiled rotten by her foster Mom and will be missed.

LeiaPH ID: #775
Leia is a fawn female. She came to us with her sister Lee Lee. After she has been checked out by our vet and settles into a foster home, we will post a full bio. Meanwhile she, like her sister, has been put on a diet to get her to a healthier weight.

LeonPH ID: #5167
Leon is an older gentleman who comes to PugHearts from a shelter in Texas.

From Leon's foster: Leon had tipped the scales at 40 pounds but he is on the way down. He is so laid back and the sweetest 8-9 yr old neutered and house trained with great house manners. Loves his people and talks to you when you come home He gets along with all our dogs and prefers to sleep in bed He is having a dental and then he is ready to go!

Mr. Leon left us for the Rainbow Bridge. We are sorry to lose you but grateful for the time you were with us.

LeroyPH ID: #3155
Leroy is a black male. He came to us as an owner surrender through no fault of his own. He is 12 years old. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations. He is heartworm negative.

From Leroy's foster: Leroy He is 12 years old, Heartworm negative with beautiful silver eyebrows and a heart of gold.

He is not very active and he shows no interest in toys. And I believe that he is close to losing his hearing. However, he loves belly rubs and to give and receive lots of kisses.

He is a wonderful boy and a great companion with a lot of love in him.

Sweet Leroy left us in February 2015. The Silver Fox with a heart of gold.

LeviPH ID: #113
Our Levi - By Luanna Fielder

We adopted Levi almost three years ago after meeting him at a Pug meet up. I would throw his ball and he would come back and sit by me every time. Cindy said "Levi doesn't ever sit by anyone like that"....Levi was choosing me for his forever home and a couple of weeks later he was ours! Levi was our precious sweet little buddy. He had a swagger to his walk and a bounce when he pranced. He would cock his little head to the side when I walked in the house after work, make sure it was me, run to get his ball and then sit down and cuddle beside me on the couch for awhile. I am greatly missing that!! His tail was down and straight for sometime after we got him but then he realized..."Hey, I am HOME!" and his tail was curled up and wagging all the time. He and his brother Chubbs got along very well, they would cuddle, play tug-of-war and have the occasional fight. Levi was a home body, never wanting to go anywhere. Instead of getting excited when he heard the tags on his halter jingle he would go and get on my bed in hopes that I wouldn't find him. But once he knew he was going to the groomer or that I was staying with him he was ok. I love both of my pugs (Chubbs and Levi) very much but Levi stole my heart! Maybe cause of his medical problems that were so much like my CdLS daughter (they both had a cleft palate repair and both suffered with seizures).

There is so much about Levi to share and so little space but I would like to share some of his character:

Levi would bark at the Progressive Insurance commercials, other than that he didn't care what was on the tv. He would be asleep and the commercial would come on and he would bark a couple of times and that was it. It was hilarious.

Levi, from day one, slept in the bed, there was no more laundry basket for him.

You never "took" Levi out to potty, he went when HE knew he needed to go.

Levi loved his bed in the living room.

Levi and RUGS......he would rearrange them all the time, the little door rugs, the runner in the front hallway but the one that always baffled him was the heavy 8 x 10 that he couldn't budge but with corner in mouth he would growl at it just the same.

Levi loved roughing with my shoes and stuffed animals and playing with Chubbs.

Levi was always at my feet in the kitchen looking for any scraps that may fall on the floor.

Levi knew the words: eat, hungry, food, TREAT, bath treat (cause that was different than a regular treat) buddy (he would smile at me when I called him that) and medicine.

At 6:30am every morning he would get up and go outside to the bathroom and then come back to bed and if daddy wasn't up he would bark to get him up and then follow him into the bathroom.

At night daddy would turn his light off at his chair to go to bed, Levi would come protect me and then nip ME....I never understood why he didn't nip daddy. HA!

Levi loved loved loved to cuddle and most of all:


Levi was very precious and sweet and, on May 6, 2011, was taken from us WAY to soon! I called him my "doggie vacumn" cause he was always picking something up and this time it was a piece of thread that I missed picking up off the floor. That thread cost him his life. He tried ever so hard to pull thru this illness but he was already so weak before we found out what was the problem. I know he loved his family and his home and we loved him ever so much and will greatly miss him. There isn't an inch of our home that doesn't have a reminder of Levi, which makes it ever so hard to say goodbye. We had him cremated with his ball and he's coming back home to be with us forever. He was such a sweet, sweet little boy. I will miss his smiles and cuddles. Levi is now running healthy and happy with so many of those that have gone before him on the other side of the Rainbow bridge and I can feel him looking over us.

HAVE FUN BUDDY!!! Thank you for blessing us and making us your family. WE LOVE YOU!!!

LexiPH ID: #4765
Lexi is a pug mix that was found wandering all alone.

She is about 1-2 years old.

From Lexi's foster: Lexi is a young female pug mix, weighing in at 26 pounds. She has been spayed and brought current on her shots. She is heart worm positive and will get her treatment in about 3 months. (November 2015) She is maybe 2-3 years old and still quite playful. She may be too rambunctious for very young children but I just got her and am working on her manners. She is smart and already knows sit, shake and roll over. She is athletic and fun. She is good with other dogs. She would love to have a forever home!

4-21-16: Sadly, Lexi has left us for the Rainbow Bridge.

LibbyPH ID: #325
Libby is a black female. She was found tied up in a Kroger parking lot. We believe she is about 4 years old. She is severe heartworm positive and will begin treatment shortly.

Libby is a very sweet, gentle girl. She is very loving and loves nothing better than to be held and touched. She is very good with children and other animals. She has learned how nice it is to sleep in a human bed and enjoys cuddling. She is mostly house trained. She is eager to please and will make a fabulous pet for some lucky family.

Lil NickyPH ID: #377
Lil Nicky is a fawn male. He is about 10 years old. He is an owner surrender through no fault of his own. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations. He is housebroken, happy and looking for a great family to love him. He is currently on a diet and geting some exercise.

From Lil Nicky's foster: Lil Nicky is not that little. He is a 10 year old stocky (about 27 pounds) male. Nicky has a waist line and is not terribly overweight..he is just a BIG guy. Nicky is heartworm negative, housebroken, healthy and ready to party. He is the class clown and will keep you laughing daily. Nicky is so broad across his chest that he waddles when he is running around. He uses the doggie door and will play with the soft toys in the house. Nicky wants a family that will allow him to keep them laughing and smiling with him all the time.

Mar 3, 2014: Nicky "Chubbo" Higgins crossed the rainbow bridge this morning.

He was surrounded by family and it was very peaceful.

Run free little/big guy! We love you!!!

LillyPH ID: #479
Lilly is a fawn female. She was found wandering the streets with no tags or microchip. We believe she is about 10 years old. She has been spayed, microchipped and brought current on her vaccinations. She is heartworm negative. She is suffering from itchy skin - possibly due to poor nutrition or allergies. She also has some coughing and sneezing so we will have her checked by our vet.

LillyPH ID: #114
Lilly was a sweet fawn female who was found on the streets of Houston. When she came to us she was covered with mast cell tumors. She was seen by a Oncologist who confirmed that there was nothing that could be done. She was with us for just a short time, but in that time she was loved.

LiloPH ID: #406
Lilo is a fawn female. She comes to us from a local shelter so we do not know her history but it doesn't look like anyone has been taking care of her for a while. She appears to be about 5 years old. She has "hot spots" on her neck which we are treating. She has not been spayed but will be prior to placement. She is also heartworm positive and will have treatment. She has been brought up to date on her vaccinations and microchipped.

LizziePH ID: #940
Lizzie is a black female with dapples of gray and a cute little lopsided underbite. She is 13 years old. She is in overall good health; she is heartworm positive. She has been spayed, microchipped and is current on her vaccinations.

Lizzie is a sweetheart of a girl. She is your typical mellow senior girl. She doesn't get frazzled or overly excited, she just goes about her business. She is housetrained, uses a doggie door and gets on very well with other dogs. She doesn't hear too well, so she won't always respond if she's sleeping and you call her name. With a gentle touch she'll get up and follow you wherever you want her to go. She is a lovely girl who just needs a companion to spend her days with.

5-3-14: Our sweet foster Lizzie left us today. The pain in her 16 yr old body was no longer controllable and she is now free of it.

LopezPH ID: #747
Lopez came to PugHearts after being found leaning against the car of a very kind lady. He was in rough shape and taken to our vet. Lopez was found to have a broken jaw and a pelvis broken in 3 places. He was severe heartworm positive and suffering from sarcoptic mange.

Sadly, he developed pneumonia and his body was not strong enough to fight it.

Lopez was a sweet boy and a real cuddler. He was loved by the kind lady that helped him get to us, all of PugHearts and the wonderful staff at Sugarland Pet Hospital. While we had all hoped for a happy ending and a forever home for Lopez, it was not to be. He will remain in the hearts of all those that he touched in his struggle. We love you Lopez and know you are now running and playing with those that crossed the bridge ahead of you.

LouPH ID: #670
Lou came to PugHearts along with his buddy Andy and was estimated to be about 6 years old. We adopted him on August 23rd, 2007. Lou Bear was the sweetest puggy I ever met. He loved nothing more than a never-ending belly rub and he gave the best cuddles. The way he would look at you with those sad puggy eyes would just melt your heart. Unfortunately, we lost our poor Lou Lou to those nasty heartworms on April 18th, 2009, but he went peacefully in his sleep while taking a nap with his mommy. He will forever be remembered and missed.

LucillePH ID: #860
Lucille is a fawn female. She is 7-8 years old. She came to us after she was rescued from a neglectful home. She has been with her current foster family for 4 years.

Lucille (or Lucy as we call her) is an incredibly sweet girl. She gets along great with our other 2 pugs and has NEVER bit or even nipped or growled at anyone in the 4 years we have had her. She has a very soft disposition. Lucy isn't very active and prefers to sleep 90% of the day. After observing her the past 4 years, Lucy doesn't seem to have much muscle or muscle control. She doesn't easily get up and down wood stairs, cannot jump on or off of furniture and does not prefer much outdoor activity or play. She follows you from room to room and sits at your feet or next to you wherever you go. She is potty trained and rarely has accidents in the house. Most likely a result of her past neglectful home, she is a classic over-eater. She is ravenous at meal times and will eat her siblings food if not closely monitored.

Lucy has a heart condition that requires 2 heart medications daily for the rest of her life - Enalapril and Lasix. Since being on this medication, her heart condition has greatly improved and she has shown no other signs of distress. Lucy also has chronic dry eye. She requires drops 2-3 times a day for life. Lucy has had issues with her trachea collapsing from time to time. On occasion she requires medication to help with this. It is typically brought on from an environmental irritant once a year and is under control with medication in one months time.

Update: Lucille crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 12/30/16. She spent four years with her foster family; really her true home. She was loved.

LunaPH ID: #501
Luna is a black female. She comes to us from an animal control facility. She is 4 years old. She is severe heartworm positive and will begin treatment shortly. She also has a luxating patella and a bad left hip. We believe she had been used for breeding previously. She has now been spayed and is current on her vaccinations.

From Luna's foster: Luna is one beautiful little Puggie girl!!! She is very small and has the sweetest face. She was really quite shy when she first arrived, but over the course of a few weeks has made so much progress it's amazing. She is right in the mist of everyone else now seeking to get her share of the attention. She is quite excited when she first gets on my lap but after a little petting and calming down she loves to just be held. She is very happy to give as many Puggie kisses as you want. She gets on extremely well with other dogs (including my daughter's Great Dane) and, typical of a Pug, loves everyone that comes to visit. She also has very good house manners. While some Pugs with Luna's history of breeding find the adjustment to being in a home quite challenging she seems to be quite satisfied with a nice soft bed, regular meals and a lap to cuddle on. She will give some lucky family years of entertainment and love.

MadeleinePH ID: #3285
Madeleine is a black female. She is 12 years old.

From Madeleine's foster: As far as Madeleine is concerned 12 is the new 6! Her energy level rivals a much younger dog and she loves toys, chase, and to gently wrestle. Her vision is good, but she's a little hard of hearing. This tiny girl gets along well with her foster brothers and sister. She is a little territorial of her food, but based on her size, it doesn't seem like she has been fed enough in the past. She's always hungry! You do have to keep a close eye on her, because she tries to run out the door if you're not careful, but we're working on that. She is house trained, but probably needs frequent potty breaks (a doggy door with a well secured fence would be ideal). She loves to stretch out on a fluffy dog bed and watch us or take quiet naps. She's a sweet girl, small and spunky and she's going to make some family very happy. This salt and pepper angel deserves a soft, safe place to lay her head every night. She's heartworm negative and ready join your family today!

Update 8-11-17: Madeleine crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today surrounded by love and devotion. Goodnight sweet girl.

MaggiePH ID: #4363
Maggie left us for the Rainbow Bridge on the morning of the 9th June 2014. None of use were prepared for her leave and we missed the chance to say goodbye. Run free sweet Maggie, we will all miss you so much.


Maggie is a 7 yr old black female. She comes to us from South Texas.

She is heartworm negative and looking for a family that will treat her as the princess she feels she is.

From Maggie's foster: Maggie is a tiny little bit of a pug. She weighs around 12 pounds and is noticeably smaller than the other guys. She came to PH from a shelter and surprisingly is HW-.

Maggie is a quiet little girl and acts like a little helpless princess. I love to dress her up and she seems to be just fine it with it. I haven’t tried to polish her nails yet, but will see how that goes soon. She is very laid back and follows me everywhere I go. She gets quite excited when she thinks she’s going to go somewhere and prances around. She isn’t keen on being crated. The first night I put her in the crate I heard this soft mournful moaning sound and I thought one of the pugs was sick. I jumped out of bed and discovered it was sweet, little Maggie. It was the most soul wrenching noise I have ever heard come out of a pug. So Maggie now sleeps with me. She may be just a tad spoiled but she is just so darn cute!

Maggie will steal someone’s heart in very short order. She will be so good for a family with love to give because she will take all she can get.

MaggiePH ID: #128
Maggie is an adorable fawn female. She is 10 years old. Unfortunately her Mommy passed away and now Maggie needs to find a new home. Maggie is current on her vaccinations, microchipped and spayed. She has some arthritis but no major medical issues. She has had an eye ulcer which required her eye to be removed, but now that it is gone she is a happy, pain-free girl who gets around just fine.

Maggie is used to being the only dog, but she is currently living in foster care with other dogs and getting on well. She has been paper trained. She does have a grass allergy and will need to be kept indoors but since she's a Pug she shouldn't be left outdoors anyway. She is a very sweet and cuddly girl. As you can see by her photos she has a unique talent - when she gets excited her ears stand up! Otherwise when she's relaxed they flop over just like any other Pug. She is a cutie who would love a chance to find a new home.

Sadly, Maggie passed away April 2013. Her Mom and Dad would like to share this message: While our special girl Maggie has crossed the rainbow bridge, we are so grateful to have been able to be her forever home. To anyone thinking of adopting a senior the rewards can not be measured with the love you will receive.

MaggiePH ID: #5067
Maggie is a 14 yr old female that came to PugHearts when her parents had to move into assisted living.

She is deaf, but doing well health wise. She is scheduled for a dental and is already spayed.

From Maggie's foster: Maggie spent her first 14 years with loving owners who reluctantly surrendered her to due to their health issues. She is a one eyed wonder, deaf, and has arthritis but none of that slows her down. She is the sweetest foster I've had to date. She gets along with the dogs and cats, and enjoys a daily stroll. Maggie is not crated and enjoys napping during the day. She loves to snuggle in your lap or by your side in bed. Maggie uses pee pads during the day while I'm at work. If your looking for a gentle, sweet soul then Maggie is your girl.

Sadly, Maggie has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Goodnight, sweet girl.

MaksymPH ID: #754
Maksym is a black male. He is only 1 year old. He came to us after he had been found left outside and suffering from a heat stroke. We are so happy to report that he has fully recovered. He is heartworm negative. He has been neutered, microchipped and brought current on his vaccinations.

06/23/11 Update: Poor Maksym is very weak and suffering from an upper respiratory infection. He is gravely ill and fighting for his life. He is in intensive care at our vet and we will get him any and all help he needs. We just pray that this adorable little guy can pull through and have the life he deserves.

06/24/11 We are so sad to report that poor little Maksym has crossed the rainbow bridge tonight. He was not strong enough to fight the distemper anymore. He was so sweet and deserved so much more.

MalcolmPH ID: #4890
Malcolm is an older male from a local shelter.

He has some ear and eye issues from lack of care.

He will be checked out by the vet and we will update soon.

2-01-16: Sadly, Malcolm crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Run free, sweet boy!

MarciPH ID: #131
Marci is a 2 year old black female who was an owner surrender. She has been spayed, microchipped and is now current on her vaccinations. She is a bit overweight and will benefit from a diet and exercise routine but is in otherwise good health. She is housebroken.

Marci is a very timid, gentle girl who gets easily frightened of loud noises or raised voices. She would do best in a quiet home where she can feel safe and secure.

MarcosPH ID: #4747
Marcos is a 4 year old, heartworm positive male from a local shelter.

Sadly, we lost Marcos in October 2015.

MarkPH ID: #4818
Mark is a 6-7 yr old male from a local shelter.

He is heartworm negative and a doll.

12-31-15: Mark crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.

He was my precious broken angel and I will miss him greatly

MarkPH ID: #4399
Moselle was born with PugHearts after his mom Magdalene came to us pregnant as a puppy mill rescue.

Sweet baby Mark left us to Cross the Rainbow Bridge.

He joins his sister Moselle and many new friends that have journeyed before him.

He will be missed.

MaryPH ID: #682
Mary is a fawn female. She comes to us from a local animal control facility. She is 5 years old. She is moderately heartworm positive and will begin treatment shortly. However, we first have some other medical issues that we need to take care of for poor Mary. She has had a trauma (probably been hit by a car) which has left her with a shattered pelvis, a broken tail and a possible right hip fracture. Amazingly she walks, though not very well. And just to top it all off she's currently suffering from ear infections.

We are so glad that Mary is with us and has been given a second chance. We know she would not have survived in her condition out on the streets. Now she is with us and will receive whatever care she needs. She's a sweetheart of a girl who, despite all that she's obviously been through, is a really happy girl. Her smile can light up a room! We hope to have positive updates on this doll-baby soon.

Sadly, Mary began having seizures and became unable to walk. We lost her on Wednesday, Dec. 22nd 2010.

Mary MargaretPH ID: #4613
Mary Margaret was surrendered to us due to extensive medical issues that the owner could not afford to treat.

Sweet Mary Margaret left us for the Rainbow Bridge February 2015.

Loved by many - gone too soon.

MasonPH ID: #4887
Mason is a 5-6 year old fawn male. His is one of the OK 12 rescued on New Years. Mason is neutered, current on his vaccinations, microchipped, but unfortunately he is HW+. Mason will be eligible for heartworm treatment Spring 2016. Mason has dry eye and needs daily eye drops. Mason is crate trained, house trained and knows how to used a doggy door.

From Mason's foster: Mason is a very sweet - timid boy. We are working on helping him gaining more confidence, and, slowly he is coming out of the shell. You have to let him get relaxed, and then, he will let you pet him.

He is very educated, no accidents in the house. He is a quite boy who enjoys sleeping a lot. Mason will be a great fit for a family of adult people, where he can be the perfect companion.

MasonPH ID: #550
Mason is a fawn male. We believe he is about 6 or 7 years old. He was discovered living alone in a backyard - it seems his people moved away and left him behind in the yard. Thankfully, this little guy is pretty resilient and doesn't seem upset by much of anything. That's a good thing since he has a few issues to deal with. Since nobody was looking after him he is heartworm positive. He will begin treatment shortly. Also, he has severe vision problems. We're not sure that he sees much of anything, but that hasn't kept him down! He never runs into anything and finds his way around just fine. He is housebroken and would make someone a wonderful companion. He is just as sweet as he can be. And look at that face! How can you resist?

Sadly, Mason crossed the Rainbow Bridge February 23rd, 2013.

Mason was one of the gentlest souls you could meet. He will be missed greatly.

MatildaPH ID: #534
Matilda is a fawn female. She is a senior - probably 10 to 12 years old. She comes to us from a local shelter. She is deaf and has serious vision impairment. She barks only when the others are barking (even if she has no idea why). Matilda is a grand old lady looking for a comfortable place to rest her tired body. She is heartworm negative and we believe that we feel an old spay scar. Matilda is on ear and eye meds.

MaverickPH ID: #433
Maverick is a fawn male. He is about 6 years old. He comes to us from a local shelter where somebody dropped him over the fence one night. Poor fella - he's a sweet boy who deserves far better than that! He has been neutered, microchipped and brought current on his vaccinations. He is a healthy boy but understandably a bit frightened of strangers.

I am so sad to report the passing of a truly wonderful dog, Maverick. He came to me as a foster. I liked to call him my velcro dog because wherever I was, he was there. He had an extra long tongue which was always hanging out to the side. He got so excited at feeding times and would walk around adding his set of barks to the cacophony of barks in the house. Maverick loved his walks which he went on 2 or 3 times daily. He would bark at anything he thought might harm me but once he got up to the humans or dogs in the street, he was a perfect and loving gentleman. When I returned home after leaving the dogs alone for a few hours, Maverick would pick up a soft squeaky toy and walk around with it making soft growling noises. It was his way of letting me know he was happy I had returned.

I was with him the morning of his last day for which I am grateful. I had a chance to tell him what a good dog he was and that I loved him and missed him in our home. There will always be a question mark as to what suddenly caused his sickness. I am so sad but he is now out of his misery and stress. Thank you Carolyn for being with him in his last moments. Much love to Maverick.

Max 4PH ID: #615
Max is a fawn male. He is 3 years old and an owner surrender. He is in great health; he is heartworm negative. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations. Max does not get along with children and will only be considered for adoption by an adult-only household.

June 2017: Max has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. He spent the last several years in a loving home being the cherished pet he was meant to be. Run free, sweet Max.

MayaPH ID: #5130
Sweet Maya comes to PugHearts from the Rio Grande valley. This poor girl has had a tough life so far.

She has a badly healed, previously broken leg and pelvis. She has a BB logged in the soft tissue of her chest wall.

Maya is severe heartworm positive and fighting pneumonia.

March 2017: Sadly, we were not able to save Maya, and she left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Run free sweet girl!

MeekoPH ID: #5095
Meet Meeko, he comes to us with his brother Bocephus when medical issues in the family forced them to find a safe place for the two pugs.

Meeko is an 8 yr old cuddle bug. He is a big teddy bear. He is a bonded pair with Bocephus.

Meeko and -Bocephus are a wonderful team. Both are incredibly sweet and would make great companions.

Precious Meeko crossed the Rainbow Bridge following a massive stroke. He left us in the arms of his foster Mom knowing he is loved.

MegPH ID: #870
Meg is a 10 year old female that came to us as a stray. She was skinny and had a very poor coat with lots of fleas. This is NOT the way a lady should be treated. Well, we are happy to say that that has all been resolved and the beauty within is shining through. meg is very active and can keep up with the youngest of pugs. She runs, chases, plays tug of war and can wrestle all day long. Meg is heartworm negative, and is excellent health for a mature woman. Meg is certainly looking for a household that will be active with her and live life to the fullest. This is no wall flower and she needs her dance card full at all times.

Update: Meg passed over the Rainbow Bridge September 2016

MelodiPH ID: #425
Melodi is a black female. She was found wandering with no tags or microchip. She was severely dehydrated after being left out in the Texas heat. A good samaritan took her in and called us to get her. After being treated by our vet she is feeling much better. She is in good health and is heartworm negative. She is about 3 years old. She is a tiny little thing at only 14 lbs. She is very friendly and sweet and does get on well with other animals.

MercyPH ID: #3273
Mercy is a fawn female. She is 10 years old. She is an owner surrender through no fault of her own.

From Mercy's foster: Hi, Mercy here. They say I am “ALPHA,” I might be better off being an only dog. I am 10 years young and have a little joint issue but this does not slow me down if I see a toy that interests me. I will take a toy outside when no one is watching just a game of “hide and seek.” I weigh about 20lbs. I love to get attention in the morning when the alarm goes off, but if it is cold I just snuggle down. That reminds me, I snuggle up against you to sleep and this goes for just sitting and watching TV. Just give me some belly rubs and the chin, oh yeah, I love the chin scratched. I love playing with children and bring my toys for them to throw and play with. I sometimes will hump legs, and my foster mom has just about broken me of this habit. I am very well potty trained for outside. I do cry when left alone so if you stay at home a lot you just might be the family I have been looking for.

Sadly, we lost Mercy in October 2015.

MiguelPH ID: #4761
Miguel is a young male that came to us after being run over by a car. His injuries were too severe and we could only help him cross the Rainbow Bridge.


You left this life, but will never leave my heart.

This is your forever home.

MiltonPH ID: #3215
Milton is a fawn male. He is a senior. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations.

From Milton's foster: Milton is a VERY sweet senior gentleman. He has settled right in with my 2 pugs and tolerates my young and super energetic male very well. He doesn't play a lot, but will occasionally shake a stuffed animal around -- I guess to show it he's the boss. He likes to nap, that is his favorite "activity." He also likes to eat and shows it, we are working on getting that down by portion controlling (which he is not fond of -- he cries for more food). He likes carrots, but most other veggies he just stares at then walks away as though to say "as-if." When the weather cools down we will start walking, right now he overheats easily and can only go short distances.

Milton is also hard of hearing, he came to us with a severe infection in both ears. This is being addressed with medicine and only time will tell if that is the cause of his hearing loss or if it is just due to his age. He is otherwise in great shape and always has a smile on his face. He loves belly rubs and it is clear he just wants to be loved. Milton will make someone a great companion. Please give this senior guy a loving home to live out his life in, the reward will be yours!

7-22-14: Milton was a 12 year old fawn male, who had a collapse trachea and was blind in one eye. Milton never complained. Milton was always wagging his tail and was always appreciate of being loved and fed. Milton entered eternity on 7/21/14.

MimiPH ID: #4397
Mimi is a 12 year old female. She is heartworm negative. She has dry eye and requires drops and also takes Rimadyl for slight arthritis. She is blind in one eye.

From Mimi's Foster: This little charmer is a senior, but don't you tell her that! She is a spunky, quirky little lady who will wiggle her way right into your heart. She is such a beauty. Mimi watches her humans with what can only be called curious amusement. She is queen of the head tilt.

Like a true southern belle, Mimi will preen for you when you compliment her. She actually flutters her eyelashes when we tell her she is a pretty girl. It is like Scarlett O'Hara possessed a pug!

Mimi loves time with her humans, her ideal day is spent snuggling. She sucks her thumb just like a baby when she curls up in your lap. Mimi does not like to be left alone, or to be left out. She wants to be right with her people. When Mimi is unhappy she lets you know in the cutest, squeaky way. Before she came to Pughearts, her family got a new puppy and locked her in a room. While we have assured her that they must have been crazy because she is so wonderful, and seniors are so much more fun than puppies, Mimi still does not like to be behind closed doors. We give Mimi the run of the house, and haven't had any problems.

Mimi is house trained, and she doesn't have any issues with food. If anything she is finicky about her food, she likes dry science diet only (we buy it special for her, it isn't what we feed the other pugs :). Despite all her finickiness, Mimi's one weakness is poultry. If one wanted anything from Mimi, they only need have chicken or turkey with them. She melts for poultry.

She is a lovely southern lady looking for a porch and a person to live out her life with.

MimiPH ID: #421
Meet Ms. Mimi Pugsly. She is a fawn female who comes to us from another rescue facility which was overwhelmed with animals. She is 4 to 5 years old. She is heartworm positive and has begun treatment.

Mimi was adopted by a wonderful family who renamed her Britney.

Britney crossed the rainbow bridge on May 2nd, 2012. Britney has gone to the angels, but she will forever be a part of our family and in our hearts. Britney and her mother were essentially one personality in two bodies (ultra feminine princesses who love to relax and snack), but her love for her daddy was absolutely unmeasurable. Although it took her a little time to warm up to us, perhaps because of the rough life she lived before coming into our family, she eventually got to the point where she couldn't stand to be in a separate room from us... and we couldn't stand it either. Britney had a face that could make you melt, highlighted by her precious light brown eyes. She was so soft, adorable and most of all had such a charming personality that she made hearts melt everywhere she went. Even non-pug lovers fell in love with her. She sat in, on or under anything, which made for a never ending string of precious moments. Perhaps most precious of all, she would always greet her mom and dad at the door with a frantically wagging pug tale, her head craned upwards ready to give a kiss on the lips and three - always three - even barks as if to say "I love you." She was incredibly special and truly one of a kind, in all the best ways. Although the pain of losing her has been incredibly difficult, we are forever grateful to God and PugHearts for bringing us together.

Britney - we feel you with us everyday and we can't wait to see you again in Heaven. You were the best gift we ever received and we will always remember you, miss you and of course, love you. You will always be our little princess. Love, Dad, Mom, Gus and Scout

MissyPH ID: #482
Missy is a fawn female. She is an owner surrender. She is 12 years old. She is extremely overweight and is now on a diet. She is suffering from arthritis in her back and hips so it is important that she drop some weight to help her joints. She is also suffering from ear infections. She is heartworm negative.

From Missy's foster: Missy is an older lady and, as with all senior pugs, is quite a sweetheart. When she first arrived I was quite concerned that she was going to grieve herself to death. I couldn't get her to eat and she just looked at me with blank eyes, it was quite devastating to see such a sad pug. Then one day while I was eating I noticed that she had perked up and was quite interested in what I was doing so I gave her a bite of my dinner. It was like a switch had been flipped and she was a different dog, I have really never seen anything like it. While I had to get some of the weight off of her because of her bad back I had to keep her going so I started giving her low cal bites (it wasn't bad for me either). I'm happy to report that Missy is quite well adjusted and happy now. She loves to go outside and just amble around the yard, when she's ready to come back in she will lay down outside the door and wait for me to open it. She's an undemanding, awesome lady!

She loves to be held or lay next to me on the couch. She is such a sweet old girl and really needs to have someone give her a home for her golden years. She isn't high maintenance, the only medicine she takes is pain medication for her back. She has a very low activity level so she would do well in a home with no young children.

MontgomeryPH ID: #3205
Montgomery is a 10-12 year old black female. She was turned over to a shelter by her owner for no reason other than she was old. She has severe dry eye and her eyes had not been cared for in some time. They were crusted over with debris and we are working to get them cleaned up and properly medicated. It is unlikely that she can see anything due to the lack of care. She also has a large mammary tumor that will be removed. We pray this is a localized tumor and that it has not spread. She is heartworm negative and for that we are grateful.

Sadly, Montgomery crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on December 20, 2013. Her pneumonia cleared up and revealed many lung tumors that had taken over her poor chest.

She was tired and we released her from the struggle.

MookiePH ID: #926
** 20th May 2013 ** Sadly Mookie passed away today. She was loved and adored by her Foster and will be sorely missed.

Mookie is a fawn female. She is 9 years old. She came to us when her owner was no longer able to care for her or her companion. She is in good health overall; she is heartworm negative but does suffer from dry eye. She needs daily rewetting drops to her eyes. She has been spayed, microchipped and is current on her vaccinations.

From Mookie's foster: Mookie was a little sad when she first came to stay with us. I think she missed her mate. She quickly befriended our male pug and became his shadow. After a few days Mookie started to brighten up, specifically her tail started to curl again! She’s a sweet girl who loves to be with her people. She follows us around the house and lies at our feet no matter where we are. She’s very good with children, cats and other pugs. She does not like to be outside and will let it be known when she wants in. Mookie has had a few “accidents” but, generally does well when her schedule isn’t interrupted.

MortimerPH ID: #4825
Mortimer came to PugHearts from a local shelter after being found in the pouring rain.

Sadly, he was in complete renal failure and all we could do was hold him and tell him we loved him as he left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

MosellePH ID: #4398
Moselle was born with PugHearts after her mom Magdalene came to us pregnant as a puppy mill rescue.

She left us at 2 days old. She was perfect.

Mr. FurleyPH ID: #1058
Mr. Furley is a 10 year old fawn male pug who comes to us from a local animal control facility. He is heartworm negative.

From Mr. Furley (with some help from his foster): Hello Senior Pug Lovers. This is Mr. Furley and I wanted to tell you what’s going on with me. I’ve been at my foster home for almost a year now. (So I am now ‘officially’ 11 years old.) I may have gotten adopted last year but they thought I had heartworms so wouldn’t let me go. Well it turns out I did NOT have any heartworms, so I can be adopted now. I have been a very good boy but am starting to get discouraged about finding a forever home. Everyone wants the youngsters. I don’t need much attention. I just do what I’m supposed to and try to keep my nose clean. I like to go on short walks and long car rides. I love to go shopping at pet stores, but you have to watch me because I’ll take the bones right off the shelf. I am healthy and just want a nice quiet place to live out the rest of my retirement years.

From Mr. Furley's foster: I give Mr. Furley the run of the house. He does not mark in the house and has only had one or two accidents when I didn’t let him out on schedule. His only bad habit is eating paper towels and toilet paper. He has shown some aggression about bones, food and paper. I do not think he ever had to share those things before so I only give him those things when no other dogs will be around to challenge him for them. (Of course I never give him paper; he just takes it when he gets the chance.) He sleeps quietly in his bed so I haven’t put him in mine. I do think he would like sleeping in his own person’s bed; he is just not demanding. Mr. Furley gets along with the other dogs when they leave him alone. He does not like to be pestered and will let them know. He totally ignores Billy the cat. I will not let him go to a family with small children (under 9) because he may lose patience with them. Please think about opening your heart and home to this distinguished senior Pug. I would fail with him, but know he would be happier not having to share his space and his bones. He really is a good boy.

February 9, 2016: Our sweet Mr. Furley has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Run free sweet boy and know that you were loved!

Mr. PeabodyPH ID: #4697
Mr Peabody is a senior male that came to us from a local shelter.

He is in very poor condition and already receiving care at the vet.

Update 5-27-15: With a heavy heart I share with you the news that Mr. Peabody has crossed the rainbow bridge. They tried to remove the mass but it was stronger than Mr. Peabody. He was loved.

Ms PPH ID: #1093
Ms P is a 7 yr old black female. She is heartworm negative and blind.

From her foster: She is starting to respond when she's called or hears me clapping for her (to give her a direction). She's figured out where the water dish is and if she hears the bowls clink for food she finds the kitchen without any help. She is a real chow hound and she's not super happy about what she must consider a small portion but it is the same amount the other gals get.

She'll give you a couple of kisses when you scratch her back and she will sit on the foot stool next to my leg. In other words she's starting to be more comfortable in the new surroundings. She's stubborn, as most pugs are, and seems to have a small bladder as she piddles each time she is outside but can't hold it all night.

She knows the command to "stay" and is walking more. I try to make sure she gets more exercise but I don't want to push her until she is able to physically move easier. She walks rather stiffly but with continued exercise she may limber up.

Ms P is a permanent foster and will be cared for in her foster home until it is time for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

July 2017: Ms. P has crossed the rainbow bridge. She was dearly loved and well looked after in her golden years.

MugsyPH ID: #4433
Mugsy is a fawn male. He is 14 years old who came to us when his owner passed away.

From Mugsy's foster: Mugsy is a 14 year old male that came to Pug Hearts because his owner passed away. He has arthritis, and he is deaf. He gets along well with my two pugs, and he is the sweetest old man! He doesn't like to be far from his human, and he follows me everywhere. When he first arrived, he lifted his leg in the house. But now that he has settled in, it has stopped completely. He has the run of the house while I am at work, and he has no accidents. Sometimes, he doesn't make it outside fast enough, and he will poop a little while he is walking. He isn't a picky eater. He eats whatever is put in front of him. He is so well behaved. He sleeps all night in the bed with me, but he would be adaptable to any routine. Because he is so fragile, it would be best if he went to a home without young children. He is an inside dog and very sensitive to the heat. During the summer, he can only go out long enough to do his business, and he has to go back inside. He is very cuddly and wants nothing more than to be loved and be near his human! You can't help but fall in love with him because he is so sweet. He would love to live out his remaining years in a forever home where he is loved, and he has lots of love to give in return!

2-25-16: Mugsy crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of his Mom.

MyrtlePH ID: #1104
Myrtle is a fawn female. She is a senior, probably 12 years old, who came to us from an out of state shelter.

From Myrtle's foster: Myrtle is a senior lady that comes to us from a shelter in Louisiana. She is a dainty lady at 11 pounds. Her tongue is always out (adding to her charm). She is mostly blind and deaf. She has had some severe ear infections and we are hopeful that treating those infections will allow her to hear some in the future. Myrtle is heartworm negative and loves being with other dogs in the house. She is looking for a place to live out the rest of her time with some family that adores the older souls. She loves to sit with you and sleep cuddled up in the blankets.

Sadly, Myrtle left us to be at Rainbow Bridge on September 27, 2013. The tumors in her lungs became too much to deal with. She will be missed so much. She was loved from the moment we saw her at the shelter until her last breath. Sleep well sweet Myrtle.

NaomiPH ID: #822
Naomi is a senior black female whose owners surrendered her to a local kill shelter because they “had too many dogs.” She is heartworm positive and has no evident spay scar. She’s quite frisky for a senior gal, and is likely housebroken, since she never had an accident in her cage, and immediately went potty when she got to some grass.

From Naomi's foster: Naomi is a doll. She is the happiest pug in my home. Naomi is severe heartworm positive and we are in the process of doing a split treatment for heartworms. This means that she is not going to be ready for her forever home for a few months, but she is well worth the wait. Naomi is housebroken and joyful. This girl has stolen my heart with her big smile and joy for life. Naomi is about 5-6 years old and has not had the best life so far. She loves everyone…human and pets. More updates as we move through her treatments. Keep the good thoughts for Naomi coming. She needs them.

Sadly, Naomi was lost to heartworm on June 21st, 2012. We are so sad that we didn't get her in time to save her, but comforted by the fact that she knew a loving, nurturing home life in her last days.

NashPH ID: #1017
Nash is a 7 year old fawn male. He is heartworm negative and a real lover.

From Nash's foster: Nash is a 7 years old and a real character. Nash is excited by life, people and anything new in his world. He gets excited about something and will spin in circles while "talking" to you about it. He prefers to be with other dogs and is stressed when alone.

Nash earned his angel wings while laying peacefully in my arms (his forever family) on 6/29/2017. Mommy and Daddy miss your cuddles, snores, your walk, and everything about you. We were so very lucky to have had you, and we hope you realized how loved you were. Thank you, PugHearts, for letting us adopt such a sweet soul. RIP Nashaniel Bartholomew. May we meet again.

NataliePH ID: #4576
Natalie is a fawn female that came to us from a hoarding situation.

From Natalie: I may be a little thing but do I ever have lots of love for the right family. Natalie is my name and at 11 lbs. I am considered tiny for a pug. Don’t let my size fool you though because I do like to play, snuggle and give lot's of love. I may only be 7 years old but with arthritis in my legs and back some mornings I try to hide under the covers. That also gives me an excuse to not exercise too often. Stairs are no problem going up but I can’t seem to find the slide to come down. I wait to be carried back down. Kids are fun too, but little ones sometimes squeeze too hard and play too rough. So, if you guys want a super sweet girl who is house broken then consider me, please.

Natalie was a very special little young lady who came to PugHearts around Christmas with many medical issues. I am so blessed to be able to be a part of her life the last 4 and 1/2 months. She left us way too soon, but her little body had taken so much. It is never easy to let them go but she was especially hard to let her go. She was tired and was struggling so to breath. She is at peace, pain free, can breath and run and play. I miss her so much.

NathanielPH ID: #4786
Nathaniel is a 10 year old male. He is blind, heartworm negative and already neutered.

12-19-15: I am sad to let everyone know that sweet precious Nathaniel crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. He was a wonderful boy and a am glad that I got to love him.

NeekoPH ID: #3268
Neeko is a black male. He is about 9 years old. He comes to us from an out of state rescue.

From Neeko's foster: Neeko is a very special 9 year old black male and he needs a special home. He is great with other dogs and is excellent with my 1 year old baby girl. He has a spine injury that makes walking harder for him. He is also partially incontinent. He is lovable and kind and needs someone to love him unconditionally.

Mar 3, 2014: Neeko crossed the Rainbow Bridge today surrounded by many of those that love him.

He was an amazing guy and will be missed terribly.

NellyPH ID: #1042
Nelly is sweet senior lady. Her needs are very basic; she loves to sleep, eat, bask in the sun and sit close to her human on the couch. As long as she gets to do those 4 things, she is very content. Nelly also has a few skills; she is excellent at telling time and will bark at the exact time every morning to remind you to wake up and feed her.

She is also very good at making her needs known to everyone in the house. Like many elderly, Nelly has a bit of arthritis in the hind legs. She is a good girl and takes her medicine twice a day in peanut butter. Nelly would make a wonderful companion for someone who has time to sit and relax with her on the couch, so she can live out the rest of her years happy and peaceful.

3-29-16: Nelly has left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Good night, sweet girl.

NibsPH ID: #3291
Nibs was a fawn male. He was found after being struck by a car. Though we were unable to save him, we took him in as one of our own and saw that he was treated with dignity and respect. Sleep well little one.

NickPH ID: #675
Nick is an adorable fawn male. He is 9 years old and an owner surrender. He is heartworm negative. He has been neutered, microchipped and brought current on his vaccinations.

From Nicky's foster: Nicky came to us severely underweight and with a history of eating foreign objects. After 6 weeks in foster care he has not tried to eat anything other than kibbles!! I think he was just hungry. He has had 3 seizures in the past and is now on twice-a-day medication for that.

He came to us housebroken. He was very shy around both humans and dogs, but is now starting to trust, and it's a joy to see. He has a little arthritis, and prefers not to jump up or down from the couch or bed but would rather be picked up. He has discovered snuggling on the couch is a WONDERFUL thing, and will also follow us around the house. The tail that was always down is now curling as it should be. He has even started to play!

This special boy needs a calm environment, lots of love, and a gentle touch; I'm sure he'll continue to come out of his shell and discover that the world is not just a mean, scary place! He deserves to have his life filled with all the love and care he was looking for.

Sadly, Nicky crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 31, 2014.

From Nicky's foster: Run free my sweet boy. Your mind is now clear and body free. Being your foster mom wasn't always easy, but I wouldn't trade these last few years for anything. You taught me patience and compassion. Not a mean bone in your body..you were the perfect snuggle buddy for the pack. You are so loved Nicky- you will be missed.RIP

NoelPH ID: #4575
Noel is a beautiful fawn female about six years old. She is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccinations.

From Noel's foster: Introducing Noel Lorraine! Noel is a sweet, petite little girl. I have had her about a month now, and she has certainly come out of her shell. Noel likes to play with toys, and will proudly run around the house with one in her mouth. She has also discovered her voice, and will let me know that she is hungry while I prepare her dinner. Noel is also a good eater and will always make a "happy plate"!

Noel gets along very well with my other pups. She alternates her "cuddle time" between each one. She is also a great snuggler. Noel sleeps in my bed all night snuggled up next to me and she doesn't snore!

Noel is the sweetest little lady and is always happy. She would do well in a home with other pups. I don't think Noel is meant to be in a home with children (no offense) because I think she would be overwhelmed. Noel would also do well in a home being the only pup where she will be someone's "baby" and the little Princess. She will bring you such joy and love, and your home would certainly be blessed to have Noel. Thank you for reading her bio and please consider giving Noel her forever home. She has definitely stolen my heart!

Special Notes

Noel passed away on Jan 28th 2017 due to kidney failure.

OliviaPH ID: #5001
Olivia was found wandering all alone and very sick.

She was unable to fight the heartworms and crossed the Rainbow Bridge to comfort and health.

OrionPH ID: #3202
Orion crossed the Rainbow Bridge to escape the pain and suffering of his short hard life. He was only a year old, HW positive and battling severe hookworms and fleas.

Thanks to the shelter that called us quickly trying to help him and to Sugarland Pet Hospital for working so hard for him.

OscarPH ID: #4584
Oscar is a 9 (ish) yr old male. He is heartworm negative and dealing with some significant arthritis in his back and hips. He is a happy clown that loves to be near his people. Oscar even has his own theme song. You already know the tune

My Puggie has a first name.

It's O S C A R

My Puggie has a second name

It's M A Y E R

I love to hug him everyday

And if you ask me why, I'll say

Cause Oscar Mayer has a way

Of stealing hearts everyday

He would prefer a home with a doggie door and no stairs.

Come meet Oscar and let him steal your heart.

Sadly, Oscar left us on February 27, 2015. As his foster family said, he took part of their heart with him. Goodnight, sweet Oscar.

OscarPH ID: #598
Oscar is a black male. He is an owner surrender through no fault of his own. He is 6 years old. He has been neutered and is current on his vaccinations. He is in excellent health.

Oscar is a sweet loveable guy who likes to be near his human and cuddle. He also enjoys being outside to run and play. He gets on well with dogs and cats. He is also very good with children.

Oscar was adopted by a loving family in May 2011. He turned 8 on July 28th. Oscar became ill in the fall and was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, a probable brain tumor. His family cared for him and comforted him until the end. He was set free on Feb 5th 2012.

We at PugHearts are so sad to hear of his passing, but so glad to know he was given a second chance at happiness and knew unconditional love in his final days.

OtisPH ID: #564
Otis is a gorgeous fawn male. He is an owner surrender. He is 9 years old. He is in good health except for being a tad overweight and having a touch of arthritis. He is heartworm negative. This sweet boy needs a nice relaxing home where he can live out his golden years being the pampered companion he is meant to be.

Update: Otis is a permanent foster and will be cared for in his foster home until it is time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

12-24-15 - Otis has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is running free.

OttoPH ID: #579
Otto is a fawn male. He is 8 years old. He is an owner surrender through no fault of his own. He is heartworm negative. He does have severe dry eye and will require daily eye drops. He also seems to have a bad left knee.

From Otto's foster: Otto is such a fun little guy! I really don't think he knows he's an old man, because he sure doesn't act like one! He loves to be held and cuddled, and follows me everywhere around the house. His fur is VERY soft, and he enjoys being brushed. His eyesight doesn't seem to be very sharp, so sometimes he bumps into furniture or people, but after he gets his daily eye drops he seems to get around pretty well. He gets along great with my other two dogs (one small and one big), unless of course there is food involved (in that case we just separate them). He sleeps in a kennel so that he doesn't have any accidents in the house overnight, and loves being in his kennel. Unlike a puppy or younger dog, he is not too energetic and rowdy. At the same time, he has plenty of energy to play around, but will still be calm enough to take a nap with you :). I really hope that Otto is not overlooked just due to his older age, because he is so loving and would make anybody a very happy pug-parent.

OwenPH ID: #3258
Owen is a black male. He is 8 years old. He is heartworm positive and dealing with some itchy skin.

From Owen's foster: Owen is an 8 year old black male. He is housebroken and does not mark, has lots of energy, sleeps in the bed or a crate (does really well in either), loves to eat! and he is very smart! Learns routines very quickly! He is heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment.

Sadly, Owen lost his battle with heartworms and succumbed to heart failure on December 4th, 2013. Though he did not get adopted, he was loved and adored by his foster. He knew what a loving, caring home felt like in his final days.

OzzyPH ID: #350
Ozzy is a 3 year old fawn male. He is severe HW+ and will be starting treatment immediately. He has been brought current on his vaccinations and microchipped. He is housetrained but does occasionally mark, which we will be working on now that he has been neutered.

Ozzy is a very playful guy who loves his Kong and chasing a ball. He is looking for an active house that will allow him to be the hyperactive boy he desires. Young children to play with are a real plus.

PandoraPH ID: #981
Pandora is a fawn female. She is 11 years old and an owner surrender. She is heartworm negative.

Pandora crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 28, 2013 due to complications of a thoracic mass.

She was adored by her foster Mom Gayle and a true joy to all that met her.

ParkerPH ID: #3280
Parker is a fawn male. He is 10 years old. He is heartworm negative. He has been neutered, microchipped and brought current on his vaccinations. Right now he has an itchy face and ears due to infection but is on medication that will get that cleared up. He is housebroken and is starting to come out of his shell.

Parker slipped the surly bonds of earth on August 24, 2016. He went out for his morning constitutional and never returned for breakfast. Parker was an old soul whose loving owner died; I always got the impression that he was searching for her when he got into his faraway stare mode. I found him on my patio that morning, in a faraway stare. He is reunited with his beloved owner at last.

PeanutPH ID: #4624
Meet our newest member, a 9 year old Pug girl named Peanut who was surrendered by her owner because they lost their home. Peanut gets along with all children, dogs and cats.

Update from Peanut's foster: Peanut has some challenges and will need a special home to care for her. She has wobbly back legs which cause her to have slight fecal incontinence. I have her on a regular schedule of eating every 12 hours and a nightly walk which has reduced fecal accidents significantly. Peanut also has seizures and is on medication trying to decrease the frequency. Peanut wants to be the boss with other dogs in the house, especially when she is being held. Peanut would do well in a quiet environment as an only dog where she can be the princess.

May 25, 2016: Sweet Peanut has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She is no longer having to deal with multiple seizures per day. Run free sweet girl.

PearlPH ID: #155
Pearl is a sweet fawn female. She is 13 years old and an absolute doll. She is an owner surrender through no fault of her own. She is heartworm negative. She is current on her vaccinations, microchipped and spayed. She is in excellent health but is deaf. She has a mass on her right rear leg that will be removed soon which does not affect her gait at all. While no Pug should be an outside dog, Pearl is especially intolerent of the heat and cannot be outside this time of year for very long.

Pearl is described by her foster as a 'little shadow.' She loves to be near her human and will follow you around. She loves to snuggle her person in bed at night. She is used to being an only dog and would do well by herself or with a submissive companion.

PenelopePH ID: #483
Penelope is a fawn female. She comes to us from a local shelter. We believe she is about 10 years old. She is heartworm negative. She is suffering from general neglect - bad eyes, skin and teeth. She also has tapeworms which we are treating as well as a mass on her belly which we are having evaluated.

From Penny's foster: Penelope (or Penny as I call her) has settled in quite well. When she first arrived she had quite a large mass on her stomach and it was discovered that her spleen and intestines were hanging on the outside of her body. Well no wonder the old girl was having some trouble walking! She had surgery to repair the issue and has made an amazing recovery.

Penny is a very sweet lady. She is quite friendly and likes be on my lap to take her naps. If I have a lap full of other fosters at the time she is just as willing to go to her little bed by the couch and take her nap there. She is a very easy going old girl. As with any senior, she isn't a ball of energy. She does still have quite a funny walk with her back legs being a little crooked from old age and I think from having the tumor so long. But she gets around just fine and seems to be enjoying her life now.

To my surprise she is completely house trained, she has never had an accident in the house. Penny would rather not have to deal with other dogs. She will growl at them if they get too close to her face. She isn't mean by any stretch of the imagination she just doesn't like to have them get too close to her; however, she only growls at them if they are the aggressor. Who knows what has happened to her in her life to make her like this.. I correct her anytime I hear her do it and she is beginning to be more tolerant of the others invading her personal space.

Penny sure is a sweet, loving, and undemanding little lady. Even though she is 10 years old that really isn't that old for a pug, she's got a lot of good, happy years left in her future. She really deserves someone to give her a safe, warm home and let her know that she is going to be loved for the rest of her life.

PennyPH ID: #4371
Penny was a 12 year old fawn female. She was an owner surrender due to a prolapsed uterus.

This lovely lady came to us too late in her illness. All we could do was love her and set her free of her pain and discomfort.

We do love you Penny.

PercyPH ID: #532
Percy came to us from a local animal control facility. Percy crossed over the rainbow bridge on April 2, 2011. He was loved and totally adored by his Dad.

Thank you for allowing me to care for Percy. He was loyal, loving and sweet; he was also my first small dog and he helped me get over the loss of Baubles. He could not see very well and his hearing was suspect and we'll never know his true age, but he'd always find a way to follow me around the house. He made coming home at the end of the day something special. I miss how he shuffled across the room to greet me. I'll especially miss the way he'd look at me when sitting upon my lap; a look of true love and devotion.

Thanks again for the work you do with PugHearts of Houston.

-Percy's Dad

PestoPH ID: #4495
Pesto is a 5 month old black male who came to us with seizures after a head injury and fractured leg. We are evaluating him medically.

Update from Pesto's foster: Pesto is a 5 month old male.

He is affectionately called "Petey Petey Pesto" in our house.

Pesto came to us after an accident caused him a fractured front leg and seizures that showed up a few days after the accident.

His leg is healed and he is on medication for the seizures.

The break in his leg was at a growth plate and the repair has left him with a permanent limp. He does not seem to have any pain and he plays with the young male in my house often.

The seizures seem to be under control with medication, but he will likely be on medication the rest of his life to control the seizures.

Pesto is quiet for a puppy and does not like to be carried.

He would like a home with no children (he is nervous being carried or picked up) and a quieter environment, as too much activity seems to make him nervous and he will go hide.

That all being said, this is one sweet boy.

May 22, 2016: Sadly, sweet Pesto has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

PhillipPH ID: #1102
Phillip is a fawn male. He is about10 years old.

From Phillip's foster: Phillip is a little over 10 years old. He is a super sweet, cuddly old man.

He gets along great with all the other dogs. Though he's not a fan off bigger dogs, or maybe he's a huge fan of them, because he likes to just stand right next to them and say what's on his mind, he could be saying, 'you're a big lug' or 'you're my best friend, do you hear me?!'

We have a lot of snuggle time. He's like a little doll, he will just lay with you and enjoy the love.

Philly is crate trained, knows how to use the dog door, but occasionally the stubbornness of the pug in him comes out and he will hike his leg inside, nothing a belly band can't fix!

He has severe nasal congestion likely due to allergies and will likely be on medication for life. He also has bad hips, but that doesn't stop him from moving around or making his way to a treat when it's treat time, he'll push his way to the front of the line! I'm in love with this boy and if you decide to make him yours, I don't doubt you will be too!

8-01-16: Sadly, Phillip has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Sleep well little man.

PiperPH ID: #971
Piper is a fawn female. She is about 5 years old. She has been spayed, microchipped and is current on her vaccinations.

From Piper's foster: Piper joined our home with some health issues that are being resolved. She has a urinary tract infection and several kidney stones that are causing incontinence issues when she sleeps. We are currently treating her with antibiotics. Aside from that, she is the perfect pug! She is small, gives great kisses, loves everyone (humans and dogs), and loves to cuddle. She loves nylon bones and any stuffed animal around. The only time we have heard her speak, kind of like a flutter, is when she is trying to get a rise out of the other dogs. If you want an instant family member, invite Ms. Piper to join your home!

4-29-14: Piper crossed the Rainbow Bridge after battling a long standing infection.

Her little body could no longer deal with it.

She was a special lady and will be missed terribly.

PopPH ID: #4334
Pop is an 8 year old fawn male. He is heartworm positive. Pop has some very bad knees and feet. We completed his dental and neuter. He is on meds to make him more comfortable in his knees and walking. He is a love and is just looking for someone to adore him for the rest of his life.

From Pop's foster: Pop is an 8 year old fawn male that has the absolute best pug face I have seen in a long time!!!! Pop is about as laid back as a pug gets and he always looks like the world is going to come crashing down around him. I told Cindy that he should have been named Eyore, he certainly has the look for it.

Pop is so exceptionally well behaved. He is housetrained and is quite satisfied to lay on a dog bed or to be on the couch next to me. He is so easy to have around. He has been treated for heartworms and is now ready to find his family. He has bad back legs and takes medicine to make him more comfortable. He wouldn’t be a good pug for running a marathon but he is quite capable of keeping up with his people. His back feet have a different look about them, he doesn’t have bones in the very tips of his toes so they are all funky. The only thing about this that bothers him is that I play with his toes when I hold him.

Pop is awesome! He loves his people, he loves to sleep with his people and he will be such a great addition to any family. I think he would do better with a family that is more quite because he’s certainly not a bundle of energy. But he is certainly a bundle of love!!!

PorterPH ID: #531
Porter lost his fight to kidney disease on March 14, 2012.

He was truly a devoted and loving pug. I had the pleasure to provide his forever home for a year and a half, and he brought joy to my life from the moment he arrived.

He will be missed tremendously.


PrancerPH ID: #899
Prancer is a fawn female. She is a puppy - about 13 weeks old. She is an owner surrender through no fault of her own. She was a Christmas gift who was surrendered when it was found that she had severe medical issues.

PresleyPH ID: #20
Our special boy and first Pughearts baby left us for the rainbow bridge on November 6th, 2013.. We are beyond heartbroken and will miss our Pesto so much.. I can only find comfort in knowing that he and Buzzie are together taking care of Nelson.. I love you Presley.

PrissyPH ID: #965
Little Miss Prissy is a sweet 9 year old little lady pug. She is teeny tiny! She is heartworm negative, but has a condition called dry eye, so has limited vision and has limited hearing- but she has quickly adapted to our home & yard. She makes her way around well. She likes to snuggle next to us and our other foster pugs. She’s ok being crated during the day, but would love a home who would be around more since her bladder is teeny too! There is something about this girl that has grabbed my heart, maybe because she is so little, and looks to have had a pretty rough life in the past. She’s now looking for the loving home that she’s deserved all these years!

Update: Sadly Prissy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

PuckPH ID: #3175
Puck is a black male. He is 14 years old. He came to us when his parents passed away and there was nobody to look after him. He is heartworm negative. He is blind and very hard of hearing. This sweet senior needs a loving home to live out the rest of his life being the adored family pet he has always been and deserves to continue to be.

Update: Puck came to us with a serious bladder infection. You can tell that he was loved and adored by his people. They passed away and he was more than the family wanted to deal with. That is being treated and he is doing much better. Puck is heartworm negative, blind and a bit confused due to this change in his life. Puck is a lover and is learning the house and the others here are helping him. He sleeps in a crate and feels content there in the confined area. He LOVES his food and enjoys walks on the lead. He trusts his people and will follow me anywhere on our walks in the yard. Puck is looking for his forever home.

PuddinPH ID: #530
Heather is a fawn female. She is a 6 year old owner surrender. As you can see, she is a little "fluffy" so we have her on a diet. She is in good health; she is heartworm negative and already spayed. She is current on her vaccinations and just had a dental cleaning. She is on some ear medications and we will see how that progresses.

PunkyPH ID: #453
Punky (now renamed Pinky) is a beautiful fawn female. She is 4 years old. She is an owner surrender. She is heartworm negative, has been spayed, is current on her vaccinations and is microchipped. Punky is currently being evaluated by our vet for some possible neurological issues and is currently on medical hold until we know what issues she may have.

Special Notes

Pinky is suffering from hydrocephalis

RalphiePH ID: #274
Ralphie is a 10 year old fawn male. He is heartworm negative and has been neutered. He is current on all of his vaccinations and microchipped. He is deaf but can see pretty well. He does have some stiff joints probably related to arthritis. All in all he is in good health for a senior.

Ralphie is a sweet, gentle boy. He is housetrained. He does very well around other dogs and cats. He's probably not used to being around kids as he "ignores" children. Not really playful but that's to be expected in a senior guy. This little guy loves to cuddle or just be near his humans. He can also be vocal, trying to "talk" to his human. He loves sleeping in a human bed at night but needs help getting up and down. Basically happy and very easygoing, Ralphie just needs someone to love and a lap to lay on.

RandallPH ID: #4401
Randall is an 8 yr old male found wandering in a neighborhood.

He is blind from untreated dry eye, severe heartworm positive with a heart murmur.

Randall has spondolosis in his back and bad hips. His hearing in extremely limited from untreated ear infections that caused his ear flaps to be scarred from constant scratching. He currently has pneumonia and intestinal parasites so bad that he is anemic. Randall is receiving care and we will post more details.

Sadly, Randall's condition did not improve and we lost him in October 2015.

RayPH ID: #4906
Ray is an 8 yr old male with a permanent head tilt.

This precious, funny boy is heartworm negative and already neutered.

5-15-16: Sadly we lost sweet Ray. Sleep well, sweet boy.

Reese'sPH ID: #895
Reese's is a fawn male puppy who has been brought in as part of a transfer from OK. He is very sick right now; we have lost 3 of his littermates to Parvo. We will continue to give this little guy the best medical care we can to try and help him through this. We will post updates as we have news.

Sadly, this sweet little boy lost his fight on March 8th, 2012. Although we couldn't save him, we know that he understood he was surrounded by people who loved him and really cared for him in his last days. He did not die alone or unloved; he is free from pain and suffering, running free at rainbow bridge with his siblings Baby Ruth and Skittles.

RexPH ID: #176
Rex is a fawn male. He is around 9 years old. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations. He suffers from dry eye and needs daily drops.

From Rex's foster: Rex is an easy going dog who loves people and gets along great with other dogs. He is such a sweet guy! He likes to spend most of his time on the couch but does like to play occasionally. He needs daily eye drops for dry eyes which is common in pugs. I started giving him a treat after I give him his eye drops and now when I am finished with the drops he gets excited and runs to the kitchen to wait for his treat . He was very quick to pick up on this routine! He's a smart boy and a good listener. He is for the most part house trained but has had occasional accidents. He is a little fluffy so is currently on a diet but is doing well and already seems to be losing some weight. Rex is such a joy to have around. All this guy needs is a forever, loving home with a comfy couch to nap on.

8-25-16: Rex crossed over the Rainbow bridge today. He spent his last years knowing true love, being adored by his foster family.

RickyPH ID: #791
Ricky is a small pug. He is so sweet and a true gentleman. Ricky is severe heartworm positive. He comes to us after his "owner" decided they were tired of him living in the garage. They took him to a local shelter, where they called us to help. Ricky is too sick for treatment at this time. He is on medications for his heart, fluid and steroids to help him breath. I love him and will do everything in my power to help him gain strength, health and a new life. Ricky is currently on medical hold and cannot be adopted at this time.

On Oct. 4th, 2011 Ricky lost his fight to heartworms. He was loved and given a safe, loving environment in his last days. We will miss him.

RickyPH ID: #4593
Ricky is a pug mix male from the Texas Valley

He has a broken jaw (likely an old injury) and bad skin.

From Ricky's foster: Say hello to Ricky. He's been at the clinic for the last week because he has sarcoptic mange. He's had a super hard life. He has severe HW and his jaw is broken so bad it makes me shudder to see it. It's been broken for a super long time and the bone is so deteriorated that it may not be possible to fix. He has to get healthy and get rid of the HW and then it will be time to figure out if anything can be done for the jaw. It doesn't seem to hurt him so he's in good shape for now.

Ricky left us on July 28, 2015.

He is missed by the entire PugHearts family.

Ricky had a terrible life before coming into our care and each of us took it upon ourselves to spoil this sweet boy beyond words.

Ricky will forever be remembered as a happy, spunky boy.

One of Mary's babies....forever loved and adored.

Ricky, Rick Roo

I love you

July 28, 2015

RocketPH ID: #4772
Rocket is an 8 year old male. He was surrendered to a local shelter after his caregiver passed away.

From Rocket's foster: This guy is Rocket. He's really not as old as he looks, he's only 8 years old. It's very sad to see what happens to a pug when they have not been loved and cared for like they deserve. He was starved to the point that he couldn't eat when we got him, he was in the clinic for several weeks because he couldn't gain weight. He's eating really good now, I feed him twice as much as everyone else and he's finally starting to gain a little weight. Rocket has issues with his back legs and as a result has some issues with controlling his pooping. But the good news is it's usually able to be picked right up. He does pee outside but he just doesn't' have any control on the other.

Rocket is a loving little guy and loves to be held and loved. He will take a special person to deal with his problem but I truly believe that there is a person out there for each of our pugs, no matter what their issues are.

5-11-16: Sadly, Rocket crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He is now free of his physical limitations. Sleep well, little man.

RoscoePH ID: #5304
Roscoe is a large and regal 12-year old male who came with his bonded mate, Jedi. Roscoe is a pug of minimal needs. He loves a good belly rub and enjoys rolling on his back while outside in the grass. He does have limited vision and appears to be hard of hearing. He sometimes has difficulty getting up from his orthopedic nap-mat and frequently limps, favoring his right front leg. However, he is such an easy-going guy that these features have little impact on his daily life. He ignores the house cat and two other dogs in the house. He especially enjoys his siestas. He is house trained and has a healthy appetite. Roscoe has come from a lot of love in his life and would love a quiet and sedate forever home to live out his remaining years with his good buddy, Jedi.

Roscoe crossed the Rainbow Bridge during a nap in his loving foster home with his Mom and buddy Jedi close by.

He felt safe, warm, fed and loved and took that happy memory with him as he left us.

SamPH ID: #4573
Sam is an imposter. He is not a Pug and not even a Chug. He is 100% pure Chihuahua in both actions and physical appearance. He weighs in at less than 5 pounds and is a little smaller than a Guinea pig. He is 12 years old and spent the first 12 years of his life confined to a crate or a small patch of dirt…. outside. Sam is very timid and scares easily. He will snap out of fear but never from aggression (and his mouth is too small to bite anyway). Sam is terrified of other dogs and is on my lap or on the couch with me at all times, he hates being on the floor with the other fosters. He will not drink water while any of the others are even close to the water bowl. He is food aggressive and I feed him in his crate so he’s not worried someone will steal his food.

With all of that being said, Sam is the sweetest, most loving little guy I have ever had! As with most Chi’s, he’s a one person guy. He adores me and is constantly cuddled up to my chin. He loves to be kissed and will push his little head to my mouth if I stop before he wants me to. He loves to be pet and he also likes to play. He will pounce on his tiny front feet and start growling and wagging his tail and he will attack my hand and just growl and snarl. He’s so darn cute there just aren’t words to describe him. He loves to sleep with me and is an expert at cuddling. I lost quite a bit of sleep at first because I was concerned that I was going to roll over on him and hurt him.

Sam is my very special Little Man. He is so tiny and vulnerable that he needs to always have someone to protect and take care of him. I made him a promise that he would always be taken care of and he would never be cold, lonely or unloved again. If you think you may be able to keep that promise to him, you just may be who he needs.

Little Man Sam crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of the only person he truly loved. His Momma Mary

SammiPH ID: #4426
Sammi is a 16 yr old owner surrender. She has some neurological issues that cause an unsteady walk and difficulty standing. She has a glaucoma in her left eye. She is a little firecracker and LOVES dinner time, breakfast time and anytime she thinks she might get food. Foster Dad does accommodate that at times. She is heartworm negative and already spayed.

SamsonPH ID: #192
Samson was a 10 year old fawn male. Samson originally came from a breeder's facility. He was taken in by someone who wanted to help him, but his medical needs were greater than they could handle so she gave him to us. When he came to us he was suffering from pneumonia, congestive heart failure, ulcers to his eyes and difficulty standing and walking. We treated his pneumonia, CHF and eyes which all improved. However, after consulting a neurologist it was determined that he had an inoperable brain stem tumor. He was put on hospice care. He was a tough little guy who fought his fight bravely. He was with us for almost a year before he lost his fight.

Sammy was a sweet boy who was always eager to please. He was happiest when he was being held, which we did as often as we could. He was loved beyond words and is missed terribly.

SantiagoPH ID: #941
Santiago is a fawn male. He is 6 years old. He is heartworm negative. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations.

Sweet Santiago almost found his forever home in September 2012, only to be returned for peeing all over the house in December. Medical tests showed that poor Santiago had chronic renal disease. He was only 6 years old. He found his forever home with his foster, and lived the next 2 years in relatively good health and saving his momma from evil workmen who set foot into our home.

Santiago began deteriorating the week before Valentine's Day, and was slated to go to the Bridge on the 13th--but he rallied one last time. He got his best weekend ever, got to say goodbye to his puggy and human friends, modeled in a photo shoot, slept beside his momma. By Monday, he was tired. He got his angel wings at 10:35 am on February 16, 2015. He would have turned 9 on the 25th.

Sleep well, babyman. I miss you more than you will ever know.

SaraPH ID: #195
Sara came to us from animal control after being surrendered by her owner. She is a sweet fawn female, around 11 years old. She is microchipped, spayed and current on her vaccinations.

Unfortunately she is suffering from some medical issues and therefore her prior owner gave up on her. After meeting her you will agree that she is a very sweet, special girl who deserves some TLC and a new owner who isn't afraid to become her hero.

She has severe vision loss and receives daily drops to keep her eyes clean. Despite the vision loss, once she knows her way around the house she does extremely well. She is a bit hard of hearing. She is also suffering from a lung condition for which she receives Lasix.

She is housebroken and very affectionate. She is a very sweet girl who would do well in a home where someone is around a lot to give her cuddles and TLC.

SashaPH ID: #784
Sasha is pretty much the whole package. She is a beautiful Pug, her coat is a very light fawn with the darker mask. She is a normal size so she fits perfectly on my lap, which is a favorite place of hers. And her behavior is beyond reproach! I think she was probably a loved pet at some point in her life, she is very loving and is completely comfortable in the house. There are times when I reach for her that she will rollover on her back and act like she's afraid of me so I also think that she may have experienced some not so loving care also. But overall she's a very happy girl.

She's not a big player. The other dogs can be acting like Tasmanian Devils and she just lays on my lap or next to me and watches them. She is completely house trained and there is no mistaking when she wants to go outside, she acts like there is an emergency that she has to personally take care of. I do crate my fosters but Sasha is not overly fond of being in the crate. She will eventually calm down but during the night she will periodically raise a ruckus to see if I will go let her out. I truly believe that she would love to sleep with me in bed. And I am extremely confident that she can be trusted to behave while she's alone. I don't have young children but she has such an easygoing personality and laid back attitude that I can't see her not doing well in any environment that she finds herself.

Sasha is a great companion and she is quite in tune with her person. She has a tendency to just stare at you and act like she wants to say something. She is really a great Pug! She has been quite a breath of fresh air for me, it's not very common for a foster to come in and just slide in without making a wave but Sasha has done just that. She will make a fantastic addition to a family that wants a member to seamlessly fit in. She really is awesome!

ScoobyPH ID: #2138
Sadly Scooby passed away on the 14th May 2013 in his fosters arms. He will be missed.

Scooby is a fawn male who is about 4 years old. He is severe heartworm positive and in critical condition.

From Scooby's foster: Scooby is 4 years old and it will be a miracle if he survives. He has never been given heartworm preventative and is extremely sick. Even though his recovery is questionable I thought that he deserved to have a bio just like all the other pugs that need to have someone love them and give them a good home.

Scooby is not active, when I’m home his day is spent either laying next to me or being held. He has the most beautiful face and his eyes can look right into my soul. He is so sick he doesn’t eat very much, well he doesn’t eat anything but boiled chicken that I feed him by hand. I’ve tried about anything I can think of but boiled chicken is what he wants, so that’s what he gets. After he gets his appetite back I will probably not boil chicken for years!! The other fosters are living large getting to eat what he doesn’t want. LOL

He does get up to walk to the water bowl and to go outside. He doesn’t walk very fast but at least he’s still walking. He sleeps at the foot of the bed, the only problem is he wants to sleep where MY feet are suppose to go. It doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. His tail still curls up and wags when I talk to him so I believe he’s happy.

Special Notes

Scooby is severe heartworm positive.

SebastianPH ID: #937
Sebastian passed away with his Momma by his side on December 4th 2012. Sleep well little guy.

Sebastian is a 10-year-old fawn male who found himself homeless through no fault of his own. He was owned by the same person all of his life and was rather sad at finding himself without his home. He is a gorgeous smutty fawn and has the softest, plushest coat I have ever felt on a puggy. Not to mention his squeezability, and sweet adorable face.

Sebastian only has one eye and the remaining eye will require drops for dry eye for the rest of his life. He is blind as a result. However, he is very smart and has already figured his way around the house, to the door to go outside (even though he often goes to the wrong door to scratch), and to his food and water bowls. I think he sees lights and shadows. Other than his vision, he appears to be in perfect health with none of the typical senior ailments. He is also HW negative and he definitely does not act his age. He still loves to play with toys and will chase his Cuz all over, which is amazing considering he cannot see it.

His disposition can’t be beat; this is one of the sweetest, most laid back boys I have met so far. He LOVES to be near me all the time. At first he just slept between my feet but as he gained confidence, he wanted to be on the couch with me. I went to do a load of laundry and came down to find he had jumped onto the couch looking for me. He follows me everywhere and seems to enjoy the company of other dogs as well. He is not fazed by dogs though he has occasionally gone after the cat. I think his favorite place is right in my lap. Or under the covers with me. He just loves to be near his people.

Blind dogs can do just about everything a sighted dog can, and this sweet man has a lot of love to give and life to live. If you are looking for a laid back, mellow companion who will love you to death, Sebastian is your man.

ShermanPH ID: #198
Sherman is a stunning black 5 year old male. In his prior life Sherman was a stud dog - used for breeding. He was an owner surrender due to him offering his stud services to an unapproved female in his house. He has now been neutered and is putting his oat-sewing days behind him.

Unfortunately Sherman was not very well looked after as he is heartworm positive. He will begin treatment immediately. Given his otherwise excellent health, we are hopeful for his recovery. He has already been brought up to date on his vaccinations and microchipped. Sherman is a beautiful, vibrant boy who gets on well with other dogs and loves attention.

ShrekPH ID: #3169
Shrek is a 7 year old fawn male who was surrendered to us by his caretaker after his owner failed to return from a trip out of the country. He is a big squishy boy who appears to have some limited vision. He is heartworm negative.

From Shrek's foster: Shrek is a sweet and playful gentlemen. He gets along with other dogs large and small. He seems to have been and 'only dog', and is learning the doggy social structure. Shrek has limited vision, which keeps him from getting on furniture unassisted - but he has no problem getting around or playing with toys! He can fall asleep in almost any position and can usually be found passed out in a strange but entertaining position. In the short amount of time we have had him he seems to be fairly house trained and we will continue reinforcing until he finds his forever home.

Today, February 8, 2014 we unexpectedly lost Shrek - very sad day at our house. He had a great run, and as one of our longest fosters we considered him one of our own little troublemakers.

He will be missed by his foster Mom and Dad (Ashley and Lance) and all of us at PugHearts.

SigPH ID: #848
Meet Sig, PugHearts' first 3-legged pug. This charming senior gentleman came from a local animal control where he was picked up as a stray. His amputation was obviously many years ago and he gets around quite well. He must have had a rough time of it on the streets. He has skin issues, he's heartworm positive and has some fresher injuries to one of his back legs which look suspiciously like dog bites. The latter cause him to limp a bit, which is not easy when you've already got a 3-legged gait! Even so, he is a charming (and handsome) fellow who sat very calmly on my lap through the rush hour traffic.

10-14-14: We lost Sig today to stomach cancer.

He was a lucky guy to have been loved so much by his Mommy.

We will all miss him.

SimonPH ID: #4331
Simon is a fawn male. He is a pug mix. He is just 10 months old.

From Simon's foster: Simon is a 10 month old energizer bunny. He is obsessed with big toys and loves to drag them around with him. He is down for tug of war anytime his sister finds a sock but his game of choice is fetch! He can play fetch for what seems like forever. He sits before the ball or toy is thrown and drops it right at your feet. Simon loves to grab his sister’s ears but in his defense they do stick out. He has learned to be cat friendly and only occasionally harasses Matt, our fat orange cat, who sometimes deserves it. He is house and crate trained. Simon knows sit and is working on stay and shake. Cuddle bug is the best way to describe him because he loves for you to just hold him and kiss him all day. He loves his Nylabone and watching The Walking Dead. If you want puppy kisses this is the boy for you; he is a pro. Come get a magical kiss and fall under his spell!

Simon left us 9-28-15. Even with all his quirks, we love him so much.

Sir BugsbeePH ID: #399
Sir Bugsbee is a fawn male. He is 8 years old and was an owner surrender. He is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.

From his foster: Sir Bugsbee is a big boy who loves life and adapts very quickly to his foster family and his surroundings. He does have some medical problems. He has limited eye sight, but gets around very well once he knows his surroundings. His breath is bad because of dental problems, but since he has been with his foster family and on a true dog food diet, his breath and teeth have started to improve. He is also overweight, but is slowly losing some excess pounds. He is like a big teddy bear.

However, these are minor problems when you consider how sweet, loyal and loving a dog he is. One can not but love his spirit. He only wants to be part of his foster family and have fun. He loves to be chased and loves to be part of the doggie gang with his foster brothers and sisters. He has the softest fur and loves to be petted. He does not get onto furniture, although his new family could easily train him to sit on their lap.

From Bugsy's Mom - for the past 2 days it has been too hard for me to share, but after 10 days of increased coughing and at times gasping like for air due to his collapsing trachea , we had to make an emergency run at midnight to SL Vet Specialist and had to let Bugsy go. His meds for over a year controlled his cough to almost non existent. 2 weeks ago all of a sudden the cough started horribly. Took immediately to SLPH got new meds and gave for week. Went back and Dr H changed meds again and stronger. Said if that didn't work could possibly test for viable surgery candidate at vet specialist. After 2nd day of new meds he was getting worse and Friday evening he was miserable and so exhausted from no sleep I rushed him to ER and by the time we got there he was having a very hard time catching his breath and tongue was huge and starting to turn blue. They saw how hard he was struggling and we made the decision instantly. I am devastated. I loved him so deeply. He was so extremely sweet. He will be missed beyond words.

SkittlesPH ID: #897
Skittles was a fawn male puppy. He came to us through joint rescue effort from Oklahoma City. He came to us very sick and we only had him for a very short time, but in that time we know he felt loved. He lost his fight on March 5, 2012.

SpikePH ID: #205
Spike is a sweet fawn male. He was found wandering the streets of Houston by a Good Samaritan who tried to find his former family. Unfortunately nobody claimed him so we've taken him in to find him the perfect home. From his condition, we believe he has been out on his own for a while. He is in overall good health but will need to have several teeth removed due to advanced decay. His coat and eyes show that he hasn't had the best nutrition lately and he will benefit from getting regular, nutritious meals. We estimate he is about 9 years old.

He has been brought up to date on all of his vaccinations and microchipped. He is neutered. Thankfully he is heartworm negative and has been started on a preventative.

Spike obviously once had a family, as he is a very well behaved little guy. He is housebroken and loves to cuddle up on the sofa. He sleeps well in a human bed, preferring to lie at the foot of the bed. He also gets on well with other dogs. Spike would be a wonderful pet for someone who wants a dog that doesn't need training and also wants to give a pug a chance to know what it's like to be part of a family again.

Stevie RayPH ID: #4485
Stevie Ray was a severe hydrocephalus puppy.

He began to have seizures and we released him from this world.

He is now free to run and play in good health.

SugarPH ID: #620
Sugar is a black female. She comes to us from a local animal control facility. We believe she is about 5 years old. She is severe heartworm positive. She also is suffering from mastitis and soft tissue injuries to her rear legs.

SullivanPH ID: #5030
Sullivan is a great guy from a local shelter. He is heading to the vet and we will update soon.

8-9-16: Sadly, we could not help Sullivan beyond easing his burden. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Suzie-QPH ID: #5100
Suzie Q is an 8 yr old severe heartworm positive female.

She comes to PugHearts from a Louisiana shelter.

Suzie Q has been spayed.

Hi, I’m Suzie! I was at a shelter in Louisiana but now I’m here in beautiful Texas. I’m an awesome 8 year old puppy that would make a great pet for a first time mommy or daddy or a seasoned owner. I’m cute and I love treats. I even go potty outside. I get along with big dogs and little dogs. I’m super happy to see you when you get home. I love to cuddle and I have a sweet sounding snore. I love to give you kisses. I was told I’m positive for heart worms but my fosters are treating them now and things are going great. I also have been spayed. All in all I’m the best doggie here. Adopt me!

5-4-17: Sadly, Miss Suzie lost her battle with heartworms and has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Run free sweet girl.

Tallulah BellePH ID: #463
Miss Tallulah Belle is a sweet black female. She came to us from a local animal control facility. This sweet little old lady has obviously not been taken care of for a long time. We believe she is about 10 years old. Right now she has a bad case of sarcoptic mange which has left her skin in terrible shape with severe bald spots. She is also blind.

From Tallulah's foster: What can I say about Tallulha Belle? I could say that she is awesome, that she is beautiful, that she is sweet, that she is funny, that she has the cutest little turned up nose I've ever seen... and they would all be true. My heart was lost the day Cindy sent out the email with her picture asking for someone to pick her up from the shelter.

Tallulha Belle has not had an easy life. She is blind, deaf and has a lot of trouble walking. Her joys in life are eating, sleeping and being held. I can sit for hours holding her during a movie and just keep looking at how pretty she is! The only stimulation she receives is being touched...and she loves to be touched. She likes for her head and back to be pet, but the thing she likes the most is to have her cheek kissed while I'm holding her. She will just keep pressing her head closer to me. I know she can't hear me but I also talk to her and tell her how sweet and pretty she is and that I love her. I think she may feel the vibrations of my voice because she does seem to really relax when I talk to her.

TashaPH ID: #4400
Tasha is a 12 year old fawn female. She is heartworm negative and looking for a place to call her own.

From Tasha (with some help from her foster): Hello, I am Tasha Louise and I am a vintage gall believed to be about twelve years old. Please do not let that number scare you. l I am the most active pug in my foster home. I love to talk and run around my backyard. I also get along with the hunting dog in the house. I love my foster mom, but I really prefer the older gentleman in the house. He is my best love. I come to you in good health, potty trained and ready to give my forever home lots of love. P.S, I talk a lot, not bark-- I talk.

From Tasha's foster: Tasha is quite simply the perfect pug! She is housebroken, nonagressive, gets along with the other dogs and cats in the house, and loves her nightly walks. She is the most active senior I know. Tasha sleeps in bed with her foster mom.

If you're looking for a adorable, loving, mature dog, that is housebroken, trained, and has no behavior issues then Tasha is your girl!

Update July 2017: Ms. Tasha has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

TazPH ID: #516
Taz is a fawn male. He is 10 years old. He is in overall good health though he is deaf and has vision impairment; he is heartworm negative. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations.

From Taz's foster: Taz is the most lovable pug I have ever known. He's a sweet little guy who shadows you everywhere you go. He enjoys riding in his stroller when I take my other foster for walks. He is completely housebroken and enjoys using his doggie door. Although he is deaf and has trouble seeing, he gets around the house just fine. You will love this little guy! He has the most adorable little puggie face!! You won't stop kissing it! You just won't be able to help yourself!

We are so sad to report that Taz suffered a debilitating stroke and crossed over to the rainbow bridge. He was truly loved by his foster and will be missed terribly.

TellerPH ID: #4604
Teller is a 5 week old male pug mix (lot of mix) puppy. He came to us with neurological issues and is very ill.

February 2, 2015: Teller crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. His little body just could not keep going. Sleep well, sweet boy.

TessiePH ID: #1038
Tessie passed on the evening of the 2nd September 2014.

Tessie was my baby girl.

I fell in love with her the minute she was carried around the corner at the vet's office.

She was tiny, feisty, cranky and wonderful.

I loved her completely.

TiffanyPH ID: #927
Tiffany - 3-4 year old fawn female. She came to us from CAP. She was moderate heartworm positive.

Sadly, Tiffany passed away on the 25th April 2012 during routine spay surgery.

Mary, her foster has this to say about Tiffany...

Tiffany was a sweet, loving, happy girl. She had extremely expressive eyes and her ears perked up every time I talked to her, no slicked back ears for this girl. When they brought her out to me at CAPS she immediately ran up to me and put her hands on my leg wanting to be picked up. She was pretty hot so I let her sit in the front seat to get the AC on the way home and she was a very good girl. She kept putting her feet on the console to try to lick me. When we got home she ran right into the house and acted like she was home. She ran around and got acquainted with all the other fosters and then promptly laid down on the arm of the couch right next to me and vegged out. I could tell by her actions that she had been a pug use to being in the house and she was very comfortable. Any time I talked to her or pet her the tail would start up and she would jump up and lick me right in the face.

She was a wonderful little girl and I am extremely sad that she didn’t have the chance to know how wonderful life would have been being a PugHearts pug. But she was loved and cared for while she was here.

TimothyPH ID: #4849
I am sad to report that Timothy had a broken spinal column and we could do nothing more than to release him from the pain he had been in since Sunday.

Run free little man and know that we love you.

TobyPH ID: #1080
Toby is a sweet senior fawn man between 13 and 14 years young, and HW negative. He lost his home through no fault of his own. His human passed away and he bounced from home to home but no one wanted him.

From Toby's foster: Toby is a senior with a lot of love to share. He has the cutest little face and personality. He loves to be held and though he can no longer hear or see very well he is able to use a pet door. He will even be caught playing with a toy every once in a while. He came to us when his owner passed on. He found a home with Pug Hearts foster program and you will catch him sharing a bed with several other pugs at times. He does have a trachea problem which makes a sound that sounds pitiful when he barks he will require meds twice a day for the rest of his life, and you can't resist him. He is such a happy boy.

TobyPH ID: #5244
Toby came to us as a 5 week old puppy. Sadly, he was too ill and too weak to survive.

Run free Toby and be well. Know you are loved.

TommyPH ID: #4728
Foster Tommy was rescued from a local shelter. He is a 5 year old fawn male who is blind and deaf and has hydrocephalus. Tommy was brought current on his vaccinations and is happily enjoying being loved for his remaining days.

TootsiePH ID: #322
Tootsie was a beautiful fawn female. She came to us from a local shelter after her former owners moved and left her in their backyard unattended. She was about 2 years old and was severe heartworm positive.

Sadly, she was not well enough to undergo aggressive treatment and she succumed to the heartworms. She was a sweet girl that deserved a second chance and we are so sorry she never got it. However, she did know kindness and love in her final days as we watched over her. We are thankful for that and the fact that her last days were not spent in a shelter or alone in a backyard.

TorreyPH ID: #384
Torrey is a young fawn female that had been living independently in a neighborhood for about one month. She had been sleeping in the bushes and eating what she could find. We were told about her and 2 of our board members went to look for her. She did a bit of running, but was finally cornered and caught. She has been taken to our vet to be looked over and cleaned up.

Torrey is now safe and no longer having to fend for herself in the outdoors. It is way too hot for a poor pug to be outside in the heat. She will now be taught how life is supposed to be lived. Spoiled, fed, loved and adored.

Sadly, Torrey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on September 21, 2013. She was indeed spoiled, loved and adored during her life, and had to have known how loved she was in her final days.

TuxPH ID: #756
Tux started out as a foster dog. I already had one black Pug, Daisy Sue, and I thought having a playmate for a few weeks would be fun for her. I intentionally got a boy because my family has only had females, so in my mind I thought I wouldn't get attached to him. His first night at home with me we went over to a neighbor's house so she could meet him and we discovered he knew how to sit, shake, get up, lay down, roll over and, my personal favorite, play dead!!! He's housebroken, too. There's nothing to not love about this dog! I'm so happy to have him, and encourage you to foster a dog too...you never know what hidden talents he might have!


Tux passed away in April 2012. He was stung by a Bee and his little body went into shock. He did not recover. Tux was dearly loved by Jen and his sister Daisy.

TyPH ID: #4940
Ty is an 11 year old male. He was surrendered to PugHearts with his sister Tyra due to changes in the household. He is heartworm negative.

From Ty (with some help from his foster): My name is Ty. I am 10-11 yrs. young. You wouldn't know I was this old because I love to run and go on long walks with my foster mom and foster sister. I am potty trained and I'm an expert at using a doggie door. I will make a big fuss when you come home from work or from being away from home, but quickly settle down and be your bestie! I know my name well and will mind you when you call me. My vision and hearing are in good working order. I get along well with others and I'm not a picky eater. My foster mom tells people that I'm a 'mellow fellow' and that she enjoys my happy disposition. I really like her, but would love to have a home of my very own and a human that will love me unconditionally like I will! If anyone is interested, ask for me by name and I will pencil you in after my daily nap. Hope to hear from you soon! Ty

Update July 2017: Sadly, Ty has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Run free, sweet beautiful boy!

TyPH ID: #1022
Ty is a black male. He is young, probably about 2 years old. He has been neutered, microchipped and brought current on his vaccinations.

Feb 4, 2015: We would like to thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts, and prayers for Ty. I would like to take a moment to let you know just exactly how special he was. Ty was abandoned by his original family, left to fend for himself. By the time PugHearts was able to reach him, he was extremely emaciated and severe heart worm positive. He was had a collapsing trachea and luxating patellas. However, he never let any of this slow him down.

From the very first day that we saw him, we knew that we had to be his fosters, and immediately volunteered. When I picked him up from SLPH, I cried for the small sweet baby I held in my arms. We went to work on putting some weight on him and eventually he gained enough to undergo heartworm treatment. We knew at that point that he was forever a part of our family and formally adopted him.

In the beginning he had some trust issue with humans, but love won out and he began to accept hugs and cuddles and belly rubs, though his favorite was being scratched between his ears. It was only in the last month that he started to slow down and had trouble breathing, so we took him to see Dr. Braley at SLPH. She was concerned about his heart and had us take him directly to Bay Area Veterinary Specialists. It was determined that he had pulmonary hypertension due to the damage caused by the heartworms. All through the poking and prodding and testing, Ty was in good spirits and never complained. He was put on several medications and had fluid drained from his body twice.

Due to the fluid build up, he was having trouble breathing and sleeping on Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning, he looked so tired, so I sat in the rocking chair with his head on my shoulder to help him breathe so he could sleep. It was then that he took as deep a breath as he could and fell asleep and his little heart just stopped. I still can't believe that he has gone because he fought so hard.

Please remember to always give your babies their heartworm preventative so you don't have to experience this kind of heartache.

TysonPH ID: #4819
Tyson is a 14 yr old black male. He is heartworm negative, already neutered and has been medically cared for his entire life.

Tyson is mostly blind and deaf, but is a sweet gentleman that just wants to be loved.

1-5-16: Sadly, Tyson crossed over the rainbow bridge today. He was loved.

VeronicaPH ID: #4674
Veronica is a young female from a local shelter. She has a serious case of demodex mange with a skin infection. She is heartworm negative and already spayed.

From Veronica's foster: Oh, Veronica; such a special girl. She is approximately 2-3 years old, and heartworm negative. Currently, she is being bathed 3 times per week to treat mange, and her coat is returning to a gorgeous fawn color. She loves her baths, and enjoys being bathed. She will sleep in her crate, or in bed with you, and goes to the door when she needs to potty. Veronica loves to go on walks, and play fetch in the house or yard She responds to the "come" command.. She plays with all of our dog toys on a daily basis, running with them, and throwing them into the air, and catching them mid air. This cutie patootie is smart, and full of energy. She gets along well with my two male Pugs, who are laid back, yet with females, she tends to be the alpha dog. Veronica would love an active home where she is loved, and kept active.

04-17-16: Sadly, Veronica has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

VioletPH ID: #216
Violet is a black female. We estimate she is between 2 to 3 years old. She is heartworm negative and has been spayed. She is current on her vaccinations.

WalterPH ID: #4409
Walter was a young male that had the misfortune to be hit by a car. This accident dislocated his shoulder. He came to PugHearts from a local shelter

Sadly, Walter developed canine influenza and subsequent pneumonia. This all proved too much for you poor body. He left behind a huge group of people that adored this amazing boy. He will be missed and remembered by many.

Walter MagooPH ID: #371
Mr. Walter Magoo was a fawn male. He was picked up on the streets of San Antonio, so we don't know his history. We believed he was between 10 to 12 years old. He came to us with Congestive Heart Failure which we were treating. However, he suddenly suffered a collapsed trachea. Despite emergency treatment and surgical repair, our little guy did not survive. He was a teddy bear and a real lover who loved cuddles and gave great kisses. We miss him terribly but know that he knew he was loved.

WendyPH ID: #5190
Meet Wendy. She comes to PugHearts with multiple medical issues that will need to be evaluated by our vet.

6-19-17: Sadly, Ms. Wendy's medical issues were too severe to overcome and she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

WesleyPH ID: #1072
Wesley is a fawn male mix. He is about 10 years old. He is a stray from a local shelter. He is heartworm negative.

From Wesley's foster: Wesley is my little Mr. Personality. He's a happy little guy. He loves his people, he enjoys time with them relaxing more than playtime with the other pups. He's a low key kinda guy. He knows how to use the dog door and does a good job with using it when he needs to. He loves treat time, he puts his front paws down, his booty in the air and his tail starts wagging, I love when he does this, his happy time. He sleeps on the doggie bed in the foot of my bed. Wesley is around 9, he has a bad back and on medication for life for his trachea, 1 pill with each meal. Even with his health issues he's a pretty low maintenance guy, and his personality will capture your heart quickly.

Sadly, Wesley crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on March 24, 2015. He went peacefully and knowing he was loved.

WhitmanPH ID: #1069
Whitman is a black senior male that was found wandering in the middle of the street. This was bad, but worse for Whitman as he is totally blind. He is a sweetheart and we will get him feeling better and ready to find his forever home.

From Whitman's foster: Whitman is a handsome senior male. We estimate his age to be 10-12 years old. I don’t think he really knows his age, as he still jumps off the couch when he’s grown impatient with his humans. He doesn’t have the best sight, but his hearing compensates and he gets around well. Whitman was found by a good Samaritan roaming in traffic. He’s lucky he wasn’t hurt or worse. He’s got some arthritis issues, and some skin issues that are clearing up, but he’s a super sweet little man. He just wants a place to be loved and be safe for the rest of his years.

WilburPH ID: #881
Wilbur is a fawn male. He is a senior, we estimate he is somewhere around 10-12 years old.

From Cindy, Wilbur's foster Mom: Wilbur is perfect and I love him - that is the bio that I sent in on this beautiful guy first. I was told that was not enough, so here we go. Wilbur was found laying on the side of a road and thought to be dead. He was NOT! The lady that found him has a daughter that is a vet (how lucky is that?) and she took Wilbur to her. He was in terrible condition, skinny, covered in fleas, had terrible dental disease, cataracts in both eyes and an elevated calcium level indicated further issues. We were contacted by the vet and asked if we would take him into our program. She told us all that was wrong with him and then said she was not sure if she should have even called us. Now, if you know Cindy, you know this is my favorite kind of pug...an old man with a laundry list of medical issues. So I sent James to get him and bring him to me at an event. I loved that boy on site! Wilbur is my baby boy.

Sadly, Wilbur crossed over Rainbow Bridge on August 10th, 2013. He was loved and adored by Cindy and James during his final days on this earth. He loved them both but James was clearly his favorite and he had James trained to care for him as he wished. He was an adorable old guy; grumpy and persnickety - absolute perfection! He will be missed terribly.

WillPH ID: #331
Meet Will - our TV star! Although not for the right reasons. You see, Will came to us from a local shelter after he was rescued during a taping of Animal Cops Houston. His owners had moved away and left him alone in an apartment without food or water. He was left alone for at least 10 days. Poor little Will was dehydrated, malnourished and suffering from severe intestinal parasites. He is also severely heartworm positive and suffering from bad hips and knees (luxating patella.)The parasites have been cleared and he will start heartworm treatment immediately.

How anyone could do this to this sweet boy is beyond comprehension. He is such a sweetie! Will is probably no more than 2 to 3 years old. Despite his ordeal Will is starting to come alive - becoming a playful, happy pug. We feel honored to be given the responsibility of helping Will find a FOREVER home where he can be the pampered pug he should be.

Those who knew Will (Animal Cops Will) know that he was put through the wringer, yet he survived all that life threw at him. Thanks to PugHearts he got a new leash on life, was dubbed Sir William Ulrich von Liechtenstein and and found his forever home on July 1, 2009 at the age of 7.

Will was my copilot. He loved car rides, going for puppacinos at Starbucks and did not really mind sharing with other pugs as long as they knew he was the boss. He modeled for photo shoots. He cavorted in dog parks and on sidewalks. He owned those walks. He flirted with the ladies. Anywhere he went, he was a rock star. He became one, too, as the figurehead and brand face of my PR firm as The Steampug. He was happiest in my lap or anywhere else near me.

I called him Iron Will because there was nothing that could beat him. But there was something that would; Will wound up with a collapsing trachea which is a common malady in older small dogs. Eventually meds no longer worked and on his last night he collapsed from lack of oxygen. He went to our close-by vet for emergency treatment but nothing more could be done—it was time to let him rest and breathe again.

Sweet William (another one of his many nicknames) flew to the Rainbow Bridge at 5:35 pm on June 18, 2015 surrounded by people who loved him and snuggled against his momma on her lap. He was a very special pugman and he knew it.

Rest and breathe again, sweet Steampug, Sir William. You are still loved and forever missed.

WinniePH ID: #4741
Winnie is a 6 year old female from a shelter out of state.

She is completely blind and very sick at this time.

WinstonPH ID: #434
Winston is a fawn male. He is 9 years old and is an owner surrender through no fault of his own. He is heartworm positive and will begin treatment shortly. He is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.

Update 7-12-15: I am sad to let you all know that Winston crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

He was our foster for 4 years and I loved him dearly.

He will be missed.

Run free sweet man.

WinstonPH ID: #221
Winston was a cute fawn male who was about 7 years old, however he never acted his age. Sadly he came from a home where someone kept him outside and didn't take care of him. That meant he was heartworm negative, though we didn't know that when he came in. He loved everyone and everything - dogs, cats, people. He was so lively and playful. He loved tug-o-war, playing ball and playing with stuffed animals. But his favourite thing was getting cuddles and belly rubbins. At night he would lay back as his belly was rubbed and make a sound that was similar to a purr! He was so sweet and never acted sick, so we didn't know he was ill. Sadly, one day he took a nap and never woke up. A heartworm had clogged his heart and stole him from us. We will never forget this sweet boy and are so thankful for the time that we had him. We taught him how to be a spoiled indoor family pet and we know his final days were filled with love and joy.

WrinklesPH ID: #224
Mr Wrinkles passed on the 3rd December 2013 in the arms of his family.

"Wrinkles, you will be missed, but I'll see you again someday when I pick you up at the Rainbow Bridge on my way into Heaven. Be a good boy until then and I'll see you soon."

YodaPH ID: #226
Yoda passed away on December 24th 2012 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was loved dearly by Carolyn and Crystal and he could not have wanted for love than he had.


Yoda is an 8 year old fawn male. He is an owner surrender through no fault of his own. He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations. He is now heartworm negative, having gone through heartworm treatment. He is in pretty good health but does have some residual heart damage which means he needs daily medication to keep his heart strong. He also suffers from 'dry eye' which is so common in pugs. He will need daily drops to his eyes to keep him comfortable.

YvettePH ID: #4892
Little Yvette is 9 years old. At some point she was hit by a car which broke her back in two places. But that does not stop this little firecracker. She has superior upper body strength and walks just fine on rough or textured surfaces (doesn't do well on slick tile). She does have a wheelchair but only uses it at adoption events. She is totally continent of bowel and bladder. You take her outside and she does her business. And like all other dogs, she loves to sniff the messages. During the day she has her area she hangs out and at night she sleeps in her dog bed on the floor in our bedroom. I make her walk about 3 times a day from the back yard to the front of the house. Exercise does her good! She loves food, squeaky toys, head scratches and someone petting her. She is a little love and so easy to care for. Don't let handicapped pugs scare you.

Update 6-14-17: Yvette, 6-14-2017, Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge, our Sweetness, our Yvette the Corvette, our Teflon girl, there was no stronger pug than this one.

She was loved beyond measure and will be missed.

ZenaPH ID: #4957
Zena is an older fawn female who was an owner surrender with her brother Ziggy. They are a bonded pair. We will know more soon.

ZetaPH ID: #771
Zeta is a fawn female. We believe she is about 4 years old. She comes to us from an East Texas animal control facility. She was found wandering and a nice lady set things in motion to get her to us. Zeta is heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment.

From Zeta's foster: Remember that person that everyone wanted to be near, who always attracted friends and admirers without trying? That's Zeta!! Everyone in the house quickly fell in love with her. The others follow her around the yard saying 'Play with ME!' Had a bad day? Just look at Zeta and it'll all melt away, especially when she's letting the tip of her tongue hang out, as she's prone to do. When I head to work, she knows 'Go to your room'. She's house-broken and crates well. Of course, she doesn't mind sleeping in bed with you either!

Sweet little Zeta crossed the rainbow bridge on November 19th, 2011 while going through heartworm treatment.

From her foster Mom.

I smile when I recall her face and the tip of her tongue hanging out. She was the first one I’ve fostered that really liked hugs and snuggling in my neck. Everyone else wiggles. ;-)

ZoeyPH ID: #4506
Zoey is a 7-8 yr old black female.

She is dealing with worsening seizures at this time and we will be monitoring her closely.

She is heartworm negative.

9-27-14: Zoey left us for the Rainbow Bridge and full health on Sept 27th.

She had been having seizures and we believe she had a stroke.

The stroke left her unable to eat or sit up.

She was a wonderful lady and will be missed greatly.

Her foster Moms love her dearly and will always love her.