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Adoption and Fostering Stories
Jack - Homeward Bound by Alica Franks
We want to tell you about a special guy that we met here at Pughearts, and share his story with you. Just before Labor Day, we received a surrender notice for a pug named “Max”. The family who surrendered him had found him and decided they would keep him. What some would consider unfortunate (but we know everything happens for a reason!), the family did not want to keep him, so they called us.

After talking with this family, Cindy (Pughearts Founder) determined that this dog very likely is the cherished “Jack” whose family had been searching for him for nearly 4 months after he’d disappeared from their fenced back yard. Cindy had spoken with Kaye, Jack’s mom at the time Jack went missing, and promised her that we would keep an eye out for him. Who would have thought 4 months later he would turn up!

When Cindy picked “Max” up, when she got him in her truck, she looked him in the eye and said “I know who you are…you are Jack!” Immediately his eyes widened and he began wiggling so much he was almost dancing! He knew she knew who he really was. Sure enough, it was Jack. Although we had pictures of him to confirm it, and the fact that he had a microchip from North Carolina (where his family lived before moving to Houston) – his reaction confirmed it!

Immediately, Cindy found Kaye’s numbers and called her home number, but it was disconnected. She tried her work number – she was told Kaye no longer worked there. So, she then called Kaye’s cell phone – Kaye answered! When Cindy told her that she had Jack, Kaye answered with great excitement “I knew we’d find him some day, that’s why I kept this cell phone number!” She then told Cindy that her family had moved back to North Carolina just the week before, just began a brand new job, and her car was damaged in the move and was not legal to drive! So, what was hoped to be a day for a wonderful reunion, became a day of happiness and furious planning on how we would reunite Jack with his family.

 Where there is a will, there is a way! Cindy posted Jack’s story on Pug Village and Pug Stories –two popular pug owner sites who have histories of assisting pugs in need – no matter what the challenge! Within a matter of days, we had the transport set to go to get Jack reunited with his family in North Carolina.

April 4th 2007

Jack could not be a more deserving guy. Jack is the probably the happiest pug I’ve ever met. My husband and I had the privilege of Jack’s company until we arranged his transport. He fit right in with our pack – he loves to play and loves to give kisses! When he runs – he looks like a bear cub! He has some funny little quirks about him that make him so endearing. It was so fun to talk with his Mom and share his latest antics. She would say “Yep – that’s my Jack!” What a laid back guy he is, he’s had quite a rough last couple of months but yet he never skipped a beat. We knew though, he was ready to go home.

So, his journey began on Tuesday, September 11th. He’s now spening a few days in Baton Rouge before the rest of his trek begins on Saturday.

Pughearts, as well as Jack’s family are extremely grateful for the generosity of those who have helped coordinate, those who will be driving and those who will be housing Jack along his way home. Just another testament of how great pug lovers are! We wish Jack and his family the very best reunion and hope to always keep in touch.
Penelope's Story (now Sophie) by Sophie
My name is Sophie, but when I lived with you all, I was known as Penelope. I wanted to write you all and let you know how I am doing since my mommy adopted me.

I have gained a pound or two, but mommy is watching my weight. I sneak cat food every now and again during the day, but for the most part, I have been a very good girl and not stolen the kitty's food. I love having two steady meals every day, and I love going to visit my great-aunt Beverly because she always mixes a little wet food in with my din-din. I get a Petite Denta-Greenie every day to help my teeth, and I LOVE those.

Mommy and I go on a walk every day, and we go for car rides to doggy parks at least twice a week. I LOVE riding in the car, and I've learned to sit on mommy's lap and not move while she drives. I have gotten to the point where when we go out in the courtyard to use the potty, mommy doesn't put the leash on me anymore. I follow her and come when she calls, even though I don't listen every now and again.

I sleep in a chenille-covered bed every night, right next to Mommy's bed. I would love to sleep in bed with her, but the kitty stays up there, and she doesn't like me much I'm afraid. Still, I always know where my mommy is and I am always happy to see her when she wakes up in the morning.

My favorite place to go is to the Blockbuster. We live across the street from it, and every time we g o there, I get so much loving, I can hardly stand it! The customers and the employees love to see me coming in and they always give me little rubs and kisses.

For Easter, mommy got me a shirt at Target that has a picture of a Martini glass done in rhinestones on the back. Instead of a toothpick though, there is a little doggy bone. At the bottom it says, '…the good life." Mommy said that when she saw it, she knew it was for me! I wear it with pride, knowing that it's true. I can't believe my good fortune!

Thank you so much for rescuing me from that horrible situation and for putting me on the website so my mommy could find me! I am a ridiculously happy pug, and have you to thank in part for it. Well, I'm going to go get a belly rub now. Mommy is sitting on the couch, which means her hands are all mine!


Sophie Greta Griffin